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Man Storms Cannes Red Carpet, Runs & Hides Under America Ferrera's Dress (Photos)

Man Storms Cannes Red Carpet, Runs & Hides Under America Ferrera's Dress (Photos)

America Ferrera got quite the scare on the red carpet of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival during her How To Train Your Dragon 2 premiere on Friday (May 16) in Cannes, France, when a man stormed the red carpet and hid under her dress.

The 30-year-old actress was taking pictures when prankster Vitalii Sediuk jumped under the lining of the dress, appearing to be hiding. Security stormed the carpet and removed him. This sounds so scary and crazy – we hope America is okay!

After the incident America‘s co-star Cate Blanchett could be seen comforting her.

See the incident at 1:05.

Man Storms Cannes Red Carpet, Runs & Hides Under America Ferrera’s Dress

FYI: America is wearing a Georges Hobieka gown, Marina B jewels, and Jimmy Choo clutch.

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man storms cannes red carpet jumps hides underneath america ferreras dress 01
man storms cannes red carpet jumps hides underneath america ferreras dress 02
man storms cannes red carpet jumps hides underneath america ferreras dress 03
man storms cannes red carpet jumps hides underneath america ferreras dress 04
man storms cannes red carpet jumps hides underneath america ferreras dress 05
man storms cannes red carpet jumps hides underneath america ferreras dress 06

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  • sweetness

    How humiliating for her and how ghetto of Cannes’ organizers not to have tighter security..what if this idiot person had a weapon on hi or splashed her with paint?!

  • lol


  • dedel

    yeah, this is the same guy we saw at this year SAG awards, and this is Vitali Sediuk. He was slapped by Will Smith too.

  • marian

    @sweetness: I agree. Some people are so bitter that they have to destroy other people’s moments.

  • Mel
  • hilarious!

    Haha! Did this weirdo lose a bet or something?
    @sweetness: C’mon, he was barely hiding under the first layer of her dress… could have been worse. If he was that dangerous he wouldn’t have targeted Ugly Betty of all people out there. At least, she’ll get some publicity out of his silly stunt.

  • leah

    Ahahaha this is hilarious !


    Pretty cool. Not only is the invisible ghost guy starting to get under their skin, but under their temple veil dresses as well…

  • Pamela

    That’s…….really weird… hmmm…? :/


    No.7 at 3:40; Dittos. Princess America is a major Book of Mormon poster girl of course.


    No.9 at 3:48; It was supposed to be weird. God works in mysterious weird ways, yada yada… just to get their attention.

  • sweetness


    It was a joke at her expense and I as an observer don’t find it funny. She had a brief moment to shine and this idiot spoilt it for her. And yeah how utterly tacky of Cannes to not have tighter security. What if some radical group who had an agenda wanted to create more havoc?

  • Ken

    That america girl has the nastiest, ugliest face i’ve seen.

  • Max


  • Lames!

    These guys again? One of these days they’re going to get it.

  • Lames!


    That’s why she’s Ugly Betty.

  • Martha

    OMG what and idiot! what did that joke accomplish? absolute nothing because it wasn’t funny!

    America Ferrera handled it very well!

  • Ha

    WTFFFFFFF!? You can see the security trying to save face afterwards. I hope America Ferrera had someone fired ! It could have been dangerous

  • Meh

    I don´t understand how so many people call this funny.

    This dude has done it before to Bradley Cooper and Leonardo Dicaprio, so why does he still get away with it. Don´t people spot him or deny him access?? People keep writhing – this is funny because movie stars take themselves too seriously – com on. If this is a “let there be more laughter in this world, and don´t be so serious” thing, well it would have been funny if she knew about it first – but she was ambushed. Not funny.

  • Hands

    There is something so strange about this girl’s expression on her face, the look in her eyes. she’s got nasty features already, it’s not helping her

  • Farrah

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Hysterical! I love how they had to drag him out by his feet. So weird! Guess poor dude was just looking for a place to nest.

  • Cannes bebe

    Poor america she looks like a disturbed mexican transvestite!
    I think she might be a she man.

  • guest

    All you assh*les with the nasty racist comments, if this happened to you you would not think it was funny at all.

  • guest

    America should have kicked him. Will Smith hit him.

  • Nikki

    Why do people think this is “funny”?? It’s not!!! What a violation to America. They better re-train their sh!tty security people. What a disgrace.

  • Bianca

    I don’t see where the “hilarious” aspect plays part here. This man is a repeated offender of invading personal space. If someone thinks that because she and her co-stars are standing a public forum gives him or anyone for that matter the right to invade them in such a manor is completely wrong. She was unaware of what was going on and shouldn’t had happened. Kudos to her for being a good sport and continuing on, but I would have been a little shaken, for Christ sake. he was to close for comfort. under her skirt.

  • wow

    feel sorry for the dude who got an eyefull of her nasty black Brillo

  • jail

    That guy is an as-shole and he must go to jail! Some GIRLS think it’s funny? It should happen to you.

  • Jill

    Anyone who finds humor in this type of behavior, is part of the problem. And you wonder why gated communities exist. To get away from people like that. (And those who think it’s ok) .

  • badbourgeousie

    oh my god get your thumb out of your bums, this IS hilarious! The celebrities were laughing as well, America did not have her “moment to shine” ruined. She’s consistently in the spotlight. He didn’t actually go underneath her dress to peek at any naughty bits, he did it to “hide”. It was obviously done in good spirit. Security should be thanking him for pointing out blind spots so that those who wish to actually harm these celebrities cannot break through in the future.

  • janet

    yikes. that sucks. they should have stopped the cameras and walked her off the carpet for a bit. I am sure it’s hard to keep posing and smiling after that. cate asked her several times if she was ok, but they should have walked off.

  • Philippe

    Who cares, it’s not dramatic. some people here are acting a if she was in a historic drama. Big deal. Gosh, if she over reacts to something like this, imagine when things really go wrong in her life, she must panic as if everything is the end of the world.

  • Julie

    I think He Really wanted to know if she had a dick or taint..

  • 30 and 32

    You guys clearly don´t get it.
    It doesn´t matter what the world things of how to justify the fun aspect, because it didn´t happen to you, but her, and we don´t know if she thought it was funny.

  • Pamela

    “naughty bits” ??????????? lol 8/

  • http://twitter maish

    He was probably lustful of her. He must have enjoyed her sweetened scent.

  • Stt

    Was it Vitali Sediuk? Ukrainian prankster and reporter? The one who gave Madonna those flowers, tried to kiss Will Smith, went on Grammys to crush Adel’s speech and sat on Adam Levines place? It has to be him. He is the only one who does those stuff right now. You can’t even be angry at him. Somehow he always finds the way to crash at some celebrity at some big event.

    Also in the winter he broke into live feed of russian news channel and gave Oscar statue to russian reporter for all the lies they have been telling about Ukraine in their press. It was epic.

  • kristina

    people who find this funny have a disgusting sense of humour…i hope some stranger makes his way between your bare legs…you’ll know exactly how “hilarious” it is..

  • Neil

    @Cannes bebe:


  • Holly

    That is horrific. Especially since they were expected to go on as if nothing had happened. All the actors looked weirded out and waiting for someone to acknowledge it. I think America is beautiful, I’m not sure what all the cruelty is about.
    It is pretty funny if you watch to the very end though… That girl picking her teeth on camera… gross!

  • Barry

    @kristina: How is this a drama? it’s not super funny but if you’re freaking out because of this you must be paranoid and neurotic.

  • jen

    Her face is very manly.

  • Ha

    @30 and 32: there are worst things in life then being all dressed up on a red carpet and having a random guy touch your dress by the way. If this is the drama of her life then she is insane for making a big deal out of nothing. bou hou america, bou hou.

  • 888

    Don’t worry america, it can’t get any worst than this on the red carpet:

  • Eden

    @Jill: “Anyone who finds humor in this type of behavior, is part of the problem. And you wonder why gated communities exist. To get away from people like that. (And those who think it’s ok) .”
    I think people’s priorities are more on serious issues than this ridiculous red carpet “event”. get over it, nobody said it was great, but you’re being absolutely ridiculous by over reacting as if it was more dramatic than sad horrible things that happen every day. this is nothing!

  • jon m’shulla

    I think this is very funny. Is it Vitalii Sediuk? The Ukrainian A-List Prankster?

    He has sniffed the crotches of Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio and been under a dress or two also.

    He has a statement to make. “Why do we worship these people? Why do we want to suck their c*o*c*k*s?” etc… He is just showing a sarcastic version of what many of you do.

  • jon m’shulla

    Go Vitalii !!!

  • spookym

    Damn foreigners, always trying to sneak into America!