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Jared Leto Poses Nude for New Terry Richardson Photo Shoot!

Jared Leto Poses Nude for New Terry Richardson Photo Shoot!

Jared Leto goes fully naked for a photo shoot with famed photographer Terry Richardson!

The 42-year-old actor posed for some pics while taking a shower, lifting weights, and goofing off with his friend Jamie.

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In case you didn’t know, Jared recently won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture for his work in Dallas Buyers Club.

“I waxed my entire body,” Jared shared during his acceptance speech. “I’m just lucky it wasn’t a period piece so I didn’t have to do full Brazilian. It’s more than an honor to come back and have this support. I never expected it and I never even dreamed of it.”

10+ pictures inside of Jared Leto showing off his naked body during a photo shoot with Terry Richardson

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jared leto poses nude for new terry richardson photo shoot 01
jared leto poses nude for new terry richardson photo shoot 02
jared leto poses nude for new terry richardson photo shoot 03
jared leto poses nude for new terry richardson photo shoot 04
jared leto poses nude for new terry richardson photo shoot 05
jared leto poses nude for new terry richardson photo shoot 06
jared leto poses nude for new terry richardson photo shoot 07
jared leto poses nude for new terry richardson photo shoot 08
jared leto poses nude for new terry richardson photo shoot 09
jared leto poses nude for new terry richardson photo shoot 10
jared leto poses nude for new terry richardson photo shoot 11
jared leto poses nude for new terry richardson photo shoot 12

Photos: Terry Richardson
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  • marielle

    why am I not impressed? Oh, right, display of a huge ego paired with a touch of arrogance is a turn off to me.
    I suppose he thinks these pics are artsy? Just as much as the Oscars are about appreciating art? LMFAO.
    How can a person just be so self centered and delusional? If it works for him, more power to it.

  • lexie

    @marielle: i don’t think he thinks this pics are artsy, those pics are from their vacation. i mean, c’mon dude! light up a bit… is the same thing when you, or me or MOST people take pictures on vacations, birthdays etc and then are all over facebook. you should live a little…

  • lawrence


    The same could be said about the commenter, not just you but a lot people who troll this site so you don’t need to feel special.

  • Louise

    Since when does fully nude mean wrapped in a towel??..pmsl. What a shocker.

  • marielle

    sorry to say but these pictures speak of a huge ego on display combined with an urge to be painfully self centered and edgy. Too bad the fan girls who are drooling over this douche are too blind to see it. And I would say, Leto shouldn’t feel the need to be special, because he is far from it.

  • Looselipz

    Anyone who would work with this disgusting pervert Terry Richardson is pathetic.

  • Gustavo

    Not art.

  • HA!



  • JoshK


    and your comments speak of a huge case of envy and frustration.

  • G

    If this was miley she’d be called names. Sexist pigs.

  • britney spears

    OK WHOS TOPPING WHO HERE i bet terry is a good top

  • Hminogue

    @britney spears: Terry’s definitely topping Jared ha ha ;) perhaps Jared is topping Terry as well

  • ha

    He’s looking like Jesus xD ….. Just kiddin’, I love me some Jared Leto. He has such a perfect face<3 He's a vampire. I love him. Where's my Jared Leto in real life!?!

  • rachel

    another douche with a ego. Hollywood is full of shit actors who have no life but be self centered dbags.

  • laureeen

    Ah, I love him so much.

  • Gee

    He looks like 22

  • Gee

    Bradley cooper glared at him when he won best supporting actor – jealous a lot?

  • Liz

    I really don’t like Terry Richardson and loose a little bit of respect for every actor/actress/artist/magazine who works with him.

  • m

    we KNOW he waxed his body now, its all he ever sais about the movie caracter. he said it in every interview so to put in in the speach for gg was just boring

  • analu

    Why do these stars let Richardson shoot them? These pics are cheap looking and overall eek. I really don’t understand why Richardson is such a big deal. I hate his work.

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  • Tiffany

    Another star posing nude. Wow If this was a female people would be ripping her a new one.

  • Joblo

    @Tiffany: The thing is that woman have tits ! U stupid!! And he’s not nude at all so I really don’t see why people should freak the hell out about that!

  • Aiden

    He will remove the towel if he gets Oscar stay tuned

  • Lo

    @marielle: Why so much harshness and bitterness, really? The dude was on vacations with friends and one of them took some fun, silly pictures. What’s the big deal? I saw him live with his band and a few videos and… he can be funny in a goofy way. No need for some much criticism. Of course, Jared Leto is a bit egocentric. If I were Jared Leto and had achieved what he did I would be egocentric too.

  • MR. POP

    Great Iggy Pop snaps. Probably because it was just announced that Scarlett Johansson is the new face of that home pop machine company based in Israel.

  • MR. POP

    No.1; I started watching Cable Guy last night at 10:25 pm.
    No.25; They are all bitter because I am winning, hands down.

  • MR. POP

    No.17; Good observation. There is definitely some trouble in paradise right now.

  • Daisy Brown

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  • Rumours

    And now the new rumour: he’s in love with Lupita ;-)

  • icedj

    he’s fug///like zac efron…not into the their look at all

  • Audrey


  • Drogo

    What a bunch of opinionated, judgmental yentas you all are. Get a life.

  • Bill

    You need Jesus in your life

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  • Missy

    There’s a picture on the internet now – Aug 28 – showing that he even got Terry to photograph his massive you-know-what next to a measuring tape.
    Google Jared leto images last 24 hours

    What sort of weirdo hangs out with a perv like Terry anyway and who gets their friends to photograph their dick?

    he’s just a boring old fart who wants the world to think he has some sort of crazy and varried sex life when in reality he’s been wtih the same chick for many years. Jared is a weird media hungry tool.

  • Lukalost

    42? Jared is so handsome.