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'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue 2014 Cover Revealed!

'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue 2014 Cover Revealed!

Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge, and Chrissy Teigen go topless while sharing the cover of the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!

This is the first time that Lily, who is well known for being a Victoria’s Secret Angel, is appearing in the issue and marks the first time that a rookie has made the cover since Heidi Klum back in 1998.

“We had been on the island for a few days by that point and had so much fun together. That day we went to a smaller island where the light was beautiful, and took turns in the middle,” Lily said.

“We really, honestly liked each other,” Chrissy said about working together. “Of course you are going to hear that from anybody who does a group shot, but this time it’s true. The connection was natural and the mood was fun.”

The Models Find Out They Are on the Cover

FYI: Lily is wearing Basta Surf bottoms.

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  • pebble

    Why are they using the centaur women from Fantasia??

  • JJ’s Hairdo

    Teigan is standing on a veyr, very tall box.

  • jeff

    Congrat’s to all the ladies. But man Nina Agdal better get a cover on her own sometime in the future. That girl is just so gorgeous.

  • Xman

    I don’t find either of these models attractive. Kate Upton, where are you?!

  • Sayer

    That Nina girl tried to sleep her way to the top (Adam Levine). Both Chrissy and Lily are married to musicians. This is the highest both will go.

  • charlotte

    i never understood why lily aldridge models…

  • hahaha

    Another issue for Leo`s collection.

  • why

    Lily is a horrible model. I don’t know why she she is a model. She is a panty model and now bikini model. She will never work as a fashion model.

  • Celestine Franchi
  • Lolz

    are these the second string?

  • Thoughts

    Too gay for my taste. Butt that’s the plan isn’t it? To push a the gay agenda when they still only make up a small percentage. The media in this country is disgusting.

  • Barbie

    They had all those gorgeous models and they wound up with these three! Lily looks horrendous, her family connections must have worked for her. They could have easily replaced her or even Chrissy with Ann V, Emily R or Sara Sampaio, or Gigi… you get my point. Just anyone!

    I thought the Barbie cover was creepy , now I would rather prefer to buy the magazine with Barbie on it.

  • Erin

    I’m a total ‘Sports Illustrated models are a big deal’ novice so forgive me for not knowing this, but what does this post mean by “This is the first time that Lily, who is well known for being a Victoria’s Secret Angel, is appearing in the issue and marks the first time that a rookie has made the cover since Heidi Klum back in 1998.” If she’s a well-known model, how is she a rookie? Are SI models a special type or something?

  • go lily

    @Erin: I think it means that it is the first time someone appears on the cover who hasn´t been featured in the SI before. as in rookie to the magazine…

  • Beth

    Love how lesbianism is socially acceptable because heterosexual men run the world and women are to stupid to see the collars around their necks. Would men pose like that for a woman’s magazine? Of course not, men have self-respect.

  • Thoughtless Sack of Shit

    @Thoughts: Hey dipS-H-I-T who do you think this is marketed towards you dumb c-u-n-t? HETEROSEXUAL MEN get turned on by this, HETEROSEXUAL MEN buy girl-on-girl porn. If gays want to push their “gay agenda” (which I see your FOXNews has nicely informed you about like a good little drone) wouldn’t it be three men on the cover? You f-u-c-king stupid b-i-t-c-h.

    Also when gay people want a voice and want to be recognized as human being they have an “agenda”. YES YOU C-U-N-T the AGENDA is to not be marginalized. It’s almost like the “black agenda” from the 70s and 80s with shows like The Jeffersons and The Cosby show.

    Stop being led around by your nose and form your own opinions. Just because your father and your brothers and your boyfriend hate the fact that gay people want to be treated like humans doesn’t mean you have to follow them like a sheep. Heterosexual women mimicking homophobic behavior really is the saddest thing.

  • Erin

    @go lily: OH ‘This is the first time that Lily, who is well known for being a Victoria’s Secret Angel, is appearing in the issue’ should have been clear enough for me. I’ll blame it on lack of sleep haha. Thank you for replying!

  • Sarah


    Where is this secret and sinister gay agenda that’s been launched by this secret society of homosexual who are plotting to destroy the world? The two gay characters on Modern Family? Ellen? All those actors posing as sportmen and republicans who come out of the closet (the last one is sarcasm)?

    Where is this giant conspiracy? You sound like an f’ing paranoid lunatic who sees “the enemy” in every shadow and behind every door. Let go of the anger and hatred and try not to be an @$$hole and you’ll see the world can be quite a lovely place where everyone deserves the right to be happy, not just you.

  • Luke

    @Thoughts: Too gay for your taste? No really? You click on a link clearly showing three semi-naked women rubbing up on each other, wait for the page to load and THEN you decide it’s too gay for you?

    Oh honey, stop lying to yourself and just accept what you are. Your first impulse was to go look at sexy female bodies but then your repressed self-hatred kicked in and tried to save your ego by feigning homophobia and trying to convince yourself that you are not that which you hate. That’s why you wrote the comment, to convince others and yourself.

    A recent study has shown that 87% of aggressively homophobic people are aroused by sexual images of the same-sex. Normal well-adjusted heterosexual people don’t really care about gay people because they don’t factor into their everyday lives.

    Maybe you should talk to someone about these feeling and deal with them in a less ignorant mean-spirited way.

  • Nell

    @Thoughts: If the media in this country is so disgusting why don’t you go live in Iran, that country is full of people who think like you.

  • xyzc


  • Wurry

    How original of them. Air brushed and spray tanned, boney bummed white girls on the cover. I would have been impressed if they had a sexy 50 year old for the 50th anniversary. Zzzzzzz.

  • Anastacia

    I’m not impressed

  • Adfjk

    @Thoughts: lay off coke my friend

  • kik

    im kind of happy for nina and lily even if this one doesn’t realy deserve it , she is friend with MJ and she used her connection very well to get in there ; im calling it right now VS will give the fantasy bra to lily !
    as for christy but im sorry she isn’t even a model ; she is a professional twitter and instagram poster thats it , but she kind of made it because of the her hubby , she doesn’t have the body at all to be there
    i would have loved to see Anne V who truly deserved a cover girl had been working for them for 10 years and also Emily didonato who’s breaking to high fashion and has some worthy commercial contract like gemey maybeline and also her exotic look !

  • africa

    omg!! this was so silly!!!

  • mimi

    omg..none of them has ass…lol

  • gg

    the one in the pink is staring off odd and not looking at the camera like the other two. it’s really obvious. why would they ever choose this as the cover out of the thousands of photos they took??

  • Emma

    This is a joke right? This magazine is so overrated and the girls they feature are overrated. I mean, these women are fugly compared to other models. This proves that VS and SI models are fronts for prostitution. To get featured by any of these companies, you have to whore yourself LOL!

  • ray

    A little advice SI, when you do butt shots perhaps use models that actually have some. Good grief, flat fake tan asses. Beyond boring.

  • rose


  • melissa

    not on of these girls is really attractive. all average. and the one in the middle isn’t even pretty.

  • someone

    Looks like straight up lesbian pornography

  • Robin

    It should have been Anne V!!! From the sneak peeks she looked the best she ever has! Beyond Beautiful.

    I guess 10 years of loyalty gets you nothing!

  • Nessa

    Well, they look amazing from behind. No man will be looking at their faces…. Thank goodness. #notevenpretty

  • eric

    Are all the men who buySI into women with no ass, and yes that includes Kate Upton. Just askin.

  • Dddd

    Any time women demand respect, the character of men show through. Thoughtless shows his true colors. Name calling? You sir will never grow up. You can have your low self-esteem girls. You couldn’t handle a real woman. In or out of the bed.

  • larslandover

    Oh how challenging their lives must be. Dealing with SO much emotion. Dealing with their suits riding up their booties. I just wish I could be them to spare them the brutal realities they face.


  • amelie


    ikr. when i first saw this photograph i genuinely thought to myself that none of them actually have nice bottoms – they’re not pert of shapely. perhaps they should have used a photograph of them front the front?

  • Thoughts


    That’s what I said. How dare anyone have an opinion that disagrees with some prescribed one. AMERICA is only free for commie progressive anything goes humanists.

  • Kyle

    Man, all the girls hating on these models. Obviously everyone has different opinions on what is considered beautiful, but for anyone to say that any one of those models isn’t good enough to be on the cover is either crazy or jealous (or both). As for people saying that Chrissy is where she is because of John Legend, her first big thing was SI back in 2010 where she then went on to get voted the Rookie of the Year. One comment said “these white girls” or something like that, and Chrissy is of mixed race so…? The SI Swimsuit girls don’t have to be high fashion like some think, they are healthy looking, natural and most of them very curvy. Insecure women will always find some fault or flaw when I comes to a beautiful women in the public eye whether its saying someone like Kate Upton is “too fat” or just saying “she’s not that pretty” about some other female celeb. If you read this and feel defensive, than your a jealous, mean chick.

  • Amy

    Quite disappointed with the cover. It’s the 50th anniversary and they came up with this????

  • josh greesham

    Why is there three lesbians on the cover?

  • Kimberley

    There are two covers this year. One being on the front of the magazine, the other being on the back. The other cover goes to Kate Upton wearing pink while she’s sitting down.

  • Beki

    Holy shit everyone is so negative….haha can’t you just be happy for someone else’s happiness? I never read these comment sections but it’s scary how judgemental people are.

  • Lol

    Face it: slut V is too old for SI