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Katie Holmes Reveals Her Favorite Style Rule - Find Out What It Is!

Katie Holmes Reveals Her Favorite Style Rule - Find Out What It Is!

Katie Holmes stands out in the crowd with a red cardigan while out and about with a gal pal on Friday (April 11) in New York City.

The night before, the 35-year-old actress was beautiful in a black dress while snapping a selfie of herself at the 2014 Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Celebration, which was also attended by Jessica Biel.

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“I think highlight your favorite items. So if you’re wearing beautiful Tiffany‘s jewelry go with a simple dress,” Katie shared to Us Weekly at the event about her style rule.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes spending time with a gal pal…

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  • Nathan

    she has the best smile ever.

  • Caryn

    Anyone who takes fashion advice from this fashion challenged nonentity deserves negative comments on their style.

  • Amy


    Yeah, I don’t get it. First the fashion line and then this. I’d rather take fashion advice from Suri.

  • Missy

    She looks lovely and so radiantly happy! Good for her.

  • ace11

    I read she wants another baby

    I volunteer my services

  • Eleanor

    Katie has to be the frumpiest frump who ever frumped. Ick.
    Ditto about taking advise from this slob. It’s comical.
    Those legs are getting more hefty too.

  • Sheri

    I’ll remember this advise next time I wear my Tiffany jewelry! In my dreams … :)

  • Keeping Perspective

    Let us not forget , these people are entertainers. That is there trade. They choose this trade because they need to fill some void of “see Me”. This is called Narcissism. If you get confused or loose focus, look up the definition. Basically if you are idolizing or grand staging these people, I have to tell you….That’s F***** UP.

  • Keeping Perspective

    Let me clean up my grammar: Let us not forget, these people are entertainers. Nothing more, nothing less. That is their trade. They choose this line yubgbcvcdfggbbhhhbof “work” because they need to fill some void of “See Me”. This is called Narcissism. If you get confused or loose focus. Google the definition of narcissism. In summary, if you are idolizing or grand staging these people, I have to tell you… That’s F***** Up. This is why Paltrow, Pitt, Cruise, Joli, Pitt, and Lohan and of course, the Biebs are doing wacko things (lass, may I not leave out Wacko Jacko), they also believe they are that great.

  • Meg

    Duo Camel Toe.

  • anne


    Duo Camel Toe. ?????????

  • anne

    Does anybody know when was the last time Tom was photographed with Suri? The last what I saw was a trip to Disney. Almost 02 years.

    Kiss Annie

  • oh brother

    Photographed in public does not equal last time he saw her.
    We saw a faded pic of him in central park that was not a pap pic and then we saw pics of them bungee jumping months after it happened only because the company released a pic to say they were there.
    Those are at least two times that were not pap pics and the public was not meant to see but it was found out about. So surely there are many other times as well. Tom is also not caught by photogs now that he is working in London but surely he is not hiding in his hotel room just because we don’t see pictures. Same with him and Suri.
    Anne, you really live in the tabloid world it seems. It appears not only do you believe most of what you read at face value but you seem to also think if its not in the tabloids it doesn’t exist. Real life is not that way.

  • anne

    @oh brother:

    The truth is that before the divorce had a lot of pictures, theaters, restaurants, late night girl wrapped in blanket, carousel was an exaggeration. And now the image of Tom im so bad press was speculating that Scientology, suppressive person, bah, blah, blah. and only photos taken away? For me is strange. I believe Katie kicked Tom in their lives (God, that is not true) horrilvel this is a shame.

  • oh brother

    Please your imagination is running wild.
    He is in London for months now. He isn’t being chased by paps like in LA or NY.
    Actually his image is just fine only on a few gossip sites are people still talking about the same old cult/sp/whatever bull anymore.
    He got tons of positive press after the latest award show and is doing just fine.
    Really Anne, take your head out of the tabloid press. It’s not real life.
    It’s a good thing for all the chaos of all those pap shots is over. They both never should have carried on that way to begin with. It did damage all the way around. Hope life is back to normal and quiet.

  • Free at last!

    “I think highlight your favorite items. So if you’re wearing beautiful Tiffany’s jewelry go with a simple dress,”

    Bwahahahahahahahaha!!! Oh my God! Have you ever heard anything more blank and vapid than this?
    Oh..oh..I did! For all the Ab Fab fans out there, remember how Pasty totally froze at a TV interview? At the end, she struggled to utter her fashion tip:

    One can never have enough hats, gloves, scarfs and shoes…

    KHo’s ‘tip’ is pretty high up there.

  • anne

    @Free at last!:
    Why the hate? The irony? She is beautiful. Let’s leave katie move on and be a good mother.

    @oh brother:

    I do not believe everything I read. More there was a consensus in the press after divorce and Tom personality. I do not care.MI5

  • K-Flop – DL Wrap Party Pic

    “Dangerous Liaisons” pilot finishes shooting in NYC (4/6)

    @RLaGravenese: Melissa George, Taylor Hackford & Rufus Sewell. That’s a wrap on “Dangerous Liaisons” pilot. Thank you all!!

    No K-Flop though.

    ON – Miss Meadows @ TFF 2014 (4/21)

    2014 Year of K-Flop

  • Meg

    @anne: #17 – Because we can’t go a week where she is doing SOMETHING that is antagonistic. She provokes and creates her own drama with the Paps.

  • To 18-k-flop

    OMG, LOL!!
    Not included in the wrap picture?
    K-flop not making friends?
    j/k. no idea why but it’s funny.

  • sense

    love her! ! she looks happy and radiant! Tom getting positive press? there.must be some scientology people here or just part of his P R entourage, that is ridiculous. he,s been advised to shy away for a while and only come out for job purposes or awards, Tom is all about his.image….the most important thing is that.and his career.

  • National Inquirer


    “he,s been advised to shy away for a while and only come out for job purposes or awards,”

    And you know this how?

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @To 18-k-flop: Because it hit a nerve. Katie must feel the wrath of her actions: walking onto set with bra showing through with her new appendage in leopard skin stillatoes and spandex pants. (Could an intervention or serious confrontation be needed now?!?). Truly do wish she would get a PR person to help her recreate herself: Something like; classy, conservative, caring, protective mother. Rather than cheesy, narcissistic, wackadoodle. People do root for the underdog WHEN they come through. At least Johnny Depp KNOWS he’s a horses ass.

  • oh brother

    They don’t know it. There is no way they could know something that personal so it’s another way of there being holes in the picture of what we see so people make it up to fit what they want it to be. We don’t see Tom much so they make up stories. He is working in London and busy- that much we know.
    I am no cult member by any means but by positive press I was referring to the comments and press I saw and how stars reacted to him at this latest event. I see a few sites that still have the same old comments about the cult stuff but I also see 1) HW treats him great and there are many stars always fawning over him 2) many fans posting pics of them with him 3) and I was surprised at how much the negative comments about the cult stuff had slowed down over all when I took a look- although yes, some still existed. Basically the old thing is getting old and tired and people are moving on.
    That is what I saw from where I sit.
    It does make me laugh at how much people get called SCI people just because they either don’t like Katie or do like Tom. That is also just old/tired and laughable now.
    Oh and maybe this person is an anti cult or ex member themselves Just a guess but before Tom’s award show there was comments from those types saying “Tom has been sent away for auditing so he doesn’t leave the cult”. That was because he was working and people didn’t know where he was so just like this situation they make it up to fit. Then Tom was seen and it was made known they were working on Mission so the story changes to “he was advised not to come out”. Why can’t people accept we won’t even get a 100percent clear picture without being directly involved.

  • annie

    I think she looks great too, and happy. Maybe put on a little weight as well, which suits her, I think.
    Katie can be a little quirky one day, playful the next and very classy the next. She’s interesting!
    That deposition didn’t go too well for Tom, and after that, it’s been out of sight out of mind. Think that is the whole idea.
    But I quite like his movies. Really liked Jack Reacher, but never been a big fan of his Mission Impossible movies, , but he has had and still has a a great career, after all these years, can’t take that away from him, regardless of the other things.
    And never watched too many of his older movies, except on tv, but I think Suri looks very much like the younger Tom.
    Got to hand it to K-Flop, really does her/his homework where Katie is concerned.

    Hi Anne.
    Hi Anne

  • oh brother

    You said: “That deposition didn’t go too well for Tom, and after that, it’s been out of sight out of mind. Think that is the whole idea.”

    But that idea is not truth but as I said assumption because there is a hole in the picture so people make up reasons why.
    We don’t see Tom much since late last year. People make up stories it is because of the deposition or that he is hiding. They assume, they guess, they speculate but they post it as fact.
    When in reality he has been working in London. You are drawing connections where there is none.

  • annie

    Correct, none of us know the truth, and I don’t believe everything I read, but sometimes you can connect the dots here and there, and it does happen to be close to what you thought, paticularly if it’s a fleeting type of thought that comes quick to mind….a first thought, not an analysed thought, if that makes sense.

  • oh brother

    Perhaps sometimes guesses turn out to be the truth however, in this case we don’t know yet if that is the case so people should not post it as truth.
    From where I sit he looked most happy and joyful in most recent interviews and since oblivion press so to me it doesn’t appear he is in any kind of hiding mode. Notice I didn’t post that as a fact since neither of us know what or why he is doing anything right now.
    Perhaps he has a girl on the down low and wants to be smart this time and not present her until it is a strong relationship? Perhaps the press isn’t following him where he is at in England so we don’t see it every time he steps out of his hotel? Perhaps his mother is ill and he is trying to spend quiet time with her (I had heard she is ill and last photos of her seem to suggest it)? He loves work so perhaps he is just really focused on Mission and the next Jack Reacher he is working on? Perhaps he likes it in London now since Bella is there and he sees her?Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps. We don’t know so best to frame it that way.
    Perhaps it is my connection of the dots because it was my gut feeling that came to mind quickly is correct and not yours? How do we know? We don’t.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @anne: men don’t get that emotional. He has already moved on.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @oh brother: we all know what happens when one assumes!

  • anne

    Friends, here in Portugal I appeal:
    You are clear and goals for (google) I understand.
    I hope, if Tom’s mother is sick, that Katie let Suri to visit her grandmother. It would be a horror if she dies (toc, toc, toc) without seeing his beautiful granddaughter. Let’s leave behind the anger and move on. Friends, TomKat is old and boring. Let’s hope new GF / BF for new subjects.

    Good Sunday, Annie.

  • Missy

    Anne, you always say that tomkat is boring, yet you’re always the one who brings it up. I agree that it’s boring. Time to move on folks.

  • anne

    Who do you suggest?@oh brother:

    Where did you read about Tom’s mother?

  • oh brother

    It was months ago and it was alluded to some place but not directly stated. That is why I said perhaps since I don’t know for sure.
    I did see pictures of her looking old and in a wheel chair.
    Tom is 52 in July and not the oldest child so I assume his mother is well into her 80′s so it would make sense she is having health problems at this point in life but I don’t know for sure. Heck, maybe she is one of those 80yr olds off playing golf and shuffle board in Florida and doing great. IDK.

  • Read it and weep

    Here are “facts”. Things we know about Holmes/Cruise, the divorce and Suri. Holmes left Cruise and he was surprised. Both he and his attorney confirmed that fact. The details of the divorce were settled quickly. Cruise and Holmes has a prenup which outlined the financial settlement and Cruise agreed to let Holmes have FULL residential and legal custody, allowing him only visitation. These facts were confirmed by Cruise’s attorney and Holmes attorney in a statement. THAT IS VERY UNUSUAL…..more than unsual, actually. It’s just plain odd. In the US, the common settlement is the Mother gets residential custody while legal custody is 50-50 with both parents having a say. What Cruise did was to essentially give up all rights to make decisions about Suri’s health, schooling, etc. In short, Holmes makes all important decisions on Suri’s behalf and Cruise can’t say a word. NO FATHER EASILY ALLOWS SOMETHING LIKE THAT!! Holmes must have had some very juicy secrets she threatened to reveal to get Cruise to accept those terms and do it so quickly. Cruise didn’t even try to go to court to have joint legal custody, which is very, very, very ODD since no judge in the UYS would have denied Cruise joint legal custody without a really extreme reason. That is a fact. In my opinion, Holmes must have threatened to reveal something very embarrassing about Cruise or his cult for him to have given up without a fight for his youngest child. We also know for a fact, thanks to Cruise himself, that he had not seen Suri for 100 days – which is UNFORGIVABLE IMHO. He admitted it in a legal deposition during the case against one of the rag magazines. He also admitted that scientology was one of the reasons for the divorce (DUH!) There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for Cruise not to have seen his child for over 3 months. I don’t care if he was working or not. He owns a private plane, has unlimited funds and could have flown from London to NYC in 5 hours. He has the money and the power to take a weekend off to see his kid, unlike most “regular” people. That alone made me see him as a total and complete CREEP. Between that and the dangerous, damaging, scary, freakish cult he gives millions to, I have no respect whatsoever for Cruise and I won’t see his movies. He has every right to worship as he chooses. I have no problem with what he believes. What I do have a problem with is that he funds a group that abuses its own, destroys families, stalks its critics, imprisions people who don’t do their bidding, refuses education and health care to kids involved in it….etc.

    In short, Holmes may not be much of an actress, designer or fashionista, but she’s a better person than Cruise ever will be, just by virtue of the fact that she got her daughter out of the cult. She may have fallen for it for awhile (never said she was the brightest bulb in the chandelier), but she GOT HER KID OUT, which IMHO makes her a good mother. Cruise, on the other hand, got his sisters, Mother, nieces, nephews and 2 older children involved and cuts off anybody who leaves.

    Holmes is the better person. PERIOD. Cruise is a rotten father and a pretty horrible human being IMHO, not to mention the fact that he’s just plain STUPID for staying with scientology, especially considering all the info available on the internet these days. And please don’t give me that crap that he has people keeping the info from him. He’s a 50 something year old man. If he wanted to know if the rumors he has to have heard are true, he’d find out. He’s responsible for his own situation and ignorance is just no excuse for a grown man.

    Sorry for the length of my post, but I’m sick and tired of all the BS posts praising Cruise and saying awful things about Holmes. Like I said, she might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but she’s a better parent and a better person than his is. By the way, if and when Cruise ever leaves scientology and gets his life together, I’d be happy to support him in any way I could, but he needs to wake up before he goes down with his best buddy Dave Miscavige.

  • Meg

    @Read it and weep: My issue with Holmes is, YES she left him and hooray but, she is not dumb. Way too many people excuse it with she is not “sharp”. She has the best opportunities to live a good life with Suri and the Paps catch her doing classless, immature things. She comes from a middle class educated home so she knows the difference.

  • annie

    Now, just waiting for someone to contradict everything Read it and Weep wrote.

  • No one is weeping

    Oh honey
    no one is weeping at your post as you imply they should.
    You tried to sound like your opinions were all facts but they are not.
    You make jumps and add speculations in the how’s and why’s.
    It is your opinion that Holmes is a better person,fine. That opinion is not shared by all. You don’t know if Holmes has any secrets on him so you shouldn’t say ‘must have’. When you have actual evidence of such by all means do share it.
    It’s also been discussed here many times that although he may have been surprised at when she did it the marriage was over before July.
    You might also note that it was a Katie fan who dragged Tom into this thread. He was never mentioned until she brought it up.

  • annie

    @ Meg
    What classless things do the paps catch her doing?
    Curious to see if we have the same ideas as to what the meaning of classless is.

  • annie

    Read it and Weep
    See told you so!

  • on the flip side

    To 35
    the opposite is also true. People get tired of hearing the “poor Katie” bull and the “glad she got her kid out” and make excuses for her in all other areas. Great. She left him and the church/cult/religion whateveryouwannacallit.
    It’s like they cheer for her like she is a “special needs” person or something and lower the standard. I sincerely believe if she was not the ex cult member or ex wife of Cruise she wouldn’t be talked about any more. It’s like you see these middle aged housewife types praising her for her Sally Field “not without my daughter” act and she will dine out on that for the rest of her life.

  • lets stick to the facts

    but she has never publicly said anything about tom the divorce or scientology. what is obvious , and very obvious for that matter, is that she works and looks after her daughter and enjoys every minute living in new york. , just minds her own business and gets on with it.
    now if she went on talk shows or magazines and talked about her life as mrs cruise what you say may be true, but she doesn’t . so basically what you say is a whole lot of BS.
    sorry to burst your bubble but it’s true.

  • @42

    she doesn’t have to use words or rather her own words.
    we all know she did the pap set ups to play the role and we know she can use friends to plant stories.


    You seem to view her as (your own words) not too smart while others see her as more cunning and manipulative in this situation, but that is besides the point.
    At least for Tom he is who he is and never claimed to be any different. He is a member of the church of Scientology and has been for many years and practices the tech side of it that helps him. It has been also beat to death around here that not all people have the same experience with it in terms of abuse. Katie is a member of the Catholic church which has a HUGE issue with little boys being molested over and over and over again.That is not the only dirty deed of the Catholic Church. Do you think Katie is to blame for that? That is also all over the news and there is no way she hasn’t heard of the scandal. Should all celebrities that are Catholic be held accountable for it? Until the renounce the church do you boycott them?
    Please find me a religion that doesn’t have it’s dark side. Should we boycott all celebrities who are Muslims because of the abuse/radical ones that due harm and kill people in the name of their God?
    Some people think it is a religion of peace and have not experienced the negative sides. Do you hold it against all Muslims? We know they heard of 911 and that those who did it did it in the name of their God so should they all leave their religion and do we assume they think the same way on every issue?
    Some members of Christian faith think it’s ok to treat gays with hostility and some do not. How do we know which Christian celebs we should be avoiding due to their faith? Do you hate Tim Tebow for what some Christians do? He jumps up and down for his religion because it has helped him and he sees the good of it, where as others use the same Bible to fuel their hate. So do we hold it against Tim Tebow? Surely he has heard of the bad things done in Christianity over the years past and present but he remains one because the practice itself helps him and he has not experienced the abuse.
    Who else should we hate? Or is it only TC and the COS?
    COS has done damage I am sure but in comparison I would say not nearly as much as the others on a global scale. Both Christians and Muslims have “radicals” who have tainted the name and they both have average members who just adhere to the basic principles that help them grow or make sense of the world.

  • lets stick to the facts

    pap set ups. you could say that then about most celebs from what i can see .

  • @42 and @45

    The post was not even originally about what Katie says or does but it was what is said about her in post, although I do think she does do set ups and has had friends release information like Yang. How did the press hear about the supposed multi phones in the divorce and other tidbits?
    The original post 35 is about how it’s tiresome to hear pro Tom post and post 41 is about how it’s tiresome to hear pro Katie with the poor girl tone which does still exist often.

  • lets stick to the facts

    of course , you are right how silly of me to give another side to what you say.

  • @42 and @45 and @47

    huh? what are you talking about.

    in post 42 in reply to post 41 you said that it was bs because Katie did not do those things.
    I pointed out to you that the point made was not what Katie says or does but what others say about her that was annoying.

  • To # 44

    So if the Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other religion is bad, does that somehow make it OK for scientology to be bad? Your statements about other mainstream religions being worse or just as bad as the cult does not lessen the abuse caused by scientology. The topic on this board happens to be scientology since Cruise is a scieno.

    In addition, scientology is very different than the mainstream religions. First abusing little boys is NOT part of the doctrine of the catholic church. Its the result of some sick men becoming priests. Most of the abuses in scientology are, in fact, part of the doctrine/scripture of the cult. Harassing critics is part of the scripture. Harming people by any mean necessary is part of the scripture. Destroying families is part of their scripture. You can’t be a scientologist unless you agree with the scripture. Also, most mainstream churches may push for donations, but one does not need to pay to read the Bible or the Koran….etc. In scientology, you must pay for every moment of enlightenment. Its all kept secret until you pay a ton of money to have it revealed. Its been estimated to cost 500,000.00 to reach the higher levels. That’s right, half a billion dollars to do what you can do with any other religion for free. The bottom line is there will be abuse in any religion, however that abuse is not usually found in the scripture. It is with scientology. They’re not a religion, they’re a cult. Google the differences and while you’re at it, educate yourself about scientology before you compare it to mainstream religions.

    As for Cruise, he’s is absolutely not just a regular parishnor of the cult. He has acted as a spokesperson, has met with government officials in a number of countries on their behalf, and gives them millions upon millions to further the abuse. He isn’t incapable of finding out the same info as I have and neither are you. He’s not handicapped. He’s more fortunate than most. He just doesn’t want to know because it isn’t convenient for what he has been taught to believe. Stop making excuses for Cruise. He’s not a good person.

    Nothing Holmes does or will do in the future compares to the garbage Cruise supports every day of his life. She may call paps (something Cruise didn’t seem to have a problem with for years) and she may be a crap actress and a lousy dresser, but she’s better than a man worth a quarter of a billion dollars who uses his fame and fortune to further the abuses of the cult. Tha’s truly disgusting. Holmes is just mildly annoying in comparision.

    Nothing I’ve said in my posts is conjecture. Every single word I have written is fact, with the exception of a couple of opinions (and I have been very clear that they are my opinions). In one year, Cruise gave 10 million dollars to the cult. That was published by the cult themselves. He has met with heads of governments on scientology’s behalf, also a proven fact. He has said to know him you need to know scientology and has made his devotion to the cult part of his persona. He did this to himself.

    If I were you, I’d do a bunch of googling and really find out who Cruise is. By all means, look for proof. You’ll have no problem finding it, including letters Cruise sent to government officials. Meeting Cruise admitted to with the German and French governments, etc. Don’t stand up for Cruise and/or the cult (which perpetrated the largest break in of the US government ever) unless you know what you’re talking about.

    All religions are about controlling people. However, scientology is not a religion. It’s a cult, just like Jim Jones cult, or David Koresh’s “religion”, of Heavens gate, or the Moonies. Please learn the difference. This cult meets every criteria, and Cruise supports the heck out of it.

  • More weeping

    Here’s a little link to get you started. It’s a letter from Cruise to the Deputy Secretary of State of the US Government where Cruise talks about meeting with Ambassadors, etc on behalf of the cult. Obviously the little creep in not just a regular member of scientology, especially when you consider that his best friend – the best man at his wedding – is the head of all of scientology. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Instead of being blind defenders of Tom Cruise, look at who he really is. Again, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more that shows how he uses his influence and his stardom, as well as his money, to further scientology.

    This was recently declassified by the US government, which is investigating scientology.