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Brad Pitt's Plan B Acquires Hacker Film Based on 'Anonymous Vs. Steubenville' Article

Brad Pitt's Plan B Acquires Hacker Film Based on 'Anonymous Vs. Steubenville' Article

Brad Pitt‘s production company Plan B has just acquired a new film based on the Rolling Stone article “Anonymous Vs. Steubenville.”

Right off of their Oscar win for 12 Years a Slave, Brad, Dede Gardner and their company will produce the movie “based on a true story about a hacker who helped catch two rapists, and then was jailed for his actions,” THR reports.

The original Rolling Stone article was written by David Kushner in November of 2013 about Deric Lostutter, a hacker who uncovered the rape of a student at a high school involving two football players.

Deric was arrested, and could spend over 10 years in prison, while the men he helped catch could be in for just one year.

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# 1

This is going to be a powerful movie. Can’t wait. Bravo Brad and Plan B.

# 2

Bcus the world we live in, crimes against women are not deemed important as invading someone’s privacy/internet crimes. Women are the real victims of injustices throughout time, and it still goes on to this very day!

# 3

I’m pretty sure that it was Dede and Jeremy behind finding the material. Then again, JJ is obligated to promote the Brand so of course the other producers’ involvement must be downplayed in favor of hyping the slack jawed dumbass, who only knows how to coat-tail others into fame and fortune. That’s his MO!

# 4

Plan B kicking as# and taking names

# 5

the new Depp? pitty wants a young girl for his romantic movie

# 6

And I kind of right. It was New Regency and RatPac who bought the rights and passed them on to Plan B to produce, with Jeremy Kleiner being listed as producer. Dede is probably trying to figure something out for Pothead to do, so that he stays away from ruining the movie with a cameo, just like it happened last time with 12 YAS!

# 7

@Ⱦamsin: Is JJ obligated to post your idiotic comments? BTW what is the answer to that question are you a man or a woman?

# 8
Pretty Ka @ 04/02/2014 at 2:47 pm

WHAAAT??? That is absolutely insane! I had read about how Anonymous had uncovered the men who perpetrated the crime. That was all I knew before I read this article. I had no idea they caught the person I would deem the hero in this situation and now want to jail him. WHAT THE F**** AMERICA?

# 9

Aniston is really a *****.

Brad Pitt is the sole OWNER of Plan B Entertainment. DeDe and Jeremy are copresidents . Brad is the boss.

So Ticky wanted him to have an affair and stay married?lololololol
Only when he said no, she realized he was allready in love by the future mother of his children. Tipical of a 4-list soap actress.

Brad is looking like Robin Thicke.

Plan B is snapping up some amazing material to make into movies. Can’t wait to see these films when they come out.

BTW trolls. How is Echo Films doing

Bringing over cos i know the fatfvckers want to run away from jennay’s decline: 2005-2014 [from undeserved wife of Brad Pitt to a disgusting hasbeen who now begs men to sh!t on her.]
The hens were all atwitter back in 05 when they thought it was a good strategy for jennay to paint herself as the wronged widdle wife who was blindsided by her ‘philandering’ husband when he ran off with the ‘husband stealer’……..oh wait:………………not sure which talking point they want us to believe on any given day…………..did Brad TELL jennypoop that he wanted out of the marriage, like anustain, badenwald, cox, et al told leslie bennet; or did Angie lasso him and bind his limbs and STEAL him away from the poor, loving widdle wife……………LMFAO
Anyhooo, they were so anxious to spill their gut in that VF interview that theyve left a treasure trove of COMEDY. FVCKING. GOLD. nuggets for fans to pull and repeat, just enough to further derange the hagistons as they spin in the wind, trying to find even ONE piece of good news about the b!tch who has sunk so low, she now BEGS men to SH!T ON H ER!
Jesus. H. Christ.
OMFG! Priceless!

LOL at Tamsh*t and the verbal diarrhea that comes out of it’s mouth regarding Brad.

Yawn. It’s just so old and lame

I am so proud of Brad and his production company that is taking on exposing injustice in America society.

Is this movie about rape?

she now BEGS men to SH!T ON H ER!
LOL. Yep. I think that is a perfect metaphor for Aniston’s professional and personal life at the moment.

Wonderbust @ 04/02/2014 at 3:04 pm

Shout out to Phool for this link:

Guests later headed to Jimmy at the James where Justin Theroux ducked questions about Jennifer Aniston and his career. A guest asked, “When will you get an Oscar?” He shot back, “I do comedies!”
Meanwhile, swinging into the film’s after-party, dressed in a form-fitting leather jacket, a sexy-looking Justin Theroux was poked and prodded. But he refused to give up any top-secret information. The “Wanderlust” star even obliged when one flirty guest politely asked if she could pinch his derriere at the Cinema Society and Gucci Guilty soiree.
But the bottom-feeding fan went a step too far by asking Theroux where his wedding to Jennifer Aniston would take place when it finally happens. “I don’t know,” he answered unconvincingly, shrugging and making a face that suggested “nice try.”
@reply | flag this

Selma and this movie are Oscar materials. Go Brad, go Plan B.

@Kim: The answer to your question to is the town pump, and is a hermaphrodite, eunuch, impotent asexual assholle.

Kim:#7 it will never answer your question because he’s all up in Brad’s and Angelina’s drawers instead of GOOP’S who is fuc..king everyone in hollwyood.

Brad and Plan B are unstoppable. They are absolutely a force to be reckoned with and they are the producing powerhouse.

@paul: Nope its about the hacker who exposed the coverup of the rape. Of course the rape will be mentioned.

I still remember the case. How disgusting the criminals spread the video online to ridicule the victim. How disgusting the school, the town and the local media covered up the criminals. How unfair the verdict on the criminals were: hacker got 10 years while the rapists got 1 year. The law isn’t right, the law needs change. Glad Brad and Plan B will make a movie about it.

I see Angie directing this. She said in the EW interview that she would like to do something darker and with this subject matter I think she only wouldnt do this if she do not want.

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