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Nicole Kidman Set for 'Strangerland' Role!

Nicole Kidman Set for 'Strangerland' Role!

Nicole Kidman has just signed on to star in the upcoming new film Strangerland, according to Variety!

The 45-year-old actor will star alongside some fellow Aussie actors Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce in leading roles as well!

The film is a mystery drama about a couple whose teenage children go missing in the Outback. No word yet who is playing which parts.

Screen Australia, who is helping to back the project, has said the new movie has “strong creative potential and massive A-list festival potential.”

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Nicole Kidman alongside Guy Pearce and Hugo Weaving in Strangerland???

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  • Louise

    Love Nicole Kidman, but those two guys look quite boring!! Probably won’t be seeing that movie unless some more exciting gentlemen sign on.

  • michele

    hugo weaving & guy pearce have been in the same movie a long time ago,im sure it will not be funny this time

  • Eve

    Very excited to see Nicole play an Australian in an Australian film!

  • http://Comcast Patricia

    I like anything Nicole Kidman is in. I am waiting for The Crazy One to start her ugly and vile remarks against Nicole.

  • kary

    Nicole always has great characters so… of course I’m gonna watch this

  • http://comcast Patricia

    It will be great with Nicole. Where will it be filmed at. The Crazy One is late making her ugly remarks.

  • Oh dear

    Yet another bomb starring Nicole Mary Kidman.

  • ed

    Q. ARE YOU EXCITED to see NICOLE KIDMAN alongside Guy Pearce and Hugo Weaving in Strangerland???
    A. NO!!!

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Oh ”ed”, your hyperbolic punctuation doesn’t work here. Stick to the cuckoo board Crazy One.

  • curious

    Instead of taking off to the Aussie outback, Nicole should try staying home and playing the role of ‘mother’ to her own children.

  • tan

    Why nicole always filming away and leaving her children behind .

  • Skeptics are stupid

    More lies from The Crazy One

  • Skeptics Rule

    At least Weaving and Pearce can act….and then we are left with the odd one out – Kidman.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    And skeptics still suck at lying.

  • http://Comcast Patricia

    How many names do you use The Crazy One ??? Please don’t worry about Keith and Nicoles children The Crazy One, spend more time worrying about your mental illness.

  • Louise

    Nicole Kidman takes her children with her when she works. They are not left behind. Keith flies to meet up with his family when he is touring and has days off. He just flew in to Omaha for a concert from London. No one needs to worry about the Urbans and their family. They manage quite well without fan comments.

  • Wurry

    Her and Guy will be so hot together!!!

  • 55vineyard

    @tan: Um, because it is her job? She can afford to pay folks to care for her children. If she wanted to be a fulltime housewife she would never have gotten into acting.

  • jonna

    Actually Keith had the girls in Nashville last week while Nicole was in London. Wednesday all three of them flew to London. Keith flew back Friday to the states and the girls stayed in London with Nicole. FACT

  • the truth hurts

    jonna is correct. Keith and the girls were at home in Nashville and Nicole flew to London for prepro on Paddington. They flew to London then Keith flew back for concerts and to film the ”We Were Us” video with Miranda Lambert in OK. Lambert flew in specifically for the video shoot and made a surprise appearance at Urban’s show that night.

  • Lia

    Kidman will need to increase her daily cigarette consumption and dry out her vocal chords to get that evil taxidermist voice down pat for Paddington.

  • the truth hurts

    @Lia: With asinine comments like that no one has to wonder why skeptics are never consultants on movies.

  • So classy

    Kidman: “I remember drinking and smoking at school”. Women’s Weekly (Australia), Mar. ’91

  • Not buying it

    What’s the bet the girls are actually in LA with the nanny and have been all along.

  • the truth hurts

    With asinine comebacks like that no one has to wonder why skeptics are mental patients off their meds with no family visitation.

    The Crazy One, did you enjoy Naomi Watts performance as a woman who lives with a white trash alcoholic, dated another white trash thug, has an abortion, and afterwards eats powdered donuts on a city bus? Naomi was filmed on a toilet and also has a very graphic 0ral s3x scene. You’re so obsessed with class I’d get on Naomi’s boards right away to protest her choices and get her children away from her.

  • Oh dear

    @Lia: she smoked rollies around the clock to get the deep gravelly voice of Woolf in The Hours.

  • the truth hurts

    @Not buying it: The sightings and photos of the girls with Keith in Nashville are proof once again you’re lying.

  • the truth hurts

    @Oh dear: She didn’t have a grovelly voice in The Hours. Another skeptic lie. Nicole said over and over two things got her into that character – the costuming and rolling her own cigarettes as they used to do in those days. Like Martha Gelhorn, Woolf’s real voice and accent would not be suitable for modern audiences. It would be a distraction.

  • Lia

    Watch out. Sewer mistress has borrowed a dictionary from the psychiatric hospital library and is now over using the word “asinine”.

  • the truth hurts

    Skeptics lost and they were never in the running. Daddy and daughters bonding is just too much for them to handle.

  • Oh dear

    @the truth hurts: I said gravelly voice, not grovelly and there’s your problem right there – you believe that because proven pathological liar Nicole Kidman said it, it must be true. BIG MISTAKE.

  • the truth hurts

    @Oh dear: You’ll never get anywhere with lies. Her voice is not gravely, grovely, or anything else you try to pass off as the truth. The film is proof. The audio is proof. The photos of Keith with his daughters in Nashville are proof. And that’s your big mistake. The truth is out there for everyone to see and you still deny it. That’s called being delusional.

  • TC

    Another B-Grade movie for Kidman the B-Grade Actress.

  • Oh dear

    @the truth hurts: Nicole has been consistently lying since she was a child. The thing is, you need the talent to compensate for the lies and Kidman just doesn’t have the talent.

  • Randy

    I can’t wait for this Film, should be intense! Nicole Kidman is my favourite actress!

  • More Kidman LIES

    “There’s certain amount of commitment that you need if you want a career that’s just going to be absolutely all consuming and I’m just not willing to do that,” Kidman says. “At some change of your life you have to move into a higher purpose.”

  • Holly

    So this is being filmed in Oz, which means Sunday will be pulled out of another school and enrolled in a new one. A good mother puts her child’s education first instead of taking a movie in another country again.

  • Randy

    Some horrid people Hating Kidman here, probably aimless bums with inferiority complexes.

  • http://comcast Patricia

    THE CRAZY ONE will not criticize any other movie star because they are not married to KEITH URBAN or is it that she escaped Scientology. THE CRAZY ONE is so worried about NICOLE and KEITHs girls, LOL. I hope KEITH and Nicole keep doing what they are doing because they both are so talented and they seem so happy.

  • http://yahoo jobeth

    This film may be distributed in Australia only. I’m curious about one which was originally scheduled to begin in October, but was pushed back until the first of the year. It was also to be filmed in Australia, but up around Brisbane. Could it be, that the media gets a sniff of a star just possibly reading a script, and they release the news as it’s a done deal? Actually, I’d really have to see this movie to believe it.

  • house on the corner

    Variety reported it which is a real entertainment news outlet. Not a gossip site.

  • Giorgios

    ” This film may be distributed in Australia only. ”


  • Oh dear

    Kidman likes to advertize she is attached to numerous potential film roles. Luckily, most never eventuate.

  • duh

    Skeptics like to advertise lies. Obviously none of them are true.

  • http://Comcast Pat

    Nicole is what you call a REAL MOVIE STAR, she can walk in a room and looks like a Movie Star. Fascinating person, everyone that knows her loves her because she is such a kind person.

  • Wrong again Pat

    “I have worked with Nicole Kidman. She is a total fake. It is a shock to see her for real as she is so painfully thin and unnaturally white skinned. When the cameras are on her she is transformed into a giggling, smiling, happy even over-the-top friendly person. Once the cameras are off she reverts to a scowling, insecure and angry person.
    I once observed a publicist on her knees talking to a scowling seated Nicole – when Nicole changed her gaze to the opposite side of the chair, this woman crawled over (on her knees) to the other side of the chair to continue the conversation. We wouldn’t want poor Nicole to have to adjust her head now would we?
    These are not the actions of a charming role model that we should admire.” Posted by Corianda, Wednesday, 2 February 2005

  • Skeptics are stupid.

    Wrong again hater. Do yiu have anything but gossip on trasy websites to cull from? Maybe Muchele From Hell in M aryland can make up a new story she heard from ”someone”. Has Stephanie arranged playdates with her kids that she abandoned and the Urban girls? Bahahahaha!

  • Wurry

    I just don’t get what is wrong with having a nanny or two? So? It doesn’t mean that you are not parenting. It’s just that you can afford some help.
    Scientologists have been spreading vicious rumours about Nicole and her “poor” parenting for years. If a guy has a career still into his forties and tends to work overseas, nobody says anything.

  • Don’t Wurry

    Nothing wrong with having a nanny or two. Just don’t be a complete lying hypocrite and publicly state you are slowing the dying career right down to spend more time with the children, then immediately turn around and chase every B-Grade movie part you can, which constantly separates you from the “family”.

  • ?

    Neither parent has the girls now. Why bother having them?