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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Hold Hands at White House State Dinner!

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Hold Hands at White House State Dinner!

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse hold hands while attending the a state dinner hosted by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House on Tuesday (February 11) in Washington, D.C.

The 39-year-old actor was on hand to honor French President Francois Hollande, who is working with Obama to confront global security threats in Syria and Iran, deal with climate change, and expand economic cooperation.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bradley Cooper

The day before, Bradley was handsome in a suit while attending the 2014 Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon in Beverly Hills.

FYI: Bradley is wearing Tom Ford. Suki is wearing Monica Vinader earrings.

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bradley cooper suki waterhouse hold hands at white house dinner 01
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hold hands at white house dinner 02
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hold hands at white house dinner 03
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hold hands at white house dinner 04
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hold hands at white house dinner 05
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hold hands at white house dinner 06

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  • Donna

    How can this guy be taken seriously? I mean seriously.

  • LOL

    wow does Barack Obama ever have non famous people i.e., the average working joe citizen over for dinner?

  • wren


    Good question. And they look like father and daughter/

  • Pathetic

    midlife crisis bradley cooper doll complete with botox syringe

  • Joya

    That poor girl!

  • Said Girl

    She made it.

  • I will say this

    Cooper looks very relaxed and happy with Suki. I’ve seen photos of him with Renee Z and Zoe S, and he never smiled like he is now. Also, she’s British and he might find that more attractive, with the accent and all. I really would not be surprised if Suki ends up being “the one.”

  • pinkydoo

    Her outfit is hideous.


    Check out the pic at Getty Images of Bradley feeling Suki up at the table! He’s almost 40 and acting like a horny schoolboy! Hahahahahahahaha He’s in love and too drunk to care! hahahahahahahaha

  • I will say this

    @SICK OF THE LIES: I luv it!!!

  • Lara

    Why was JJ in such a hurry to put up pics of Bradley and Suki? There were more important celebrities at the State Dinner. Did Bradley’s publicist pay JJ to be first? I thought Bradley was supposed to be so private. He’s really become a famewh*re lately.

  • allison

    @pinkydoo: +1

  • Poor AMFR

    Where in the world is AMFR?! Hope her friends take her laptop so she don’t see these pic. Haha

  • James

    @Lara: He always was a famewh*re. He’s thrown his careful good image out the window and doesn’t bother to pretend anymore. This is the REAL Bradley. A desperate attention-seeker who enjoys sex with young girls. Look at the way he behaves with Suki in public at his age. That shows you his “good image” was a pack of lies. Don’t be surprised if you see another table pic with his hand up her skirt.

  • Lei

    Suki Whurhouse is lowlife trash. Slat can’t wear bra or brush hair for White House. Bradley pedophile lie about being good guy.

  • Hey

    @James: Why all the hate? Although I wouldn’t want my young, beautiful daughter dating a man that old, Suki Waterhouse IS of age. She’s not a teenager. Plus, doesn’t she already have a kid? Might be a bit more mature than the average 22 year old… just saying. I know Bradley Cooper loves fame and attention. Just look at the women he has already dated. Reminds me of Ben Affleck that way.

  • Jerry

    Mid-life crisis. He could have found himself an educated professional, someone with a brain, or someone he had something in common with. He looks like he could be her father. Sex, drugs and rock n roll.

  • Miss Swan

    Do Bradley secretly like 12 year-old boys? Suki looka likea man.

  • mr k

    Woody Allen in training.

  • Dotty

    Suki must make Bradley feel smart, because she looks clueless all the time. I’m surprised she isn’t standing there with her mouth open.

  • Durrrrr

    Photo of two brain cells furiously rubbing together to form a complete thought

  • LOL

    Go to the Daily Mail and watch the video of them arriving. Suki is galumping along in those silly ugly shoes she doesn’t know how to walk in! Bradley looks like he’s brought his awkward 14 year old niece as his date. They both look stupid and out of place. Bradley wants to be a Senator someday? LOL

  • outlook

    @Jerry: Bradley Cooper is not having a mid-life crisis, because he’s not a longtime married man. It’s not like he’s been married for 20 years and all of a sudden he’s longing for something else. He’s been playing the field all this time and doing whatever he wants to do. He might want a young woman because he doesn’t have any kids and he’s probably more thinking about settling down and having them at one point. A young wife would give him some time with her, time to have kids and a feeling that he’s somewhat still young also. Or, maybe “there’s something about Suki.” She might be special for him.

  • Lucille

    @LOL: I read that Suki dropped out of school when she was 15. Most of those guys at the WH have wives that are Drs., lawyers, etc., so what kind of stimulating conversation do you think she brought?

  • LOL

    @Lucille: I don’t think she brought any stimulating conversation. She sat there like a lump while Daddy talked to the nice politicians.

  • HA!

    The Daily Mail made sure to highlight Bradley is a college graduate that speaks a second language while Suki dropped out of high school at 16! PR Fail! No wonder she looks so confused trying to follow along with Bradley and John Kerry’s conversation!

  • marie

    no, i can’t.
    she’s ugly and not talented.
    why he need this ‘doll’?

  • Yuk

    She looks awful get someone to dress you!! And her hair looks awful how has she not pulled it together yet it’s been a year..

  • MaryLou

    She is in it for the fame, and he is in it for the sex.

  • Yuk

    @MaryLou: so why dress like that? It’s hideous.

  • Ugh

    I was a Bradley fan for many years. I now think it is true
    he likes young girls. Bradley pretended not to be another Hollywood Actor when he is.

    That Italian AmFr is rich not poor. She should thank her lucky stars she is not involved with a modelizer like Bradley. It odes not matternif he tells her he loves her (Italian Amfr). The real Bradley is a modelizer who likes little girls.

  • Ugh

    Ugly Suki is so ugly. Bradley’s money and father plastic surgeon and she is still very ugly. Ugh. She will give Bradley herpes.

  • Thoughts

    Is he still with this crumb? Maybe Ho wood is like Eyes Wide Shut and that was the pet he could get for now, he’s not that much of a player yet. It reminds me of having a baby egg in high school. Maybe someday he will “graduate” to shopping out of the Victoria’s Secret catalogue for a pet, like Leo and Adam Levine after he “proves” himself.. or maybe just closeted and this is a beard contract that also generates buzz. Love isn’t part of it.

  • Nancy

    She’s not ugly in the slightest. Your jealousy I showing.
    I’ve never seen BC look so relaxed and happy with a girlfriend.

  • maria

    Sorry, but she is highly unattractive. Her hair is a constant mess, she doesn’t have a clue on how to do makeup, her face is SO plain, and she has no idea on how to dress. What does he see? I think she must be good in bed, plain and simple. Conversation can’t be stimulating with an uneducated twit either.

  • Hey

    He may have his master’s degree but boy is he dumb! Wish he wasn’t playing Chris Kyle in American Sniper…

  • Nancy

    She is not good in bed. She is Whare who will do anything he wants in bed. She opens her legs wide to become famous. How nice to be known as Bradley Cooper’s whare.

  • Bradlifer

    @Nancy: LOL LOL LOL She is EXTREAMLY ugly. the girl is hideous!!!!!! And she has got the worst dressing style and make up ever!!!! She is desperately in need of being introduced to a shower and a hairbrush…UGLY UGLY UGLY… There is a reason why the big companies never take her in…A small uggs company, a smal shoe company with ugly shoes in Italy and that is about it…. non of these are big deals…and those deals she got because of Bradley….

  • Nancy

    @Bradlifer: Yes she is a successful model because she’s hideous. She’s the face of a Burberry fragrance! You’re a jealous idiot.

  • Chelsea

    She’s the face of the fragrance, but not the clothes!! Hmmm – speaks volumes.

  • Bradlifer

    @Nancy: Me jellous of that ugly whure? HAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAAH Lets not forget that she LANDED THE BURBERRY DEAL TWO DAYS AFTER SHE WAS SEEN WITH BRADLEY IN BOSTON!!! she did not get that deal on her own, she got it thanks to her using his name. But yeah she is very good at sleeping with men, i mean she slept with Harvey, Bradley and before that it was Miles and Before that Lucas…she is a whure sleeping with men to get where she is. LOL LOL LOL

  • Bradlifer

    And i know how to use a bra, and brush my hair and take a shower something the ugly whure dont know how to do. I dress and put on makeup and look good, the whure can’t even dress herself less put on makeup.. LOL LOL LOL

  • Nancy

    @Bradlifer: You’re jealous and it’s sad how much time you spend stalking and slandering a celebrity.

  • Nancy

    @Chelsea: Do more research so you see the photos of her modeling the clothes and bags. Oops you were wrong.

  • lr

    He looks like a fool! He graduated from Georgetown. She left school at 16. She must be fun in the sack… and what the he// is she wearing. Won’t last.

  • anon

    She wasn’t any big model before him, go back 2 years nada and still not a big model she is NO Cara as she is everywhere. He has raised her profile. In the UK you can stop school at 16, as at age 17-18 is what they refer to as 6th form Jr/Sr years of high school in the US. But if you want to attend University you must continue to 18 she obviously had no desire so she left.

  • Wrong

    @Nancy: Suki is the face of Brit Rhythm fragrance and clothing which is a subsect of Burberry. That is not the same thing as being the face of the entire Burberry brand.

  • Wendyl

    she quit education at 16 to model fulltime. I don’t know how deep can be a girl without education and she doesn’t even seem really intelligent. But who care, at least she is nice and make him smile. It won’t last.

  • Nancy

    Suki is ugly. Physically very ugly. Character very very very ugly. She got Burberry frangrance for opening her legs to a 40 year old celebrity. She DOES NOT represent the Burb brand.

  • Nancy

    Did someone call her a celebrity? Hahahaha. More like a celebrity facker, the talentless slat who sleeps with celebrities Lucas, Miles, Harvey and Bradley. This talentless rat was not getting jobs a year ago. After having Bradley Creepy attached to her she still does not get high end jobs. Cara, Jourdan and Georgia have all walked runways Fashion Week in Paris or NY. Suki’s hyena face not invited. HAHAHAHAHAHA.