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Michael Fassbender & Madalina Ghenea Hold Hands in Italy!

Michael Fassbender & Madalina Ghenea Hold Hands in Italy!

Michael Fassbender and Madalina Ghenea hold hands while walking around town together on Wednesday (January 15) in Milan, Italy.

As we told you guys last night, the possible new couple is spending time together in Europe just days after Michael, 36, attended the 2014 Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles. Now here we have the photos as proof right here!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Michael Fassbender

Madalina is best known for dating Gerard Butler for around a year from 2012-2013. She will also be featured in the upcoming movie Dom Hemingway opposite Jude Law, which she attended the Toronto Film Festival for back in September. That is where she most likely met Michael as they were both in attendance at the same party!

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  • Amanda

    She’s really only 25?

  • Hope MG is ok

    Madalina is looking as though she is not feeling well or is sad. She is such a gorgeous girl, it’s too bad this photo was posted.

  • She’s 27
  • NotWell

    They look tired… And he cancells the Norton Show yesterday… So no, they are not in good vibes… Rumours around hospital…

  • mim

    she looks sad, and hospital rumors is pretty weird. michael can do so much better…..

  • NotWell

    He must be happy with an Oscar Nomination… One of the gréâtest moment of actor life… But he cancells show and rumours are spreading… I begin to think it ls a sad story…

  • giga laniny
  • lorna

    Madalina wants to have a baby right away …
    Miss Ghenea, who is promoting her film Razza Bastarda, said on the Italian talk show Verissimo that she was ready to have children, “I want that immediately, right now. I’ve always wanted a family with many children and pets,” Madalina confessed.

  • Paola

    the guys this blog put people like Leah Michelle (25 years old) in the JR section. when this woman have 26 years old also hypocrites lol

    pda: I have 26 years old too, but my face is like Lupita hahaha very young apparence

  • Paola

    @NotWell: Maybe she wants to get pregnant, not necessarily from Michael ., maybe a donnor.. and can not get pregnant

  • JS

    I am only on this thread because it was pointed out to me that someone has been posting on the previous thread in my name. Posts 141, 144 and 148 are not me. I have no interest in this woman at all and would never post anything favourable about her. The fact that the monicker stealer who has been active on Gerry Butler’s threads has moved here proves that it is one of her deranged fans who is doing this. If any more posts appear by JS then they are not me.

  • not good

    Madalina looks rough in those photos. It’s doesn’t look like she’s showered in a few days. Her face is really gaunt, too. Her eyes are swollen and puffy, like she’s been crying.

  • AdiosYBuenasNoches

    If you all are right and this chick is a famewhore and worse, I think she is “faking” this whole hospital drama. If you look at her latest FB post dated Jan. 10, there is a picture of her giving her best poor me face. She captained it “God always takes the simplest way.” Now look behind her, at the water tower. Look at the logo. It’s a person surrounded by kids.

    So, what is she trying to say? That she WAS pregnant with Fassy’s baby but miscarried? You Gerry fans are the ones who have had to deal with her. Is she capable of LYING about a pregnancy and then FAKING a miscarriage?

    Link to FB page:

  • sdf

    He still doesn’t seem to like blondes. All the girls he dates look exotic and are brunettes.

  • Cally

    By the way, that’s an old photo. I thought it was strange that she re-posted it. One thing Gerry fans learned about MG is that she is a pathological liar. She lies about everything and never tells the same story twice. She also loved to post drama on her FB and IG. She had a meltdown on her IG when she and Gerry broke up the first time. On her FB she even posted a photo of herself with tears streaming down her cheeks as she flew home to Romania after their break-up. She’s also very well aware that the Italian and Romanian media pick up her FB posts, so everything she posts there is very calculated.

  • MonsterManipulation

    @Cally: If what you describe is true, she’s a real monter of manipulation… It’s hard to believe that it can be at that point…

  • Eliza

    Some fans are completely insane. Once she shared a website of a friend who manufacture baby clothes and fans have concluded that she is pregnant.

  • MonsterManipulation

    @Eliza: Yes, I don’t think it can be at that point that she manipulates… It’s sad to think about that…

  • MonsterManipulation

    @MonsterManipulation: But how can you get a so bad reputation… It’s realy bad what people tells…

  • cleanwindow

    @# 13 AdiosYBuenasNoches, she is a pathological liar. read her conversation with her fans below the man in the picture is definetly MF. and one more thing, one year ago someone posted a video on her fb of her own grandmom which calls her a liar and she never tells truth and then she immeditly deleted it. I hope we can find it again.

    Michael Fassbender ;-)
    @samiragherbi no!not Michael Fassbender!

  • OMG

    Michael Fassbender Is Doing Gerard Butler’s Ex-Piece
    …….And Lainey Gossip says that a witness told Le Vipere that Fassbender went to a gynecologist’s appointment with Madalina and she looked upset. May the knocked up rumors begin! But what I think happened is that right after her gyno went in to look at Madalina’s cooch to make sure everything she caught from The Butler has cleared up, her doctor’s eyes widened and he or she wondered why her chocha was so wide. Did an anaconda wearing a puffy jacket slither up there without her knowing it? Right after the gyno said that, Michael Fassbender poked his head into the room and winked at the doctor. The doctor let out an, “aaaaaaah,” and suddenly it made .sense.. That’s probably what happened………

  • Eliza

    She dated famous men. That provides a lot of gossip. It’s true that she is not a saint but there’s a lot of envy around her , I think

  • She’s 45

    @Amanda: she’s an old woman Ha Ha Ha

  • Wrong

    @OMG: He is not filming anything in Romania, was in NZ

  • Mallory

    Still a fame-wh o r e to me. Everyones just talking about her being with MF.
    No one is talking about his Oscar nomination. She surely knows how to play the cards right.

  • Wrong

    @cleanwindow: grandma’s video is on youtube. Grandma says that Gerry will come in Romania and she thinks he’s too old for her. I imagine she didn’t like the interview with Grandma!

  • guy

    She has the Adam’s apple! She’s a transvestite

  • You are an i/diot!


  • cleanwindow

    @guy unfortunately she has three adam’s apple LOL!

  • !?!?

    Madalina Ghenea
    @Madalina_Ghenea So you added a new “first true love” to your list? #MichaelFassbender

  • Suki Puki

    She looks like a Real House Wife. :/

  • !?!?
  • Bwahahaha

    @Suki Puki: She’s just a sl/ut

  • GM

    GHENEAMADALINA is a i/diot Russian obsessed with gb. her real name Shella Vinter

  • Euh

    @!?!?: what to add… I like the actor, great… And that mess is why you must not read about the private life of actors you like… then, it’s hard…

  • nope

    Not true. The owner of that twitter account is Italian and knew MG personally. She has a personal beef with her that has nothing to do with Gerard Butler.

  • GM

    @nope: She is chatting with another fake accout since summer to look like she lives in Italy. Like you would chat with your friends from a fake account.

  • !?!?

    @GM: You’re an idiot! You do not know her real name! I’m sure Shella Winter also does not exist. And if you would have the brains, you’d understand that this Italian twitter! And she writes the truth, whether you like it or not! You stupid or sick? Take a pill! Ha Ha Ha! Now crawl back where you crawled out!

  • GM

    @!?!?: truth hurts? that’s why are you so aggressive? Shella Vinter, “model and actress” ahahahahahahahah

  • Hi, Nicole!


  • !?!?

    @GM: Shut up, Mada! Or little you get in the face?

  • !?!?

    @Hi, Nicole!: ahaha! Wrong again! No, I’m not Nicole! YOU ARE MOR/ON!!

  • GM

    you in your dementia you think that madalina is talking you you. but as you know she is a little bit busy now. not like you looser!

  • Who cares who is she?

    That hater have psychiatric disorders. What is the point to talk about her?

  • rio

    she’s good enough for sucking c.ock

  • she’s 35

    @Amanda: Just ask her classmate from school who are all 10 years older that she claims to be.

  • lora

    LOL She’s an old woman?

  • This one?

    @she’s 35: her high school classmate, who is now a tv presenter. translate it yourself what she is saying about MG. The interview was in 2011 when Elena Nistor was 24.

  • blue

    Michael Fassbender, I want to say two things to you

    1-Thank you so much because you made us happy for taking this girl and I hope that you are going to marry with her and have a baby.

    2-Pls don’t be happy for getting lot of comments to your latest two threads most of them are coming on Gerry’s ways. Both of you, you and your pros-titu-te should kiss Gerard’s feet for getting all comments which you never had before. Fassie you are under the shadow of Gerard.

    He is happy right now


  • nice

    @This one?: nice pic of her