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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard to Reunite in 'London Fields' Film

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard to Reunite in 'London Fields' Film

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are set to reunite on-screen in the upcoming movie London Fields, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 50-year-old actor will be making a cameo appearance in the crime thriller that stars his girlfriend, as well as Billy Bob Thornton and Jim Sturgess.

The movie is “set in a bleak 1999 London and the story revolves around a promiscuous psychic (Heard) who meets her fate as foretold by her visions by going to a seedy London pub.” Johnny has reportedly already shot his scenes for the film.

Johnny and Amber previously appeared together in the film The Rum Diary.

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  • Love The Shoes

    I think Johnny is seriously smitten. I like them.

  • Alex

    I love this couple! Can’t wait to see them again in a movie!

  • pika

    lol i thought this was an announcement to say they broke up. i was gonna say finally lol!



  • sherimyers11

    Is that his daughter?

  • What’s next

    Perks of dating him. But she has no career and his can not get any worse.

  • ohlala

    horrible movie…..bad actress and horrible couple.

  • Clau

    The book is so good but so complex. I don’t know if they can deliver a good movie for this book. That aside, I think Amber can be really good as the main character. I can envision her in that role.
    About Johnny in the movie..mmm…he loves her, isn’t it? Bless them! if she makes him happy as it looks like, then it’s fine by me

  • OohLaLa

    This movie will bomb and these two will break up. Mark my words.

  • Lady

    According to US Weekly, Amber Heard will stay in London with Johnny until he’ll ends his work in his new movie (they have a mistake with the dates anyway, it seems that they going to stay there until the mid of december, because Johnny already started the shooting). I suppose, that means she won’t be doing the other movie she had (Autobahn). Maybe she prefers to be with her man…

  • psi

    They didn’t even get Autobahn funded. That’s why they don’t do it, no money.
    The rumor is that he had to put his cameo on top to get her the role in LF in the first place.
    She does have a great history of flop movies and obviously needs all the help she can get to stay in the business.
    Johnny comes across a bit desperate here,sorry.

  • Sophy

    @psi: Your theory makes no sense. No movie producer going to fund a movie with an unknown actress only because her boyfriend (it doesn’t matter how famous he is) will be doing a “cameo” (like 5 minutes in the movie?). On the contrary, if Johnny would agree to do a leading character, then any producer would leave him to cast Amber in the role that he wants.
    Also she has been on board of this movie for long time. stop making theories and when Johnny cast her in one of HIS movie (or from HIS PRODUCTION COMPANY) then this would make sense, not in this case

  • Fercat

    Maybe she’s gotten better.

    Her acting is a little middling because it lacks a distinct personality. Something people can personalize.

  • Make it stop!

    Yes to the commenter who noted that it was ONLY because Johnny promised to make a cameo in this film that it EVER got any funding. Johnny is making a fool out himself for this fame whore. He is acting desperate and I am embarrassed for the guy. Sheesh. No body likes Amber and he keeps trying to shove her down our throats. Give it up dude!

  • Marco

    I can not stand the sight of these two together. Depp is giving me, and everybody else, the creeps by acting like such a dirt ball over this trailer ho who is half his age. So gross… just no… please…no more.

  • AttentionToDetailsRequired

    Sure seem to be a lot of opinionated people who think they know the truth about Depp. Must be wonderful to have a platform where one can gossip, bully, lie and basically act like a horrible person saying things you would never have the ***** to say to anyone in real life. Ah, the life of anonymity. Depp, of course, attaches his name to everything he does. Respect.

  • oliviA

    I don’t like her at all. She seems all sorts of wrong. Johnny Depp seems like he is not happy. I think this is doomed. He is buying her, that is not love, at least on her part. It looks to me like she is just using him for the career boost. I think Vanessa (at the age of 40) is way more beautiful than her. Vanessa really loved Johnny and was famous before she got with him. She did not need to use him for her career. This girl just can not compare.

  • lola

    zzzzzzzz he is gross and a d-bag and she is a famewh0re!

  • summer

    @Sophy: you need read more honey. ’cause that happens! and happended before! She is a terrible actress she is a joke all her movies were horrible!

  • Paty

    @AttentionToDetailsRequired: shut up cun’t! lol dumb@ss!

  • JDF

    @oliviA: God shut the hell up! what do you know about her or what have you seen to say that’ and to judge? some candid paps pictures taken in less than 30 seconds? they are together since 2 years and she never talked about it! how is she using him? if he was unhappy with her then why don’t he just break up with her?

  • JDF

    #4 & #5 & #6 & #7 & #9 & #15 – are all the same troll! it’s so obvious AHAHAHAHA! GET A LIFE YOU PATHETIC HATER!

  • JDF

    Oh i forget #18 also! what a loser!

  • JDF

    @Marco: everybody else? speak for yourself you troll! how is he giving you the creeps you dirtbag? where is he acting like that? i’m not seeing it you scumbag! you are so gross for judging people you don’t know! Oh so so so gross!

  • JDF

    @Make it stop!: you are the only fool here because you don’t know anything! how is he shoving her down your pathetic throat? he is not getting her any movie roles and he is not producing her films either! she is still making garbage movies and she was an actress before she was with him so it’s not like if she became an actress because of him.

  • JDF

    @psi: why the hell are you talking as if he casted her on a movie of his or something? he is only doing a SURPRISE cameo and she did not get the role because of it! you are just making up BS and that makes you the desperate one. what a pathetic loser. she was getting roles before she was with him and it is no different now.

  • JDF

    @What’s next: his can not get any worse? ahahahaha! he is going to blow up next year with 3 major box office hits and critically acclamied films. just wait and see, Troll!

  • JDF

    @SHINE: your mother is gross

  • JDF

    @sherimyers11: his daughter? that’s funny because they look like they are about the same age!

  • Lolita

    I think it is sad to see Johnny behaiving like such a pathetic, desperate old fool. I feel embarrased for the guy. He is throwing away the reputation he had as a cool guy and a good family man. He is acting like a typical Hollywood old man. You know, get rid of the mother of your children and chase after 20 year olds with no talent. How original.

  • JDF


  • JDF

    @Lolita: aren’t you embarrased for yourself for talking about people that you don’t know AT ALL? how is behaving like that? he just broke up like any other human beings and moved on with his life and started seeing another woman. what the hell is wrong with that? he is not chasing “20 year olds” because he is dating the same ALMOST 30 years old since 2 years! how is that chasing 20 years olds huh? when he actually do it and jump from one to another then you can say this crap and feel oh so embarrased you pathetic loser.

  • Matte

    Most of the people writing here are just frustrated because they were so “involved” in his relationship with Vanessa Paradis. So, all these hateful comments toward him or Amber are just reflecting those feelings (mixed with jealousy in some case), because if we are honest, there aren’t reasons to hate her so much. She doesn’t talk about him, she has become very private to no expose their relationship, she continue doing the same kind of bad movie she always did before and Johnny working in her projects is not different than helping Vanessa Paradis in her albums (in most of the countries (non-french speakers), none of those albums would have received any coverage if it didn’t were because he was directing her clips, etc) or when he tried to do a movie with her when they were a new couple (“the man who killed Don Quixote”)
    Just give it a rest people. stop wasting time on this if you are so displeased with their relationship…they have been two years together and this point it would be more surprising that they’ll split anytime soon, than they just get more and more serious (get engaged or pregnancy)

  • Matte

    Sorry, I forgot.
    Also, say what you want about her, but this woman doesn’t leave him alone and he seems to resent too much the lack of his loved ones. He seems like a lovingly and affectionate guy (even with his fans) how difficult would had to be to him to work away from home for months, loneliness, longing. Not surprise that this fact at the end separate him from Vanessa. He become used to not be with her.
    But this woman is there, was there when he was working in Lone Ranger, was there when he was in the middle of nowhere working in Transcendence, was there when he was in the promotional tour of Lone Ranger and she is there now, with him while he works in London. He must miss his children so much, but he doesn’t have to feel the lonely anymore, because he has her with him, not through phone, not telling to every magazine how much he is the love of her life but without any effort to be with him where he is like it was before. She is there!

  • Chantel

    There seems to be a lot of arguing going on in this thread. Everyone has a right to their opinion.That is what this sight is for, So Here are some facts.You can believe me or not, it is up to you, Since you all seem so interested and passionate in your opinions about J.D, V.P & A.H, I will share what I know. I am a dancer, a model and I do a little acting too.I live part time in Hollywood and I have relatives in Austin.My sister lives in France. I am sure you can do the math!So I got a ton of inside info just for you! I have never shared this with any one person, because as you can imagine, there are strong opinions and feelings involved with these people about this mess of a situation and I have friends and friends of friends and agents involved I am sure you get what I mean. A lot of this information you may already know, but if not I will spill. In 2009 Johnny Depp Started The Rum Diary. He auditioned the actors and he personally picked Amber. He was smitten with her from first sight. It was obvious to everyone on the set that their was something going on between them. They would flirt with each other openly all day on set then go out drinking after the day was rapped. They seemed to really bond over Hunter Thompson and Johnny, being the method actor, became Hunter and in his mind at least, Amber was Chaunalt (Hunter’s wife). So ultimately they began an affair. It was beyond obvious to everyone. Amber bragged to friends that she was sleeping with her childhood celebrity crush. She even confided in Tasya, which seems pretty cruel since at the time Amber was still in a supposedly monogamous relationship with Tasya,( the photographer from Austin). Meanwhile Johnny was still very much involved with Vanessa.They had their problems, sure, but Johnny promised Vanessa he would try to do better.All the while, even after the movie TRD was over, they continued the affair.Vanessa did not know, but she had a bad feeling, she was afraid he was cheating.Johnny was distant, acting weird, making mystery trips to Austin Texas to “Jam with bands” playing on and around 6th street. Johnny was drinking heavily and he and Vanessa were having fights about his excessive drinking. Johnny was clearly starting to go back to his wild ways. He started partying with a lot of musicians and jamming with them and was acting like a single, young guy. Johnny even started using drugs again. Vanessa was furious. Then one night she found out about Amber and Johnny confessed to the affair.. You see Johnny had told her it was only a one time thing and it was over. Vanessa probably would have forgiven him if that had been the case.When she found out that it had been going on for over a year and it was still going on and it was so not over, she flipped. That was about the time when rumors were flying about Amber and Johnny. Everybody seemed to know all about how indiscreet Johnny and Amber were acting while they were in the states and Vanessa was in France.When word got back to Vanessa she felt publicly and globally humiliated.So Vanessa kicked him out of the house.He tried desperately to get her back while stringing Amber along, but Vanessa would not let him back in her life. She was heartbroken. I mean really. She was physically ill over it. She refused to hear any more of Johnny’s lies. So he put all of his concentration on Amber and has been buying her anything and everything to make her be with him.He is determined to make it work, I mean he left his family for her! I think he knows he really messed up, but it is like he has something to prove. Johnny pulled major strings to get Amber the Guess model gig. Word around Austin was that Amber was almost ready to get out of the relationship because Johnny was not making her a star fast enough. So Johnny moved Heaven and Earth to get her that contract. No way would she have that prestigious gig if not for the muscle of the Depp machine. He is a powerful player in Hollywood. He is trying so hard to make Amber a big star. It is just not working. The Guess thing is the biggest gig she has gotten thru Johnny. .He is getting her acting connections but the results are mediocre because she is not a very good actress.. So you can infer what you like from those facts. If you think she was wrong or if you think she was right to be with a man who was clearly taken, all problems aside, Johnny was still with Vanessa. Amber knew it and continued to sleep with Johnny on the down low for over a year before Vanessa found out. If your o.k. with that, then hey, that’s you. I think it is pretty shady.Amber cheated on Tasya and slept with and carried on a long time affair with a man who was basically married,, a man with two young children. Sure Johnny isn’t the first aging celebrity to dump the mother of his children for a girl half his age. It is so common here it isn’t even funny. I guess that would be my last point. I really thought Johnny Depp was anything but common. And it is not even funny.

  • Kurt

    That was very well written and informative. Thank you Chantel! Sounds like you could write a book or 6 or 7. Gee tell us more Hollywood storys. that was better than most magazines. Cmon, Chantel, give us the dirt!Who else can you tell us about? Chantel! Chantel! Chantel! My friend just told me that Chantel is Vanessa paradis; midle name! ooooh twilight zone!

  • Chantel

    @JDF: Hi, I will try to reply to you for the person.. I am Chantel. Hi. I think what the commenter meant was that when Johnny Depp first started his project which was the Rum Diary, that was in 2009. Johnny personly auditioned Amber for the part of his lady love named Chaunalt. Amber was only 22 or 23 at the most at the time and I believe Johnny.was 46. Of course if you read my long novel you will figure out the rest of what they meant. You should not get so angry over these silly gossip sights JDF. It is very sweet of you to take up for Johnny. He needs it lately.He never reads this stuff so he will be pleased to know you have got his back! Hey JDF. It is Friday night, do you have a hot date? I have to go. I am going to have a wild adventure.I am taking a vicoden right now and I am gonna go get ready now yea!!! Lets go out!

  • Ann

    Why would anyone believe what they read on a gossip site?

  • Mala

    @Chantel: Nice try Chantel! But you are just another (or the same) of the many liers saying that they are insiders…you just twisted some of the stories in the tabloids about them (literally the same sentences, almost quoting) to make it fit in your “story”
    Some corrections:
    - Tasya isn’t from Austin, she is from Hawaii
    - Amber traveled very few times to her native Austin before the last year (she said it and also her dad).
    - Depp also only started to be more often in Austin since the last year (there aren’t reports about him in Austin before the promotion of Rum Diary)
    - They didn’t met in 2009. The auditions for “The Rum Diary” were at the end of 2008.
    - Johnny Depp isn’t a method-actor (Daniel Day-Lewis, Robert De Niro, Christian Bale are method-actors, not Johnny!)
    etc, etc

    You could try to write a fanfiction! :D

  • BernyFan

    Funny how some months ago it was full of people in denial and telling that the rumors about them as a couple weren’t true, blah, blah, and “where are the pictures and proofs?”, etc, etc, and now these sites are full of -allegedly- insiders that know all the truth and all the people knew they were having a relationship since 2009. LOL- get a life people.

  • JDF

    @Mala: JD isn’t a method-actor? LOOOOL! i guess that’s why he always gets too much into his characters and start wearing stuff from them in his private life! JD is one of the best character actors, honey and he has the widest case of memorable characters under his belt.

  • JDF

    @Chantel: Sorry but i don’t buy all the bull you wrote. You also got many “facts” wrong.

  • Mala

    @JDF: He isn’t a method-actor. That’s right, I think also him has said it before. Johnny is like a “switch” according to many of his co-stars. He doesn’t live all the time in character as method actors does. De Niro even get divorce when he was working in “Ranging Bull” precisely because his wife can’t stand his “method” anymore.
    Johnny ACTS! He doesn’t need to live as his characters to embody them. He investigate them, he creates them, he gives to them their own characteristics, a different voices, ways of walking, movements and reactions, but when the cam goes “off”, he goes “off” of the character too.
    Zoe Zaldaña talked about this (along many others of his co-stars): “”He is the shyest person I’ve ever met,” she says of the actor. “The moment the camera is [turned] on, these characters that are within him come out and take control. Then when the director yells, ‘Cut!’ he goes back to being quiet. Very Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”"

    What people called “method” are just one kind (or a school) of many others, in the acting profession. Johnny just use another.

  • Mala

    @JDF: Did you know that when Christian Bale (a method-actor) acted opposite Johnny in Public Enemies, he didn’t want to talk with him out of the set because he didn’t want to get out of the character, and his character was all the time just hunting Dillinger? That’s why the only day he allowed to talk to Johnny, by few minutes, was after their jail scene together. Some tabloids tried to say they didn’t have a good relationship, but according to Christian was just part of his method because when they were promoting the movie, they got along really well and spoke for hours about their childrens, etc
    That’s the kind of weirdness that comes with method actors! Glad Johnny isn’t one of them (could you imagine him living all the time as dark and moody as Sweeney Todd? :D)

  • lizziebob

    Why doesn’t Johnny talk about Amber? He talked often how wonderful Vanessa was. He looks sort of run down and sad, and it’s not just age. She sort of looks like a vampire ..a bit too perfect. Just a guess, but I give the relationship 6 more months and she will break it off with one cruel blow to his heart, but who really knows. It would be nice if these male actors could buck the trend and date someone their own age. I think what disappoints people is how shallow this makes Johnny Depp look.

  • JDF

    @lizziebob: Don’t you understand that these f*cking paps photos are taken in less than 30 seconds? with all the shouts and flashes at their faces what the hell do you expect? he talked about all of his girlfriends but he didn’t talk about Amber yet for his children’s and vanessa’s sake. because he doesn’t want to hurt their feelings. He is happier than ever with Amber and also much healthier than he was with Vanessa. Go judge by the after-party moscow pictures which were not taken by paps and media. Look at how happy and in love they looked. You are a nobody to give their relationship time and guess when they will break up, they are together since 2 years and are still going and getting more serious each day. why would they break up? and why do you think that Amber is the one who will break it off? Johnny is the powerful one and he is the one who decides. Speak for yourself and not the people because there is nothing shallow about his 2-years relationship with Amber.

  • NTS

    @lizziebob: Because when he was with Vanessa, he didn’t have an ex-wife and two childrens to protect, so he could speak freely about her.
    With Amber the situation is far different, not only he is more famous and private than he was at the beginning of any of his former relationships, but also he has a former partner, children and many rumors about an alleged “overlap” between his relationship with Amber and his relationship with the mother of his children

  • NTS

    By the way, I found this thread about them in a message board of “Female First”

    It seems as the topic has been abandoned since it was created, but it can be revived. So, the widows of the Lchat can talk freely there, without upset her lesbians fans ;)

  • Rufus

    I watched a clip of Heard’s part in Machete Kills. It looks pretty bad. She has thick pancake makeup on and her hair is bleached really white. She looks so different then she did in Rum diary. She looked pretty good in that awful movie. She is a terrible actress. What i most noticed, check it out, she has done something to her nose. It looks like a botched nose job. There is like this weird dent in the side of her nose. I don’t know for sure, but it looks so strange. I wish J.D. would find another woman. She does not seem to love him. It seems like she is using him for $ and working him for fame.

  • JDF

    @Rufus: Oh shutup how does she not seem to love? like how the hell do you know? they are together since 2 years and she follows him everwhere he goes and she never talks about him to get some publicity so how exactly is she using him?