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Miranda Kerr's Ex Orlando Bloom Thanks Her During Hollywood Walk of Fame Speech!

Miranda Kerr's Ex Orlando Bloom Thanks Her During Hollywood Walk of Fame Speech!

Miranda Kerr rocks two different dresses at the Samantha Thavasa Omotesando Gates Store fan event held at Akasaka Britz on Thursday (April 3) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 30-year-old model was joined at the event by singer Takahiro of the Japanese band Exile.

The day before, Miranda‘s ex Orlando Bloom received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where he thanked her in his speech!

“No success could happen or even feel vaguely this sweet without the support of family and great friends,” Orlando said during his speech. “My dad, my sister, my cousin, my old mom back in England who couldn’t make it today, my best mates Mark and Chris. Miranda for giving me the greatest gift of all, my son [Flynn]. You know I love you all and thank you for everything.”

Check out a video from the ceremony below.

FYI: Miranda is wearing a Black Halo white top and skirt, also a Michael Kors floral dress, Manolo Blahnik shoes, and Samantha Thavasa bag.

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Credit: Jun Sato; Photos: WireImage
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  • That’s Right

    She is such a dumb ass. All the fame in the world cannot replace family. She is a typical famesekker throwing away her marriage and a stable life for her son all to chase a star, which can still be chased with her family intact. Miranda might as well realize that she is no longer a single person, no matter what! She has a son that needs both parents. All these stupid and vapid interviews about wanting explore and crap should have been done in your twenties, which with her being in modeling I’m willing to bet she has already sampled all sides. Time to grow up Miranda.

  • *-*

    orlando is such a gentleman

  • Randal

    He just thanked her for being a baby oven…

  • Ugh

    Just another famewhore model.

  • algernon

    He’s way too nice to her.

  • Ap

    @That’s Right: best comment of this post

  • to

    #1i concur. Such a sicko.

  • scarlett

    Why wasn’t his speech part of the post about Orlando getting his star? Why tag it on and make it all about Miranda, when she’s only briefly mentioned? Oh wait, I forgot the world revolves around her doesn’t it?

  • Xc

    She’ll beg for Orlando to take her used up @ss back once she realizes that there are very few men like him out there. Once she wakes up and finds herself feeling empty without family. A lot of men will be nice til they get in your pants, but when you really need their support you’ll realize they ain’t no Orlando. By then he’ll be madly in love with another woman who deserves him much more than you.

  • wishes

    I hope the Asians keep her there so that the rest of us will be free of her venomous existence.

  • Barbara

    Well, who knows what goes on in a marriage. I think they both got what they needed from each other. Don’t always believe every model is a fame whore. She does seem to like the attention, but when she is in a campaign for a product she must put herself out there.

  • ok

    Everyone likes a bit of attention to some level. Sure, when you’re working, you have to put yourself out there if necessary, but when you constantly call attention on yourself regardless of whether working or not is madness and ppl generally don’t like narcissistic ppl. Miranda is smug and narcissistic so ppl dislike her.

  • @12

    Couldn’t agree more. She is one of the most narcisstic people out there. I’m sure she married Bloom just to become famous and had his child just to make sure he will be connected to her forever. I don’t understand who could like her fake smile and her superficial empty existence. She does absolutely nothing useful in her life. She’s useless.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Orlando Kerrdashian hasn’t had his spine replaced since the split and thanks Miranda Kerrdashian for purposely getting knocked up and saddling him with the responsibility of playing daddy to a melon headed brat. Btw, I have seen the pics of Melon Head at the shindig and must note that while Orlando Kerrdashian is able to afford to purchase the WoF star he is unable to afford a haircut for Melon Head. I suppose that one must make sacrifices when one is struggling so hard to remain famous and fake relevancy. That or they keep Melon Head’s hair long to cover up the sheer enormity of Melon Head’s melon head.

  • Nicole

    I agree the post should have been about Orlando Bloom not about the 2 seconds that he mentions his ex. However, if he doesn’t have any hard feelings towards her why do we have any right to. Obviously he doesn’t feel used or they wouldn’t still be close. Get over it. They are two pretty people living in their pretty world. They don’t care what we think!

  • Ew

    I don’t think he should thank her for, or accept, anything that dropped out of her rancid v@g.

  • @Randal

    I had that thought, too. He thanked someone for being his incubator. What a gentleman!

  • Lan

    Wow, you miranda fans are really sick. Orlando thanked her even though she exposed their sex life only to get an attention. And Flynn is not just Orlando’s baby, he is Orlando and Miranda’s child. You are the guys making her joke.

  • @18

    Nah, she does a good job of making herself a joke all on her own.

  • Indol

    @Elena. Wow. Mocking and insulting a three year old. How pleased you must be with your cleverness. Shame on you.

  • Guest

    Flynn is the only good deed of Miranda, with lots of assists from Orlando. She should be thanking him instead, not the other way around. I hope she realizes that they are the only assets she has for good publicity.

  • Tiffy

    Orlando must really be so nice to even acknowledge her. A class act from him for somebody who doesnt deserve such. Lucky Flynn to have him as dad. Unfortunately though, he could not choose who could be his mother.

  • Wake up Ms Kerr

    Orlando had explained that it was in their differing view on how to live their life and work that caused the split. Now, its clear that he wants to move up while she prefers to go waydown. Her old folks must really try to reach out to her and bring her into her senses. Her lust for fame and easy money have already cost her Orlando. Must she lose Flynn also?

  • Elena

    @Indol: Not sure what is so shameful about anything I said. Children deserved to be mocked. They are disgusting. I am pleased with my cleverness and you are just jealous.

  • @24

    And you are always coming here convince us that you are not disgusting? What a b*tch are you! And a w@ste of your parents breathe!

  • Jet

    @That’s Right: Well said. It is not farfetched that given her mental state, Flynn might outgrow him and then realizes soon enough what embarrasment she is to him. There are supermodels who despite being in the limelight are able to preserve their family. BTW, she claims to be a health buff but she seems to have forgotten to attend to her mental and spiritual being.

  • Jet

    @That’s Right: Well said. Given her mental state, it is not farfetched that Flynn would soon outgrow her and find out what a total embarassment she is. There are indeed supermodels who have preserved their family despite the limelight. BTW, she claims to be a health buff, but may have forgotten to attend to her mental and spiritual being. Dont expect her to grow up.

  • jasmine

    hahahaha That was hilarious :))