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Jennifer Garner: The #NoKidsPolicy Has Made the Hugest Difference

Jennifer Garner: The #NoKidsPolicy Has Made the Hugest Difference

Jennifer Garner looks gorgeous while promoting her film Draft Day at Good Morning America on Wednesday (April 9) in New York City.

The 41-year-old actress answered a viewers question, “What are the must haves for family time while shooting for you and Ben Affleck on both sides (when Jen is working vs. when Ben is working)?” on the show about her and Ben’s conflicting schedules!

“You can’t go for too long without being together as a unit. Face time is a must time for us. I make pajamas for the kids with Ben’s face on it that they sleep in. I put his voice in things…like there’s a teddy bear you can get where you can put the voice in the paw,” Jennifer said.

She also discussed the highly talked about is part of this and you can read about it here.

“It has made the hugest difference in our lives and particularly in our kids lives,” Jennifer said.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a rag & bone dress, Jenni Kayne coat and Christian Louboutin shoes.

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  • amanda

    Sure. But it was okay to parade the kids around to help her husband’s awards season campaign.

  • Higgines

    Celebs have one agenda, THEMSELVES ! the most phoniest people on the planet !

  • Joelle

    What? Isn’t Ben home enough for the kids to remember what he look like and sound like?

  • missy

    How long does Ben stay away from his family, his girls are not toddlers, he must leave for months if she’s afraid they’ll forget his face or voice, and I guess face timing or skyping is something they don’t know how to do. Are Ben and Garner still together, or separated, sounds like a father that has joint custody.

  • Aisha

    @amanda: Well said!
    She’s an hypocrite! her kids were photographed EVERYDAY because she was always taking them to places that are well-known for being surrounded by paparazzis! she used to smile to the paps with her kids at her side and now she is supporting this “no kids policy”? give me a break!

  • analu

    @Aisha & Amanda: Yes, you’re absolutely right. But that’s different. Garner and all the other celebrities… all they want is control ocer the pictures of them and their family to create an image they prefer. That’s all they care about… their image. And it’s harder to control the image when someone just takes random shots and they can’t say anything against publishing them. It’s all about control, nothing more.

  • April

    She is so beautiful! Classy lady, as much as I miss seeing her and Ben with their gorgeous children, I am so happy for them that now they are able to spend quality time with the kids without the paps invading their space like they did before. The Affleck kids are the only kids I ever wanted to see in the first place but I totally understand how much of a difference this has made for them.

    Unlike a lot of celebrity families, they live their lives just like normal every day folks, during the school run, sports and activities like basketball, soccer, ballet and karate, etc. Those times mean a lot to kids and just because they choose to do the park and farmer’s maket, country mart and ice cream dates themselves instead of leaving those activities to the hired help(nannies) they are bashed by the haters online. That is crazy isn’t it ? Bless this family and may they always be happy together.

  • Hypocrite

    If they had been harassed by the paps those pics would not have looked like happy family pictures. Garner had contract photogs come and take pictures so she can sell herself as the ultimate everyday happy family mom.

    Paparazzi pics look like this

    She is such an idiot!

  • allison

    How can the #nokidpolicy make the hugest difference. The pictures of the kids are still being taken by paps. I see them almost every day on places like The Daily Mail.

    And what’s up with putting pictures of Ben on the kids pjs. Ever heard of Skyping or Face time. Maybe even traveling to see Ben if he is going to be gone so long that the kids would forget what his face looks like.
    I think Garner just created a bs story to show what a great mother she is.

  • lmao

    It is so nice not to see her on this site going to the paparazzi infested mall on a daily basis for coffee with her children in tow. Thank you Jennifer you did a good thing. Now maybe she can stop talking about ridiculous crap like she puts Ben’s face on the kids pajamas. Sorry but she really sounds like an idiot. She is so not down to earth who does that shit lmao.

  • Welly

    Like her. Go take you and the kids to see Ben. The their old enough to travel. Kind. Of miss not seeing them. And there hair messed up.

  • April

    Why it you idiots don’t like her, you click on this thread to talk sh!t. If you want to know the truth, you would go to her fan site and see all the times the kids spend with both her and Ben. And yes, the they are still living the same lifestyle as before the paps laws were passed but now, the kids don’t feel threatened by them and just because pics show them smiling in spite of the paps just means that the parents made them feel safe and protected unlike some other celebs.

    I know that when Violet is not in school, they always accompany Ben on location. They are not home-schooled like most rich kids and regular school require that you attend class every day. For instances, this summer, the entire family will be in Detroit while Ben films.

    So much time spent by non-fans who think they know what goes on with this family is becoming unbearable.

  • April

    @lmao: I too think Jen created that story about some things from their personal life. What I hate is when interviewers ask questions about stars’s home life during an interview and force them to make up stuff rather than focus on the project they are promoting. All this does is open the door for haters to finds a reason to talk Sh!t about celebs they don’t like. Why not concentrate on celebrities you do like and stop giving hits to people you don’t care? This comment is meant non only for your Dear, but all of those many names you use and other just like you.

  • http://jared Kim

    @ amanda What kids?Do you know what your talking?Zipper your mouth her kids never seen here…Jealous much?Hang urself….

  • http://jared Kim

    @ Higgines not all don’t generalize she is not one of them.Loser….

  • http://jared Kim

    @ Joelle please read some good parenting tips…

  • Norah

    Actually don’t you find it a bit weird if a mum puts a dad’s face or voice so that the kids don’t forget makes Ben seem strange and why did she say that?

  • lmao

    @April:So she made that crap up about the pajama thingy? okay so that makes her a double idiot for making up some stupid sh## like that. She is such a hillbilly.

  • norah

    i think sometimes too much information is not good dont you think?

  • http://jared Kim

    @ norah to those who are not reading good parenting tips think this is crazy…. now b4 anyone will comment try to read at least one…

  • http://jared Kim

    @ lmao do u know what ur talking? Am a nurse by prof and what she said is right try reading good parenting tips you idiot….go back to school..

  • Nina

    Jennifers certainly in full career mode I do think she sounded a bit insulting & insensitive towards Ben during her appearance on Jimmy Fallons show. People parent in different ways (especially men and women) but at least there’s (proof) in past pictures (no longer allowed/no kids policy) that he’s there with his kids when he isn’t working. I didn’t find her listing his failures as a co-parent on screen humorous.

  • Carly

    @Kim: Are you smashing your keyboard or something? Stop talking nonsense girl. Or you could learn how to spell before you insult everyone.

  • April

    The Afflecks make Brangelina look like unfit parents and that is why some of you throw shade on the Afflecks. They are more like real parents during every day things with their kids and not just parading them thru airports. Sad but true, the only time those Brangelina kids get to see the light of day is when their parents are promoting something.

    Both the press and the fans would like to see the Afflecks disappear because they represent celebrities who raise their kids like ordinary folks and not like a circus troop or gypsy folks passing thru town. lol

  • Alexa

    She adds Ben’s face to their pajamas? Are they mentally challenged or something?

    Anyhow..the only reason we see her face anymore is because of Ben. I can only take so much of her big mouth/ deep annoying.
    As for her relationship with Ben, I recall him saying something like he’d rather be making a movie than spending time at home with his kids.

  • http://Jared Kim

    @ Carly don’t tell me what to do….look who’s talking nonsense here…

  • http://Jared Kim

    @ Alexa you cannot put this family down…move on…they are happy couple…next time u comment make sure he cheat have some proof….loser