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Angelina Jolie Scouts Locations for 'Unbroken' in Australia!

Angelina Jolie Scouts Locations for 'Unbroken' in Australia!

Angelina Jolie lands on a jet at the airport after doing some location scouting with a crew on Wednesday (September 11) in Sydney, Australia.

The 38-year-old actress visited Tamworth in New South Wales, Australia that day to scout areas for her upcoming film Unbroken.

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Unbroken, starring Domhnall Gleeson, Jack O’Connell, Finn Wittrock, will be Angelina‘s second directing venture – we can’t wait to check it out when it hits theaters on December 25 of next year!

15+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie landing on a jet after looking at a variety of different locations for Unbroken

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angelina jolie scouts locations for unbroken 04
angelina jolie scouts locations for unbroken 05
angelina jolie scouts locations for unbroken 06
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angelina jolie scouts locations for unbroken 09
angelina jolie scouts locations for unbroken 10
angelina jolie scouts locations for unbroken 11
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angelina jolie scouts locations for unbroken 13
angelina jolie scouts locations for unbroken 14
angelina jolie scouts locations for unbroken 15

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • TO_Ugh

    Ugh, is the movie out , have you seen it????
    You are so negative and biased without seeing the movie!!!
    You can jump to conclusion and criticize and yet call others bitches and moron and bullies??? You know nothing about filming/movie-making and don’t respect Ms Jolie and others. MOST movies are NOT filmed in the locales it took place!!

    Take a look at yourself in the mirror first at your own altitude, if you want to be negative and cynical , then others can response and replied to your comments too..

    I won’t waste my time reading and replying to your silly naive comments and I am a BIG FAN of the book too!!

  • lucy

    @lol: @Serena: Don’t worry, they will settle, that I promise, it just takes time. I feel so sorry for Angie that she has to be analyzed and scrutinized by people that hate her, that’s so sad after what she’s already gone through.

  • lucy

    @Dawne: Wasn’t it a critic that said anyone could have played the Dog’s mother in the Marley movie , even Betty White, and the outcome would have been exactly the same. OUCH! I wonder if Ticky was is smart enough to know just how irrelevant people think she really is. lol

  • ..

    The New A-List: 23 Salaries From Angelina Jolie to Robert Downey Jr. Revealed

    Angelina Jolie
    If she stars in Salt 2, Angelina Jolie will make an estimated $20 million, cementing her status as the continuous queen of the A-list, 14 years after breaking out in Girl, Interrupted.

    Jennifer Aniston
    Jennifer Aniston can earn $5 million — but only in a comedy — after hitting big unexpectedly with We’re the Millers.


  • A True Brad and Angie Fan

    TIFF 2013: 12 Years a Slave is Epic Filmmaking

    12 Years a Slave is not just the best film of 2013; it’s an American classic. You’ll talk about it for hours. You’ll think about it for years.

    I’ve already watched this modern epic on two occasions at the Toronto International Film Festival, and in each instance it was greeted with deserved ovations and tears. But when the emotions subside and all of the awards are handed out (and there will be a boat-load for this film) 12 Years as a Slave will long be remembered as a quintessential story about American slavery, a subject that more than a few foreign-born directors believe has been given insufficient consideration from their American counterparts.

    “Our director Steve McQueen asked the question: ‘Why are there not more American movies about slavery?’ It’s a good question,” said Brad Pitt in a post-screening press conference which included Boise Weekly. Pitt not only co-stars in the film, but is one of the producers. “I’m very excited for people to see this movie. It’s a rare film that only comes around once or so every decade.”

    This is the British-born McQueen’s third feature-length film, but when you think of his first two—2008′s Hunger and 2011′s Shame, two films that I’m a huge fan of—it really is no surprise that McQueen is now the hottest director in his industry. And after he picks up next year’s Oscar for Best Director and is praised over and over again from the stage as his cast and crew pick up their own Oscars, people everywhere will be asking, “Who is this Steve McQueen?” The short answer is: He’s the best in the business.

    12 Years a Slave is much more powerful than the 1970s sanitized television miniseries Roots and far superior to last year’s Lincoln, which came across as a heavy-handed lecture when it wasn’t a showcase for overacting. Instead, 12 Years a Slave uses the power of film at its utmost to best tell the story of Solomon Northup, a free black man sold into slavery. I cannot sing praises loud enough for Chiwetel Ejiofor who plays Northup. His performance is never showy or overstated. To the contrary, his fully-realized Northup is an extraordinary man who survived the darkest shadow of our nation’s history.

    I must also single out the performance of Michael Fassbender as Edwin Epps, a half-mad plantation owner who becomes Northup’s greatest foil. Fassbender is a shoe-in for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

    “A great script and direction,” said Fassbender after the film. “Good storytelling is…” he paused for moment, “you know, good storytelling is like music.”

    Indeed, 12 Years a Slave is of operatic proportions.

  • 769

    I’m back from triveling . Enough of this woman already . You forgot to add always classic in Witch BLACK…

  • valis202

    But you indicated that the film would be ruined solely on the basis that it is being shot in Australia.

    Why can’t you see the stupidity of what you said.

    Look if you said that you had seen ITLOBH and didn’t like it and that is the reason why you think Jolie will ruin Unbroken, I’d still think that you were a moron because IMO ITLOBH was an excellent piece of filmmaking, but at least there would be some kind of logic to your argument. But your rationale that Unbroken will be ruined because it is being shot in Australia, is just dumb.

  • Dawne

    Read and weep trolls……….Angie………..Continuous Queen of the A List……who makes FOUR TIMES the amount Ticky makes and even that meagre amount for Ticky comes with Conditions……………

    And Angie rarely acts………..YET, since winning her First Oscar FOURTEEN YEARS AGO……she is still NUMBER ONE> Ticky turns out several Turds a year………….Team Jolie takes the Cup once again………… just keep losing..

  • valis202


    LOL. So Angie = $20m
    Aniston =$5m
    And that my friend is a slam dunk

  • http://computer Susan

    If a film’s budget is 35 million there is no way in hell, Ticky is making 5 million.

  • the ring

    Jack O’Connell is the bambi of our nun Angie

    tic tac tic tac

  • Bea


    They will never go to ticky’s threads because they are owned by the JPs 100%. They love the JPs and try to get attention by printing nasty things because they are so desperate for attention.

  • Walking Poem

    Angie is loved by all world.

    Even the haters are addicted to her magnetic personality.

    It´s incredible the dedication the “resident idiot” have for Angie.

    When the world talks about “Bullying” in the NET, this “tamShiiite” is the better and biggest example.

    Why a good person like Angie, that is doing a wonderful work in many different areas of social life is hated and bullying nonstopped by ONE SICK PERSON, Every single day?

    It´s not normal and if any one want to study and learn about the complexity of Internet-Bullying they must come here and contact JJ.

    This is the best place to try to understand the Insane-mind-of-a-sociopath.

    One thing is certain, there are no motives to hate Angie. Only the ENVY, the JEALOUSY, the OBSESSION, and the pure EVIL can spend so much time BULLYING a person.

    I hope JJ could restore and put again the red-option, to closed this kind of mental disturbed idiots. But don´t think so… the best is to fight back, every single day.

    Angie is a so amazing and wonderful that she deserve a total and fierce fight against her and family. Only total love can win over hate.

    Go Angie, we are with you, all the time. kisss

  • plez

    @Susan: HR is saying Ticky asking salary can go up to 5 million after the success of Millers. Which means she has not been making that much for the last couple of years.

  • Lol

    Brad cutting hair is becoming news everywhere. Only Brad has the power. Lol

  • Dawne

    There it is in black and white………hags…………..Angie is the Queen of HW……… spin away…………and we can continue laughing at your desperation to un-ring that bell.

  • lucy

    @valis202: The hens are really reaching now in their non-ending efforts to criticize Angie.

  • Bea

    Well we all know ticky is a cheap trick, now Hollywood proves it for real.

  • lucy

    @Susan: Don’t you know, other actors act for free for the privilege of being in the same Oscar worthy (hahahaha, as IF)) movie Ticky stumbles and mumbles her way through. lmao

  • lucy

    @plez: But, but, the Hater Hens say Ticky ALWAYS make minimum $8 to $10 Million per bomb, even though that would be HALF the entire budget of her low budget duds.

  • yup

    Susan- very true- we’ve all been saying this for YEARS- fat tick can barely pay for tiny stolen troll boy’s girl jeans with how little she actually makes per film*. LYING about fat tick old manny looking young, being “hot” and making millions a film are on page one of Huvane’s play book for placating desperate old PR-addicted has-beens like manny, aka, cash cows. Note similar blurbs for goopy. It is always fun to know that fat tick keeps spending millions and millions a year to PR for decades and still is a laughingstock- ha!!

    *As PT & others have speculated before, since TV royalties are done, old manny must live off investments bc ad campaigns don’t pay her that much either.

  • Dawne


    Good turn of phrase there, sister.

  • me

    @siennagold: Because she is not always in white.Any more question?

  • were the morons

    And after the success of LOC, her asking price will go back down to 2 mil. Lol

  • Chris Nolan Laughs at JA

    Credit JPS
    You all have to watch this. Start from 19:55mark the guy asked Christopher Nolan if he wants to ever work on a Jen Aniston Romantic comedy and the whole crowd laughs and Nolan he responds “not really” link is below if you can’t acces it’s on youtube under
    SBIFF 2011 – Modern Master Award to Christopher Nolan with Special Guest Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Chris Nolan Laughs at JA
  • Overrated Jolie

    Petitioning AMPAS Board of Governors

    AMPAS Board of Governors: Do not give the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award to actress Angelina Jolie

    More Details at:

  • Chris Nolan Laughs at JA

    @Overrated Jolie:
    Wow only SIX people signed the petition which has been up for how many days?

  • Bea


    Your village called for you – they want their idiot back so you need to home ET.

  • valis202

    I’ve just read the petition. It has to be one of the most stupidest things that I have ever read. Poor worded and everything based on conjecture. Love the fact however that the fat fvcker who started it has even left her name.

    Some moron called Margaret Luntz.

  • valis202

    Sorry haters but Angie is getting that award and when she does I intend to go over the Fat Fvuckers and spam their cray cray threads with every bit of information, news and gossip from the awards ceremony.

  • lucy

    @Chris Nolan Laughs at JA: I just watched that video, well the part where Chris Nolan laughs AT fat Ticky, that was good. Old Ticky can’t catch a break this week, her real salary is revealed, not that number Huvane pulled from his A$$, Daniel Craig dissed her, no glowing reviews of the movie she was counting on to win her that Oscar, and to top it off, when her LOC film finally does play in Toronto, they’ll be no one there to see it, all the big names have gone home already, and she hasn’t even arrived. lmas

  • jump

    Aniston just lost another Cabo buddy. Emily and John are soon to be parents! Boo Hoo for the ol’ gal Aniston. Pretty soon Thumbelina will move as well.

  • http://justjared zce

    Angelina go on with your bad self, you are great, GOD BLESS THE JOLIE PITTS.

  • Observer2

    #4 @Ugh:

    I think she should film it at Disney Land. Just to really get your panties in a bunch. On The Pirates of the Caribbean ride. LOL.

  • Observer2

    # 10 @valis202:

    Yeah, I see, Lenny is still waiting for Fincher, Bigelow or Soderbergh to call her. Oh and yeah, getting to do a movie with Jeremy Renner, Johnny Depp and well, Daniel Craig is out because he don’t want to be in no stinking Lenny movie. LMAO!

    While Brad has worked with two of the directors and Angelina has worked with two of the actors, who only had lovely things to say about her. And Brad is Fincher’s muse. Remember, Brad is the only actor that Fincher says he respects. While telling Jake G. and RDJ to stop whining. LMAO!

  • naturegirl

    My Lady My Love!!!!

  • Observer2


    Because she can be.

  • Observer2

    #25 @Dawne:

    First off, I’m just howling at this thread. ROTFLMAOPMP!

    ~~~But let’s be fair. She does live a purpose driven life………’she’s’ the purpose.~~~

    Her world revolves around table for one.

  • Observer2

    # 37 @Ugh:

    Now, you’ve really done it. You’ve removed all doubt.

    Ugh @ 09/11/2013 at 3:33 pm

    As they rail against the machine with a full on tilt name calling post. Good job, Sparkly One.

  • Barren old Jen

    The sterile barren old cow is a movie star no she is a sitcom actress she has one (i) movie after 50 years of trying that makes some money and that’s because everyone is trying to figure out when the body double slipped in…

    She still can’t come near Brad and Angelina in movie star power or money makers..


  • thelookoflove365

    # 80 valis202 @ 09/11/2013 at 5:31 pm
    I’ve just read the petition. It has to be one of the most stupidest things that I have ever read. Poor worded and everything based on conjecture. Love the fact however that the fat fvcker who started it has even left her name.
    Some moron called Margaret Luntz.
    Wonder if this moron is related to Frank Luntz, a Republican pollster & party strategist.
    Do you think her references will pass a smell test? Daily mail? seriously! that’s not exactly a periodical isn’t it? Geezz, that petition writer/author is stupid & I hope we find out who she is & where she works, so we can petition her employer to fire her arse-for being stupid! Or is she even gainfully employed? rhetorical question.

  • Observer2

    # 54@..:

    I don’t understand. Lenny, is a MOVIE STAR. She can command the big MOVIE STAR bucks. What? But, Forbes, contractor just told us so.

    Who is the Queen of the A-List? Angelina Jolie. You don’t say. Well, surprise, surprise. I mean, she’s only been in one movie in 3 years. And she can still get 20M a movie? While Lenny may get 5M, if it’s a comedy with a higher budget than 35-40M. So, she has to do 4 movies/year and most likely won’t even get near what Angelina makes with her one movie. What’s the world coming to? HW hates Angelina and loves Lenny. No. I don’t understand. Lenny can’t get a movie made/greenlit. She can’t get a studio to hire her as a director. But, she can hire a fiance. Go, get em’ Lenny.

    I need to rethink this whole thing. Angelina #1 and Lenny, well, good luck there Lenny with being the 70th choice of directors and producers. LMAO!

  • Observer2

    #75 @Chris Nolan Laughs at JA:

    Ouch. Boy, after how many years in the industry and Lenny has just gained all of this respect. I can feel the love. It’s just all warm and fuzzy for her.

    Who knew that Lenny was the gift that kept on giving for those in the industry that know what they definitely don’t want. She’s the Litmus Test for all things that suck.

  • Dawne


    more like Margaret and her C untz,

  • Observer2

    #77 @Overrated Jolie:

    Wow, spelled backwards is still Wow. At least, I can spell. LOL. I wouldn’t be posting this many places. It’s nothing to be proud of by just the spelling and grammatical errors. And boy, a whole lot of people have signed that bad boy.
    You poor, poor wing nuts. What do you have to do to be taken seriously?!!!!


    L I K E YOU!!!!!

  • Passing Through

    Oops…didn’t know there was a new thread so I’m moving my comments from the last thread over here…
    # 25 Life of Crime @ 09/11/2013 at 1:27 pm
    “Life of Crime” is set to close out the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday night, though the movie has already screened for press and industry.

    Lionsgate and Roadside often partner on festival acquisitions, having much success with “Margin Call” and “Arbitrage.” Like those films, “Life of Crime” will get a theatrical release.

    Deal was negotiated by WME Global and Starstream’s Kim Leadford.
    Like I said last night – This suckjob had to have already screened because there aren’t that many movies being bought and any money spent is spent in the first week not the last weekend. So, Crime On Life picked up a distributor unlike Ticky’s last trip to TIFF when misManagement bombed with distributors before bombing with the public. Well, good for John Hawkes. It’s bad enough he did a movie with Ticky but to have to suffer the ignominy of it going straight to VOD or Netflix sure wouldn’t do his ego any good. It’d be a shame to have your career put to pasture because you had to slum for a paycheck.
    PS – Dear Hen\troll – thanks for posting. That means I didn’t have to go searching for the info to make fun of it. I appreciate you saving me a trip into hen territory. There’s few things worse in life than hen poop on your keyboard…

  • Passing Through

    # 34 Observer2 @ 09/11/2013 at 1:40 pm
    Hell, the Coens are dodging her like the rest of Brad’s friends. She couldn’t even get them to give her back the Gambit role that went to Cam Diaz (even though that movie tanked anyway). I doubt they’ll be wanting to rewrite Boring Girls for her. Besides, she’s already had The Gigolo Boy Wonder re-write that sucker for her. It’s languishing amongst his pill bottles and human teethc along with the Swear To God, Zoolander 2 and Jerry Weintraub movie scripts. They’re gathering dust in NYC while Squiggy cleans Ticky’s new toilets in Bel Air to earn his keep.

    # 37 Observer2 @ 09/11/2013 at 1:43 pm
    Hmmmm…I saw a story last week that the Blade Runner sequel script is almost finished. Apparently Ridley Scott wants to shoot the movie ASAP when the script is complete. Not to start any rumors…

    # 36 Go Figure! @ 09/11/2013 at 1:41 pm
    Ticky supposedly signed one to act in The Boring Girls or to finance it? She doesn’t own the rights to it so it’d be hard for her to do either with Overnight Productions’ permission. Besides, even if she has someone who’s agreed to be in it – she still can’t make the movie without a financier…and so far Overnight ain’t parting with the cash.

    # 44 Maya @ 09/11/2013 at 1:48 pm
    Speaking of Squiggy’s BFF Pervy Richardson…I see he’s the one who “directed” the nekkid Miley Cyrus video that’s being talked about all over the web. She’s barely 20. He’s 48. It’s all he does is get young girl just barely out of their teens to pose nekkid for him. He probably asks them for birth certificates just to make sure he won’t be hauled off to the slammer. Miley probably had no problem droppoing trou but hopefully she didn’t have to bang him, too, like he coerces so many young models into doing. Scumbag.

  • an oldie

    A List star who only gets hired in low budget romcoms to take her clothes off at 44 no less. LOL.