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Margot Robbie: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Brisbane Premiere!

Margot Robbie: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Brisbane Premiere!

Margot Robbie steps out to support her movie The Wolf of Wall Street at a red carpet premiere event on Monday (January 20) in Brisbane, Australia.

The 23-year-old actress grew up just an hour away from the city on the Gold Coast. After the premiere, Margot changed into a short black dress to head out for dinner with friends.

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Over the weekend, Margot wore a floor length black dress when landing at the airport in Brisbane.

It was just announced that Margot is in talks to star in two very high profile movies!

FYI: Margot is wearing a rag & bone dress, Giambattista Valli jacket, Rupert Sanderson shoes, Jacquie Aiche jewels, and carrying a Viktor & Rolf handbag.

20+ pictures inside of Margot Robbie promoting The Wolf of Wall Street in Australia…

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margot robbie wolf of wall street brisbane premiere 17
margot robbie wolf of wall street brisbane premiere 18
margot robbie wolf of wall street brisbane premiere 19
margot robbie wolf of wall street brisbane premiere 20
margot robbie wolf of wall street brisbane premiere 21
margot robbie wolf of wall street brisbane premiere 22
margot robbie wolf of wall street brisbane premiere 23
margot robbie wolf of wall street brisbane premiere 24
margot robbie wolf of wall street brisbane premiere 25
margot robbie wolf of wall street brisbane premiere 26
margot robbie wolf of wall street brisbane premiere 27
margot robbie wolf of wall street brisbane premiere 28

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  • ?

    Where’s Leo?

  • Susie

    There’s something so snobby about her, but she’s probably really nice. I think she has natural b*tchface.

  • BoringBlonde

    Im already bored of her

  • Maggi

    @BoringBlonde: Me too

  • Bob

    There is no way this girl is only 23. She already has the tell tale vein marks on her forehead of injectables. =>

  • Smile

    She looks like every second girl in Sydney.

  • jules

    only 23?! she could easily passed up around 40

  • siennagold

    Can’t believe she’s just 23. Looks mature for her age.

  • Gail

    She looks so much like Jamie Priestly

  • HI

    pig nose
    not attractive

  • whats wrong daddy

    that’s in my head forever

  • lisyn9Si4

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  • whoops

    looks better with natural makeup

  • Mia

    Ah, the jealousy. She looks great. And to me, she does look like 23 in the picture on the right. She wears to much makeup sometimes and it makes her look a lot older. She’s perfect. Stop hating idiots. I’m from Queensland too and I’ve only heard great things about her.

  • Lou

    @Susie: No your right, apparently she is a bitch! I read on celebitchy from someone who worked at the hotel that the cast of About Time stayed at that, she was really rude and b****y to the staff and acted like a total diva, but Rachel mcadams was absolutely lovely and down to earth

  • Ray

    She is pretty but I agree a very typical face you see in Australia,, no big deal 😏

  • Mia

    @Lou: Yes. Of course she’s a bitch because someone on the shitty site says she is. Wow. People are so judgmental on here.

  • Susie

    @Mia: May I ask what screams “jealousy” about saying a woman looks older than 23? None of the commenters who said she looked older said she was unattractive. When you compare her to women in Hollywood in their early 20s, she looks older. When I compare her to other women my age (I’m 23), she looks older. In fact, these days, almost every 23 year old I meet either looks like they’re in their early teens (like Sarah Hyland) or they look much, much older like Margot. The youngest Margot looks is 28. That’s not jealousy nor am I giving her an insult. She may have b*tchface, but it’s attractive one. She just doesn’t look 23. Sorry, not sorry.

  • Susie

    @Mia: I didn’t say she was a b*tch. I said she has a natural b*tchface unapproachable look, but I also say she’s probably very nice. It’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it.

  • Susie

    but I also said*

  • Mia

    @Susie: I didn’t say that about you. They are other comments saying she has a pig face or “she’s boring” or that there isn’t nothing special about her. That, my dear, is jealousy. If I wanted to refer to your comment, I would have tagged your right? I know what you mean though. I’m 24 almost 25 and I look like I’m 16. I still get carded, all the time. It’s because of my baby face. My little sister who’s 20, has a, well “bigger” face, more defined jaw line and people think she’s in her late 20′s or even 30′s. Yes, I agree, she does have that pose. “snobby” pose. They are all different. In fact, those who seem sweet are often not irl, from my experience but I’ve heard great things about margot, I really have. They’re always gonna be rumors, jealousy. Such a shame though. Pretty girl indeed and she more than held her own against Leo in the last scene of the movie where she’s in. Yet people critic girls on fashion and appearance instead of talent.

  • T

    Jeez, I don’t know what Margo has done to offend you people for you to call her names… I’ve watched her since she was on Neighbours as a teenager, and I’ve seen nothing to suggest she’s a snob, boring or that she’s older than she says she is. She’s obviously talented enough to go from a soap opera to a Martin Scorsese film in a matter of years.

  • Susie

    @Mia: I thought you were refering to only the people who mentioned her looking older. Yes, the pig insult was uncalled for. Also you said “Of course she’s a ***** because someone on the ****** site says she is,” so I assumed you were referencing when I first said she had a snobby face above. My mistake. She’s a pretty girl with an older look and I highly doubt ANYONE commenting wears the most amazing clothes everyday. I know I don’t and I know most of Hollywood doesn’t. They need to chill.

  • Mel

    @Mia: She went from the dumb bimbo on a piece of s**t Aussie soap to being in Scorsese film in a few years, are you all that ignorant that you think she got it because she is such a great actress?

  • Mia

    @Mel: Sometimes, it’s called good luck. Having a great casting director like Ellen Lewis see your tape, yeah, that’s good luck. Getting to audition for it and then doing something that surprises the whole crew, it’s called in the moment and that might get her the part. There is not such a thing as over night success and certainly in my opinion, nothing called a “great” actress. There are only great directors who direct you into a great performances. Margot is a decent actor. She has miles to go before she becomes a “great ” actress. There are a few actors that are in that category of great: Meryl Streep, Daniel Day Lewis, Cate Blanchett, Joaquin Phoenix, Jessica Chastain. They change for every single role and nail it. Nail it. There are also things called good agents and good mangers that get their hands on the script of a Martin Scorsese movie. I never said that she got the part because of the fact that she is a great actress, although she did an absolutely good job in The Wolf of Wall Street. Ellen Lewis, man. Ellen Lewis. You get a casting director like that. You hit the jackpot.

  • T

    @Mel: So she can’t be talented enough to score a supporting role on a Scorsese film? If we are going by that, then how did Jennifer Lawrence go from an unknown actress to an Oscar nominee to an Oscar winner in a few years? I guess she’s not a great actress either?

  • Mia

    @T: It’s called good agents, good publicisty, good luck and good managers. And good casting directors. That’s all.

  • T

    @Mia: Yeah, I agree and I don’t think its fair for people to make it much more than that just because they think she has a “pretty face”
    I’ve seen Margot since she was on Neighbours and I’ve always thought she was a talented actress either way, and she has just been very lucky, as she has said herself. I find her quite humble, so I don’t get where this snobbish personality people are saying she has is coming from.

  • Mia

    @T: I agree. I think she was good in Wolf of Wall Street as I said before and I think people just see her as the pretty face and therefore she might be type-cast in some movies from now on but believe me, she has potential. Mr. Scorsese doesn’t choose bad actresses. He’s no dummie. He’s a legend in the world of cinema. It’s all about good luck and timing and having a great representation. You gotta get your hands on the script first. That’s very hard, especially a script for a Martin Scorsese movie. She’s lucky and I’ve seen a lot of her interviews and I find her funny and sweet. I guess it’s the way she poses in her pictures, I don’t know. People are simply jealous. There is a good movie critc named Sasha Stone who spent her review and several articles on Margot and simply said it’s a shame that people just see her as a pretty face which is true. I hope she doesn’t go that route a la Amber Heard. Amber did audition for it too though and she didn’t get it.

    All I’m saying is that people are jealous. It’s all about luck and some talent and representation. Tom Hanks once said that the bigger one star gets the more of their personality shows and if you’re nice, people will notice, if not, people will notice that too.

  • T

    @Mia: Finally someone who shares the same opinion as me! I thought she did a great job in The Wolf of Wall Street, and she is gorgeous but she does have the acting talent as well. I look forward to seeing where her career goes from here. And like you said, I don’t think someone like Martin Scorsese is going to just choose an actress just on looks, especially with the role she played. I think Margot has got a lot of class, and she’s smart about her career. She’s definitely more than just a pretty face.

  • Mia

    @T: Darling, there are a lot of critics, female ones too because people simply believe oh because she’s so gorgeous of course she’s getting only good reviews from male critics but I read a lot of reviews from female movie critics too and they loved her in it. A lot of girls, in general, like her too. I mean online that is, it’s just these stupid gossip sites that people feel the need to bash on girls. That never happens to men. Never. It’s such a shame that girls need to do that to each other. I love when women get celebrated in media, we need more of that. Men are so praised all the time, women barely get good parts or make good movies anymore, it’s so rare nowadays. I get happy when I see new talent emerged and I got even happier when I found out she was Aussie. I’m one of the few that never watched that shit show Neighbours, lol sorry.

    I hope she chooses well, doesn’t get type-cast. All I know is that she has an upcoming movie with the Michelle Williams and the production team and crew are amazing so I look forward to that one. Not so much the movie with Will Smith and oh, she’s filming a movie next week with Chiwetel Ejiofor, the great British actor. That is something to look forward to too!

  • T

    @Mia: I hope to see a lot more of her too, especially because she is an Aussie! And oh, I stopped watching Neighbours a long, long time ago, ironically around the time she left. But yes, I saw her future projects and it does look promising. She is just such a nice fresh face to see, and has a good head on her shoulders.

  • man

    Her looks remind me a bit of Lindsay Lohan. Of course Margot is way more talented (or at least she has more difficult roles) and a nicer person.

  • Mia

    @man: She sort of looks like a mix of Jamie Pressly, Emma Stone, Lindsay Lohan all in one but somehow is more beautiful than all of those three I just mentioned.

  • Kelly

    @T: Yeah she’s a real class act flashing her tits at a married man!
    Also Scorsese has cast lots of crap actresses just for their looks, Cybill Shepard in Taxidrver being one.

  • Mia

    @Kelly: Cybill actually got bad reviews from the critics yet Margot didn’t, so your little comment is very much unvalid here.

  • Mélanie

    “bitchface” ? omg you are pathetic ! Hope ppl will judge you too in your life like you just did with someone you don’t know at all !

  • T

    @Kelly: Flash her tits? Oh yes, the Will Smith “scandal” … Obviously they were joking around and they’re actors, the photos were probably used to drum up publicity for their movie.
    And Taxi Driver was made almost 40 years ago, I’m pretty sure Scorsese’s made other films since then which has featured good actresses… Jodie Foster, Lorraine Bracco, Juliette Lewis, Sharon Stone, Cate Blanchett have all been Oscar nominated for their role in his films, with Blanchett of course winning the Oscar for The Aviator. So that doesn’t really prove your point in that he hires crappy actresses.

  • Susie

    @Mélanie: Having a b*tchy face doesn’t mean you’re ugly nor does it mean you’re a b*tch. I didn’t say she was, I just said she has the look. Considering she’s an ACTOR, I’m sure if she ever had the opportunity to play a b*tch, she might audition and she’d more than likely get it based off her look alone. That’s not “judgmental” (as you put it) if I’m seeing her face and making an opinion. I didn’t judge her in her life. I can judge a look if I’m looking at it. I didn’t judge her personality. Calm down.

  • Ruumide rent

    She is very sexy lady and very beautiful.


    Caucasian shitbag trying to play American always gets itself hurt and worse.

  • Jason

    I might be mistaken but I believe she played the actress in the movie joe dirt. The blonde that he met at the carnival not the girl with the dog but the one with the kid. Joe dirt was released in 2001 so she would have been 11 at that time. She was fully racked with fake boobs in that movie and looked way older than 11 and did a sex scene in that movie with David spade the I’m your sister scene. Just sayin I don’t think her age is accurate.

  • Jason

    @Jason: I stand corrected I checked it is Jamie Presley boy they look a lot alike