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Alex O'Loughlin Marries Malia Jones!

Alex O'Loughlin Marries Malia Jones!

Alex O’Loughlin has tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Malia Jones, according to People!

The 37-year-old Australian actor married the 37-year-old model and surfer on the islands of Hawaii, where he currently shoots his hit show Hawaii Five-0.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alex O’Loughlin

In case you didn’t know, Alex and Malia welcomed their first child Lion in October.

Alex also has a teenage son, Saxon, while Malia has a four-year-old son, Spike.

Congrats to the couple on their wonderful marriage!

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    Nice looking couple. Hope it works out for both of them in the long run… One way or the other.

  • ladyb

    Thats Malia Jones? Wow she looks so different…and so thin. She used to have a nice Hawaiian curvy body.

  • Lizzie

    Get it right their son was born in October 2012 and her son is 5.
    How long will this one last? Her track record isn’t good but good luck to them both which ever way it goes

  • Alex does have a great record

    It was nice seeing fellow Aussie Ingo Radamacher on Hawaii 50. both are from Australia , and married native Hawaiian women.. The show is getting away from military crime to finding people.. Where is the cast, and the woman who plays his girlfriend is leaving the show, nothing li,e having Chi McBrides character rescue Danno and Steve in a blown up
    Garage..! Thanks for the photo of him gorgeous as ever !

  • Ms Lexi

    Shame! I’m really sorry he felt he had to do that! But he’ll be sorry soon enough as well, won’t he!?SMH! What is he even thinking??? Malia Jones Hayes-Stedman-O’loughlin! LOL! I rest my case…

  • gigi

    ^He is the king that he is marrying the woman he loves and the mother of his son. What do you know about their lives? I hope he is happy and I wish them well.

  • gigi

    @gigi: **thinking**

  • Pat

    @Ms Lexi:
    Oh Lunatic Lucia! You are such a predictable IDIOT!! Clearly you know nothing about them, you pathetic old jealous geezer! YOU LOSE – as ALWAYS! LMAO! Psst you NEVER stood a chance, you ridiculous FOOL! LOL!! Ugly, flabby, saggy, gross and twice his age is not his type! Get it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • TG

    Seen the wedding pics and incredibly happy for them both! She’s a beautiful bride and he is the most gorgeous groom EVER! They seem SO happy and in love and really into kids and family! Best wishes for a long, happy life together to them!

  • tracey

    @Ms Lexi: oboy I dont know you but boy dont get me wrong I love you it will not last 37 and been married 3 times and it still states that her and luke stedman are still married

  • Lucia 2.0

    Awwww, how cute! His first (of many) and her 3rd (of many) to come.
    Congrats for as long as it takes, and it won’t be long, cause it still Hollywood, y’all know!

  • Debbie Chambers


    Well Tracey, what is stated on her profile clearly hasn’t been updated for a long time, (which I’ve been saying for a while), but I imagine that will change with this wonderful news.

    Congratulations Alex and Malia, I wish you a long and happy life together.

  • Debbie Chambers

    @Ms Lexi:

    I very much doubt Alex felt he ‘had’ to do it, Lexi. He married Malia because he loves her.

    If you don’t like that then I’m sorry for you, but there’s no need to be so mean.

    You’ll probably say that you have every right to state your opinion. I’ll say some opinions are best kept quiet. Ever heard the saying “if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all”?

    It’s probably meant for occasions exactly like this…

  • Pat

    ATTENTION: Sockpuppets Ms Lexi, Tracey and Lucia 2.0 are ALL the same FOOL – infamous obsessed idiot LOSER Lucia……….a crazy pathetic geezer who has stalked Alex for years around LA anytime he steps foot there and is so sick and demented as to actually think she had a chance with him! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! She is mean, disgusting and eaten up with jealousy!!!
    Her m.o. is to post and talk to herself under many different names to make it appear that others agree with her. LOL! Always jealous, nasty and absurd!!

  • Debbie Chambers


    No, Tracey is someone who posts on CBS Hawaii Five-0 and a few other sites. She’s not particularly a fan of Alex.

  • Lucia 2.0

    That’s right Pat, darling.
    Just like you, only I admit it!
    CRACK WH%RE LOOSER, who defends other crack wh%res and loosers, while in real life she is just as jealous as anyone else!!!WWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
    btw, shouldn´t be sleeping by now in your part of the Woods, or is Al´s news giving you insomnia….

  • ann

    was sad to hear that he married her– he is just another notch in her long belt- hope he will be happy–but dont think will happen– former fan

  • Ms Lexi

    SMFH! Alex.. accidental pregnancies & a shot-gun wedding to a 2-time divorcee, wearing a tacky rent-me gown! THIS IS NOT THE LIFE I WANTED FOR YOU!! (Incidentally, was his side of the family there & cast mates there, or was it just a spectacle purely for Malia’s clan!?)
    Barely a month ago they were at Tastes & Treasures barely able to look at each other. And we’re supposed to believe that was the sight of a “happily engaged ” couple? No wonder he looked pissed! That was a cry for help! hhahahahaha! And we missed it! LMAO! Usually, I get “why” he does the things he does, but today….

  • Ms Lexi

    @Lucia 2.0: As for YOU! We’re gonna have some words after this! Lol! Do you know that people think I’m you? But that can wait! Girl, we need to intervene! I’m thinking we should ust bust in there with masks and rescue him from that Mrs Hayes Stedman O’Loughlin! She’s gonna take HALF! LMAO! Do you hear me? HALF!??? But yeah, Malia fans are gonna have a field day with this one… UNTIL SHE TAKES HALF!!! LMAO! Never thought he’d settle…. shame…

  • Justbecause

    @Ms Lexi: This is my one and only comment. I agree. IMO he was pushed by her family to make it legal after her divorce.

  • Ms Lexi

    But in all seriously, that errrr “gown”… that did make me feel a little better! ROFL! She must have bought that during one of her solo shopping trips, while he’s doing more important things, like dining with Scott (The real love of his life! LOL!) Because Alex wouldn’t sanction that mess! He wouldn’t…. He looked hot in his picture… the one where they’re not exchanging loving glances at each other! But I guess they were REALLY CONCENTRATING on the cake! I don’t know if you know, but cutting cake is like doing brain surgery, on SocioPat… who has a very tiny one, that you’d have to look for first! What do you thinkof your new name SocioPat? I think it’s rather appropriate!

  • Ms Lexi

    @Justbecause: Right? So sad…

  • Lucia 2.0

    @Ms Lexi:
    you are so right, except for one thing; she ain’t gonna take half, she gonna take everything! Like Ivana Trump once said; Don’t get mad, get everything!HAHAHAHA!
    First off all she’s gonna get pregnant once or twice more, cause her ovaries are rattleing. After that, poor Al has no show anymore, cause S5 in the final and than it’s grabbing time!
    Come to think of it, I actually admire her; GIRL POWER!
    She’s gonna strip him down, literally and figuretaly! WHOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Oh btw, ofcourse we are one and the same. According to crack wh#re Pat we are all one. Actually it’s Lucia talking to Pat and Pat talking to Lucia on this thread, because no one else is here or gives a shit about this L!

  • Pat

    @RAVING LUNATIC LUCIA and ALL her many sockpuppets, including her “Justbecause” sock – recently reintroduced to agree with her “Ms Lexi” sock HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ……. do you have any idea how f/cking INSANE you are? You’re such a f/cking LIAR too!! Pathetic obsessed crusty GEEZER!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Will enjoy watching all that jealously eat you up inside LOOOOSAH!!!
    Everyone – expect this to go on a long time!! Idiotic stalker B!TCH Lucia uses this site to vent her unbearable and increasing frustration since she can easily post as countless puppets here and there’s no moderation!!! She puts on this show in every thread about Alex! Crazy CREEPER Lucia was already psychotic but she will be needing shock treatment now!! And the O’Loughlins need a restraining order!!!! The entire family!!

  • Deanna

    I’m happy for them both. I think Malia must be special, he married her and that’s good enough for me. Congrats to them both.

  • Ms Lexi

    @ SocioPat & Her Many Loud Echoes:
    Are you people for real????????? They were spotted ring shopping just a COUPLE OF DAYS ago! Hey Deadwoods, let me spell this out for you: He didn’t do some massive ring-hunting and surprise the love of his life with it, down on one knee! NO! He put it off until the 11th hour to go ring shopping with her! They treated the whole damnn thing like a focking errand! I bet they did it between buying diapers for Lion and buying cereal for Spike! LMAO! So ease up on the victory lap girls, and try to know an obligation when you see one! It’s only been 24 hours and I have already poked holes in this little “arrangement!” Now if you’re quiet done dreaming up fairy-tales where there aren’t any… I have to return back to my easter now! Ciao..

  • AlexFan

    First and foremost the haters of Alex and Malia seem to be from 2 groups 1.) Scott fans (Scott has a pregnant girlfriend) who are so jealous of Alex (he’s married with children) and his many fans that they only want them together because of that .
    2.) Women who think they know Alex and they don’t nor will they ever. He was single for 37 years and he didn’t even glance your way.
    Lastly : Who the HELL are you to know who was invited to the wedding who was or wasn’t there. People who were at Taste & Treasures say they were adorable together. Demented people live in their own delusional world, just leave Alex and Malia the hell alone.
    I wish joy and happiness for Alex and Malia today, tomorrow and forever may their love last :)

  • Lucia 2.0

    @Ms Lexi:
    You ain’t gonna convince SocioPat (love that one Lex), cause she still thinks we are Siamese twins, hahahahahahhahahWHOOOOO!
    Talk to her hand, sweety cause the b$tch is so high on crack, she doesn’t wanna hear you!!! HAHAHAHHAHHHAAAAAAAAA!
    Easter, what easter? According to the crack wh%re I’ll be eating my jealousy instead of easter eggs, whoooohahhahahhahahha.
    Says Alex to Malia in the morning; Sweetheart, how do you want your eggs; boiled or fertilized? WHAOAHAHAOAHAHAOAHAHAHAHAAAHAHA

    Alex: I don’t know why you wear a bra; you’ve got nothing to put in it. Malia: You wear briefs, don’t you?

    Malia: Do you want dinner? Alex: Sure, what are my choices? Malia: Yes and no.

    Malia to Alex: ‘Let’s go out and have some fun tonight!’ Alex:‘Okay, but if you get home before I do, leave the hall light on.’

    Alex:I got married to Miss Right. I just didn’t realise her first name was ‘Always’.

    Alex ot Malia: ‘I hear you’ve been telling everyone that I’m an idiot.’ Malia: ‘Sorry, I didn’t know it was a secret.’

    Alex to a friend;My wife and I took out life insurance policies on each other — so now it’s just a waiting game.

    Alex to another friend: ‘My wife’s a peach.’ Friend: ‘Because she’s so soft and juicy?’ Man: ‘No, because she has a heart of stone.’

    Q: Why do brides smile while they walk down the wedding aisle? A: They realize they’ve given their last blow jobs. (she never smiles, hahahaha!)

    The trouble with some women is that they get all excited about nothing – and then they marry him.

    Love may be blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener!

    Man is incomplete until he’s married. Then he’s finished.


  • AlexFan

    Sounds like the looney bin train forgot to pick up some passengers. First posting what Alex did or didn’t do makes you a stalker and a dangerous person, saying what he thinks or feels makes you a dangerous sick person. As for the tirade you have been on since you read Alex and Malia were married just show how unstable you truly are. Please for the Love of God seek help and do it fast, you are a danger to not only society but yourself.

  • Lucia 2.0

    WOAHAHAHAHAHAHA, sockpuppet AlexFan aka Pat.
    Your not a fan, but a FANatic!
    Really, you Americans have no sense of humor! What a bunch of stiff upperlippers!

  • Ms Lexi

    Oh and let’s not forget the pre-wedding party… whose sole live entertainment and festivities hinged on… drum-roll please: a walk-in hula girl! Really!?!!!hahahahahahha! Thank goodness that random girl wandered into the lobby when she did. Shame. For a day that should be his happiest, he really didn’t break a whole lot of bank did he? A WALK-IN HOOLA GIRL!!! MY GOHD!

  • Ms Lexi

    * hula girl

  • AlexFan

    Guess again Lucia 2.0, I am not Pat. Say what you will about us PROUD AMERICANS, we do get our facts straight and we do speak in rational NON-Delusional sentences.
    FYI for my pre-wedding party we didn’t have live entertainment either, it was a family affair.
    As far as a sense of humor Lucia 2.0 and Ms. Lexi, I assure you I have one because I am laughing my head off right now as to how ignorant you truly are. If you have trouble with the meaning of the big words feel free to use a dictionary. I don’t care what you now post about me because I am done, I have had my say and I won’t lower myself to check in again to read your drivel. ta ta (that means goodbye)

  • Megan

    I agree with you, AlexFan. No one here knows who Alex or Malia is. Whoever is saying that he just bought a ring is not true. She’s been wearing an engagement ring since SOTB in September. In fact, he even stated in an interview there that they were engaged. Unfortunately I do not have a source because I read it on Twitter (so hence it’s word-of-mouth), but regardless, in numerous interviews he has called her his wife. They just got married two days ago. Alex has thought of Malia as his wife for quite some time now. If they got married because of their youngest son, why didn’t they get married sooner? Maybe some people should sit down and think for a second.

    Anyway, I’m very happy for the two. They seem very happy together in a photo of them cutting the wedding cake. :)

  • Lucia 2.0

    Yeah, sure Pat whatever you say! You are so iintellectual when speaking through your sockpuppet AlexFan.How can you say I’m not a proud American?! I’M LUCIA!!!!!!!!!
    f$cking b%tch!

  • Joan

    Can’t say I didn’t see this coming. First of all in the last thread Lucia et al took over, Jen and I posted a few weeks back that there was going to be a big announcement and that Lucia was going to come unhinged. Guess we were right. Alex marrying the women he loves and living happily ever after in Hawaii has finally pushed Lucia over the edge.

    Wishing the happy couple many, many years of love and happiness. Far, far away from Lucia.

  • Ozzie

    Ah, another train wreck of a thread!

    Congrats to them, may they have a long and happy life together.

  • Jen

    @Ms Lexi:
    OMG! Keep telling yourself that Lucia if it actually helps you cope! Whoa! You’ve got an enormous problem! Insane! And ‘you’ are the one who posts under a ton of different names here! Even having conversations ‘with yourself’! WOW!

  • Jen

    I expected crazy delusional fool Lucia to become unhinged but this is so outrageous! LOL!

  • Jen

    I predict a certain crazy someone *cough SockpuppetQueenLucia cough* will remain hopelessly stuck – back and forth between the first two stages of grief – DENIAL and ANGER…DENIAL and ANGER…DENIAL and ANGER…

  • Lucia

    Whatever, f#ck you, bitches. I know better. See ya soon….

  • gigi

    Is it me, or did it get really weird in here? Someone needs medication. I think Alex is a grown man and knows what he wants in his life, not someone who has never even met him! Crazy talk, man! Why wouldn’t a “fan” want him to be happy?! I know I do. I hope they are happy and have lots of babies. They needs to share those fabulous genes!

  • Lucia

    @Joan: Oh yeah, you and Jen aka SocioPat, were so well informed. Wasn’t it me who asked if there was a wedding coming, or if they were moving to a deserted Island without paps? Guess you forgot about that, hey b%tch!
    WHO F%$CKING CARES, NO F#$CKING ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Crazy -NOTSOMUCHAFAN-, sighning off
    Have a lovely Easter, b%tches! Hope you chock on your easter eggs!

  • gigi

    That last post got me all checked up!

  • gigi

    Darn auto correct! I meant to say “chocked” up!

  • Me

    No, dipsh!t. It’s “choked.”

  • pat

    - don’t marry because you can live together but because you can’t Live with out her. If he did this he will be happy.

  • MMM

    Did anyone know if Malias family attend the wedding? i mean her brothers and father as I read somwhere they did not attend

  • Megan

    @MMM: It was a very private wedding. I’m sure their children attended, but I have no idea about anyone else. Hopefully we will hear more details soon.

  • Spoton

    @MMM: I saw a pic of her father at the reception as I recognized him from sotb4