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Miranda Kerr: I'm 'Single & Focused on Work'

Miranda Kerr: I'm 'Single & Focused on Work'

Miranda Kerr shows off some skin at the Swarovski Gala Dinner held at Bennelong Restaurant at the Sydney Opera House on Wednesday (May 14) in Sydney, Australia.

The 31-year-old model recently remained quite mum about her dating life. In an interview with The Telegraph, she would only say that she’s “single and focused on work.”

Later on the topic of religion, Miranda said, “No, I’m not Buddhist. Orlando is. I’m not Buddhist. I’m Christian. I pray every day. I meditate every day and I do yoga. I’m not religious, I’m spiritual. And praying is something my grandmother taught me as well. To pray and be grateful, have gratitude, is a big thing for me.”

FYI: Miranda is wearing a LOVER dress.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at the Swarovski dinner…

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  • hahaha

    Wait, shouldn’t she say she’s single and focused on family/her son? Isn’t this the same woman who professed she “left” Victoria’s Secret because it demanded too much of her time (blatant lie)? Seems to me she has been doing even more work and traveling more…

  • mel

    In the same paragraph she says “I’m Christian. I pray every day.” and then “I’m not religious, I’m spiritual.” … Huh?

  • oh

    @mel: oh well, that’s Miranda for you. She’s incapable of being honest with the media. It doesn’t even bother me anymore. I just come to check out how gorgeous she is.

  • Go away

    What’s your idea of work, Miranda? Sleeping with half the guys in Hollywood and hooking onto married billionaires without any consideration for their wives and girlfriends? You’re a loser.

  • ha

    @oh: She’s NOT gorgeous. She has a fat nose. There are many others that are prettier than this “model.”

  • go go

    “Single and focused on posing naked every chance I get”

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Lying Liars And The Lies They Lie About! Back in the day, Miranda Kerrdashian was singing this tune: “I practice Nichiren Buddhism, chant regularly, meditate and do yoga regularly.” She stated the she began practicing Buddhism at “a very young age.” One is a lie, the Xtianity or the Buddhism. Which one is it? Or is it both? Of course, her fans will justify her lie…the way they always do. Because they are idiots. Also, “I’m single and focused on sleeping with whatever rich guy can keep my failing skin cream company afloat a little longer. Wanna see my boobs? Are you a billionaire?? Will you punch your friend in the nose for me? That really turns me on. Did you bring your checkbook?”

  • aussie

    she’s just ashamed to say that she is dating james parker after the gross pictures of him fighting in the streets got out yesterday. but i get it lol i would be ashamed to date someone like that too even with his billions

  • hina

    that make up is not flattering at all, and her family is so gross seriously especially her mom, trying to pimp their daughter like that is just creepy

  • pika

    i always thought she was just, cute. pretty and cute. nothing memorable about her except her dimples and big head.

  • gisele

    #1 u are so many levels of right. For someone who wants to slow down on work, she sure is working a lot. Fame and money hungry perhaps?
    She will never be a supermodel, what she is, is a joke. Even Candle has more prestige than her.

  • adrianafan

    she is so fugly! She has such a big huge fat head with no bone structure. She’s lucky shes skinny because her face would be obese if she werent. All I ever see when I look at her is alien/chipmunk/frog/egg head.

  • Tyla

    I think Miranda is very pretty and has a unique, individual look. That’s what a model should have. They all can’t look like Gisele or Christie Brinkley. What I don’t like about Miranda is that she is completely contradictory in her interviews. She comes across as a woman who does not know who she is. At 31, that’s pretty sad.

  • some

    @hahaha: and the most laughable thing is, Adriana and Doutzen are VS angels and are still getting better projects than Miranda on top of that.
    Let’s see if she will bag a high fashion campaign this season.

  • Pants on fire!

    She’s not Buddhist now? What about all of that BS about chanting with her son and him having his own Buddhist prayer beads? Was she lying about her Buddhism then to make it look like she had an actual connection with Orlando? Because other than their shared religion they never had anything at all in common. Her mother claimed to be a Buddhist too and used that to connect to Orlando as well. Was she lying too? That is a whole family of liars apparently. What else is she lying about? The Packer denial, obviously. But what else?

  • PuppyLove

    I think you may have hit on it. She doesn’t cover up or find some explanation to weasel out what she said before, as someone who deliberately lies would do. It’s like she tries to BECOME whatever will make people like her better at the moment. She’d be more careful if she were out-and-out pretending.

  • Effy

    @Tyla: Agreed. I think she is one of the prettier models. But she calling herself a Christian is laughable! I’ve read her book and her interviews where she says she chants, mediates, and believes that the world is based on positive energy – not a god. She obviously doesn’t know who she is and that is sad.

  • tbh

    Her can is entirely a poor man’s version of Heidi Klum’s

  • tbh


  • psst miranda

    psst miranda, give tom cruise a call. if you make scientology your next religion you can be wife number 4. you don’t seem to mind switching around religions that much. give it a go.

  • IMAO

    She looks great. Love her dress. So she took on being a buddist for Orlando. Whats wrong with that? Heaps of people change or take on an interest in what their partner maybe be doing. And now shes not with him shes not practising it anymore. Big deal. Im not religious either…but I believe in all religions and Iam spiritual. Being full on religious means you attend your church and follow all the practises of what ever chosen religion you have regularly all the time..etc.etc.. I believe the Native Amercian Indians are spiritual arent they? And why dont you haters all stop carrying on like you have never done anything wrong in your lives. Its really pathetic to make out you haters ate always perfect.

  • IMAO

    @Pants on fire!: Maybe Orlando wanted to convert Miranda and her mother? Some people can be pushy to making people believe when it comes to religion.

  • huh

    If she chose to be buddist only because she was with Orlando and dropped it after the divorce, that’s very shallow, deformatory and derogatory of her. Of course you being Miranda’s little twisted psychological puppet, you won’t ever admit the truth when it come to her… it’s the same for her career, she’s been reduced to endorsing any kind of project that comes her way and is seen hustling every other week yet you claim she is less busy now after VS.

  • Leila

    Shes hot! So very very sexy!

  • Anna Sophia

    She claimed she was a Buddhist just to be a cool kid like Orlando and now she’s Christian? What a twit!

  • zzzzz

    @huh: Well at least shes not Katie Holmes

  • GB

    @tbh: lol that’s still saying a lot.

    I have observed Miranda fans being very quiet about Adriana, lol, could it be because Adriana is conquering both worlds whereas Miranda is stagnant in one? And whatever happened to the Gisele comparisons?

  • So funny

    Lol! Knowing Miranda, she knew saying this would get up peoples goat and it worked! So very funny. Keep on reeling those hater suckers in!

  • Michelle

    @GB: Ummmm….yes Adriana is conquering the world on all levels? Especially the world of marriage and being a good wife and mother -FAIL!! Gisele = Drag Queen!

  • OMG

    @hahaha: Flynns older now hes a 3yr old toddler as apposed to him being a baby. So its easier to leave a toddler with the other parent and not a baby who needs it mother. Duh!

  • and

    @Michelle: they still have more sophisticated careers than this bubble.
    Yow u can talk about Adriana’s divorce but a miranda fan is never one to talk about being a good mother. Miranda has been exploiting her child to the world since he was hours old. Poor child.

  • Andrea

    Every time this woman opens her mouth a lie pops out. She should stop speaking and make the world a better place.

  • vera

    I understand that she might want to distance herself from that cult that Bloom belongs to but it’s a little late to say she’s not a Buddhist at all since she’s done nothing but brag about her Buddhism since she met him and he made her famous and people actually wanted to talk to her. Even the name of her company comes from her Buddhist beliefs and she has said as much when asked about it.

  • Mia

    For people who think Miranda become Buddhist because Orlando, it’s not true! She was been Buddhist before him in age 16,17 or something. But even if she was become Buddhist because Orlando, she obviously doesn’t know that religions are not your underwear or socks that you change when you want!

  • PuppyLove

    Katie Holmes did return to the Catholic Church she was brought up in when she split from Tom Cruise, but what’s odd here is Miranda doesn’t say she has changed her mind about Buddhism, although she still likes to meditate. She makes it sound as if she has NEVER been Buddhist: “Orlando’s the Buddhist; I’m a Christian.”
    We have always been at war with Eastasia.

  • E.

    What marriage??? Honestly, do you really believe she and Orlando were married EVER??? It was all a PR lie. There was never a photo shown, her wedding dress lost, bla bla bla. Miranda shows private photos all the time, and there was NEVER a wedding photo from that beach, not even later. They just lived together, gave each other rings, and then some reporter wrote of marriage.. I don’t believe it. Every word she says is a lie, and I can’t believe Orlando either, when he opens his mouth. It is all “How do I look best in public? What do people want to hear?” They lost their soul, sorry….