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Katie Holmes Radiates in Red at 'Miss Meadows' Tribeca Premiere!

Katie Holmes Radiates in Red at 'Miss Meadows' Tribeca Premiere!

Katie Holmes is classy in a ruby red dress while attending the premiere of her new movie Miss Meadows during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival held at SVA Theater on Monday (April 21) in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress was joined on the red carpet by her co-stars James Badge Dale, Karen Leigh Hopkins, and designer Zac Posen.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Earlier in the day, Katie blocked out the noise while shopping for books in the Big Apple.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes attending the Miss Meadows premiere…

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katie holmes radiant in red miss meadows premiere 01
katie holmes radiant in red miss meadows premiere 02
katie holmes radiant in red miss meadows premiere 03
katie holmes radiant in red miss meadows premiere 04
katie holmes radiant in red miss meadows premiere 05
katie holmes radiant in red miss meadows premiere 06
katie holmes radiant in red miss meadows premiere 07
katie holmes radiant in red miss meadows premiere 08
katie holmes radiant in red miss meadows premiere 09
katie holmes radiant in red miss meadows premiere 10
katie holmes radiant in red miss meadows premiere 11
katie holmes radiant in red miss meadows premiere 12
katie holmes radiant in red miss meadows premiere 13

Photos: Starpix/JustJared
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  • Nathan

    Katie’s makeup is flawless and i love the dress it’s a perfect fit. she looks very beautiful here. Love you Katie.

  • oh kho

    who dresses her?
    The dress looks very cheap in addition to making her look fat in the middle section.
    It’s probably very expensive but the material looks prom dress like.

  • Crista Beecher

    Katie is Looking so Gorgeous and beautiful in Red Dress.

  • D

    She really aged since her marriage to Tom Cruise. The dress is very unflattering.

  • Shimmer

    She’s a cute lady but omg her style is nonexistent. This is an awkward cut; what’s with the bow? The colour is the only good thing about it. Katie Holmes has looked embarrassed in every single photo since her filing for divorce was announced. I like Katie; I’ve seen her dress better. See NY Met Ball 2013 for example.

    This is her perfect look. PERFECTION.

  • Kiyle

    Pregnant! Wants the world to know! That she is having Jamie Fox kid
    Hey why not if the media says that Tom is seeing Laura!

  • Marilyn

    I think it’s just that she is 35 now and not 27 and doesn’t age well. I don’t think it’s a marriage or divorce thing.
    Some people just don’t keep the fresh face going into the 30′s like others do.
    She started off pretty much a cute fresh face child actor and now she is well into her 30′s and people expect to see Joey Potter’s face still.
    Joey would be a middle aged house wife by now or probably divorced single mom. lol.
    that was a long time ago.

  • Marilyn

    Also noticed her eye make up she made the same mistake as the other day with the smudges. She is doing her own make up for these things it seems. She just doesn’t give a s&^% I guess.
    Her lipstick is worn off too by the time she got to the red carpet.

  • DoNotGetIt

    She almost always looks awkward. The way she stands, the way she carries herself, the way she wears most clothes or does her hair. She seldom seems well put together. I just do not get it.

  • siennagold

    I’m sorry but she always looks like a mess. She looks 50. She should hire a stylist STAT!

  • Sylvia

    She looks awful from head to toe. Her hair looks messy. Her makeup looks all wrong and messy. The dress doesn’t fit right and that bow is just ridiculous. No wonder her fashion line wasn’t successful.

  • bb

    kho dont use bobie brown any more? at least, in bobie’s post, her face was barely normal, although through ps. and no big fashion brand sponsorship her? look at her dress, so horrible.

  • yes

    @DoNotGetIt: Yes I noticed that too. I also noticed that Tom marries women who is insecure and low self esteem, I guess he love ‘rescuing’ them, dressed them in the best cloth, pampered them but it didn’t work. In Katie case, she is worsen since the divorce and Nicole still talk about him after all these years.

  • Danielle

    Katie Holmes has one of the most beautiful faces, almost exotic and a reasonably good figure. I do think that if this young woman had a good stylist she would put all of them to shame. Not my favourite look,not the dress or shoes especially the bow, and her hair although nice is too casual, but there is something about her that is quite mesmerising, and quietly alluring. In these photos she reminds me of the movie stars of the 50′s in this dress. Still the word alluring comes to mind. One does not have to wear a revealing dress to convey a certain look. Whatever it is, she has something. I don’t understand the nasty comments.

  • chris0929

    OMG, she looks like a mess, terrible dress, and mess hair style!

  • We’ll

    Don”t like the girl. She looks like a mess. Don”t go see her movie. Prombley sucks.

  • lr

    Just when I think she can’t look any worse…this! Does she not look in the mirror before going out. All is see is her gut, horrible hemline and those cankles of hers. No wonder her clothing line failed! No style, no talent. She is so overrrated!

  • Free at last!

    The messy hair!
    The dress to accentuate her protruding belly, very redundant design.
    Why or why?

  • Pasty

    Really Danielle??
    Wow, just wow
    Are you related to Annie or one of Annie’s socks?
    Katie Holmes is as average looking as it gets and that is a trying to be nice since most average girls I know don’t look dirty most of the time.

  • what is going on here??

    I don’t even have words for picture 4 in this link
    He is probably fixing the hem but it’s still not a good picture.
    for the look in general she should not have gone matchy matchy with shoes and lips with this color. The dress is horrid but could have been off set a bit with better shoes and accessories.

  • Caryn

    I’m absolutely speechless. What a terrible dress on her. Of course her hair, as usual, is an un styled mess, but the dress–oh my. Not a flattering style. Makes her Bo-obs look flat and strange. The horrible waistline makes her tummy look fat. The bottom of the dress is awful on her and te hem looks unfinished. Her make up is very unflattering. The only positive thing about the outfit are the shoes. What in the world possessed her to choose this awful dress?

  • ANNE



  • to anne

    why do you insist on trying to stir up arguments about cruise here?

  • sara

    Oh my god. If you look at this straight on the boobies and the waist bow look alike. Didn’t she look in a mirror? You’d have to be size -0 with no boobies to actually have a prayer in carrying this off.

  • anne

    @to anne:

    Because Tom is part of the story of Kate. Who put his name here first, not me. Read other post above. And I love Tom Cruise, the actor.

  • Shelby

    @Nathan: You must be kidding, she looks terrible and the dress is a mess! Not to mention the hair.

  • Reviews??

    Kflop? Anyone?
    haven’t seen anything on line yet.

  • K-Flop – MM interview & clip

    MM scene/clip looks basic, almost like a screen test or something for a part. Doesn’t look like it comes from a finished project.

    Also, K-Flop looks like she almost forgot her lines around 1:00.


    In other news, Days & Nights is having another showing at the Newport Beach Film Festival 4/26 –

    Last (and only) showing was at the Palm Springs Film Festival Earlier this year. (re: The Hollywood Reporter review)

  • K-Flop – MM interview & clip
  • Reviews??

    first off: ewe, about the ten second mark she shows her teeth and we are reminded why she always smiles with closed lips. Ick.
    second- review was pretty blah but …” may draw a small audience at art houses, but it’s hard to imagine the movie traveling very far beyond 50th Street and Broadway.” Not exactly a career booster but then again according to her fans she just wants to have a job so she might be fine with it.
    I don’t think Katie is making much money these days. She might have some saved but her recent earnings are very small in these low budget things.

  • Reviews??

    forgot to add the “compliment”they gave Katie.
    “Holmes does reasonably well in the modern-day version of Chekhov’s Masha, ”
    Sounds very C student(ish) but again, at least she is “working”.

  • K-Flop – Vanity Fair Review

    “What can be said for this tonally janky and oddly paced film is that it offers Holmes an interesting vehicle to try something new. She’s in nearly every scene of the movie, and does a respectable job of holding our focus even while the film pitches and yaws violently. She gets to lampoon the cutesy image that’s followed her since the Dawson’s Creek days, and shows some new, adult dramatic range. Miss Meadows is a pretty crazy person, and it’s surprisingly fun to watch Katie Holmes unravel as the movie lurches along.”

    VF starts of lamenting the K-Flop TC years, but acknowledges that K-Flop has shown much promise since her work in films made during her Dawson’s Creek years.

    Based on the review the script is the weakest link/fail.


  • Reviews??

    It’s VF and they like her and root for her yet even that review was sort of blah. (VF is no fan of cruise these days as we all know)
    It’s like is often said- people cheer for her like a “special needs child” they keep bringing up ” poor girl that had a bad marriage I really hope she makes it “. It was the theme of this article too. How long can she live on that?
    So even the reviews where they are trying to cheer her on if you read between the lines they are straining themselves because she is not a good actress and they know it.

  • anne

    @K-Flop – MM interview & clip: @Reviews??:

    have a life and let Latie live her..
    Why you want the failure of anyone? What did she do to you?
    K-flop I imagine it’s a fat, ugly woman and no boyfriend.
    Answer me please: katie is pregnant? That dress looks like yes.
    Tom Cruise celebrated the birthday of his daughter, with the same? I never saw pictures of them together. Why?

  • K-Flop – @ Anne


    Last I checked K-Flop is living hers.

    Take your own advice and live yours sans minding/advising mine. :-)

  • anne

    @K-Flop – @ Anne:

    Where are you from? USA?

  • K-Flop – Lainey Hated It

    “Um. I hate this dress. A lot. The material. You know my relationship with this material. Look at it picking up the light in the most awful places. The colour is all wrong for her too. And Jesus, that bow at the waist is gross. Also the hem looks unfinished and sloppily tucked. Finally, what is going on with her hair?”

  • Reviews??

    so did Michael K at dlisted
    “Suri Cruise’s mom showed up to the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her new movie Miss Meadows in NYC last night and she wore a dress that looks like an over-used maxi-pad with wings.”

  • K-Flop – GoFugYourself

    ‘Fugson’s Creek: Katie Holmes in Zac Posen’

    Her face says, “I know,. I KNOW. Let’s just get through this.”

    Her evil satin hell-clot of a dress says, “HA! SUCKER.

  • Reviews??

    ouch, the comment section at gofugyourself makes JJ haters look tame.

  • anne

    My God, K-Flop is obsessed with Katie Holmes. Need a psychiatrist.
    This time …. I will agree with you: the dress is horrible. Katie look pregnant.
    Kisses, Annie.

  • K-Flop – Tom and Lorenzo


    The normally vociferous supporters of K-Flop fashion never passes up an opportunity to comment, even to simply say “She looks really cute. Favorite casual street look we’ve seen all week.’

    But, the Zac Posen dress worn by K-Flop left them speechless. Multiple pics of K-Flop wearing the dress and one shot of a model wearing it on the runway, as if to say ‘the model wore it better’. No one line write up though?

  • K-Flop – @ Anne


    And you can’t help yourself. Keep minding mine.

    That’s Entertainment!

  • anne

    @K-Flop – Tom and Lorenzo:


  • anne

    @K-Flop – @ Anne:

    Where are you from?

  • K-Flop – Bohomoth

    Ok, last one, because this could go on a few pages.

    Bohomoth – ‘Katie Holmes Got Posen-ed And It Was Horrible’

    [intro] “Katie Holmes from Dawson’s Creek, Ohio” [lolz]

    [cont] “…was at the premiere of her new film Miss Meadows during the Tribeca Film Festival yesterday. And, the 35-year-old retired fashion designer looked forking AWFUL in a wine-coloured satin Zac Posen dress that makes me want to throw up on my own lap it’s so sad and depressed looking.”

    [full write-up –

    That’s all from me on K-Flops fashion nightmare from the Miss Meadows premiere.

    Be back as more reviews roll-out….when/if.

    2014 Year of K-Flop.

  • rubyz

    Good GOD!! This is a woman who dresses up for a living. One would think she would eventually get better at it. But this is a new low.

  • anne

    Annie, where are you. Help me with these closeted love for Katie Holmes.
    It is not normal panning news Net looking for a woman who they say hate.
    Help meeeeeeee

  • good luck anne

    It’s not just jared posters anne, take a look around. she got panned all over. Are you going to go police the whole internet?

  • K-Flop – Celebitchy

    On another note, Celebitchy did a post on th symbiotic relationship between celebs and papz, references and snippets from Rolling Stone’s report – “Attack of the Paparazzi: On the hunt with the wolves of Hollywood”

    *Tom Cruise’s publicist would tip the paps as to Tom and Katie Holmes’ whereabouts in the early days of their romance. The co-owner of Fame/Flynet says: “Sometimes publicists tip off the paps without telling their clients. They think their client needs the hit, but the star might think it’s beneath them, so they just leak the information without telling them.”

    My comments, your comments (@Anne), everyone’s comments on a celeb gossip blog or anywhere else in the internet/blogosphere is all gravy.

    Name calling me doesn’t do much for me, good or bad, I’m not famous and working under the premise of an “image” or “all’s good in publicity as long as you’re in the news”. But, continue as you are, it keeps the hits high on K-Flop posts. That is your goal, no?

    from Celebitchy post – *None of the paps have any respect for Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell “pedorazzi” thing: “It’s hilarious,” says Rick “Top Hat Rick” Mendoza. “Kristen comes up with a new hate word – pedorazzi – and goes on this campaign just as her movie Veronica Mars is coming out. What a coincidence! Now who’s manipulating who?”