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Katy Perry & Madonna Tease Shared 'V' Magazine Cover!

Katy Perry & Madonna Tease Shared 'V' Magazine Cover!

Katy Perry is protected by her bodyguards as she makes a low-key exit from a restaurant after dinner with friends on Monday night (May 19) in Manchester, England.

That same day, the 29-year-old posted an Instagram teaser shot from her V Magazine cover shoot, which also features none other than Madonna!

“Mmmmm my baby’s got a secret… @vmagazine,” Katy captioned it.

Madonna posted her own teaser, writing, “V magazine got me like. Kneel down for what??????? @vmagazine This week. #artforfreedom #unapologeticbitch.” We can’t wait to see the finished product!

10+ pictures inside of Katy Perry out to dinner in England…

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katy perry madonna v magazine cover tease 01
katy perry madonna v magazine cover tease 02
katy perry madonna v magazine cover tease 03
katy perry madonna v magazine cover tease 04
katy perry madonna v magazine cover tease 05
katy perry madonna v magazine cover tease 06
katy perry madonna v magazine cover tease 07
katy perry madonna v magazine cover tease 08
katy perry madonna v magazine cover tease 09
katy perry madonna v magazine cover tease 10
katy perry madonna v magazine cover tease 11

Photos: AKM-GSI, Instagram
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  • Matt

    why would katy need a bodyguard?
    & shame on madonna for doing anything with basic katy.

  • maggie

    Because she must be protect from he ex bf crazy and physco fans and madonna likes her just try again haters

  • http://MsSTephyStephD1 2telldtruth

    This is sadd!!! 4 Madonna’so children I can’t imagine what is going through their minds seeing that their mother is nothing more than a sideshow freak. Child services need to take her kids away. I don’t care how old she is its her behavior that’s get to me. I grew up with madonna in the 80s along with MJ, Prince and the others. I thought once she became a mom she would not go back to the sex book ways and posing with Katy Perry. It was bad with the Britney kiss. Madonna has no self respect for herself or those kids. I rather see her in the grave than act like sex book madonna again this is just plain pathetic. When I saw the MJaCason hologram @ billboard awards I was like I miss Mj performances then I see Madonna acting like this I can’t help to think she is the next to kill herself self destructive behavior leads to this. We’ll when this happens I don’t have to look @ Katy Perry & these satanic no talent trolls anymore.

  • brian

    Katy and Madonna are getting a lot of negative comments from the GLBT community. The GLBT community doesn’t like women who do girl-girl stunts for cash.

    Also, it’s interesting that V magazine doesn’t show two male pop stars dressed in bondage gear on the cover. Are V magazine’s editors afraid of male homosexuality? Are they homophobic about male homosexuality? I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Antonio

    F*+,king Amazing!!! The spread is glorious and hot. They both look phenomenal. And love that it provokes thought and lust. Courages and Brave. Rock On!!


    @Antonio: This makes Madonna look weak and desperate. Katy Perry is a lackluster artist and Madonna appears to be a old leach. Someone made a comment in this thread about growing up in the time of Madonna, Prince and the late Micheal Jackson. I did and I can tell you I am so happy to be a Prince fan. Out of all of them he is the true King. His musical talent surpasses the late Micheal Jackson and the old hag Madonna. Prince does not need a title unlike Micheal Jackson who self proclaimed himself as the King of Pop and Madonna. As a kid growing up with the big three I knew Prince would for years to come be the greatest. Micheal Jackson fizzled out and Madonna tries hard to compete with the young pop girls. It was confirmed in the last court case regarding Aeg that Micheal Jackson was obsessed with Prince. Its so sad because Prince did not care about what Micheal Jackson was doing. Prince was and is still doing what he loves and that’s making music. Micheal Jackson was so sick that he named his son after Prince. Madonna has money for lifetimes but she wants to compete with Lady Gaga. She is furious that Lady Gaga will not work with her like the other fools. News flash, Katy Perry. Madonna is using you. I am so glad Katy Perry joined the list of poptarts who worked with Madonna because Madonna is the kiss of death. Look what happened to Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus to name a few. Miley Cyrus had to postpone her U.S leg of her tour. Lets see what will happen to the horrid Katy Perry. Madonna stay far, far away from the NEW QUEEN OF POP LADY GAGA.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Nice pictures, yep ! They both look ossom, yep !
    217, give me 5, makes 222, 168 !
    Highhhhhhh 5 !!!!!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    If Katy took Mo from behind,
    she´d wish herself into Mo´s mind !
    That would be something interesting for the GLBT community, yep !
    And for heterosexuals, too, of course !
    Finally it´s something for every adults, yep !
    E-Rotic-Ah !
    Just close your eyes !
    Put your hands all over my body !
    If Katy took Mo from behind,
    she´d wish herself into Mo´s mind !
    Give-it-up, give-it-up !
    Give it up, do what I say !
    Give it up and let have Kate her way !
    Mo likes to put you in a traaaaaaance !
    Of course, what I´ve written should be associated with the pictures.
    And the final intention is to create this association in the mind of the ones who read the V Magazine, what else ???

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Of course, two lesbians in action is one erotic fantasy of herosexual men, yep ! But eventually an erotic fantasy of heterosexual women, too.
    Logic conclusion: Two gays in action then must me an erotic fantasy of heterosexual women, yep ! And eventually a fantasy of heterosexual men, too.
    If the GLBT community dit not like this, then it´s because of the fact, that too many heterosexual men profit from these pictures by getting this fantasy. Then the GLBT community did not tolerate the fantasies of heterosexual men and eventually het women. But that would be a pity?
    The GLBT community should be tolerant towards such fantasies!
    Logic conclusion 2:
    What are the erotic fantasies of the GLBT community?
    To see pictures of heterosexuals in action, yep ! Because the GLBT declare their sexuality as normality and the toleratable absence of normality is the fantasy – within the sphere of non-perversion.
    Cuz´ a fantasy is always the imaginarily sublte love for something that is not wanted to be loved in physical reality.
    Logic conclusion 3:
    BTW: Some of the GLBT community could get fantasies by seeing these pictures, too ! Because of the extravagant clothes. Even for most of the GLBT community these clothes represent an absence of their normality.
    And that´s the reason for seeing it as a fantasy.
    Logic conclusion 4: Because of the extravagant clothes, nearly every adult can get fantasies with these pictures.
    The only one, who cannot get these fantasies, are the ones, who always use such clothes. Because for them it´s normality and thus not the absence of normality and therefore no more a fantasy?
    Any questions left ?

  • Scott jenkins

    @2telldtruth: maybe you don’t understand that it was done to protect her telepathic boyfriend from the other telepathic person we hear jaruna and her accusations of masterbating with His roommate.

  • Scott jenkins

    @Dirk_Reese-Fan: maybe its to protect her telepathic boyfriend from the accusations of the telepathic woman Karina who says that I am masterbating with my roommate. Don’t denounce her again.