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Maggie & Jake Gyllenhaal Make the Met Ball a Sibling Night Out

Maggie & Jake Gyllenhaal Make the Met Ball a Sibling Night Out

Jake Gyllenhaal hits the red carpet with his older sister Maggie at the 2014 Met Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday (May 5) in New York City.

The brother-sister duo has been spending a lot of time together lately and attended an event together just the night before.

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FYI: Maggie is wearing a Valentino dress and Fred Leighton rings. Jake is wearing a custom Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci outfit.

This year’s Costume Institute Gala Benefit – celebrating the opening of the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibition – is co-chaired by Bradley Cooper, Sarah Jessica Parker, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, and others.

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  • jon m’shulla

    His 1/2 Jew side is showing.

  • Drew

    James looking sexy!
    2 ofhis ex gfs are there too, should get awkward!

  • ?

    James who?

  • Drew

    @Drew: Jake rather, stupid auto correct

  • Jen

    Maggie’s boobs are horriby saggy. Get some support girl, or plastic surgery!

  • roger

    @Drew: actually there’s 3 at the ball
    Kirsten, Reese and Taylor

  • Smile

    @jon m’shulla: You’re a repulsive bigot.

  • Rob

    @roger: Oh s*hit, poor guy!

  • 2014 HALLO!!!

    @jon m’shulla: Are not you ashamed? Stupid ignorant anti-Semite

  • :)

    Meggie looks beautiful to me

  • Joelle

    Ugly dress. I like Maggie thought. Jake looks like a monk.

  • din don dan

    Hey Jake where you parked the ice cream truck?

  • WhoDressesThem

    Maggie – YES! Girlfriend – you always deliver…very chic…very “Charles James”

  • Matt

    both of them got it right. she wins.

  • Posh

    @WhoDressesThem: WhoDressesThem ?

    Stevie Wonder

  • chinbloom

    Their parents did a great job.

  • L

    Aww! They actually look adorable together!!!

  • Georgia

    It’s beyond me how anyone can think this guy is straight. He’s always with his sister or his mother or his female assistants. All his relationships with women, except for Kirsten Dunst, felt awkward and staged. He’s either asexual or a big ole gayboy trying to convince himself and the public he’s into women.
    And before everyone screams “Brokeback Mountain!!!!”, no, it has absolutely nothing to do with it. I never felt Heath Ledger was gay and not because he knocked up Michelle Williams but because his relationships seemed genuine.

  • lol

    Who was talking about his sexuality here))? Painful for you personally? Chill and better watch some of his movies))

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @Georgia: So what if he’s always with his sister, mother, or his female assistants, this still wouldn’t make someone gay. You are the one who feels like his relationships are “staged”. Your reasoning isn’t based on reality only speculation because you are not a part of Jake’s life. You don’t interact with him day to day. Maybe he just isn’t interested in anyone at the moment. This still wouldn’t make a person gay.

    Has it occured to you that maybe he is wanting something deeper than just meaningless sex. Having sex with no real intimacy/connection gets really old and boring after awhile especially if you have matured past that stage in your life (very few do). He can’t win withyou people. If Jake is out having sex with everybody, he’s a manwh*re, cheater, and a dog who can’t be trusted. When he’s not having sex with everybody, he’s asexual or gay. He’s probably just a sensitive soul who prefers and loves to spoon monogamously, lol.

  • fmme

    @celestialacademician: Agree with you. But if he even was gay, so what? Does it make him less talented or handsome? It’s just his businesses.

  • oh really?

    @celestialacademician: Yeah, I’m sure Jake is into deep and meaningful relationships that’s why he “dates” deep, intelligent women like Taylor Swift, Alissa Miller and Reese Witherspoon.

  • wtf

    I think something’s wrong with you guys. You don’t write bad stuff about hundreds of garbage stars like stupid models, real freaks, public loafers and other hangout junk. You gladly discuss their f…. situations, tits, abs and hairstyles. But you write bad stuff about not just incredibly talented, but also humble and intelligent family of actors. Trolls?)

  • ace11

    Here’s the problem with this guy

    He uses his “game” on these younger/naïve girls who are mostly barely legal to get what he wants then just moves on

    without a care in the world

    The older ones Kristen/Reese, Minka, etc are more savvy, and then dump him

  • Yeah Right

    @Georgia:zzzz the same old agenda, too bad, at the same event in which he went with his sister were not one, not two, but three of his ex-girlfriends.
    And it is precisely because Heath knocked up Michelle while shooting BBM that there have been no rumors, Before Michelle, were a lot of stupid rumors about Heath sexuality, you’re deliberately ignoring and neglecting facts just because they don’t fit with your wishful thinking,
    about his girlfriends,2 years with Kirsten Dunst who was the princess of hollywood and he was “nobody” just the weird guy from Donnie Darko
    3 Years with Reese Witherspoon, who at the time was the most paid actress in Hollywood and among the most popular,why someone like Reese Witherspoon would had to stay for three years,even involving her children with someone who did not have her prestige and popularity, and who caused her just damage to her precious and immaculate image and bad stupid gossip if not for a real relationship ?
    Stop deceive yourself and let go of this slash fantasy honey

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @oh really?: I’m not saying Jake is innocent. He’s probably loved and left a few, but he has also had long term relationships (read poster above). He’s in his 30′s. People do change and grow up.

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @oh really?: I’m saying Jake is innocent. He has probably loved and left a few, but he has also had long-term relationships (read poster above). The guy is in his 30′s. People do change and grow up.

  • ??

    @Georgia:Why are you pulling out the sexuality issue ?
    who cares?
    we were talking about dresses and stuff and you come along with what is just your own personal obsession

    Who cares?

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Riff Raff & Magenta look great here

  • OMG!!

    Ace 11, sorry, are you already 13? Adult people sometimes enter into a relationship, and then leave. It happens, really. Surprise: sex and marriage are not the same things. Sometimes people don’t need intimacy, just sex or a short romance. A normal twenty years old girl takes independent decision whether to sleep with a man. Or maybe he raped someone? Finally, where do you find information about who left who and why? Grow smart, Goody!)

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @??: I believe those individuals who are obsessed with other people’s sexuality are really in internal conflict with their own and are projecting their own inner struggle out onto others. Talent has nothing to do with a person’s sexual preference (this is a private/personal matter anyway). Talent is talent.

  • About tales

    @ace11: You’re a storyteller? Then here’s mine. Once upon a time (no, at different times) there lived 3 princess: beautiful covert lesbian actress, actress trying to save face after an ugly divorce and a girl hardly promoting herself and her stupid songs. They all needed a prince: handsome, famous, rich, kind, single at the time and a gentleman (important!) Difficult task. But they all solved it! I need to continue? Is my story less believable than yours? However, some of my fiction – definitely the facts. Think about it and don’t write rubbish anymore. You know nothing.

  • lollypoponbasecampstage

    Two beautiful, very talented and sensitive persons. I guess is too much for envious people.

  • you are too much!

    @About tales: Who’s the lesbian actress? Kiki? LMAO!
    Give it up darling

  • lollypoponbasecampstage

    @Georgia: oh yes dear, so strange to spend time with relatives. Unacceptable to have no girlfriend (or boyfriend) nowadays. Something must really going on. Words of wisdom Georgia! (Sarcastic comment of course, just in case was not clear enough).
    To go against the grain is the best thing we all could do no matter what.
    Never give up to this crazy world of appearance!!!!!!

  • btw

    BTW Why Maggie is blonde?

  • right
  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @lollypoponbasecampstage: This is so weird, but I was having that conversation/debate last night with some individuals. After my fourth glass of Merlot, I had an out of body experience. I became an observer of the conversation/debate. Men seem to get their identity from their work/career, money, and material things (but no girlfriend, wife, or children). Women get their identity from their work/career, money, material things (designer labels), boyfriend/husband, and their children.

    I asked all of them twice “What if these things were taken away from you, then who would you be?” Not one person could answer my question. They all just went back to debating (and trying hard to convince me) how important it is to have a career, a boyfriend/husband, and children. By then I was on my 7th glass of Merlot, and they all started to sound like the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons. I realized they had no sense of self (no self-identity). Having no self-identity is what causes unhappiness and a lack of fulfillment in one’s life. This causes one to be internally restless in life because the individual feels that something is wrong or missing in their lives. The sad thing is most people dismiss that feeling and continue living their miserable lives. Waking up everyday and putting on masks (acting and pretending).

    The whole world is living under this deception. Last night made me see even more clearly that I chose the right path for my life. I’m glad that I chose the path of self-discovery over the career/boyfriend/husband/children path, and it’s okay if no one else understands it. :)