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Bryan Singer Says He Wasn't in Hawaii During Time of Alleged Sexual Abuse?

Bryan Singer Says He Wasn't in Hawaii During Time of Alleged Sexual Abuse?

Bryan Singer reportedly is saying he was not in Hawaii during the time period of August and October 1999 when he has been accused of sexually abusing Michael Egan.

Michael filed a lawsuit earlier this week alleging that he was sodomized and forced to take drugs when he was 17 at a house in Hawaii.

The X-Men director reportedly is ready to say he was not in Hawaii during that time – he was in Toronto shooting the first X-Men movie, sources tell TMZ.

Bryan will reportedly provide proof of this in the form of bills and other documents.

Stay tuned for more details on this developing story…

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  • Lwa

    keeep grasping on those straws


    Sex with a 15 year-old is not “sexual assault”. It’s underaged sex. Big difference.

  • Truthie

    That does not mean he NEVER took part in orgies with young boys.

    Welcome to Hollywood. This is what happens when people have too much money and power. They can bring their most perverse fantasies to life.

    R. Kelly. Wood Allen. Roman Polansky. Michael Jackson. James Franco, and yes, even Jerry Sandusky used the little power and influence he had to lure his victims.

  • YES

    tip of the iceberg. liberal hollyweird is filled with these abusers. accusers are starting to come out of the woodwork ,as we will all hear, (or maybe not ,considering the state of corporate censorship in our news media), in the next few months

  • Truth

    @DOCTOR NO: Whether it is legally defined as “rape” or the victim (he was a kid) consented…Singer and the other (he’s not the only one, have no business sexually exploiting and then discarding these underage boys. Get a life and some moral decency. Would he want his son exploited? Oh right, he doesn’t have a son (Thank God). Expose these people for what they are…predators.


    Not Buying IT


    Its not over many actors/producers are scared they will be named next week

  • Ric

    Jewish pervasion and obsession with anus is really creepy. They are one sick society.

  • L

    you’re f-ed up! jfc

    @Truthie: exactly. In HW everybody knows it. There’re a powerful suits that are just like this POS, other directors, some actors, agents, who are predators; they all cover each other asses.

  • Gun

    Singer gave “an alcoholic beverage . . . and mentioned finding a role for him in an upcoming movie that he was directing,” the suit says. “Defendant Singer told plaintiff how ‘this group’ controls Hollywood.”
    “Singer masturbated plaintiff and then performed oral sex upon him. Defendant Singer solicited plaintiff to perform oral sex upon him, which plaintiff resisted,” the suit says.
    “Singer flagrantly disregarded plaintiff’s unwillingness to submit, and forced plaintiff’s head underwater to make plaintiff perform oral sex upon him. When plaintiff pulled his head out of the water in order to breathe, defendant Singer demanded that he continue which plaintiff refused,” the suit went on. “Defendant Singer then forced plaintiff to continue performing oral sex upon him outside of the pool, and subsequently forcibly sodomized plaintiff.”

  • Jack

    Right, it’s just liberal people. How about all of those sex abuse cases in the Catholic Church?

  • Never mind . . . my mistake

    Not in Hawaii at time . . .
    Oh, never mind then.
    Maybe it was someone else with lots of money.

  • Never mind . . . my mistake

    You do realize these are not facts. They are allegations. So far unproven.

  • Hollyqueer

    Bryan is a perv. He has twin 18 yr old brothers living in his mansion. He also has other young teens in ny, one is Steve Roberts whom he uses to play with when hes in the area. He gives them movie roles, and extras in his movies in exchange for their @nus. Another boy is Ken Rayes, he’s a film major and Bryan gave him a part in Mockingbird. Bryan is known for throwing parties for twinks and taking advantage of them. He’s sick and should be in jail!!

  • lol

    @Hollyqueer: Oh wow

  • Gun

    @Never mind . . . my mistake: these are facts..stop defending a perv. You must be a homo pedophile yourself.

  • Sayer

    I wonder if he’ll take the Woody Allen, SELF-administered lie detector test, and then declared he passed (without anyone, except he and his people being able to see the results).


    No.9; Get real. Most of today’s pervs never need to force themselves upon anyone in today’s world.


    No.14; So what.

  • Justice4All

    @Truthie , it’s not to do with celebrity this happens ALL the time in the real non celeb world .
    it happens in childrens homes schools probably in your town basically EVERYWHERE and in every wrelm of our society and in very town of every country…
    look up statisticsif you will it’s not that hard .
    so blaming ONE segment (celebritys) of society is quite foolish indeed.

  • $

    @DOCTOR NO: ur sick!

  • $

    @Justice4All: you sound like you’re trying to justify his actions as are one sick puppy. Probably a molested-turn-gay boy.

  • Lois Louise

    I bet a lot of young boys and young girls deliberately attend these director or Hollywood parties in hopes of being cast as stars in upcoming movies, tv,… etc., or the models that hardly have a chance… that drop out of school in hopes of winding up on the cover of magazines, runway or print ad & use these sex parties or a Hollywood big shot as a ‘tool’ to climb the ladder to stardom? I’m not picking sides on this story by the way, I do believe in innocence until proven guilty.

  • essie

    At first I thought this was just a guy trying to go after his money but then I remember the allegations when Apt Pupil came out.. I was too young then to understand what it really meant but now I get it. Rumor also has it, it was one reason for Brad Renfro committing suicide. On a side note, don’t know what Bryan did to his eyes, but he looks like he has no eyelids.

  • lol

    @$:That’s why they are trying to rationalise/justify the sickos

  • Ryan

    Apt Pupil, is a movie directed by Bryan Singer, doesnt surprise me that he has something to do with Brad Renfro problems and suicide.
    And of course hollywood knows about that, is the paradise for pedos!
    But i just cant understand where are the parents of the victims, they are the first responsables of all this.

  • mom50

    @YES: When anybody uses the word liberal in such a liberal way, well your an idiot

  • billy


    The boy was raped, drugged, and almost drowned.

  • billy


    Like the Catholic Church. oops

  • Alex

    @Truthie: Wow.. Talk about a rush to judgement. An allegation is not the same thing as a fact.

  • um

    @DOCTOR NO: Yes it is sexual assault if the non-teen is an adult! Two teens together sexually experimenting is pretty normal and not a big deal. But an ADULT should never have sex with a minor. Period! The adult is always in a position of authority and it messes with kids’ minds.

  • just asking…

    @Hollyqueer: Are you okay with posting peoples’ names here on JJ? What if these people don’t want exposure. Be careful what you post, that is, if you are being truthful.

  • Yes

    @Ryan: Look up Brad Renfo, and then you see some things about how he came to Hollywood etc. Then you see the “poof” Joel Schumacher first cast him after he was discovered by Mali Finn (female), who also discovered very troubled former child actor Edward Furlong at the “Boys Club of Pasadena.” I’ll bet there is a whole network of gay pervs and other freakys working together to gain access to young men. Whenever I see a child actor who goes off course into drugs, alcohol depression and despair, I generally think someone in the “business” did something to him or her. Look what happened to actor Todd Bridges! He carried that pain for so long, but I’m happy he found God. The parents are oftentimes from small towns and other states, too trusting and ignorant about what can go wrong for their children.

  • LaCroix

    right. like he can’t falsify documents.. & he can’t catch a plane out for a few days between shooting..

  • eternalozzie

    this kid and his lawyers are going to end up being sued out of existence … and the hateful things being written in this comment section are disgraceful … you can’t make accusations like this without a shred of evidence …

  • Thatmaxguy

    Can I swear on this?

  • Thatmaxguy

    @Ric: that sick society is responsible for everything you love about the movies, jerkoff

  • Thatmaxguy

    Sex Men: Days of future ass’d f*cking. Say it ain’t so bro.

  • Mark

    Has anyone stopped to consider that it might be all BS and he is actually innocent or are you all just content to convict someone without a shred of evidence or proof and help to publicly destroy someone’s career. Talk about a kangaroo court, is this what society has come down to! Some of you people here disgust me!

  • NO!

    @Mark: After reading what Egan has to say and some of the details in the suit, I say NO! Singer is guilty and he’s probably a pedophile. I’m convinced Singer has done these things. He has parties full of men — what a disgusting person! I’d say the same about straight men who have parties and orgies with throngs of females. That’s a person with no moral compass. And no moral compass deeds of evil. I will NOT support his films and put more money into his fat pockets. People have been saying boys were being molested a lot in Hollywood, and I believe Singer is one of the main ringleaders involved. He has so much money and power, and that’s how he has eluded being caught all these years. He needs to be taken down!

  • blah blah blah

    I have no idea what is what here but if you are going to make those kind of accusations, you better not be filng lawsuits unless you got all your ducks lined up unless this guy Egan has nothing to lose because the defamation lawsuit is coming. Singer just returned fire.

    I agree there are a lot of sleazy things going on in Hollywood and it would be great to see more people held for account.

    Having sex with a minor is considered statutory rape because theoretically a minor can’t give consent. And if the minor did not give consent well then it is rape/sexual assault. Sexual assault itself is a broad term that includes more than just rape. It can include groping etc.

  • blah blah blah

    @NO!: He still has to prove all his allegations in his claim. When you wait this long to sue, even harder to be clear on the details. That’s going to be the first big question. Why wait this long. Didn’t this guy sue other people in 2000? What’s the excuse for not suing Singer then? He wasn’t a big enough fish at the time? I forgot about Singer? Would the fact Mr. Singer is probably 100 times richer now have anything to do with it?

  • Lena

    I read some posts at datalounge and wehoconfidential which was hyperlinked at datalounge and was surprised to learn those boys over there have been talking about Singer and this topic for years. Posts from 2011. There was one post alleging an arrest with his boyfriend and he got out of jail and his friend didn’t and was supposedly plotting revenge. And then there were allegations made about Singer and how he would travel to states with low ages of consent (with pictures posted) with allegations and then the other side saying they are out to get him etc. But, what I’m amazed at is how many years this has been going back and forth on these gay gossip sites (don’t mean to offend if I am using the wrong terminology there). People saying they went to these type of parties. Talking about certain actors connected. And the blind gossip sites now are on fire naming the young actor who is supposedly going to get named as a witness that will be a shock to the world. And other older A list actors, etc. I won’t name names. It’s out there on the sites in plain view.

    But, it’s the ABUSE in Hollywood that is flooring me and breaking my heart. People with no conscience taking advantage of people and covering up the sins of the elite so they can all continue to engage in it. And Egan? Who knows where this will go? But to me it looks like this kid has spent close to the majority of his adult life pursuing this if that puts it into perspective for anyone. His lawsuit against Rector Collins is it? Friends with Singer and I read Egan got $2 million but the guy fled the country and Egan did not collect? Is that correct? That was back in 2000?. So, this has been a cloud looming over the plaintiff for almost 1/2 his life possibly?. If any of you have been in litigation, you understand what my point is. Who knows if the guy will be found “liable” in civil court. Or whether it will get settled. Let’s hope someone steps up to help the kids in the system though. Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, it’s heartbreaking… And it’s not a gay issue. It’s an abuse of power issue. Don’t blame homosexuality for this chaos. It’s about control. Not sex or love or lust in my opinion.

  • We need: To Catch A Predator!

    @Lena: Set up a major sting in Hollywood and take these fools out! Set them up with young males and then prosecute the ones who go for the bait. Bryan Singer was good buddies with that PEDOPHILE who did time and ran off to another country. Why is Singer friendly with people like that? Come on!!! I know girls who were sexually assaulted by men, and that was damaging enough, but boys! It screws them up and adds to the pool of dysfunctional males. If I had a son and something like that happened to him in Hollywood, I don’t know what I would do to those involved. I’d probably be on the daily news. Seriously! There are so many sexually abused boys who stay quiet and attempt to marry women and have successful families, but these evil acts have been “planted” in their minds. Then, they are driven by physical and psychological urges to lead secret lives behind their wives’ backs.

  • Verity

    @billy: Where is the evidence? So far all I’ve read and heard are allegations. I keep forgetting we live in a world where one is guilty until proven innocent.

  • Chris

    Tons of pictures online showing Singer with very young boys.

  • aquarius64

    No matter what is said in this lawsuits or the timing of it, the big question Fox is asking is this going to impact X-Men Days of Future Past’s box office. Box office experts are coming out and saying no, but you never know. Singer is canceling a scheduled appearance at WonderCon, most likely because of the scandal. Dollar bet the studio is going to put a gag order on the media, forbidding reporters to ask questions about this to its stars. It all depends on what comes out.

  • Chris

    I think there is also the responsibility of studios who employ these directors. There have been stories about Singer and his parties with young boys for ages but still studios give him jobs. His former business partner Marc Collins-Rector fled the country after allegations of sexual misconduct and he is a registered sex offender now. No way Hollywood insiders didn’t now about Singers private life.

  • Lena


    WOW! Wow! Wow! @Chris, talk about nailing the alpha and the omega of the issue there. Very well put sir! I was on a Fassbender thread and someone said something about how the actors shouldn’t be impacted because they were obligated by CONTRACT to do X-men. An excellent point. If they can’t decide to avoid creepy directors because Fox chooses the director, then are they at the mercy of the studio’s decisions on protecting them? So, you are absolutely right. There is so much stuff even on gossip sites on the internet alleging Singer as being one to promise young guys roles in films, and do creepy things with young aspiring actors and 17 yr olds, etc. FOX has no place claiming surprise here. If gossip sites are teeming with stories, can you imagine what insiders and the studio executives might know? But yet, they possibly knowingly subject people obligated by CONTRACT to the risk of a potentially sexually hostile harassing work environment? So, then the question becomes, do the studio boards condone the casting couch or is it rogue directors and producers doing it under the radar? All the stuff on Singer on these gossip sites makes me wonder. And why hasn’t the EEOC busted this kind of thing up yet?

    Are they waiting for actors and actresses desperate to stay in good graces with the studios to start the ball rolling? I mean, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim were just kids as was Natalie Wood right? Passed around like meat. Surely there are other talented directors out there that can be hired right? But, some ( not all studios) lay the breeding ground, in my opinion by giving power to guys who abuse their power while offering up in sacrifice lower level folks who can’t complain either due to age, contractual obligations, or fear. I’m not saying Singer is liable or Fox is at fault definitely. But, I think the system needs to be reevaluated. Just my personal opinion.

    @We need to catch a predator…Yes, why not stings if it can save kids? And, I get tired of hearing people say things like, oh that 15 year knew what he was doing, etc…if the law says his parent decides until 18 for everything else, I think he still should be protected, especially from his bad juvenile decisions.