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Zac Efron: 'Parkland' Official Trailer - Watch Now!

Zac Efron: 'Parkland' Official Trailer - Watch Now!

Check out Zac Efron sporting a doctor’s coat in this newly released trailer for his upcoming film Parkland!

The 25-year-old actor is joined in the trailer by Paul Giamatti, Marcia Gay Harden, Billy Bob Thorton, and James Badge Dale.

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Parkland centers on the chaotic events that occurred at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital when U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

In case you missed it, check out a new still and poster for the film, which hits theaters on Friday, September 20!

Zac Efron – ‘Parkland’ Trailer

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    te amo zac!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!!!!!

  • Alexandra

    Dude i’m excited to see this movie!! the trailer was awesome!!… great actors all of them and I have to say I am thrilled to see Zac playing this character

  • David

    LOL – looks like a little boy playing doctor dress up

  • S

    This looks amazing. Great casting all around.

  • claudia

    Ohh.. looks really good! :)

  • IMO

    Amazing Cast and I’m very proud that Zac is a part of this. He holds his own with these A listers. Great job portraying this young doctor who was thrown into this impossible, horrific situation .

  • zacefronsdickdrinker

    i want him to cum inside of me

  • florence2

    He was hardly in this trailer

  • zacefronsdickdrinker

    i want his d ick

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  • truth

    its looks good. zacs roles isnt that big (fans of him who have watched it have said that themselves before you guys start hating on me) but i believe he will hold his own. i just want to watch it for myself and see what critics say to get a real non bias view

  • ADAM

    @truth:why are you so scared of these little punks always go with the truth man, and truth said this guy is a bad actor i never paid a buck and i will never pay to see his movies.

  • vera

    @truth: ye man you sound like little wuss,zac efron acting always suc.ked a.s.s majorly ,don’t be afraid of bunch of 12 years old girls that don’t know a good thing even if it hit them in the face.

  • truth

    @ADAM: @vera: i have no idea what you both are going on about but you sound like the same person. i respect that you both do not like zacs acting which is fine but as i said, i want to watch it for myself and see the critics views of his acting. only then can we really see whether he has really improved because the truth is is that i will be a little more biased. the same as his other fans since we dont want to believe that he did bad, but the difference is is that i will hold my hand up and say he wasnt good. with you two i suggest you watch his movies like paperboy. and if you think he is good then move on.

    and for the record, no. i wasnt persuaded by his other fans.

  • vera

    other fans? all 5 of them. man go watch the movie am not trying to pressure you either,i just thought that you were bullied before by his fans,and wanted to tell you that if you think he is a bad actor you ain’t alone.

  • vera

    FYI adam is afriend

  • ADAM

    lost to much time on this i am going out take care vera

  • aquarius64

    I’ll reserve judgment until the movie comes out and get feedback from critics. But I’ll give Efron credit for snagging roles in serious dramas to get away from HSM.

  • Sorry, but…..

    The movie looks really good, but unfortunately, Zac DOES look like a little boy playing doctor. It’s terrible casting, and I knew it would be. He just does NOT have the chops to truly play this role, the way it should have been. I will see it, but for the story and all the other wonderful actors. Zac is nothing but eye candy, as usual.

  • Sorry, but…..

    They should NOT be promoting this movie based on Zac, either. His role is minor, at best.

  • flyhigh

    @Sorry, but…..:
    Zac’s role isn’t minor. This is an ensemble film and every actor in it has a small role. In fact, Zac is reportedly playing one of the bigger roles.

  • kami

    zac comes across as believable as the young intern who was on duty when the wounded president was brought in. just from the short clip in the trailer he plays the part well. and billy bob sho do sound southern.

  • sashalize

    Well my “super” hero Tom Welling is also there. Shorter hair but you can’t miss him. Great move from TV to a very noteworthy movie. He also plays one of the main characters in a very strong ensemble cast, Roy Kellerman.

  • misti

    I can’t wait to see it just for the story itself. From what I saw in this trailor, Zac did a good job as did the others. I believe he held his own on this one, unlike many young actors.

  • Lucy

    Where did these bunch of haters come from suddenly on his thread? Lol.

    Can’t wait to see the movie!!

  • Lucy

    The trailer is so dramatic! I like what I have see of Zac till now in the trailer.
    You go boy!!!!!

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    Sure, why am I not surprised that all the haters crawled back out of their holes. Do you brainiacs even know who he plays in the movie. Pretty much not. The real “Jim Carrico” or better we take his whole name “C. James Carrico, MD” and a little bit of him >> “During his residency, he was unexpectedly thrust into history, as he was the first physician to care for President Kennedy at Parkland Memorial Hospital on that fateful day in November 1963. True to his character, he kept that in proper perspective, rarely discussed and never speculated on the circumstances surrounding the event.” << He died in July 2002.

    So the part Zac is playing is pretty much very important. Zac does nothing but his job and Tom Hanks wanted him in the movie otherwise he wouldn't have asked him. And it's 100 % sure that Tom Hanks knows what he's doing, because he has more years of experience as an actor than Zac is old. And the movie wouldn't be at several Film Festivals already if it would be so bad and also in competition.
    Whenever it comes to Zac the haters write every nonsense just to try to get him down. You all who are so against him, before you talk crap about him and his acting skills, make it better, we're waiting to see your amazing skills on the big screen. I'm just 1000 % sure this proof will never come.

  • Nikki

    I’m excited for this film only to see Tom Welling!! (you only see him for a millisecond in this trailer, he has a very small part) And I’m sorry, but Efron is totally miscast in this film. He looks WAY too young to be playing a doctor, it’s kind of ridiculous to be honest.

  • .

    this video is so much better, Zac, his condoms, a bong, sex toys.;

  • OK

    @.@ There you go again spreading your lies. The bag is obviously planted. The two say they are going through it for the first time yet one clearly says to the other “See I told you …… was there” he says this on two different items.
    If this was his first time in this bag how would he know what was there?

  • Fruitfly

    Beautiful and talented Zac!

  • Karma

    The movie looks good; Efron looks TERRIBLE. He is TOTALLY not believable as a doctor. You fans have your heads in the damn clouds. He is out of his league here. He does not do drama well. At all.

  • Lucy

    Right. That’s why his work in AAP and The Paperboy got good reviews. Those were dramas, if I’m not wrong.

  • Merlin’s Mum

    Umm? I thought this film hadn’t been released yet? So how comes all the haters clearly think they have already seen it? How the hell can you judge someone’s performance based on a couple of seconds from a trailer? And for such a terrible actor he sure keeps getting lots of work doesn’t he?

  • darma

    @Lucy: at any price got so-so reviews as did paperboy. At any price was 51% rotten and paperboy was 43%rotten according to critics. the audiences response was much worse. I dont know how that means good reviews to you. even zacs acting skills couldnt redeem these dramas

  • deb

    Zac does not look too young at all. Dr. Carrico was only 28 when Kennedy was assasinated. There are just too many haters here.

  • Lucy


    Uh, I said that Zac’s work got good reviews. Check it out if you don’t believe me.
    I know about The Paperboy.
    As for AAP, the whole thing was a little baffling. Some critics really liked it, whereas some said it was so-so. Roger Ebert did a great review of AAP.

    Mostly Zac got good reviews.

  • Lucy

    I said Zac’s work got good reviews for AAP and The Paperboy. Not th@deb: \

  • Lucy

    Marcia Gay Harden ‏@Beloving2 21 Aug
    Love this @ParklandMovie! Great job to #cast and #peterlandesman & whole team!

  • Lucy

    Messed up that post. What I was saying to darma was said Zac’s work got good reviews for both the films mostly. Though AAP got some very good ones itself, but mixed response overall.
    And to deb I was saying that I agree with her.

  • darma

    @Lucy: and thats why i said sometimes its not enough and his acting skills couldnt redeem the movie. he is a good actor buts it not enough to say he by himself did well in the movie yet the whole thing still flopped because after a while viewers will think that whatever he is in no matter how well he tries its still bad. one of the reasons why it agitated me when he took on the lucky one because it just secured his position with the horny yet sappy female audiences once again. take charlie st cloud, seemed like a lovely story but somehow fell a very flat despite zacs urge being obvious throughout the film. maybe that why in later films he tried too hard and for quite a few critics he came off over the top and “forced” in some cases. this is a stepping stone for zac so its ok if he doesnt do well in a film. but on a final very good note, i see his career lasting long and taking the route more of ryan gosling – also a previous disney star and heartthrob but managed to keep his sex appeal and his position in hollywood along with critical acclaim. he just needs to find THAT film, but i dont think its parkland. he needs a fantastic indie drama to really propel him front and center like Half Nelson did for Gosling. he just needs time. trying to make yourself believe that what he is doing now is amazing is false and ur just lying to yourself. it is not amazing and he is capable of pushing himself more……its just a matter of whether he is ready to or not.

  • Lucy


    I agree that he’s capable of doing so much better. I never said that he’s doing really amazing.I think he’s moving in the right direction though. Honestly, I think he should have gotten better movies till now. He performed well in AAP, Liberal Arts, The Paperboy so I wish people start taking him more seriously. He’s not that Disney kid anymore. I hope Parkland gives him the much deserved success. It looks a movie that can attract a good audience but I don’t think they are going wide.

  • Lucy

    “(Side note: For anyone scoffing at Efron’s inclusion in the cast — just stop. The kid can act. Don’t believe me? Go see the criminally underappreciated The Paperboy. That is not an easy role to play, and he kills it.)”

    I wish some haters would read this.

  • darma

    @Lucy: hopefully parkland will gain praise for the cast because the younger men are coming up fast who are just as capable as zac and perhaps more so in various cases especially because they are fresh to the scene. take logan lerman, he is cast in fury with brad pitt and shia lebouf. zac has never, to this point, got on that level. and lerman is only 21 (but one HELL of a actor!) . both are described as the good looking talented jewish boys of hollywood, its sad that such a talented man like zac is being over-ridden by the young. but then again, maybe now isnt his time. but his urge is too strong for him to stop now.

  • Merlin’s Mum

    @Lucy: Don’t be silly! They don’t want to read good reviews of Zac’s performances. They have it stuck in their heads that he is a Disney actor and that is all that matters. That is why it is so hard for teen stars to make the move into ‘adult’ films.

  • M

    I think Zac is going to do fine in this role. Jim Carrico was a young resident who happened to be first on call so the gravity of this situation was thrown onto his shoulders. He was probably completely scared and anguished like a deer in the headlights. If the trailer is any indication, Zac’s portrayal of Carrico is spot on.