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Bryan Singer's Accuser Opens Up at Press Conference: 'I Was Raped Numerous Times' (Video)

Bryan Singer's Accuser Opens Up at Press Conference: 'I Was Raped Numerous Times' (Video)

Michael Egan, the man accusing X-Men director Bryan Singer of sexual abuse, has opened up about the allegations during a press conference on Thursday (April 17) in Los Angeles.

The now 31-year-old claims that he was sexually abused by the director beginning at age 15 and up until he was 17.

“I was raped numerous times in that house, by numerous individuals,” Michael said. “You were like a piece of meat to these people.”

Michael claims that in addition to being raped, he was forced to take cocaine and other substances at so called “sordid parties.”

Bryan‘s lawyer is refuting these claims saying: “The claims made against Bryan Singer are completely without merit. We are very confident that Bryan will be vindicated in this absurd and defamatory lawsuit. It is obvious that this case was filed in an attempt to get publicity at the time when Bryan‘s new movie (X-Men: Days of Future Past) is about to open in a few weeks.”

Bryan Singer’s Accuser Opens Up at Press Conference
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  • *RollsEyes*

    Total BS.

  • LaCroix

    This pedo just ruined the XMEN movies for me.. Im a huge fan of the comics as a kid & now I truly can’t even support this movie cus of these “allegations”

  • Dani

    @*RollsEyes*: yes because you can read minds.. idiot.

  • Kelly

    yikes… this doesnt look good for Mr Singer

  • yeah right !


    and you can???? pfff ….what people will do for money …yeah …sure ..just come clean right about the premiere of a big movie !!!! HELLOOoo PEOPLE ??? cash grab ???

  • Ryan

    Just another guy looking to make a buck. Who comes forward 15 years later? Hes got no case

  • Drats


    Huh? Why do you think this? Your comment is shameful. They went to the police and the FBI; there is proof of this. It’s kinda of an open secret about Singer in Hollywood.

    God help you if you ever have a child who is sexually molested, pal.

    Unless, of course, you are Bryan Singer.

  • Drats

    @yeah right !:

    Huh? Do you have ANY idea what a victim goes through in a sex abuse suit? Dozens of depositions, being raked over the coals. If the judge finds no merit, it doesn’t go forward. And if Singer is innocent, then he doesn’t pay up.

    You seem to have ignored the fact that they went to the FBI and the police 14 years ago, and that Singer’s good friend Rector Collins is a registered sex offender who just recently, mysteriously fled the country.

  • eternalozzie


    guilty until proven innocent right?

  • Drats


    What in God’s name are you talking about? You know absolutely NOTHING about these cases. Try reading “Our Fathers” by David France about the sex abuse cases in Massachusetts. Victims came forward only 20 or 30 years after they were abused. Victims almost never come forward at all, and those that do don’t do so until decades after, when they feel they can handle talking about it.

    Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown was molested at age 11 and he didn’t come forward until his 50s.

    I know a man who was molested at age 10 by a child psychiatrist, and he didn’t tell anyone until he was 75, just before he died.

    I was molested at age 7 and didn’t come forward until age 33.

    I am sickened by the fact that commenters like you continue to make ignorant comments about abuse victims when there is so much literature about them at your disposal and yet you don’t educate yourself. Shame on you and your comment

  • yeah right !

    yeah …just because i don’t buy this bullshit ….don’t you even wonder why now ? a month away from a major movie ? and just settling for money ? it’s way to suspicious !!!!!come on ???

  • Drats


    There’s that little fact that Singer was hanging around with his good pal, REctor- Collins, a registered sex offender, who oddly has just fled the country. Watch for more victims to come forward.

    There are rumblings that more shocking information about Singer is going to come out.

  • Drats

    @yeah right !:

    Did you bother to read anything about this case? They first went to the police and nothing happened. The statute of limitations is over.

    Victims of priests routinely hold press conferences before a priest gets promoted to bishop.

    When a criminal statute of limitations is over, victims have no recourse but to go to file a civil suit. Do you have any idea what victims go through?

    Many commit suicide and more become alcoholics.

    Corey Feldman and Corey Haim were both sexually assaulted as kids by a Hollywood powerhouse and they didn’t come forward until their late thirties.

    You might want to use spell check next time you post. I know a lot more about sexual abuse victims than you do, pal.

  • Thank you

    BRAVO! EXPOSE THOSE SICK HOLLYWOOD SCUMS! what’s wrong with you people saying he wants a buck?? Do you really think he has anything to lose? This director is powerful and who is this guy? Nobody. I wish more would be this brave! Thandi Newton once did an interview saying how she was taken advantage of by a big time director at the age of 16. Things like this DO GO ON and I’m happy this guy actually NAMED the director!

  • Kelly

    I have no words… That is beyond f*cked up. Everyone should keep their children away from Hollywood creeps. Woody Allen, James Franco and now Bryan Singer… always just in time for movies about to get released. This pig should be in jail along with Joel Schumacher, Roman Polanski, Dan Schneider and other scums like them who use their power to abuse kids!

  • Vendetta Chronicles

    I call B.S. if this man had really gone through the ordeal that he has described, then the last thing you’d be asking for is money in a lawsuit. You’d be asking that Singer be put in prison for his crime. No amount of money would compensate for the years of alleged abuse. This dude is obviously trying to milk Singer (no pun intended) for every penny.

  • Thank you

    @yeah right !:
    How moronic are you honestly? Have you bothered to read anything on the case apart from showing the world how idiotic you sound? When will it ever be a right time? It’s smarter to drop a bomb like this right at the start of a release. I’m GLAD it was right before the release of xmen that way more people won’t want to see a monsters film. I hope it bombs.

  • Seriously

    @Vendetta Chronicles:
    Really?? Let’s be honest we all know the freak won’t get jail time. I’d ask for money too for all my struggles at the hands of a monster. I’d get every penny I could. People like you sound so absurd..

  • DBZ

    Well, that explains Brandon Routh’s career.

  • Roberta

    The problem for me is the timing and, now, the fact that he said he was raped numerous times. If he was raped the first time, why did he go to the same place a second time? Why did he allow this to happen for 2 years? It’s not like Singer is a family friend or something. In my opinion, this guy is after money and nothing more. Taking advantage that he had sex with Singer while he was underage, and want to cash in the situation. I don’t care if Singer likes young boys or not, or that he has sordid parties at his house, this gyu wants publicity and money, and that is why he waited 15 years to do this publically, since in 99 Singer wasn’t that rich or famous.

  • LaCroix

    @Roberta: You sound completely & utterly ridiculous. Are you sure you aren’t part of Singer’s PR team? Obviously you know nothing of abuse & how it works.

  • Actually

    @Ryan: Actually I read that the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse civil cases, which allowed a 2 year window for him to file this claim, ends on April 24, 2014 so that might have something to do with it. I don’t know if Singer is guilty or not but I thought this info was worth noting.

  • sam

    Corey Feldman talked about this in his book but it was conveniently swept under the rug. Now he needs to get off his ass and name those people.

  • Yo

    People calling to boycott XMen just plain suck. You really aren’t just punishing Singer by not going to see the film. You are also punishing the people who worked hard and are proud of the film people like the actors and the crew who have nothing to do with this case.
    Honestly the best thing to do would just have a outcry to have him not direct the next film. Leave what looks like an awesome film alone, go and enjoy it even. Just leave this baggage at the door.

  • LaCroix

    @sam: He can’t he would be sued by all of those people & according to him they are extremely powerful. THe only way he could name names is if he is subpoenaed in court.

  • Dani

    @Yo: Singer does not deserve to have his position in life if he is raping young boys. Sounds a bit crazy to me that people like yourself would go watch a movie that was created by a man who hurts people.

  • Yo

    Well I’m going to watch the film to support the actors in it, namely McAvoy and Dinklage. And it wasn’t created just by him. It take everyone working on the movie to create.
    Sure his name is the big one attached to it, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else should painted with that same brush and basically “punished” because they happened to work on the film.
    Also I am a person that can separate my opinions on a persons actions from the work that they do especially when its something that I love as much as xmen.
    If its true I hope he is removed from the next film, but don’t ruin this one’s chances because of this. I want more xmen movies and forcing this one to bomb will take away my chances of getting to see James McAvoy play Charles Xavier at least a third time.

  • Paul R

    This reminds me of that Queer as Folk Episode where Justin goes to Hollywood and he hangs out with a “Bryan Singer” type Director. The party kinda showcased this a bit.

    I dunno people this sounds true.

  • lol

    At ComicCon last year Singer was hanging with two underage twin boys who everyone knew he was sleeping with.

    A hebephile, sociopath and a monster.

    I hope he gets what he deserves

  • Andrew

    Regardless of whether it’s true or not I’m still going to see he movie

  • Roberta

    @LaCroix: Ok, I am not part of Bryan Singer’s Pr team, and, sadly, I have experienced abuse as a child. I was sexually abused as a kid by a close family member, and the worst part was that I was a couple of years older than his daughter. I’m not saying abuse doesn’t exist, I’m not denying it, I just feel this story is a little fishy from the facts that were made public.
    I am not a bryan singer fan at all. Probably I’m not going to line up to see X-men, since I onle saw the first one, but some things about this alleged abuse are a little suspecious. I still don’t understand why he didn’t report it at the time when it happened; why he flew to hawaii after being raped by singer and why he didn’t stop hanging aroung at singer’s house since he knew he was going to be raped and abused.
    I don’t believe the allegations. I believe they both had sex, but I don’t believe it was rape.

  • Living in a box

    After 15 years!!! why now? why not last year?

  • Actually

    Singer looks pretty pervy!

  • Yea Right!

    So disgusting to imagine those crazy Hollywood people having sex parties and orgies.

  • And…

    What kind of person is Bryan Singer? For him to work hard on films, yet be doing this kind of stuff? How did he get so messed up?

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  • b

    when people are debating whether the story is true, I choose to believe him. When he said “they treat you like a piece of meat”, it just sounds so real, there’s no way a person can make this up by saying that, he must had experienced it. I also don’t understand why people make a fuss about him getting money or expose it at this timing. The director is about to get more money and fame because of this xmen movie, it’s the excellent timing to do it, to make others notice how mess up hollywood is. He got molested and raped numerous times, why can’t he get money from it. I don’t think sending Singer to jail would make this victim feel better.

  • teedofftaxpayer

    While I’m sure there are a lot bad things going on in Hollywood and even in your own backyard. I do find it suspect that he is suing Singer now. He has sued others already, why wait several years to file the suit against Singer, why not at the same time?

  • Drats

    @Vendetta Chronicles: huh? What planet are you on? did you even bother to read the story or listen to the press conference? The victim and his mother went to the police and FBI and they did NOTHING in 1999. A similar thing happened in the Dr. William Ayres child molestation case in northern California. Victims went to the police and they did nothing.

    The victim in the Singer case, not being believed, then got into alcohol,which is extremely common for abuse victims. When he sobered up, he became enraged. But it’s too late for a criminal case because of the statute of limitations. You would have known this had you bothered to educate yourself, instead of blindly attacking the victim without the facts to back it up.

    Once the statutes have run out for criminal cases, victims routinely file civil suits. The Sandusky victims filed civil suits AND got a criminal case.

    But this victim of Singer is out of luck in California because they have a lousy statute there.

    Instead of attacking the victim (shame on you) you might want to contact a California congressperson and get the statutes changed for criminal cases.

    Again just shame on you.

  • Drats

    @yeah right !: Anita Hill came forward when Clarence Thomas was nominated for the Supreme Court.

    Shame on you for your hateful comment.

  • Louise

    I haven’t got a clue what all this is about, this person is an”aspiring actor” and this guy it totally weird for coming forward with this 15 years later and just before an x-men movie?????…something stinks.

    Filing this suit in hawaii because the limitations doesn’t apply there….it’s just weird.

  • Ined


  • Jessie

    Some shittttttttttt is about to hit the fan.

  • Jessie

    BOYCOTT XMEN MOVIES @ 04/17/2014 at
    No one is NOT going to see x-men because of this man’s personal problems. He got paid already. Boycotting makes absolutely no sense.

  • Ined

    @b: Really ? IvWatch a few episodes of Law and order svu and i assure i can give you a better perfomance.
    So this guy has been raped several times and put into drugs , giving to other men in a house he was was going without nobody forcing him.
    And now after 15 years later , he is pressing charges again him and the first thing he does is making a press conference about how he had been raped ?
    A press conference , are you serious ? From my point of view it s really weird and bad timing .
    This mom is here now but where was she , when he was underage , taking drugs and flying to Hawai ?

    To all the people call him pedophile , just watch the movie The Hunt , everyone is innocent until proven guilty .

    And Im definitly gonna see X men !!

  • feather

    He was after Taylor Lautner hard. When he was
    only a teen.

  • Easter

    I don’t doubt his claims. Hollywood is a magnet for pervs and homosexuals. Very few of them are decent people.

  • @

    Read this article and look at the photos..then tell me you don’t believe this guy’s story.