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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Elton John Oscars Party 2014!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Elton John Oscars Party 2014!

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler are a picture perfect couple at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party held during the 2014 Oscars at the City of West Hollywood Park on Sunday (March 2) in West Hollywood, Calif.

“#Oscars time y’all! Who do you think werrkkked the red carpet best? #oscarsfashion #lovvee,” the 25-year-old actress tweeted following the red carpet special.

Earlier in the day, Vanessa was seen grabbing two cups of morning brew at a Coffee Bean shop in Studio City.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Philosophy dress and carrying a Rodo clutch. Austin is wearing an Anthony Franco Navy Tuxedo with a black silk faille lapel.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at the party and getting coffee…

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vanessa hudgens austin butler elton john oscars party 2014 02
vanessa hudgens austin butler elton john oscars party 2014 03
vanessa hudgens austin butler elton john oscars party 2014 04
vanessa hudgens austin butler elton john oscars party 2014 05
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Photos: Getty, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • anney


  • Jill

    stupid b i tch. Learn how to spell

  • ocean

    She got the party in because hes in carrie diaries right? Why didnt security take her out

  • siennagold

    Her makeup is always overdone when she dresses up for parties.

  • italian mom

    Really happy for her. Stunning dress and cutest boyfriend. These parties are mingling business meetings, I think. .And she isn’t lazy. So glad!

  • Leo!

    Who gives a rip about dis skank? Leo lost again!!!!!!!

  • LoL

    She sounds really relly dumb lols

  • 4u2p

    Super duper makeup face like the joker

  • jen

    @Leo!: Sad that he lost but there’ll always be next time. You have to admit though, McConaughey deserved it! It was between him or Chiwetel for me.

    Top half of the dress is gorgeous, hate the bottom half but really liking her make up here.

  • Precilla

    SECURITY! nikki reed and vanessa hudgens showed up posing as celebs

  • maria

    Looking gorgeous! They really are a cute couple. I really like her dress, it’s different, with a bit of an edge, yet elegant. Bet it was a fun night, even though there really weren’t any surprises.

  • huh?

    What the heck is “werkkk”?

  • Trina

    Shes way to short for a dress like that. Looks silly if you ask me, and the dress is too attention seeking.

  • yets

    hot Couple.

  • http://Shanice15Xo Amoore

    Haters going to hate your making Vanessa more famous and I’m not complaining lol!Vanessa looks amazing in that dress!just wished her hair was black because she looks more beautiful and natural that way. I’m not judging but I have to say this Austin Butler seriously needs to get more acting role or something to get more noticed!I mean the guy tags along with Vanessa to every event!boyfriend or whatever but seriously get busy working on new projects instead of just being labeled as Vanessa Hudgens younger boy toy!Vanessa I cannot complain about her because yes she is working on side projects including filming The Great Migration animated movie and busy working on “new music” with Rock Mafia and David Correy.

  • Magic 8 Ball says…

    “Outlook not so good”
    Who’s gonna support these 2 when they’re out of money? Hopefully Austin’s parents have jobs.

  • maria

    @Amoore: Austin DOES have work on The Carrie Diaries, and is on break from filming. Why do you feel actors need to work non-stop? It’s not healthy nor good for a career. I think they both know they have to balance personal and professional lives to be happy. And as far as Vanessa bringing him to events, he IS her BF. Not sure why that bothers you.

  • tina

    Why the constant worry about someone elses money? They look great.A happy couple. You’re only young once. Carpe diem.

  • Talley

    @Amoore: younger boy toy HA!! That’s funny. The carrie diaries season ended a couple of Fridays ago. Not sure if it is going to get renewed or cancelled. It was a interesting show, but I prefer Sex in the City.

  • fandago

    So she was just watching it in some viewing party when her ex bf oh that gorgeous blue eyed prince Mr. Zefron presented on stage ?Geez
    That must have been awkward esp. watching it with her current BF whoever that skinny blonde is.ew

  • Haters bring da hate

    @Magic 8 Ball says…: Vanessa has been supporting herself and working since she was a young girl as has Austin. She will be fine. She looks great as does Austin.

  • vanessa luvvver

    s t f u idiots sayin she cant spell u must be dum or losers cuz all da young ppl spell like dis its cool u losers jelus cuz vanessa dont need school! baby v my hero lovvee vanessa 4 evaaaaa!!!

  • Haters Suck!

    Well at least austin can dance with vanessa, go to a party with her and grab a drink without completley freaking out.

  • vanessa luvvver

    @Haters Suck!: dont austin need a fake id to drink? i got one, dey ez to get

  • Haters Suck!

    He’s 22 so that would be a no. But it’s never a bad thing when people think you’re younger then you are.

  • kelly

    Augly couple again. She looks like a dog. Hate the dress and the color. Her makeup is over done. Hopefully both will run out of money and lived on the streets. There career’s aren’t going anywhere. Haye Austin show that he was in.

  • kelly

    V spends her money like there no tommorrow. She spends her money on supied things that she doesn’t need. And her parents wasted there time driving her to acting classes.

  • maria

    @kelly: Will you please grow up? You make such stupid comments. You know absolutely nothing about Vanessa’s financial situation, and it’s NONE of your business. Austin is much better for her than her ex, who thought fame, partying, and career were more important than those he loved. Vanessa needs a good man, who appreciates her, and Austin does.

  • Just me

    @maria: Fame and partying are Vanessa’s top priorities. To her detriment, career doesn’t make the top 20 of her priorities. But she needs to save the other 18 spots for more important things like nail polish.

  • Jackie

    @maria: how do you know what he ex thought? I didn’t know you could read minds.

  • Kylie

    Vanessa, you are so tiny. pretty. Looking foward to what’s next.

  • tina

    You see her at events. How does that make partying her main objective? Love her and Austin. They are both over 21 which makes it perfectly legal to have a drink occasionally. It’s nice to know your limits and have the ability to socialize with friends and peers every now and again. She young and having fun.

  • maria

    @Jackie: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out, does it? Anyone who claims to be focusing on his career and lets his friends drag him down the road to addiction, is not one who cares about needing loved ones and a relationship. Human behavior is pretty easy to see.

  • maria

    @Just me: Yeah. That’s why she is healthy, happy, and grounded. She doesn’t need rehab because she knows how to enjoy herself without getting addicted. And everyone in hollywood needs a bit of fame., or they won’t be around long. If you don’t like actors and celebs, who all have quite a bit of fame, why are you on this site criticizing just Vanessa for what they all do?

  • Just me

    @maria: “Austin is much better for her than her ex, who thought fame, partying, and career were more important than those he loved.” <—Well, I was responding to your criticism of a certain actor who you adore criticizing. I don't only criticize Vanessa, this just happens to be a Vanessa thread so I was talking about her.

    "why are you on this site criticizing just Vanessa for what they all do?" <– All famous celebs most certainly do not do what Vanessa does or act the way she acts, which is why they are more respected than her. I would never see Cate Blanchett tweeting purposely misspelled words to look cute and instagramming pics of her fake fingernails every week. Even Emma Watson who's younger than Vanessa wouldn't act the way Vanessa acts. The Kardashians act more like Vanessa, and trust me, I do criticize them plenty.

  • karma

    vanessa has bad karma. she wishes things for her self centeredness. she’s selfish . karma, vanessa, karma.

  • Haters Suck!

    @just me
    Why does no one around her, worked with her, is friends with her, met her, think the way you do about her? You’d figure if she was as horrible a person you haters think she is no one would be around her but that’s not the case. I guess it is just you.
    Wishing good things for yourself is a bad thing? I always thought wishing bad stuff for yourself and others was wrong, go figure.

  • Jackie

    @maria: everyone needs love ones. How do you determine if someone doesn’t care about that? So you are saying he does not care about any loved ones or any kind of relationships whether it’s friends, family, etc., at all? Big assumption… but okay. I don’t want any trouble so alright.

  • tina

    @Just me: What a sanctimonious prig you are. What do you expect from twitter? Social commentary? She was the last of the cast of HSM to join twitter and only did so because of an endorsement deal. Frankly it (twitter) has got to be the easiest thing in the world to ignore, yet you’re here quoting hers. Seriously this is not healthy. You need to get a grip. I couldn’t tell you one thing on the Kardashians or the exes twitter. Why because I have zero interest in anything they have to say. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you ignored hers.

  • http://Shanice15Xo Amoore

    Haters complain bla bla bla ignore!!MARIE I feel like Austin is only using her!I mean guilt is written all over is face!Does Anyone truly know who Austin Butler is??People will be like I think I saw him in this show called the Carrie Diaries and I think thats boy is Vanessa Hudgens boyfriend?that’s how people will judge you. I’m not hating on him I’m just saying he should make a name for himself plus He moved into her house he lives with her now!•_•she probably pays for everything to!Vanessa deserve better:)someone with blue eyes and a killer smile!He who I shall not name lol

  • tina

    @Amoore: She has someone with blue eyes and a killer smile….Austin. I have never seen her happier, he must be doing something right.

  • Nightwish

    @maria: Grounded? Shes an airhead, acts like a child and just hoars for attention! Lol

  • Nightwish

    Look at the way she communicates. Nobody will respect her

  • Cara

    Vanessa’s happy all the time since I first saw her in hsm. There’s no difference.

  • Nightwish

    With all that hot air occupying her brane im surprised shes not floating around

  • Just me

    @tina: You’re hilarious calling someone else out for thinking they’re superior. You post essay length novels about your degrees and memoirs of your past life story while condescendingly yelling at people half your age for criticizing a silly celebrity. You constantly talk about what the ex does in detail, why do you even bother lying about things like that? So you follow what he does cuz you don’t like him….so freaking what? Most people have a celeb they dislike, just own up to it instead of bullsh !tting. I admit when I don’t like a celeb, I won’t lie and say I ignore everything they do like you.
    Look, as far as I know you don’t own this website or this thread so people can say whatever they want on here. You can save your diagnoses of other people’s health because most people on here have zero interest in your fake expertise.

  • tina

    It all goes back to that ninth grade English teacher, communicating on all levels. The ones who she was talking to knew exactly what she was saying. And she meant to say werk not work. Google it. Then get over it.
    Sorry Cara, there is a picture showing her at Coachell 2010, 2011, and 2012 you should pay attention to her face in all the pictures, it tells a story.

  • Haters Suck!

    You really have no room to talk about how someone writes or talks mr “brane”. Everytime you leave a remark its just so damn “stoopid.” You are such a “loossier”

  • TT

    @maria: Guess what anyone who leads a life finally to end up at a psychiatrist has hardly led what you call healthy life.

  • Marisa

    @Amoore: I agree w/you I think their relationship seems kinda uneven, like Van prob pays for more stuff and Austin is kinda just a quiet guy who lets her have the attention and that’s what she was looking for I guess? (Before the fans attack me this is just my opinion I’m not hating I’m just saying an opinion)
    But if you were talkin about Zac with the blue eyes comment, I don’t think they were right for each other either, Zac seems more concerned with being taken seriously than Van and also really private, and Van seems more goofy and likes attention. So I didn’t see those 2 ever working out in the long run (Again, just my opinion)