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Lupita Nyong'o Takes Meeting for 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Female Lead?

Lupita Nyong'o Takes Meeting for 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Female Lead?

Lupita Nyong’o is reportedly in talks to star in the upcoming flick Star Wars Episode VII!

“We’re not allowed to talk about that,” the 31-year-old actress’ rep recently shared to Latino Review about the cast rumor.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita reportedly met with Star Wars Episode VII director J.J. Abrams a few weeks ago, right before she won Best Supporting Actress at the 2014 Oscars.

In case you missed it, have a look at some actors who are in contention for the lead male role in the highly anticipated film.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lupita Nyong’o possibly working on Star Wars Episode VII?

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  • Ande

    watching how this develops. i know on twitter there is a link to a petition for her to play storm, but a role in star wars would be interesting too.

  • lol

    Noooo she’s an overrated actress

  • stella

    She’s so talented, I hope she doesn’t get involved in this crap.

  • Janie

    @lol: Seriously? She’s been in the public eye since September. Take a chill pill. You only saw her on everything because her introduction onto the Hollywood scene at TIFF fell in line with promotion for the movie AND award season. She’s hardly overrated. When she starts appearing in every single movie, at every single party, and on every cover while dating every actor…when it isn’t award season… then maybe your comment will hold up. Until then.

  • Janie

    On another note, I’d rather not see her get involved with Star Wars because I think she could do so much more (not to insult the movie or its fans)…but I could also ‘see’ her in that Star Wars world. She could look pretty cool in one of those movies.

  • Please stop

    Those “to there” v-necks when you have nothing. Seriously, you look starved. It is not sexy.

  • Caprice

    @stella Why? This could open so many doors for her.

  • stella

    @Caprice: Her Oscar is gonna open doors for her, not a crappy remake.

  • Caprice

    @stella I wasn’t trying to be rude. There are just so many hurdles for black actresses even with an Oscar. This gives her a leg up.

  • Frank

    Looks like JJ Adams is trying his best to ruin Star Wars.. Really a women over 30 years to play the lead , so I guess their fan base is what 40 and 50 year old dudes.. And she isn’t hot enough, the only people who keep saying she’s pretty are other women and mostly black women .. Didn’t know Star Wars audience was black women., thought that was Tyler Perry movies . Doesn’t matter there’s still Marvel and a Hunger Games and so many others. This isn’t 70′s lots of moves to see.

  • Margaret

    She’s so explosive in spite of not having much breast.

  • Anakin

    It’s gonna be interesting if they also cast Michael Fassbender for the saga.

    What a HOT couple !

  • Celine

    Yes!!!!! I hope she gets it. I might watch Star Wars for the first time with her in it.

  • leia

    @Frank: you’re a f****** idiot. don’t even open up your mouth again. lupita will be great if she gets casted. most actresses in hollywood do not have close to the training that she does and she is very refined and elegant and an absolutely stunning woman that actually looks younger than 30, a good fit for Star Wars.

  • No No

    @Anakin: No, she and Jared are totally hot together.

  • EJ

    @Please stop: While I agree it’s not her best silhouette…Lupita has a strong, sculpted figure. She does not look starved and if you’ve ever seen her in a short skirt, you’d know that. She has thick legs and muscular arms but is all around’s not her fault she doesn’t have a larger bust. This dress was unflattering, but her body is fine.

  • EJ

    @Please stop: Also…I don’t think she was going for ‘sexy’..I think she just liked the dress. Lupita isn’t attention-seeking, she just gets it. Her outfits are usually pretty modest.

  • Patricia

    @Frank: And I’m pretty sure Star Wars fans aren’t like you. You’re a dumbass racist. Keep your stupid comments for yourself.

  • Janie

    @Frank: What does being ‘hot enough’ have to do with starring in Star Wars? Most of the characters have on makeup or appearance altering costumes. Besides, acting is her job…and a movie is to tell a story…my reason to see a film doesn’t focus on how attractive I am to the cast. All of that said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think Lupita IS beautiful. I don’t expect you to think so because your vision is clearly clouded by hate and racism.

  • LOL

    She’s perfect for ASAJJ VENTRESS

  • From France

    Wow this was my suggestion on you can also give your opinion there

  • cudo

    get it girl

  • Bel amour

    @Frank: What a racist thing to say. Wow. For your information, Star Wars is a damn saga and lots of people love it. And yes, even black people. Sorry to burst your hateful bubble! I am a mixed woman and I’m the biggest Star Wars fan. Jeez. I can’t believe some people still think like that…. Get your head out your ass and get with the movement. Racism is not in. It will not get you far. I hope you’ll learn that quick! Your comment is so stupid. I wish ignorant people like you couldn’t open their nasty mouths.

  • Ha

    I think it’d be great. I don’t have much faith in that sequel but maybe she’ll get the level up. She could play a bad ass character. @Frank: Get lost.

  • lol

    Perfect for the new Cantina scenes

  • Frank

    Calm down ugly Zoe Saldana wasn’t hot enough for the Uhuru role in Star Trek but she still got the part. The original Uhuru played by Nicheel Nichols was much better looking.

  • clay

    Frank, you are funny.

  • @Frank

    I see you have stolen someones moniker!
    You need to check twitter and see the number of white male and female people that support this stunning woman.
    Me included
    Take your racist 100 year old attitude elsewhere. You make other white people ashamed in this day and age.

  • WHY?

    i hate it when hollywood chooses an actor based almost intirely on current popularity rather than if said actor is really right for the role …they have done the same with so many a bad actor’s always plays themselves. not that i think anyway she is bad …she’s good but still that not rightfor this crap….anyway i just saw her in a trailer forsome new crappy hw tripe and thought what the f**k is she doing in this tripe , sheis so much better than this.

  • Yeah

    They should rename the movie to Star Nigg+ers.

  • hmm?

    Who gonna play Chewblacka, C3PeepsEO, R2Rap2 ?

  • Lilly

    @Yeah: You must really hate you life you racist S.O.B to hide behind comments to say awful things. She has a better life than you’ll ever come close to, keep on hating.

  • Lena

    I have never seen Lupita act in a movie yet. Might see the airline one. And, I was not happy about a black woman winning an Oscar for portraying a downtrodden slave (stereotype). I was much happier when Jennifer Hudson won after America voted and demanded her stardom and she got it for a more glamorous role. An entertaining movie and not a political message. Huge difference to me.

    However, I would be THRILLED to see Lupita in Star Wars. Why? It will probably make a billion dollars. And if we want Hollywood to green light New superhero series STARRING Black actors, Asian actors, Hispanic actors, and not just as part of the ensemble, but as the LEAD (as Carrie Fisher was or Mark Hamill or Harrison Ford) then somebody other than Eddie Murphy or Will Smith needs to pave the way. The public is not the obstacle. The movie industry is. We just want good stories.

    And, I think it would be also pretty powerful as a message if a black woman were to be able to get an Academy Award for a sci fi film. So I’d be rooting for Lupita to win for Star Wars. Has a woman won for sci fi yet? Did Siguourney Weaver win for Alien? I can’t stand political message Academy Awards. The Academy forgets that movies are to entertain us, not teach us politics. That Hurt Locker movie? Didn’t see it. Never will. Here’s $12 now hurt me?….uh…no…

    I also adore George Lucas but I thought Lucas’ missed the mark with Red Tails. It was an okay movie. I think he was trying to give the world black heroes. But when I was watching that movie, all I kept thinking was why didn’t he just stick to what made him a billionaire and what made us all love him? And create a Star Wars type of series and hire black actors so that little African-American kids can have their own Luke Skywalkers and Princess Leias that look remotely like them so they can empower themselves and create childhood memories by looking to actors that look like them just like white kids have done without confidence confusion for 40 years?

    I saw this article once where this African American father wrote to Mattell because he was so frustrated because the Barbie dolls that they were making didn’t look anything like his daughter. That broke my heart. So, there’s all these little kids out there that play let’s play pretend. And I have a vision in my head of all these little kids feeling left out and confused because they have to learn that Barbie dolls and superheroes look nothing like them. I know they now make those Barbies but it was like pulling teeth for 70 or so years before that progress. And we’ve suffered through like 10 superman remakes and all those superheroes were created in what 1939 and are white? It’s ridiculous.

    So, I am very much in favor of the creation of lots of different race superheroes for the children. Life is tough. People suffer. At least give the kids (of all races and ethnicities) joy and happiness for the short time that they have that precious innocence. We can do this through superhero cinema.

    I think Lupita would be great in a Star Wars STARRING role. 😊. I could see her on a Happy Meal Box to be quite honest…


  • yikes!

    is that cleavage? or a small drainage ditch with a wart

  • rdb

    I think her age,color or bust size shouldn’t have a damn thing to do with it.she’s perfect to play in or lead on a star wars movie or any movie she seeks or is asked to play in.she’s beautiful, sensual very smart and very talented with a tremendous sex appeal. I say for her to go for it,it would be a great role for her.

  • Michelle Garrett