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Priyanka Chopra: Just Jared Spotlight of the Week (Exclusive!)

Priyanka Chopra: Just Jared Spotlight of the Week (Exclusive!)

Priyanka Chopra takes in the sights from the balcony of the Pet Head house in Los Angeles in this exclusive photo from the latest edition of the Just Jared Spotlight of the Week series.

The 31-year-old entertainer is the star of the brand new Bollywood superhero flick Krrish 3, the singer of the Thursday Night Football theme song, and even the face of Guess‘ latest campaign.

“When I look at my life, I want to be someone that’s not just an actor or just a musician,” Priyanka told us at the Pet Head house about how varied her career choices are. “I want to be someone who can extend their creativity into anything. For me, it’s never a transition, it’s an extension of being creative.”

On top of talking about her amazing career, Priyanka told us about how she likes to unwind from her busy schedule and also one of her craziest fan experiences.

Click inside to read our exclusive interview with Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra Interview – Exclusive

Just Jared: How are you spending your time in India?

Priyanka Chopra: I’m going insane right now. I have a movie releasing in about 15 days. I’m in the middle of promo at the moment. I do about 35 interviews a day, I fly across the country to certain cities. It’s a really crazy time right now.

JJ: You are promoting Krrish 3 right?

PC: Yes. (JJ Note: Krrish 3 is now in theaters!)

JJ: How does it feel to be in one of the biggest superhero movies in Bollywood?

PC: For me, it is great because it’s a trilogy and I’m part of two of them and my character has gone through an major evolution from the last film to this film and I’m really, really excited for the film. I’m hoping that the movie will do really, really well. It’s also around Bhai, which is a big holiday.

JJ: Since it’s an action packed film, did you have to perform any stunts for the movie?

PC: Actually, I’m special in this movie, I’m the only one who doesn’t do any. I just watch the superhero and the super menace fight over me. I’m the girl who turns around at boys that fight over me.

JJ: What was your favorite off set moment?

PC: I think both the boys had to do a lot of action in the movie and they had major costumes on because of the masks and the capes… really hard and difficult outfits to wear and it was super hot in India while we were filming it. I got to sit in my air conditioned room in my outfit and watch.

JJ: You are very well known for your Bollywood movies. Would you consider adding Hollywood films to your repertoire?

PC: I’m an actor and I love movies. Language doesn’t matter and holds no bars for me. I’m someone who is creative and would love to do any movie in any language. Whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as it is a part that interests me. I’m someone who is really finicky about the parts that I take up. So, I would be really excited about a film that excites me, doesn’t matter which language or which country.

JJ: Who would you like to work with Hollywood?

PC: I’m a big Behn Zeitlin fan. I think he makes poetry, when it comes to his movies. If you’re asking for my wish list, he would be definitely top it or like James Cameron. I like big blockbuster films, as you can see, I have Krrish 3 coming out.

JJ: How’s the transition been from going to Miss World, then going into acting, and now the singing career?

PC: The way I see it, I don’t consider myself a star or an actor, I see myself as a trailblazer. I like to do things, which are unexpected. I don’t think too many actors turn musicians. I just thought it was an interesting thing to do because I do sing. I’m hoping that my music is something that will be exciting for people. I want to be able to do different things, like when I join movies as well. My choice of movies has always been the challenging parts and different sort of roles. When I look at my life, I want to be someone that’s not just an actor or just a musician. I want to be someone who can extend their creativity into anything. For me, it’s never a transition, it’s an extension of being creative.

JJ: Since we are talking about your singing career, how was it working with Pitbull on your latest single “Exotic”?

PC: I think he was awesome. When we shot the video, and after that when we were promoting it, he was super supportive and really, really nice. More than anything, he made the song so personal. I’m a new artist and it was great to have Pitbull and on my first two songs. Especially now, with my song with, going on as the NFL song for the second year, I feel like it’s really gratifying as a newbie to have that acceptance in a way.

JJ: With being so experienced in the industry, did he give you any advice?

PC: He did. The song “In My City” was’s idea, it was his song. We were in the studio and he had an amazing song that he thought would be great. He made me hear the song. He told me, the greatest song is the one which everyone can sing.

JJ: Since “In My City” is the Thursday Night Football song, how did that come about?

PC: Well that started last year actually. We were pre-game last year and this year, we were the headline song for the game. It feels great, I think the song was a perfect fit for NFL because it talks about welcoming people to their city. There are so many teams of the NFL that it just seemed like the right kind of fit. I was super excited. Now, for two years in a row, my song has been a part of Thursday Night Football.

JJ: It’s definitely a great way to get your music out there!

PC: Especially because NFL football is such a mainstream American hobby and millions of people watch it on television, it’s a great way of getting the music out there and great exposure.

JJ: Have you thought about your next single and when should we expect it?

PC: It should happen by about December-January.

JJ: What kind of music should we expect on your upcoming album?

PC: My album is very much like me as a person. Whenever I was in the studio, I always ended up doing whatever I felt like. Depending on my mood. I wrote a song like that. My album is going to have mid-tempos, ballads, pop songs, dance records, like all different kinds of music.

JJ: You mention that you wrote some songs. How did that come about?

PC: It was a new experience for me. I wrote vocals and poetry, but I never thought I would write a song. I started with lyrics and slowly got into the music and composition. I just realized along the way that it was something I could do and I learned how to do and I enjoy doing it. So there are a few songs on the album that I wrote myself.

JJ: Do you have a release date for the album yet?

PC: Not yet, very soon hopefully.

JJ: Who inspired you with music?

PC: When I was in school, I was very influenced by 90s hip-hop, like Dre, Tupac, Biggie, TLC, and Destiny’s Child. At the same time, I really like top 40 pop music, so I don’t have a specific artist that I look up to.

JJ: Who would you like to collaborate with?

PC: I would like to collaborate with Beyonce because I think that pop chick song would be really cool.

JJ: What would you say your favorite song by Beyonce is?

PC: “Crazy in Love.” I love the way she sings, she’s a powerhouse performer. She makes amazing music but I love her on stage. I think she’s incredible on stage.

JJ: What is the last song you downloaded on your iPod?

PC: “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus. Whatever people say, I think she’s making amazing music. I love Miley Cyrus’ music.

JJ: We heard you’re the new face of Guess. Can you tell us more about the campaign?

PC: It’s very exciting. I’m very very excited to be a part of Guess. Being a part of an iconic brand, which has been around for 30 years, and it’s shot with 30 of the most beautiful women in the world, to be a part of that is absolutely fantastic. Bryan Adams shot me, I didn’t even know he was a photographer. For me, its a great fit and I’m very excited.

JJ: Where did you guys shoot your campaign?

PC: Pasadena.

JJ: If you could use one word to describe the brand, what would it be?

PC: I think free. I feel like I can be anything that I want to be.

JJ: What other projects are you working on?

PC: All I will say is, expect to be surprised!

JJ: When you aren’t singing, acting, or promoting something amazing, how do you like to relax?

PC: My go to is to hang out with my friends at my house in my track pants and do nothing. My entire life is always scheduled, I’m always supposed to be doing something. My favorite thing to unwind is to actually unwind and not do anything.

JJ: Since you’re a global star, what’s the craziest fan experience you’ve had?

PC: Oh wow, I’ve had a few of those. I had this one 15-year-old kid, who went to a boarding school, in another state outside of Mumbai. Every weekend, he would run away from school and come and stand outside my house. He was 15, a huge fan, and the teachers would find out that he was missing over the weekend. They would presume that he was going home for the weekend, but he would come and stand by my house. One day, he came inside my house and because I felt bad, I gave him food and I met him. He told me that he lied to the school and this almost went on for two months before I found out. He would just come and sit outside and wait to see my car go in and come out. Of course I talked to him and counseled him and sent him back to school. I told him he could stay in touch with me. That was a crazy bad experience.


Pictures 1, 3, 5:
Isabelle bodysuit
Vintage Givenchy trench coat
Christian Louboutin heels

Pictures 2, 6, 7:
Talbot Runhof dress

Picture 4:
Valentino dress
Kimberly McDonald ring

Producer: Jared Eng (@jaredeng)
Photographer: Justin Campbell (@justjustinnyc)
Stylist: Sophia Banks-Coloma (@sophiabanksc)
Makeup: Desirae Cherman (@desiraecherman)
Hair: Ryan Richman (@RyanRichmanHair)
Interviewer: Nhu Tran (@nhu_tran)
Location: Pet Head house in Los Angeles

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