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Kristen Stewart's Biggest Fashion Regret is From 2002!

Kristen Stewart's Biggest Fashion Regret is From 2002!

Kristen Stewart is surrounded by a few pals as she arrives at LAX Airport to catch a departing flight on Sunday (February 2) in Los Angeles.

“My biggest fashion regret?,” the 23-year-old actress was recently asked by Marie Claire UK.

“I think the pictures that they took at the premiere of Panic Room. It’s like a popular image to show from when I was younger, you know, like, ‘She was a kid!’ And I look at that and I’m like, ‘Oh… my… gosh.’”

“It shouldn’t be embarrassing because I was so young,” Kristen added. “But it doesn’t even matter how young you are, you’re just so, so embarrassed. I did not know how to get dressed up at that age at all, I didn’t even know what I liked. I was just like completely a goofy kid.”

FYI: Kristen is wearing a Prodigal Sons sweatshirt and James Jeans jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at LAX Airport…

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  • lili

    she has gay written all over. better wash herself!!!!

  • lol

    she looks great! cute beanie.

  • liz

    we get it Kristen, you are too cool for school, you’re so above all the fashion and appearance stuff, now can ya please shut the f#ck up about it

  • MG

    @liz: hey numnut…the interview was about fashion because she’s pushing a fashion house fragrance and scored a chanel deal too. what else is a fashion interview going to be about? she can’t give fake advice if she’s not your typical beauty and fashion aficionado. must you all complain about every damn thing this chick does? i mean, i’m not that into her either but you guys are vicious.

  • seriously!

    @liz: Oh.. ok. i guess someone like J Lawrence can talk about all kinda of ridiculous nonsense some are pretty embarrassing and everyone find her oh so funny . Stewart doesn’t talk about having bowel issues etc… and for your information blogs are just copy pasting her answers from previous interview so .. suck it up or don’t bother reading stuff about her !

  • Elisa

    Hey, I want to hang out with Elvis Presley’s family. He’s one of the greatest American legends to ever exist.

  • Sara

    @seriously!: that’s what really gets me. don’t get me wrong, although i’ve seen a few of their movies (i’ve seen some headlines and read some articles about both ladies), i’m not what most would classify a kristen “fan” nor a jennifer lawrence “fan”. i don’t judge on their appearance because that’s not my style to pick people apart based on how they look, but what i don’t understand is why jennifer can constantly make references to bowel movements, having to pee, make jokes and childish faces during important press conferences (ie: sag awards press room), and do things such as disregard the hard craftsmanship that went into her american hustle dress by getting Doritos stains on it (i’d be scared to move a muscle in fear that i would damage it lol)…and yet people embrace her but not kristen. not saying you shouldn’t embrace her (although i find some remarks off-putting) i think both girls have their high points, their low points and they have immature points. jen may have a clean slate (coughKScheatingscandalcough), but i think different types of girls can relate to both sides. i remember watching the mtv awards a few years ago and kristen dropped her award and people dissed her hardcore and then jen tripped at the oscars and people said “oh i love her”. i remember kristen gave the finger to paps out of anger because they said disgusting things at her (i’d probably resort to violence but she flipped the bird haha) and people tell her she has to grow up, but jen flips the bird out of a joking matter at the OSCARS and she gets a free pass because “she’s everyone’s best friend”. personally, i have best friends like both of those girls and i think we’ve all flipped the bird a time or two…however, i found jen’s usage of it (time and place) to be much worse. please don’t mistake this comparison as me dissing jen because as a i said, i have NOTHING against her and i’m not a kristen supporter (nor a hater), but i just feel like both girls need some growing up and need to learn proper behavior at certain settings. i think jen and kristen are both beautiful girls, and i think jen’s acting ability is beyond her years..she’s so good, but i also liked kristen in “into the wild” and “the runaways”. i don’t know why kristen gets so much hate, but i guess you can’t please everyone. i know i have my days where i feel totally goofy like jen, days i get dressed up, days i totally slum it with a messy bun, old jeans and a vintage tee. i guess i can see myself a little bit in both. like the saying goes, “money doesn’t by happiness”…so the girls may be rich and achieving their goals, but it comes at the price of judgement, hatred, invasion of privacy and being under a microscope. for jen, she got into the business at a teen age whereas kristen got into it as elementary age (correct me if i’m wrong). i feel like if you were acting before the pop culture hype of paparazzi/reality shows, social media, etc (pre OC/Paris Hilton/nick and jessica days) like kristen…and then you do one movie that sends you into the eye of the public media frenzy…it’s a different shock than most stars who emerge into the spotlight after 2003. this turned out epically long, and i might have repeated myself (or not made sense at times). i don’t even know if i made my point. i just wish people would take a step back sometimes and realize that all that pent up hatred you have over a star, think about why you have it. what did kristen really do TO YOU? i know she’s a homewrecker, she knows she’s a homewrecker yawn yawn, but she didn’t cheat with your husband. you can think it’s wrong what she did, i’m not saying you can’t, but something tells me you disliked her before that scandal. personally, if i truly, truly, truly had such a distaste, such a grudge or hatred towards an actor/singer..i wouldn’t read their online stories, interviews, see their movies, etc. it would just be “nah, don’t care for her, moving on.” you’ll never find me giving a rihanna article half a chance. she comes on the radio: i turn her off, i see a headline: i avoid it. i have my own reasons for not liking her but i never comment on her stories and insult her fans. i’ve seen a lot of invested interest from people who simply just don’t like kristen (or so they say). she’s consuming your internet usage, think about that lol. ok, so there’s my long-winded comment. if you made it to the end, thanks for reading. :-P

  • Sara

    fyi: by resorting to violence i meant shoving the paps out of my way or something… not like a brawl lol.

  • jolly

    she looks flawless and so beautiful

  • SusyCox

    Kristen Stewart is an embarrassment to humanity

  • Maddy

    She loves all the attention. There are ways in and out of LAX where you don’t have to go anywhere near the paps. A lot of celebrities use those entrances/exits.

    She’s just a cheat and a home wrecker. Wash your hair girl!

  • SusyCox

    Kristen Stewart lives only to LIE to everyone but especially to his fans (who do not deserve it) that gave the fame, the fame that now allows her to be able to make those independent films (and that few people will watch) that she loves so much to do .

  • eek

    grease slick

  • kel

    Looks messy.

  • Maura

    Good grief, so this is where the psycho haters come to let off their bitter steam hmmm?

    Kristen gets you all so furious because you know she is going to be successful and happy in her life while you mouth breathers are stuck on gossip blogs making up lies and trying to convince people that she always gets bad reviews even though everyone can read for themselves.

    THR – Kristen is “riveting and young Jodie Fosteresque”

    Rpattz fans – “SHE GOT BAD REVIEWS SHE IS SO OVER!!!”

    Sane people – “uh.. no, she got very good reviews”


    sane people – *reads more glowing reviews of her work*

    Give the game up guys. You are not going to win. Her future is so bright it hurts my eyes ;)

  • Robwh@re

    Tsk tsk tsk…SHUT UP your dirty mouth ROBSESSEDS, your Robby become a druggies and a manwh@re now..hey your Robbie’s a cheater but he never get caught, disgusting!!!

  • Robwh@re

    To all Idiot robsesseds…are you never read awful truth from E! about your robbie’s bisex and f@ck his costars, a great cheater!!! stupid robsesseds

  • lol

    Sloppy ho mess needs a bath.

  • Sim

    @Maddy: @SusyCox: Yay you ridiculous people uste if you read the entire interview, you idiots hater, go away, no one cares kind of crap, kristen is beautiful, jaj most people have fatty people and so that they are buying, aha here are probably idiots rob fans, go praise of your bearded Rob, he too does not like taking a bath. Kristen is a wonderful hater of mankind are waste

  • crizo

    gay you are, not her got it?

  • What?

    @lili: You are either filled with hate or stupidity, hopefully not both…

  • chris

    she is such a fake …. trying wayyyy too hard to be cool :P she is far from that xD

  • Jess

    @SusyCox: LOL I could address your entire stupid comment, but I’ll just stick with one part. You do realize that Kristen had already made 20 movies prior to the “Twilight” theater release, right? 20 movies. I highly doubt the “Twifame” and dating Rob got her INDIE movies that she loves so much. “Twilight” fame probably got her SWATH, and she was already in talks for “The Runaways” before Twilight craziness hit. You don’t even have your facts straight. Not to knock Mr. Pattinson because I like him too, but he only had 7 movies (one uncredited) prior to “Twilight” fame. It’s more like “Twilight” fame got HIM all of his follow-up roles just like it did Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, etc.

  • Umm…

    @chris: She wears dingy clothes and doesn’t put much effort into her appearance, that sounds like someone who doesn’t care what people think. I think you mis-directed your comment…did you think this was a Kardashian, Rihanna, or maybe a Miley Cyrus post?




    @Sara:I Care about Kristen , jennifer do not have a man like Robert Pattinson loving the ground that you walk on, that is why some fans hate her, They are easy to fool, And will help spread the lies about Kristen. There is so much evidence, showing the so call scandal was a hoax. [ Liberty did it an insider told ] [ Robsten unbroken evidence ] [ Kristen Stewart and old man Rupert Sanders fake pics Kristen is in ] All these videos are on YouTube, Ask Google Search is Kristen Stewart cheating photos Fake,