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Jared Padalecki Expecting Second Child with Wife Genevieve!

Jared Padalecki Expecting Second Child with Wife Genevieve!

UPDATE: Jared has confirmed that he is expecting his second child – read his statement now!

Jared Padalecki holds his possibly pregnant wife Genevieve Cortese‘s stomach while walking the red carpet at Maxim and FX‘s party held during 2013 Comic-Con on Friday (July 19) in San Diego, Calif.

The Supernatural actor, who celebrated his 31st birthday that day, alluded to the idea that he is expecting his second child with his wife with the pose. Gen also is sporting a possible baby bump.

Jared and Genevieve are the parents to a 16-month-old son named Thomas.

15+ pictures inside of Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese at the party…

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jared padalecki expecting second child with wife genevieve 01
jared padalecki expecting second child with wife genevieve 02
jared padalecki expecting second child with wife genevieve 03
jared padalecki expecting second child with wife genevieve 04
jared padalecki expecting second child with wife genevieve 05
jared padalecki expecting second child with wife genevieve 06
jared padalecki expecting second child with wife genevieve 07
jared padalecki expecting second child with wife genevieve 08
jared padalecki expecting second child with wife genevieve 09
jared padalecki expecting second child with wife genevieve 10
jared padalecki expecting second child with wife genevieve 11
jared padalecki expecting second child with wife genevieve 12
jared padalecki expecting second child with wife genevieve 13
jared padalecki expecting second child with wife genevieve 14
jared padalecki expecting second child with wife genevieve 15

Credit: Chelsea Lauren; Photos: Wire Image
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  • Emily

    She is so ugly ew

  • chris

    @Emily: indeed….

  • Samantha

    Yikes. I don’t think I’d be that harsh. But he’s definitely out of her league.

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  • Christine


    Did that make you feel better? You must have a very empty life.

  • Grace

    What?? Gen is gorgeous <3 They are so cute together.

  • LARA


    #AmandaBynesFeelings hahaha

  • Jennay

    OMG!!!! congrats to them, thomas is the cutest little thing :)

  • thatsnutty

    her crazy eyes freak me out tbh…

  • aurens66

    gen’s a beautiful woman, and they are so happy together, I only wish good things for their family.

  • Christine

    Though this is a tad speculative …. I for one would be so happy for them if this is confirmed. They look like amazing parents and genuinely nice people. You know the child couldn’t help but be beautiful inside and out. Fingers crossed it’s true.

  • ann

    He lost so much weight! Is he all right? Is it for a role?

  • Reba

    He does look thinner; but he is still hot! I think she is ‘girl next door pretty’ which means he looks for more than just arm candy! That makes him hotter in my book!

  • none

    He’s back to the size he was before he bulked up. I think he was on roids or something. Now everything seems to be shriviling up.

  • lovenothate

    Wow…it must be exhausting to be so hateful. Jared is beautiful, inside and out. Gen is beautiful, inside and out. Having met and talked with both of them on several occasions, this isn’t just what I think, this is what I know! Jared wasn’t on ‘roids, he bulked up with hard work for a role he was up for and now he is still in incredible shape, just not as bulky. Here’s a bit of advice…if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!!!

  • none

    pssh that wasn’t hateful. you need to climb off his d–k. their prick teases if you ask me, and they aren’t even hot anymore.

  • none has no brain i guess


    That awkward moment when a hater acts like they know everything and they can’t even spell correctly.

  • Anon

    He said that he stopped working out when Thomas was born and that he just went back to skinny and Gen is gorgeous so stop with the hate!!

  • Safa

    They look so happy and cute together ! Hope Gen is really pregnant ! They are great parents and i like to see them have a big family !
    And their Son Thomas is the cutest baby :))

  • Lia

    God, she’s getting uglier by the week.

  • Trish

    Jared is usually very hot, but when he’s standing next to her… not so much. I think her ugly is catching :( Also what the f**k was she thinking with those shoes?

  • Nonnie

    Not only she’s fugly as sin, she donated thousands of dollars to Romney, so she’s clearly stupid as well.

  • Anon

    Eww fug people like her shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. What’s with the crazy eyes? And her frog mouth omg. Damnit Jared, can’t you see you’re waaaaay out of her league?

  • Shy

    So it mean Sam did not cut his hair for new season? I still pray for it before every season. He was so hot with shorter hair is first seasons.

  • Raiponce

    @Emily: Oh! yes she is one ugly girl and I hate Gen more and more all day’s

  • Raiponce

    @Lia: Yes is a monster

  • lia

    Well to honest I always thought that Gwen was not pretty . Way before she starts dating Jared. Plus she has no career a housewife . But he chose her for a reason .

  • Paula768


  • Sarah

    Stop being so mean people, Jared and Gen’ make a great couple, the only important thing is that they make each other happy. I’m just really glad they found each other, Don’t know if Gen’ is actually pregnant again, but i’m sure they’re gonna give Thomas a little bro or sis’, if not this year, soon enough, they’re amazing parents

  • Rachel

    If this is true, congratulations to them!

    Jared is so adorable.

  • Raiponce
  • Raiponce

    This is an ugliness that is lazy and for me he only likes her ass because his head is really too bad erk

  • eb

    Looks like it!

  • Famewhores galore

    @lovenothate: you know them so well because you had a few minutes conversations with them?! Please get a do not know them.they are good looking no doubt but stop trying to claim to know anything about them just by having random short fan conversations with them. All you know is what they want you to know. Stop trying to claim something as such. It isn’t very hard t appear nice for a short time. I’m not saying they are bad people but just hat you d not know them like you wold like. So stop it

  • Famewhores galore

    Ps beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so its ok for others to think that one or both of them aren’t goodlooking.

  • Famewhores galore

    @Nonnie: really?! Oh no
    Now I’m officially off the both of them. What does that say about jared?! ALOT

  • Famewhores galore

    Their show that they are putting on on the red carpet is making me cringe, like why!? Nothing natural about their behaviour.i just looked through the pics and cringed.what a mess. why not just pose normally and smile for the camera. But the whole kissing and bump grabbing is just vomit inducing. Jared has always been called a CW puppet and does certain things that Jensen wouldn’t be caught dead doing. They both make my skin crawl. Looks aren’t everything people. Just because it looks shiny outside does not make it so inside.just because you think they are good looking does not make them good people.Gwen’s political views says a lot about the both of them

  • ash


  • Rose

    I have never seen so much stupid in one thread. Jared and Gen are perfect together and their happiness isn’t an act! Just ask anyone who has gotten to talk to them and they’ll tell you that fact! Yes, it’s vomit inducing but that’s how they are..happy. There’s no way to fake that kind of happy. They are both beautiful and dead sexy so just stop already.

  • Marie

    To all of you who called Gen ugly she has him and you never will. Get over it.

  • NE1

    @famewhore yeah they are putting on a bit of a show, and it seems odd but supernatural is a really big deal at comic con so it’s kind of their night. but that hand move is kind of cheesy.. some interesting comments lol.

  • Seriously?!?

    @Marie: did they say they wanted him?! Lol
    Nope didnt think so
    They Are allowed to have their opinions

  • Melanie

    Congrats if it’s true. I think she’s beautiful.

  • Anna

    Wow what a bunch of awful and jealous people. Seriously? You don’t know them, don’t act like you do. Personally I think they seem like very sweet and nice people. Everyone who has met them says so. And yes he has lost weight for his role as Sam winchester on Supernatural. Sam is suppose to be sick, so he lost a little weight too make him look skinnier. And if she is pregnant again, that is great for them. Seem like great parents on top of great people. Just because someone has a nice body doesn’t mean they are awful people, I hate that assumption. Both actors on supernatural have to keep in shape for their role, so both of them workout when they can. Jared just hasn’t recently worked out as much.
    I hate when people assume celebs are awful and know nothing about them. Please, get a life.

  • Anna

    Oh and also yes they kiss on the red carpet a lot. Ever thought they were asked too? It doesn’t make them fake, honestly with the way they look at each other you can tell how much the love each other. Its pathetic how jealous some of you are.

  • Todd Anderson

    I can not wait to watch Jared Padalecki on SuperNatural

    You are a hottie.

  • Lana

    I love how you haters say she’s ugly. I bet she is prettier than 95% of the posters here.

  • Kate

    They make a beautiful couple. She might not be classically pretty but I think she’s gorgeous and Jared obviously thinks so! Looks are not everything. I’d love to see what every one of you naysayers look like and your partners too! If they are expecting baby number two then congrats to them, love this couple :)

  • Anna

    Hehe Jared just basically confirmed it on twitter
    Here are the two post he made. There was like a two hour break in between each tweet. He was teasing us!
    @Jarpad: @realGpad We got a LOT of questions this weekend about my wife and whether or not we wanted another child. Well, we want everybody 2 know th
    @jarpad: Shoot! I got on a plane and THEN realized that my tweet wasnt finished!Not used to this 140 character thing. I confirm that Genevieve is pre
    and that was it. But assuming that is a yes to her being pregnant haha. He is so sweet!
    So serious congrats to them, such a sweet and adorable couple.

  • Kristy

    She is beautiful! So is he :P