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Celebrities React to Ellen Page's Speech Coming Out as Gay

Celebrities React to Ellen Page's Speech Coming Out as Gay

Ellen Page‘s brave decision to come out gay has been received with so much love and support from other celebrities on Twitter!

The 26-year-old actress’ close gal pal Shannon Woodward tweeted, “I have never been more proud of a human than I am of @EllenPage right now.”

“Thank you @HRC and everyone for all the love and support. X,” Ellen tweeted after she decided to reveal her sexual orientation during a speech at the Time to THRIVE conference.

Click inside to read tweets from celebrities reacting to Ellen Page’s announcement that she is gay…

Anna Kendrick: “Mad mad mad mad mad mad crazy love and praise for @EllenPage today. Congrats to you, you light, talent, and beauty.”

Kate Mara: “Hey @EllenPage…Be my Valentine? #respect”

Kristen Bell: “Rivited by @EllenPage’s fabulous speech. So honest & funny & articulate. She Shines. Happy Valentines day to ALL.”

Lance Bass: “We love you @ellenpage !! ❤️❤️❤️ #HRC #TimeToThrive.”

Nikki Reed: “I second that! “@AnnaKendrick47: Mad mad mad crazy love and praise for @EllenPage today. Congrats to you, you light, talent, and beauty.”

Emile Hirsch: “Props to @EllenPage for helping so many people through their daily struggles by courageously leading by example and coming out on V Day!”

Hayley Williams from Paramore: “Ellen Page just made me cry on Valentine’s Day. With HAPPY TEARS!”

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: “Love love LOVE @EllenPage & the message she sent out today! What a perfect way to end Valentines Day!”

Mary E Winstead: “So amazing. RT @somebadideas: Moving speech by @ellenpage on coming out.”

Jason Collins: “Wishing all the love and support in the world to @EllenPage. Thank you for sharing your story with us. #comingout #timetoTHRIVE @HRC.”

Tegan and Sara: “Never underestimate the courage it takes to be yourself. Giant hugs to @EllenPage.”

Christina Perri: “I thought i couldn’t love @ellenpage more… i do. so inspiring and beautifully spoken.”

Max Ehrich: “@EllenPage You’re brave and awesome.”

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  • Reba

    I thought it was well known she is gay? Congrats for coming out though:)

  • LiiL

    Brave and beauty. I respect her so much.


    Next= Kristen Stewart.

  • Ksa

    Oh, you making too big deal out of this… who cares if you gay or not? love women? Ok! It’s your choise. But it’s nothing heroic to say “I am gay”. The main thing is that it important to you! Nothing else matter.

  • don

    actors only come when their careers get cold

  • Verity

    I can’t wait for the day, these announcements are never made. Who cares, just go live your life with whomever makes you happy.

  • http://@aduiiii Adriana

    next= Taylor Swift

  • loveless

    Yea you say who cares , try being a gay couple and walking down central park at 4 in the morning, when you see a bunch of homophobes, than you found out who actually cares

  • Wurry

    Yeah, I thought she was already out too. Oh well. Just watched her in To Rome with Love. Just a mediocre film altogether, but very much enjoyed her in it.

  • Plush

    @Ksa: As someone who struggled with accepting my own sexuality: It is heroic of them to say it. It was so hard for me when I was first starting to realize that I like girls because it was hard to find role models who had decent lives that were like me. For a lot of teenagers who are having trouble with coming to terms with their sexual preferences, having someone like Ellen Page come out is incredibly helpful. It allows them to see that you can be queer and still be successful and happy. If you’re not queer, it’s just not something you can understand. It’s heroic because it gives people who aren’t in a safe position to come out hope. It’s heroic because it reminds us that we’re more than just sad movies and statistics. If you can come out, it is an incredibly brave thing to do, because when you do, you’re giving someone else the courage and hope that they need to carry on.

    Having someone like you to look up to is a powerful thing. Don’t say it’s not brave of them if you don’t know the struggle of looking for those role models and not being able to find them.


    There was an unusual 4.1 earthquake in S.C. off Hwy.221 on Valentine’s Day, for Ellen Page’s upcoming 2.21 birthday.


    No.5 at 1:44; South Carolina was frozen over with ice on Valentine’s Day.

  • Delphine Erler
  • Emma

    ‘Coming out’ is a bravery act and those who think it’s not a big deal, you’re being really unfair. We all have our struggles and it is not fair to undermine one’s struggle just because it doesnt concern you. ‘Coming out’ means a lot to us because we are not only putting ourselves at risk but we are also putting people that we love. The fear of losing their love, the fear of losing their trust or losing them completely, are what we keep on playing in our head. We put all these at risk because we value the idea of being honest to ourselves and to people that we love. You can never tell how a person feels unless you climb inside their skin and walk on it.

  • Nkosi

    @Reba: I think she dated that hunky skaarsgard guy a few moons ago. i personally think she’s bi-sexual. I hope she continues to make interesting movies and she doesn’t find that her orientation becomes a barrier to being cast in different roles – I’ve never seen an openly gay person play a heterosexual lead.

  • Wurry

    Her and the Swede just go to hockey games together. They never claimed to be any item. They will probably continue going to hockey games together.

  • Anna

    @Ksa: Actually, in the times we are in right now, it is and will be treated as heroic. I know that all of you crave to live in a world where being L/G/B/T isn’t important and doesn’t matter, but this is a step in the direction of that kind of an accepting and peaceful world. Look, people are still being bullied, put to death and abused over being gay. We can’t expect to be accepting and not make a deal out of it when the LGBT community NEEDS humanity’s support and needs to feel like people will love them and respect them, no matter what. So yeah, coming out as gay is regarded as heroic right now, and for a celebrity to come out is also a big thing because you are building that concrete wall of support and serving as a role model to young people who feel lost and unaccepted in this unfair and biased world. If you think that everything is alright in the world and that being gay is made a big deal, then you probably don’t understand what it’s like for the many people who live in countries where you can be executed or jailed for being gay (look at Russia right now, people are dying in protests), or where you live in an environment that is filled with homophobia or you’re constantly being abused. I don’t blame the people who don’t understand, but when people take that step towards understanding that we are not at that point where being gay isn’t a problem and people don’t care, then journeying towards it will just be easier. Gay people need our support as of now, not our indifference. Because they have been subject to a lot of bigotry and abuse, and have been labelled as unacceptable on many occasions, and sure, in time they will get our indifference and “It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, it’s not our problem.”‘s once they are made aware that they are beautiful no matter what. I may not make much sense, because I don’t have a way with words, and I’m not being hateful towards you or anyone who has this opinion, but I just wanted to say what I thought without being rude and abrasive. Thank you! :)

  • ellenellen

    here’s the full video and wow it’s shocking !!

  • Lovelydoll

    Jodie Foster is an example of the fulfilling life and career women she can have, but she came along as a young, popular actress in a different time. She speaks about that a lot.

  • Sisi2014

    I’m waiting for Matthew McConaughey or some similar actor to announce a big press confrence and say “I’m tired of living with this secret. I’m here today to announce… I like blonde chicks with big fake breasts and a butt you can bounce quarters into orbit off of!”

    I wonder how many people will cheer him for his bravery.

    Seriously, a guy who is into guys is no different than a guy who likes readheaded or asian chicks.

    They really need to stop with these big, public coming out spectacles that treat being gay as something so abhorrent that admitting it takes a huge amount of courage. As long as they treat themselves as being different than the rest of society, they only justify the rest of society treating them different.

    Telling the public was courageous in the 50s. It’s courageous if you’re Russian and doing it on the streets of Moscow today. Or if you’re a 14 year old kid living in a trailer park telling his dad he feels more comfortable wearing a skirt and heels than a football uniform.
    But a celebrity doing it in front of a bunch of cameras in the US isn’t courageous. It’s just begging people on the “I’m not a homophobe! I called her courageous!” bandwagon to feed your ego and reignite your career.

  • Mary

    For all those criticizing people who announce that they are gay, I think they are highly motivated by the suicide rate of gay teens. People kill themselves to hide the fact that they are gay. It is a big deal, and your reaction to it proves their point — there is still tons of hatred and vile spewed at gay people, and she’s trying to make it better for someone else. Gay people are shunned not just socially, but in the work environment, so it is brave to risk that condemnation in order to make it easier for someone else, and make someone else feel ok about themselves.

  • hello

    @Ksa: You don’t live in the real world, clearly. Why don’t you say that to the kids that kill themselves because they are bullied for being gay. It’s a harsh, intolerant world out there.

  • maya s

    @Sisi2014: pls read comment no 17. thanks. and to quote a line from that comment “gays need our support, not our indifference.” learn that with all these protests and executions, treating this situation with indifference is going to lead us nowhere. i do agree with you about being courageous. but she’s a young, 26 year old girl. she’s the role model that young, 14 year old girls and boys need right now. so yeah, even if it is to reignite her career, at least she’s giving courage to the people who had none. the young 14 year old girls and boys who feel helpless and feel like outcasts? they need it. the thing is, though, i’ve always thought that if a famous woman who was assumed to be straight just one day started going out with a girl without the big coming out speech, it would be the day people stopped giving two sh*ts about people being gay. (it shows how on the fence i am about treating people who are gay like it’s no problem, but that will start once this dumb a** ‘homosexuality is a sin’ stops and it’s legalized and people dont have to freaking protest to their deaths for it to be legalized) but ellen is young, and if she thinks the right thing to do is come out like this and serve as a role model to young teens, i have nothing against it. in fact, i encourage it, bc at this point like anna (#17) said, it’s what we need, right? not indifference. the ones being abused need to know that the rest of the world will always be there to support them, right? so.. yeah.

  • Shamu

    Next=Benedict Cumberbatch. Ah wait. His career is hot right now with loony fangirls. He can’t come out. Instead he travels the world with his male “assistant”. :)

  • pinkydoo

    ummm..sure, whatever. Pretty soon people will start talking about what sexual positions they prefer. Who the F cares.

  • so

    everyone knew she was gay already, so what’s the point in announcing it?

  • shay

    Nkosi. Neil Patrick Harris is a lead in HIMYM and he plays an hetero and a former don juan ;)

    for people all around the world come out as gay is brave, not for a celebrity!

  • Carl

    Ok, ok…. I have kept a little secret all my life….

    I have never announced it publically nor made a big deal out of it but I feel the time has come to end the silence.

    I AM STRAIGHT! (and by the way I don’t smoke pot, I don’t egg my neighbor’s house, I don’t beat my girlfriend, I don’t take pictures of my big ass in the mirror with my cell phone and post them, I don’t twerk and I don’t even worship satan)

    I fully expect CNN and other news outlets to cover this announcement in the same manner as they cover all the other people who get their “15 minutes of fame” when they announce their own preferences.

    Oh that’s right, I forgot…. you only get news coverage if you do something depraved, deviant, immoral or illegal

    Oh well, I tried

  • Jessie

    Bravo, Ellen! I know that can’t have been easy, but by coming out and that wonderful speech, you lead by example.

  • Adiane

    Although to me it’s not a big deal who is gay or not, and many feel the same. However, it’s not always the case with a lot of people. Unless we live in their shoes we shouldn’t judge. It’s a harder decision for many to come out not in the public eye , so tge pressure to come out publicly to theewhole world is a very brave step. So I applaud her for taking that step.Many have a hard enough time to come out to ththeir own family. So bless her heart for making that step in the public eye.

  • Mike


    Saying you don’t care, is not a hate filled comment. Please learn what one is before accusing people of hate. Some of us just don’t care to hear about celebrities lives. They complain about their privacy yet open themselves up to it. I look to actors to act

  • Person32

    Actually in a world where people are murdered and abused and sexually assaulted and have slurs thrown at them and are discriminated under law and in society as a whole, it is brave. (And yes in ‘modern’ western countries too)
    She is risking ruining her whole career so don’t simplify it or demean it.
    Why do people think homophobia doesn’t exist anymore? It is alive and well.

  • Person32

    Yes it is. You are being homophobic.
    So stop it. The only reason you say you ‘don’t care’ is because gays make you uncomfortable.

    When you say you ‘don’t care’ you are saying you don’t care that gay people are murdered, that we have high rates of suicide and that we are abused and sexually assaulted. You don’t care we’re not equal under law.

    Coming out is not the same as talking about what you do in bed. Being gay is NOT JUST ABOUT SEX.
    Straight people are considered the ‘norm’ but you’re actually not and one day people are going to realize and it won’t be all about you.

    I have to live through freaking Kanye West and Kim Kardashian love dramas so just shut up and listen to this without making gay people feel bad for the love of god

  • Person32

    A guy who likes redheaded and Asian chicks is fetishising women and also being racist.

    So not the same thing.

  • Carl

    I love it when people play the “homophobia card”. Why not call it the “arrogance card”? That is what this girl is after all – ARROGANT. It is INCREDIBLY arrogant to think it is necessary to announce ANYTHING about her personal life. It is in your face, blatant ego, nothing more nothing less. If this girl wants sleep with animals go ahead! If she hangs it out to dry, of course she is going to get reaction. That’s what the self absorbed yahoos crave more than anything else. She is pathetic.

  • Carl

    @Person32: Ironic that you would say “for the love of god” Let me see, God says homosexuality is an abomination. Seems to me that would make gay people sad. It should also make them very fearful…..

  • snapcracklepop

    I realize that you were just making a joke.
    But, for the slower people reading this I would like to remind them that God never said homosexuality is an abomination… ALL of the bible is a SUBJECTIVE NARRATIVE that is thousands of years old and without proof of source.
    Little kids laugh at how ridiculously dialog can change during the game telephone- where people whisper a sentence to the person next to them and see how much word of mouth changes.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see why the pint size celeb had to announce it. I haven’t even told my family and friends and I just turned 51 because who cares?

  • straightsupporter

    For all those straight people commenting here that “it’s no big deal” or “she’s not being brave”, I dare you to wear a big bright T-shirt every day for a month that says in bold letters “I AM HOMOSEXUAL”.

    Wear it in public, wear it to work, wear it at school — wear that shirt every day for a month. Without telling anyone that it’s “a joke” or “an experiment”.

    And then come back to this page and tell us how you were treated.

  • Beaumont

    Next = Jeremy Renner

    Next = Chris Pine

    Next = Bradley Cooper

  • Lisa

    I really cant stand Anna Kendrick and her tweets. She seems to try and be the o so clever and funny girl and its annoying

  • Carl

    @straightsupporter: It *IS* a joke. There is no need to announce *ANYTHING* There are all kinds of things that are “socially or morally unacceptable”. Drinking,… smoking… interracial marriage…. old people marrying young people…. The point is if you go to the media (or anywhere else) and announce to the world that “I am a such-and-such” *KNOWING* that your going to get a reaction, the you are going to reap what you sow. This girl was STUPID to do what she did. She wanted the attention and by God she got it. TOO FRICKING BAD!

  • Carl

    @snapcracklepop: I disagree. The oldest known Hebrew texts of the old testament confirm current translations so you can’t compare it to a game of telephone. You are free to dispute the source but the text from then to now is very consistent.

  • Joe

    Yea thanks Juno, we knew. You feel better now?

  • Pamela

    @Ksa: IT IS HEROIC TO SAY “I AM GAY”! In a world full of rejection as this is. Where you are afraid people will mistreat you, you are afraid your family will do so, you lose confidence in yourself, your self esteem brakes… And it is even harder when you are on the eye of the entire planet. CONGRATS ELLEN!

  • Chingatch

    In other “news”…
    Miley Cyrus Sticks Out Tongue on ‘Bangerz Tour’ Opening Night! ;-P

  • Jack Freeman

    A dozen gay guys in Senegal were dragged out of their homes and beaten with bats with spikes in them…Uganda just passed some of the harshest gay laws in modern history…the witch hunt for gays who only want to love who they choose is alive and strong around the globe…the mentality that sees this as just is a bully mentality and like the womens movement and the black movement, fighting for gay rights is human rights. How is it possible to stay in the closet when coming out, at least here in America, give hope and support to others around globe. Sexuality is a beautiful thing…gay, bi, straight…freedom is beautiful and we all deserve to experience the freedom to be who we are, Homophobia is a sickness and a crime!!

  • saboota camidi

    She’s a very pretty girl except for the mustache and sideburns. Unfortunately it’s a one way ticket to Hell according to Jesus Christ.

  • Old school

    If you wanted to be treated the same don’t go around making public declarations that you are special. How does one declare to be proud to be something that they claim to have been born with? If you really think that you were born that way and have nothing to be ashamed of then you don’t have anything to be proud about. I’m not “proud” of my skin color as I had nothing to do with that fact. People should feel pride about an accomplishment, something they did. Or is it ok to say that I am full of “white pride?” No, of course not, because that would make me a racist. See how refi culos the whole thing is?

  • Anna Kendrick Lovers

    Go Ellen! and thumbs up for Anna Kendrick`s awesome tweet!