Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles Hit The CW Upfronts, Tease Shocking 'Supernatural' Finale!

Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles Hit The CW Upfronts, Tease Shocking 'Supernatural' Finale!

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles make their entrances at The CW Network’s 2014 Upfront Presentation held at The London Hotel on Thursday morning (May 15) in New York City.

The guys were joined on the carpet by their co-star Misha Collins, who was just upped to series regular status for next season!

“Something happens in the finale that is a first we’ll see,” Jared told JJ on the carpet. “I’d say don’t miss the last 30 seconds of the finale.”

Misha told us, “I can say that the fans are going to freak out. I think it’s very chilling and disturbing. When I read the script for the finale, I was definitely shocked. I thought, ‘Can they do this?’ The last five seconds!”

“I’m going to one up [Jared and Misha] and say its the last second,” Jensen said. “The moment the screen goes to black. The last second. There are multiple characters involved. There’s a predicament now.”

We can’t wait to watch! Tune in to the Supernatural season finale on Tuesday, May 20 @ 9PM on The CW!

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Credit: Kristina Bumphrey; Photos: Starpix/JustJared
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  • plizz

    Ohh My Jensen Ackles look incredible gorgeous

  • Sarah

    Jared Padalecki is so handsome ! Love his outfit :) He looks a bit tired from flying back and forth between US and UK , but still managed to appear fine !

  • Samaa

    All 3 of them were so gorgeous! esp I’m so happy that Misha Collins was there :) He & his character are my SPN favorites. I’m glad he’s gonna be a regular again next season.

  • Emily

    @plizz: Totally agree with you, Jensen is always handsome ^^
    Happy to see Misha

  • Emily

    And i’m so worried about Dean and the MOC… I don’t wanna see him suffer, I want him to be the hero he always was.

  • Linda

    Jared has some really gorgeous eyes.

  • ami

    Woww I love see J2 in this kind of occasions

    but Carver what you did?? this season was so OOC
    I hope season finale going to be better

  • Karen

    Jensen with a beard it’s always a great thing o/ This is so cliche but, he’s like a fine wine, better with age haha

    I’m worried about Dean too, he’s still my baby and my fav.
    But i liked this MOC mytharc/storyline because give to Jensen the opportunity to show off his amazing abilities as an actor, he’s been doing a incredibly job and I’m proud of him, proud to be one of his fans =)

  • Jenna

    Oh this season has been by far the biggest disaster since season 6. So many mistakes with the reapers, the monsters in the failed backdoor pilot in episode 20, and the angels. The only positive thing I can say is that the make-up artist that handles Jared’s receding hairline does great moving the hair around so people don’t notice it. Plus, has anyone else notice how Sam’s forehead was in the shadows while in the impala so people couldn’t notice it?

  • Alli


    I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise since Jared’s dad is completely bald.

    And I definitely agree with you about how bad this show has gotten. I used to love it but the writers they have now don’t care about the show … only pointless fillers and when they do remember that there is a plot that they need to write about they mess up everything that came before.

  • drey

    come on, even though the show stall a bit because it’s been airing for too long now, it’s still a pleasure to watch those two every year :)
    they have the best chemestry and the writers can really make good dialogues (Crowley, Dean and Castiel have the best lines ever !)

  • Castiel4ever

    @Samaa: yes misha is definitely the reason why I watch and I am so excited that he’s in s10 with our sweetie pies Jared and Jensen. Misha such a hottie!!

  • Claire

    OMG!!!! I have a terrible cold in the stomach, something very bad is going to happen and I’m super excited to see … OMG!! How can the Jensen be so beautiful like this. *……..*

  • Lonne

    Jesus, people still watch this crap?

  • Lamontavia Victoria Miller

    OMG, Jensen looks soooooo old, so does Jared! I hate Jensen’s with the beard. What’s wrong with Jensen’s outfit? That shirt doesn’t really go. Misha is perfection though. LOVE LOVE LOVE MISHA!

  • Carthelia Heber

    @plizz: Ugh, are you BLIND? That beard is awful and he looks soooo sooo sooo OLD now! I liked him when he was young but now he’s like FORTY. UGH.


  • Layla

    Season 9 has not been my favorite but I still love the show. Hoping for a more Winchester type of series by season 10! Love the cast, especially Jared. I love them tall! He is soo unique.

  • http://facebook Vince

    yeah i did notice that they tampered with the reapers this season. how her death was basically an angels minus the wings of ash left behind. sounds like someone wanted to save some budget. Not to mention how the the demons monsters and angels used to be soo, terrifying. the angels were high class and feared by everyone now they are kind of goofy and just act stuck up rather than intimidating as do the demons. and again with the budget cuts on the looks of the monsters these past few seasons. So far this season my favorite eps was mothers little helper. Great job by misha collins directing. And i hope they do so much more with this MoC thing its a really good story line they have going there. got to say though im missing the impala/ classic rock. not digging this porno jazz/bluesy stuff or the men of letters hide out. but regardless i shall stay true to the winchesters until the end. even though you just can’t top the ending to season 5. Show has so much potential to keep pushing that envelope but just seems like lately they’ve been riding the line for ratings or whatever else. love the show love the guys and will continue watching it.

  • Peter J

    Jensen looks great. He was a gorgeous young man and is now a handsome older man. So glad he hasn’t gone the plastic surgery route and i hope he doesn’t.

    Jared’s hair needs work but he looks good here too. I love his suit.

    Love Misha’s smile and all the rest…don’t love the jacket though.

    I’ve really enjoyed Dean’s story this season, and some of the moments Cas has had. I hope they give Sam a better story next season and I hope we see stronger relationships with the guys and tighter plotting (and female characters who aren’t killed off over and over). This isn’t the best season by any means but I’ve enjoyed it overall. I’d say it’s midpack.

  • Amber

    I don’t like jared’s Hair! And Jensen looked better when he was younger, bit that’s just me

  • candice

    @Alli: I agree it seems like the writers are lost, they need to get back to what we all loved, get back to the “hunting things” like it was the first few seasons but like you said when they do that they mess up what came before :( But I love our boys and will watch till the end just hope next season is better than this one !

  • Holly

    Waaaaa!!!!! I can’t watch it with everyone else, I’m only just finishing season 8 and waiting for 9 to come out in DVD, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m just sayin I had better be seeing Jensen next year I can’t even read anything about season 9 but I will be watching allll of them with everyone else next season.

  • terry christensen

    oh my Jensen is just so handsome like him better with no beard Jared looks very good to must say Jensen is my favorite love supernatural waiting for season 9 its not here in denmark yet on dvd keep watching the first seasons love them!!! terry

  • terry christensen

    shutup and get off this site why are you here if you hate supernatural??? go away now creep!!!!!

  • Bra Kennedy

    All I know is they better not die!! I love this show and have stayed with it since the beginning. I still watch all those episodes everyday and have seen all the older ones too many times to count!! I just love those boys but my heart belongs to Jensen.

  • Bea Kennedy
  • camila chrisphin

    I lov jensen…vry much..and i lov to watch supernatural..especially to watch the style of jensen…though he z getting older bt still he z looking handome…nd cute smile…nd we lov u…

  • http://erinhaflewis ez

    Supernatural is overrated… Poor and bland acting