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One Direction's Zayn Malik: Engaged to Perrie Edwards!

One Direction's Zayn Malik: Engaged to Perrie Edwards!

One Direction band mate Zayn Malik and his Little Mix love Perrie Edwards are officially engaged, her rep confirms to JustJared!

Zayn and Perrie are engaged, but any further detail regarding their relationship is private,” the rep said about the 20-year-old entertainers.

Rumors began swirling about the engagement when Perrie was spotted with a ring on her finger at the world premiere of This is Us.

“Yes it is, it’s true,” Perrie‘s mom Debbie confirmed in an interview with Real Radio. “They got engaged on Sunday and it was absolutely lovely.”

Debbie added, “It’s wonderful because Zayn is absolutely gorgeous. Perrie loves him to pieces and it’s perfect. They get on so well together and understand each other. It’s just fabulous. He did the traditional asking me and then asking his mum and dad.”

Check out the interview below…

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  • thejournalist
  • Franson

    20 is too young to be married.

  • Rachel

    poor direction fans….hahaha NOT!

  • Paulie

    Le Divorce.

  • alaia

    I’m sure it was also absolutely lovely when he cheated on her daughter.

  • fade

    What is the matter with all these kids getting engaged so young?
    They barely twenty, geez…

  • Sophia

    LOOOL they’ll stay engaged for five years before they break it off. Or he’ll f u c k one of his groupies as he seems to like doing.

  • Rachel

    I love how young couples are getting married everywhere and there’s Leo Dicaprio who will die childless… #LeoMarryToniAlready

  • Leokas

    @Rachel: you’re messed up. Leo needs a real mature lady. Gtfo!!

  • Janire

    Too young!

  • Marika


  • YYY

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  • KellyLovee

    OH shit, didn’t he cheat on her a couple of months ago … ? :DD

  • obsessedxddd

    I don’t really know who they are but personally I think 20 is too young to get married. I mean, I don’t judge. If they want to – sure. But they have the whole life ahead of them and if they truly love each other, they will be together for a very long time and will have a chance to get engaged. How long have they been together?

  • Mel

    They have been together for more than a year, I think. Honestly, why do people complain when people settle down at young age, but they also complain when people like George Clooney and Leo Dicaprio does not settle down. Like, GO ZAYN! He will not be like all those ‘peter pan’ guys. Kevin Jonas also married young and is still happily married until now. :-)

  • sahsa

    I smell the beginning of the end for that annoying boy band, they’ll start to get married and then the little girls move on. Happens every time, lol.

  • jenny

    this sounds like trying to save a relationship with an engagement…. never works

  • Humpday

    LOL! Too young! I don’t give it a year! And the mother of the bride says, “It’s wonderful because he gorgeous?” Bad sign!



  • Danielle

    @Humpday: lol i know!

  • Nana

    I bet they do not know what they are doing. Too young for sure. They are starting to experience life. They believe marriage is easy and just because they get along well etc that will apply to their marriage, NOt… They believe is like playing little house with kids/ Stupid kids

  • alex

    Don’t know what he sees in her.

  • Sophie

    I’m so happy for them!

  • Alia


  • Anna

    Those who say he cheated, none of that stuff has ever been confirmed or proven true. Perrie has even said zayn treats her well so I doubt he cheated. The media writes crap about every person in the spotlight when are people going to learn that 90% of it is fake.

  • cam

    Wow so many negative comments from people who DON’T actually know them. What is wrong with this world that people cannot be happy for someone else’s happiness. I say may happiness joy and love always be with them & many blessings!

  • Taylor

    I think its good and if they make mistakes they will move on…. who are you to judge

  • Jen

    Unless she got herself knocked up on purpose. LOL!

    This really isn’t going to last. Seriously engaged at 20, married by 21? Are these two people for real? With their fame and money, I doubt they are really grown up to make big decisions like this. People the same age as them with no fame or money that get married young, almost always end up divorced. What makes these two rich kids think they can last forever?

  • Michael

    @Jen: Ha! Ha! I so agree!!!

  • directioner

    zayn never cheated on perrrie and they will live a long and happy life together as a married couple

  • laura

    @Franson: Honestly, people saying that twenty is too young and that zany cheated on her, both perrie and zayn confirmed that he didn’t cheat and they are only engaged, they may not get married for a few years and it could just be a sign of their commitment to each other. They’re adorable together <3 Zerrie <3

  • Eglantine

    I agree 20 years and in the entertainment biz… they are candide or she is pregnant, and the way he looks down there while she is walking, it is possible

  • http://@loveoholicbabe Shreya Pandey

    He did NOT cheat on her, and even though I’m literally crying here because my heart broke up into pieces hearing about my fave boy getting married, I’m happy for him. It’s just, they are TOO young. They’ve just got the hang of being famous and now, they’re getting married? Like WTF?!

  • http://@loveoholicbabe Shreya Pandey

    @sahsa: wow, I think you’re totally right!

  • yoko

    @alaia: He didn’t cheat on her. Stupid rumors.