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Dylan Farrow Speaks About Woody Allen Sexual Abuse Allegations & the Backlash She's Received

Dylan Farrow Speaks About Woody Allen Sexual Abuse Allegations & the Backlash She's Received

Dylan Farrow, the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, has opened up even further about the choice she made to write an open letter about her sexual assault allegations against her famous adoptive father.

“It took all of my strength and all of my emotional fortitude to do what I did this week in the hope that it would put the truth out there,” the 28-year-old writer told People. “That is my only ammunition. I don’t have money or publicists or limos or fancy apartments in Manhattan. All I have is the truth and that is all I put out there.”

“People are saying that I am not actually remembering what I remember. People are saying that my ‘evil mother’ brainwashed me because they refuse to believe that my sick, evil father would ever molest me, because we live in this society where victim blaming and inexcusable behavior – this taboo against shaming the famous at the expense of their victims – is accepted and excused,” Dylan added.

“Part of the reason why it was so hard for me to write the piece that I wrote was because once upon a time I loved my father so much,” she added.

Read the entire interview over at People.

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  • Cari

    I believe her. If you look at some of is movies etc he has a theme of underage sex.

  • disgust

    I also believe her. The only reason he’s on the loose is because of his money and influence. May he burn in hell!!!!
    Anyone who chooses to ignore this sick fact about him and still chooses to support him by working with him, is a scumbag..That includes you Cate Blacnhet and that stupid Baldwin dude too.

  • URGH

    These people need to take it inside at this point and this does not seem to be helping her case.
    Why is it ok for everyone to doubt Moses account of being hit OFTEN and not ok to have questions about Dylan?

  • groundcontrol

    This still doesn’t help get at the truth. I’m sure she has become convinced she was abused by her mean, evil father. Probably nothing will ever shake her of this belief. She may be beyond the point where she even wants to know a different “reality.” This has become her cause celebre.
    But the fact remains that after a very intensive investigation and a careful examination of the child by experts in child sexual abuse from a respected and child-oriented institution that Dylan’s story was seriously doubted. The experts knew how to properly interview children in such cases. Neither Dylan nor her story were vetted by bumbling police who didn’t know what they were doing. These were child-sympathetic psychologists and other experts. There were internal and external contradictions to her story and experts have protocols/tests designed to test a child’s ability to remember and reason as well as how reality based they are.
    Even before these accusations Dylan was diagnosed as a troubled child who had difficulties distinguishing reality from fantasy. I don’t remember exactly what her pre-adoption story was but that may have played into her psychological and emotional issues exhibited before the accusations.
    In addition there were other factors and witnesses to that day that supported a finding that these allegations were too weak and unbelievable to pursue. I am sorry for this woman but she is offering nothing new after all these years and to rehash this and keep making these allegations against this man which she cannot prove occurred is just wrong.
    It defies sense and psychology to suggest that she knows for sure that she did not confabulate events or that she knows for sure that her beliefs were not planted or suggested to her during a bitter and over-the-top break-up. She was an emotionally troubled child to begin with and she was 7. That’s exactly how false memories work and that’s exactly how implanted ideas work. The person just does not know they are false.

  • retire

    Everyone believes u. Hes a dirty soul. He should come clean redeem himself, beg for forgiveness. Then we should have the statute of this law lifted n he should go away forever n have the same treatment to him behind bars.

    He has children that he is probably doing the same thing too. Bothr most outrageous thing to me is people say “adopted” daughter. Mf- if u step up as a parent u r molesting ur child. If a woman did this to an adopted son the headlines would not read adopted. We allow dirty soulless men to get away w murder. Add money n then we question it. Any person w a soul would never work w this vile garbage ever. He sickens me.

  • amele

    this guy is a total creep & it’s a disgrace how people simply turn a blind eye to his past mis-endeavours because of his work.

    & how bloody sexist & irrational for people to think that mia farrow would convince her child that these things actually happened because she is a bitter, spurned woman that wanted to take down the man that left her. i mean really? surely that were easier ways to get back at him. i mean the fact that he got off with his own step- daughter (that was the dynamic of his relationship with soo-yi) was enough to convince the world that he was a twisted f**k.

  • retire

    @groundcontrol go to hell, Woody.

  • tammy

    WA is disgusting.Simple as that.

  • trent

    It really did change my view on Emma Stone, Cate Blanchett n others. It felt like a punch to the gut. I used to like them, but how d hungry can they be to go this low to work with him. How did they make it ok in their heads.

  • Malizza

    For God sakes he married his daughter doesn’t that ring a bell !!

  • lol

    You guys are tearing Woody apart not knowing a single thing about what really happened 22 years ago. Why do you think half of the kids Mia adopted want nothing to do with her? Moses says she beat him up but no one cares about that, then she cheated with Sinatra and made up scandalous allegations using her daughter to ruin Woody’s reputation after he left her for her adopted daughter. Bring me some proof and I will believe her, until then.

  • Ziggy

    @Malizza: Soon-Yi was never Woody Allen’s daughter, Farrow adopted her with her previous husband Andre Previn. She was 21 when they began their affair, they are not related and he wasn’t the one who raised her. Farrow even tried to settle the case asking for money according to her lawyer and cops said Dylan had been coached.

  • San

    I believe Moses, this girl clearly loves drama and attention. Why wait all those years to finally speak up? Is it because award season will bring her more attention?

  • Casper

    There’s a recent article written by a child abuse Investigator with 20 yrs experience, who researched the Allen case. And, guess what? The investigations you write about basically amounts to s**t. This report can be found in the Daily Banter and it is worth reading. This investigator clearly demonstrates the mistakes doctors and investigators alike made in 1993. Would anyone today allow their 7 yr old little girl be questioned about sex abuse by three male doctors??? I mean, come on. There were so many mistakes made then when dealing with child abuse, but have been corrected today by proper procedures. It is terrible for anyone to accuse someone of lying, who is coming out about sexual abuse. She was 7 yrs old, and Allen ended up with his girlfriend’s daughter, whom he met when she was 10 yrs old. Took naked pics of her when she was 16. And people have an issue with him molested a 7 yr old girl? Really!!!???

  • opi

    C’mon Dylan Previn is a writer, it’s easy for her to make stuff up. If Woody Allen wasn’t prosecuted it’s probably because there wasn’t any truth found to those allegations. Mia Farrow is one bitter ex who’s been milking their relationship since the day he dumped her… she’s capable of anything to save face. They should all move on at this point.

  • Dd

    @groundcontrol: he paid off those so called investigators… You are naive!

  • @16

    fyi dylan was never a previn. She was adopted by mia and woody.
    dylan moses and ronan are the 3 that have mia and woody as parents. the older kids have just mia or previn as the father.

    agree mia is nuts though. both her and woody are not good parents.

  • opi

    @Casper: “Took naked pics of her when she was 16.” Those were Mia Farrow’s claims after he had left her for Soon-Yi. Such pictures don’t exist and no one has ever seen them, seriously who’d be THAT stupid?

  • Me

    Mia, please throw away your bitterness, stop blaming woody for your lost career, please stop destroying Dylan life she deserve better. I wonder why most of your adopted children distance themselves from you. Ronan, you too will have a great life and career if you just cut off the vampire in your life which is your mother, she is sucking the energy out of you with her bitterness. Enough is enough. She has been an unhappy woman all her life and think adoption will fill that empty soul which is wrong. you have done a lot of good charity Mia and a lot of people benefit from it but you need to start loving yourself, your anger is destroying you. I can tell by reading your twit that you are not in peace with yourself a lot of anger which is not about woody. No one can fix this except herself. Not too late Mia!

  • ok….

    If she is hurt she needs to sue him! However, she can’t because it’s her word and no proof. I think this act of trying to publicly shame him and those who worked with him is fruitless and will not give healing to her hurt. You cannot blame the people who have worked with Allen for her pain. They are workers who need to make a living not personal family or friends who may have known of such accusations. Even if they did hear of such what can they do, he wasn’t tried in a court of law and found guilty…and if he was it is their personal choice. Dylan and it seems like the other children as well needs serious counseling. Also, the beginning of her letter sounds of jealousy of the classes. I don’t like Allen because he is too nerdy for me and the one movie I saw of his years ago bored me to sleep. I just feel the public arena is not where you air you families dirty secrets. Now, if this was recent events call the cops get all the evidence you can and nail the SOB!

  • Carolyn

    I think it’s very telling that Woody took a lie detector test and passed;
    Mia refused to take one.

  • true story

    And one day, the guilty will answer for it. Nobody gets away with their dirty deeds in the end. It is ALL coming out — all the secret little acts that people want to pretend never happened……. I believe it is possible that Woody Allen did what he is accused of, even though psychologists, professionals, etc took on the case and found him innocent. I knew of a girl whose father was sleeping with her for many years of her life. He also gave her to his brother. Her dad was an atheist and from poor country roots. Anyhow, professionals kept up with her because being handicapped, she received a check every month. She also worked when she got older and she had job coaches, etc. Even though handicapped, she was a girl filled with shame. She cried when she told the truth to a relative of mine who was also handicapped. She knew it was wrong, what her dad did, but she had no one to protect her. Her mom died early, but her mom had also been from a very dysfunctional poor uneducated background. Well, the father and his brother never went to jail. Nobody cared enough. I believe someone had to be suspicious because her father was really a dirty old man. I heard the truth too late or I would have reported it. The dad is dead now, but he lived to nearly 100 yrs old. The victim may have passed too because she had dementia at a young age…….SO, I do not put total trust in the “professionals.” In my opinion, Woody Allen crossed that forbidden line when he became aroused by Mia’s underage, daughter Soon Yi, took sexy photos of her, and sexualized her. She was hungry for male attention and turned on by him. I am not surprised that their marriage has lasted all these years. That’s why the fault lies with the person who understands and knows better — the adult. I think WA did “something inappropriate,” but that today he is a changed man. He may even be disgusted by his past behaviort. It’s too bad that if he is guilty, he cannot come clean to Dylan, repent, and be forgiven by her. Unfortunately, they cannot trust each other to keep it between themselves and out of the media.

  • trent

    He MARRIED HIS daughter!!!!!! Adopted or not! He was her father figure. N by the way when did he start molesting the one he married? He should at least be behind bars for that. N if Moses knew or hid it I would’ve beat him down too. N can u blame her for cheating? She was probably never treated as a wife but as keeper of his harem n now we know why.


  • guest

    Mia had child molestors/rapist running in and out of her home – Roman Polanski, her brother Jack, etc. Sorry, there is a reasonable doubt here and if I were on a jury, I’d probably find Woody Allen not guilty in a court of law. Dylan said she felt comments about her brother Ronan’s biological father “overshadowed” her revelations of abuse in the VF article. Seeking attention by citing childhood abuse, either real or imagined, doesn’t sound to me to be the action of a mentally healthy person. Instead, I see a woman who is trying to discredit a man who is up for an award.

  • Just stop

    @opi: He wasn’t prosecuted because the state felt that Dylan was TOO traumatized to go ahead with the trial. So a traumatized child is just faking it?

    I think some people think she honestly just came out with these allegations because of the Golden Globes. I’m pretty sure she’s accused him and kept the same story going since she was 7 years old. So what? As a 7 year old, she knew she was going to be a writer, so she made up some lie to help out her career 20+ years later. Talk about delusional, and I don’t mean Dylan.

  • trent

    Can we all agree that if u find it ok to marry adopted children none of u fen pigs should adopt either. Nor should woody ever.

  • Pam

    The NYTimes opened themselves up for a libel suit. Dylan is slanderous at best, and at worst, a troubled young woman who needs therapy. She cannot prove anything. She was physically examined at the time. The doctors found no damage to back the alleged actions she claimed happened in that attic. It’s her word against his.
    @guest: So what she’s basically saying is that no one paid enough attention to the Vanity Fair article, and her brother pinched all her attention with HIS story, so she tried again?

  • The truth

    The appellate court in the case Woody Allen v. Mia Farrow, 197 A.D.2d 327 (1994) found that there was no basis for the allegation and that Mia Farrow “fabricated” the sexual abuse allegations to get back at Woody Allen:
    “As we noted above, Mr. Allen maintains that Ms. Farrow’s allegations concerning the sexual abuse of Dylan were fabricated by Ms. Farrow both as a result of her rage over his relationship with Ms. Previn and as part of her continued plan to alienate him from his children. However, our review of the record militates against a finding that Ms. Farrow fabricated the allegations without any basis. Unlike the court at IAS, we do not consider the conclusions reached by Doctors Coates and Schultz and by the Yale-New Haven team, to be totally unpersuasive. While the tendency of Dylan to withdraw into a fantasy and the inconsistencies in her account of the events of August 4, 1992, noted particularly by the Yale-New Haven team, must be taken into account in the evaluation of these serious allegations, the testimony given at trial by the individuals caring for the children that day, the videotape of Dylan made by Ms. Farrow the following day and the accounts of Dylan’s behavior toward Mr. Allen both before and after the alleged instance of abuse, suggest that the abuse did occur. While the evidence in support of the allegations remains inconclusive, it is clear that the investigation of the charges in and of itself could not have left Dylan unaffected.”

  • 60 minutes 1992
  • gumshoe

    If I were Woody Allen and I was totally INNOCENT of these serious charges, I would have been all over the news, newspapers and “right in Dylan’s face” to clear my name. I would have insisted that she seek help for her delusions. Maybe called Dr. Phil for his help by now. Dylan was a child, but at 7 years old, I think she would not be mistaken. Something happened to her. The way Woody kind of went away after getting involved with Mia’s other daughter reeks of guilty conscience. He’s been lying low all these years after all that. He knows he was wrong.

  • 60 minutes 1992

    no he didn’t. Watch the interview above he was very bold in his speaking out about NOT doing it.

  • mia is a nut

    washed up women often get jealous of successful men later in life

  • Living in a box

    This is definitely he said,she said situation.

  • gumshoe

    @60 minutes 1992: Thanks.

  • kim

    Woody Allen never lived with the family, never spent a night there. Mia lived on one side of Central Park, he lived on the other, and they used to wave to each other from their windows across the park. Woody Allen also never married Mia, so in no way was Soon-Yi his stepdaughter, in law or in reality. Also, if it’s true that Ronan Farrow is Frank Sinatra’s son, that means she was cheating on Woody when she got pregnant with Ronan.
    While I think Dylan truly believes that she was molested, I think it’s highly likely that those “memories” were put there by a woman who was angry, scorned and vengeful. It must have been a huge blow to Mia’s ego to have Woody leave her for another woman, let alone her own adopted daughter.
    Don’t forget Mia Farrow continues to support and testify on behalf of Roman Polanski, who was actually convicted of statutory rape of a 13 year old back in the 70s. Difference is Polanski ran, Woody didn’t.

  • drats

    @Carolyn: Um, Carolyn or Woody or Soon Yi: you are lying. Allen never passed a test. His defense attorney 21 years ago CLAIMED he passed a lie detector test. But the results were shown to no one and certainly not to anyone in law enforcement or the prosecutor or the judge.

    If you’d bothered to do your homework – which clearly you haven’t , you would have learned that defense attorneys are ALWAYS falsely claiming that their clients passed lie detectors test, when in fact they didn’t. They know they can safely make that claim because no one will challenge them as no lie detector test is admissible in court.

    Whatever false claims you make here, I will ruthlessly and aggressively fact check again and again your statements. With me, you can’t win. Trust me on this pal.

    Shame on your for your false comment.

  • drats

    @lol: And you are defending the pervert who told People magazine in 1976 when he was 41 that they shouldn’t be surprised if he is caught with a harem of 12 year old girls. I don’t know what planet you are living on, but it sure is the wrong one.

    To Dylan: MILLIONS of sex abuse survivors from around the world support you.

  • drats

    @groundcontrol: Um, no. You are cherry picking pal. The prosecutor, the Judge and THE APPEALS court all said the allegations were very credible. Indeed, the judge, Judge Wilk was so alarmed by Woody Allen’s disturbing behavior with Dylan that he ordered that he never be in contact with her again.

    The pedophiles on this site are disgusting. You are never EVER going to sway anyone to your twisted and sick way of thinking.

  • drats

    @guest: You are an effin liar. Roman Polanski fled to Europe BEFORE she was even with Woody Allen. Your false statement is disgusting. Whenever you make a false statement, I will ruthlessly and aggressively fact check what you say for the truth over and over and over. You can’t win with me, pal, so don’t even try.

    Your comment is disgusting.

  • Woody Pedophile

    Just as the Golden Globes showed it, Hollywood is full of beautiful, inane and unintelligent people (like Diane Keaton and Emma Stone and the list sings on) that don’t care whether or not you molest a child, or whether or not it even is your own daughter…. and they marvel at Woody’s brilliance. He is brilliant writing and directing wise, but he still sleeps with children.

    Try to write your shame out now, tinseltown.

  • Satch

    Woody married his ex-girlfriend’s adopted daughter, when she was 21 years old, same age that Mia Farrow married Frank Sinatra, who was older than dirt at the time. The one whose kid she now says is Frank’s although she passed him off for years as Woody’s kid. Siblings to the twins she conceived with Andre Previn while he was married to someone else. Nice family all around. Moses said she made it all up, as do Mia’s employees who were also present in the home on the same day, who said that none of the children left the main area of the home, and none of the children were alone with Woody – at all. He never lived there.

  • gumshoe

    We tend to believe that something happened to Dylan, but perhaps not by Woody Allen. Could have been another male visitor to the house. Heard of that happening before — children saying it was one person who did it, but it was actually someone else. Have always thought Mia Farrow was “off her rocker,” though. Just something strange about her. Allen was still wrong, but it’s possible that he was into younger females (teenage years), but not little girls. Many men are attracted to teen girls, as they are near womanhood….. God only knows, I guess! Sad though because Dylan is still obviously in a lot of emotional pain. Hope she can finally heal from this somehow.

  • wow

    The brainwashing she has received from her mother is the worst kind of emotional abuse ever. And that famewhore Ronan Farrow should be ashamed of himself for making a career off his sister’s troubles. What kind of brother does that? Dylan is the victim of a very messed up family.

    There is obviously so much more going on with this family than just the Woody allegations. Remember both Moses and Soon Yi have accused Mia of beating them. Why does Mia get a free pass for that?

  • guest

    @drats: Wait, what? Who cares if Polanski left the country before or after, he still ran away after being jailed a few weeks and never came back for his trial. Woody had nothing to hide, he tried to stay in touch with his kids even after they had made those horrible claims about him. Usually molesters don’t stop at one. Her brother’s statement is the lowest form of evil? Really? Dylan needs to get away from her emotionally abusive mother and her desperate for fame brother Ronan who is using her to make a media career for himself. The Woody Allen allegations are only one part of this crazy family.

  • Team Allen

    Let’s just have Woody Allen do a polygraph and ask him a bunch of questions about Dylan and what exactly happened. Oh, wait. They already did that 20 years ago, and he passed. Mia refused to take the poly… wonder what she has to hide? We already know she lied about who Ronan’s real dad was. And her divorce with Sinatra was apparently a lie too. Who knows what else of hers is a lie? Some people care about the truth.

  • okboreal

    @groundcontrol – thank you for such an intelligent comment. I agree with you completely. It’s ridiculous that people believe Dylan when there is a considerable amount of information cycling around that clearly outlines that the alleged abuse never actually happened.

    @trent – he did not marry his daughter. He married his ex girlfriend’s daughter. Scandalous, yes. But he did not marry his daughter. Get your facts strait.

    I support Woody Allen, his work is incredible and I hope for him and his family that this nonsense is settled soon.

  • oh wow

    I agree. I use to like Ronan. I even laughed at his first tweet over a year ago on father’s day about “Happy brother in laws day”. It seemed funny and not bitter.
    Then he just kept at it on twitter for over a year. It makes him look very bitter and immature. Twitter is not the place for this.
    He is Mia’s son for sure.
    I actually think he is Woody’s son too and not Frank. He looks just like Mia if you look at old pictures and I think he got his brains from Allen- not Frank.
    He just hates woody so he wants everyone to think he is Franks. Both he and Mia had no concern Sinatra’s wife when they did that PR stunt.
    I read some tweets by him and Mia sometimes and they are so “open minded” I am surprised their brains have not fallen out.
    Not to mention also very inconsistent in their “moral outrage”. Ronan is also desperate for celebrity and you can see that too if you watch him on twitter.

  • o-o

    And I thought the Kardashians were messed up. Silly me.

  • Gina

    Well, Mia and Dylan can’t be collecting child support anymore and Ronan needs some publicity for his new MSNBC show launching this month…. perfect timing to wash their dirty laundry in public again.