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Just Jared Joins Fight Against Paparazzi Photos of Kids

Just Jared Joins Fight Against Paparazzi Photos of Kids

Exciting announcement!

Effective immediately, and will be enforcing a #NoKidsPolicy, which means we won’t be publishing unauthorized photos or videos of celebrities’ children who are not public figures themselves.

Here’s a little recap of how we came to this decision: Last August, Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry championed a paparazzi bill that was signed into law by California Governor Jerry Brown to impose tougher penalties on photographers who harass children of public figures. While enacting this bill was a step in the right direction, kids are still being intimidated, harassed, and stalked.

Recent discussions I’ve had with actresses Blake Lively, Jaime King, and Kristen Bell prompted me to take the next step at Just Jared by suspending the use of unauthorized photos of celebrities’ children throughout our sites. What does that mean for JJ readers? We won’t be posting photos of children of public figures without consent. All of the paparazzi shots of kids playing at the park, catching a flight at the airport, and walking to school will be off limits. Exceptions to the rule include consensual photos like public figures with kids on the red carpet, at sports games and concert venues, and pictures shared directly via social media.

I’d personally like to thank each and every one of you for your support throughout the years. Some of you have been loyal readers even before I launched in 2005! Yes, it’s been that long.

- Jared Eng, Editor-in-Chief

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  • Christina

    i respect you for that.

  • Ann-marie Taranto

    Thank you! I truly believe that it is wrong to publish pictures of their kids. Just being born to a celebrity should not negate the child’s right to privacy. I applaud your actions!!

  • Michele

    BRAVO!!! While I will miss seeing some celebrity children I FULLY SUPPORT YOUR EFFORTS!!

  • http://@mks373 Madeleine

    AMAZING! Congratulations on making such a bold choice! Good for you Jared!

  • always authorized

    NO effect on the JP kids

  • pickles

    Thank you Jared!!! I am very proud of you. I have been saying for years that it is wrong to take photographs of minor children without the permission of their parents. For years we have seen the paparazzi stalk children of celebrities even when they were at the park with the nanny and their parents weren’t there. It is dangerous and very scary for a child. It is an ugly way to earn money. I am glad you are taking a stand.

  • Diane

    Very good news!

  • Isis Nocturne

    Thank you so much for being so respectful of children and their privacy!

  • What’s next

    Excellent!!! Thank you.

  • http://@MsAppleShaker Ni’C

    Just Jared is the best and this is just one of the reasons why!

  • Missy

    Good for you jared. I wish more bloggers would follow suit. I’m proud to say that this is my fave celeb blog. And kudos to the celebs like Kristen Bell for pushing this.

  • Warren

    No more Suri pics? No more Smith kids?

  • Emma

    GOOD THING! Thank you!

  • rochelle

    I totally agree Jared. Does that mean we no longer have to see pics of Kris Jenner’s kids LOL???

  • kelly

    This is fantastic, a step in the right direction.

    This is the only site I visit because it doesn’t tear people down.

  • laly

    If that means we won’t have to see the afflecks dropping their kids EVERY SINGLE DAY im happy.

  • Ross

    Oh please.. Miranda kerr will have a stroke and stops paying you if you dont post her sons photos post any bad publicity she gets… dont be a hypocrite.

  • gamar

    I really applaud this decision. But I think it’s irresponsible, considering the environment of Hollywood (and Los Angeles), for celebrities to bring kids into this world and not expect to be followed everywhere with cameras (and furthermore, not expect it will affect them negatively). It just shows you how either ignorant, or selfish, many celebrities are.

  • maria

    good stuff!congrats for being one of the few websites to take that initiative.

  • mary

    that’s why it’s the best site about peoples !!

  • Jbo

    Well done – stay classy Just Jared. They didn’t ask to be born to famous people…

  • Derek


    definitely a jealous girl using a male name. pathetic.


    Congratulations Jared!!! Kids not public deserve privacy.

  • Stufit Upyourse


  • Sandra

    Great decision! I have been visiting your site less frequently because I didn’t want to support paparazzi who follow celebrities and their children around.. so I’m super glad you’ll stop posting them now :) Big fan!

  • Honest Abe

    Jared is so kool! Just think how he started well after that ugly par-boiled ape Perez but jared has left him in the dust. No one likes Perez but everyone adores Jared. Perez made a name for himself tearing people down while Jared always took the high road. We need more Jared’s in this country and fewer Perez’s.

  • ERIN_Noyes

    Bravo! Long overdue and hopefully trend-setting! Thanks for making the right decision.

  • Ross

    @Derek: Are you a penis detector derek? or are you a girl who your parents hated you so much that they named you derek? sad

  • olga

    ООО!!!Отлично. Теперь точно будем знать,кто за счет детей пиарится

  • Rocky


    Nope! GOOD!!!!!

  • Claudia

    Best decision you could have made. These kids didn’t choose to be in the public eye. I like your choice! JJ is now the best celeb-news site online! :)

  • Kelly

    WONDERFUL! As much as I do really like seeing their cute kids, I would not like my own children to be photographed by creeps like the Paparazzi. I think this is a wonderful idea. Thank you JJ for thinking about the well being of the kids!

  • http://@bipolarbombchel Chele

    My new go-to source. Bravo Jared! Bravo.

  • Tricky

    This is great but tricky. I guess no more daily Garner outings. Hopefully, this will be the end of the Smith kids, I doubt that the parents will object and allow the kids to consent. What about Katie Holmes?? She’s nothing without Suri so bye-bye Katie, finally. No more Kartrashians please young or adults. The Jolie-Pitt’s kids are rarely seen but does this mean when their all together when traveling i guess we won’t see those pics here. Because Brad & Angelina don’t approve photos of their children unless it’s a photo shoot and again that’s rare.

    Personally, I thinks it’s great because babies, children and young teens who are not in the business should not be subjected to the same aggressive scrutiny that their parents receive. They haven’t even decided what yet want to do with their little lives but the paps and media made the decision for them and their parents by subjecting them into the limelight.

  • Rocky

    JJ!! You ROCK!! Although I’ll miss seeing pictures of the Jolie-Pitt group, I totally agree with your decision. GOOD JOB JJ!!!

  • Saddy

    Excellent news. Makes me appreciate this site even more! Thank you, Jared.

  • Maya

    This is a great decision that will hopefully will lead others to do the same. The children didn’t chose that life and should have their privacy protected. Nice job!

  • Alice

    Celebrities DO want pictures of their kids published.
    Jennifer Garner seems to be one of the celebrities that use their children the most.
    They definetly make more talking than their movies.
    I used to like her but it is definitely not the case anymore.
    Most of her outings with her kids seem to have been orchestrated very well and she’s not the only one.
    People need to stop being hypocrite !

  • Ola

    So we need to find other side…

  • Kate

    Good for you Jared! I have always favoured your website because of your kindness and respect for the people you blog about. It is so important these days to follow your own moral compass and today I am so proud to be a loyal reader of yours. Well done!

  • carla

    Excellent news and congratulations to Halle Berry! she was right to fight for celebrities children privacy!

  • Tricky

    I am so surprised that American media did not follow suit with the laws like France where the children’s faces must be blurred to protect their identity unless it was authorized by their parents to show their faces. I guess the dollars were more important too them that they didn’t care.

    This should have been addressed years ago and now that it’s out of hand, it will bd hard to change it. I just hope it means more agressive and rude paparazzi will be pushed out of the business.

  • OK

    I love you even more than I already do, if that is even possible.

  • Tanter

    I think that’s a great move. Good job :)

  • Claire

    Good choice.

  • Courtney

    While I completely respect this decision I am going to be very honest and admit.. I am going to really miss seeing the Jolie-Pitt kids :(
    I know that’s awful to say– but I come on here a lot and get really excited to see how their kids are growing up.. so this kind of stinks. But I understand it and totally respect it. Cheers!

  • mimignyc

    This is bad news for Jennifer Garner. How else can she stay relevant?

  • Mia

    What is Leann Rimes gonna do now that she can’t pimp out Brandi’s kids and taunt her by kissing them on their mouths…??

  • LOL

    Since when? LOL

  • questionman



    you idiots the focus is on the wrong thing. Protect the children. Don’t protect the exploitation, and if a parent sells their baby photos, ala kim and kanye, beyonce, etc…. it’s still exploitation. The kid is being thrust into the spotlight.

    You all should have more respect for kids, paparazzi aren’t the problem, they are just camera guys, thr problem is the mags that can’t make a living without peddling child photos.