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Who Won 'Dancing With the Stars' 2014? Season 18 Winner Revealed!

Who Won 'Dancing With the Stars' 2014? Season 18 Winner Revealed!


Can you believe that we are already crowning the eighteenth winner of Dancing With the Stars?! Well we are, and the season 18 finale just wrapped up!

This year’s three finalists were Full House actress Candace Cameron Bure and her partner Mark Ballas, Olympic ice dancer Meryl Davis and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and Paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy and her partner Derek Hough.

For their three performances, Cameron received an overall score of 78, Meryl earned herself a perfect 90, and Amy was just a hair away from perfection with an 89.

Click inside to find out who won Dancing With the Stars…


Second place: Amy Purdy
Third place: Candace Cameron Bure

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  • jake

    Literally cried. The season’s best.

  • tattle

    That’s kinda not fair. She’s an ice dancer but still Olympic winning dancer

  • Effy

    Nothing shocking about that. Two perfectionist with skill will definitely win.

  • Bobby

    Best season ever!

  • Andrea

    @tattle: I agree. I wanted James to win. TMZ is saying it was rigged for Meryl to win. Another crooked show.

  • Betina

    Worst season ever. I didn’t like any of the contestants. I don’t think I’ll watch next season.

  • Mel

    TMZ is saying the voting was rigged!!

  • NYC

    My favorite season. So glad Meryl and Max won. They did an amazing job.
    Everyone will need to compare themselves to this pair for a long time.

  • GH

    If it wasn’t rigged like TMZ is saying, Candace would have won.

  • msirene

    I am so happy with the results and think that they finally got it right, this season! I am most happy for Maksim because this is is first win, although he’s been on the show 13 seasons. I’ve often thought that they treated him unfairly, and had a problem with him because of his outspoken behaviour. He is an excellent dancer, and should have won long before this. I feel that it’s about time! So glad he & Meryl won!

  • Leticia

    Furious that james was robbed by this crooked rigged show!!!!!! He had the most votes by far. I HATE DWTS. NEVER WATCHING AGAIN!!!

  • Freddie


  • Eiram

    I think that the best couple won, they were better from the beginning. Also I think that Candace had to have gone three weeks ago, James Maslow was so much better, he deserved to be in her position, or Charlie, even Danica dance better than Candace. It was an injustice that she end in third place.

  • Lois

    Worst season ever. Put this show out of it’s misery.

  • Lois

    @Eiram: Are you serious???? Candace was a million times better than Meryl!!!!! Hope Meryl enjoys her RIGGED TROPHY!!

  • Rose

    Furious Charlie was thrown under a bus all season because the producers loved the drama and fan shipping of Maks and Meryl. As one of the show’s best male dancers in a long time, he deserved a much better edit then what he got.

  • Ariadne

    @Rose: Agree totally Rose! Charlie was hosed week after week to suit the agenda that was going on. I am sick about it!

  • Al

    This show has jumped the shark with it’s phony fixed results!!

  • Ummm

    I have to wonder how blind people are to think that Candace deserved to win. This ish is just like when Bristol Palin went all the way. No talent, flailing about but people voted for her for their own personal reasons with no regards to her dancing ability. Candace flailed around and looked flustered in almost every dance. By the finale, you better be hitting your marks with more poise and composure than you did before you started and Candace didn’t improve at all.

  • Lulu

    Way to go Maks. So happy for you. Maks had better partners than Meryl in the past though.

  • Eiram

    @Lois: there is no comparison between Meryl and Candace, Meryl was billions times better that Candace, it was a pleasure see Meryl and Maks dancing together, I can’t say the same with Candace. Although everyone has their opinion and this is mine, Candace didn’t deserve to get to the final.

  • Nahbro

    Meryl had this in the bag from day one. She’s kind of America’s sweetheart right now so she had the votes, but she’s a fluid ice skater who would have succeeded in this without a doubt. She’s a deserving winner, but I think this should have gone to Amy. I know Derek wins a lot, but this time he should’ve. What he and Amy accomplished litterally blew my mind. Amy could keep up with Meryl and she doesn’t even have legs. She’s better than most people with two working ones. I wish Amy had won this, but to me she was a winner anyway. I’m surprised that Charlie wasn’t in the top 3 though.

  • Sabrina

    Biggest fake winners in the shows history,

  • Damian

    The results were set before the season even started. When Charlie started pulling in big vote totals, they started tearing him down week after week until he couldn’t win. The “winners” have a really empty victory from this crooked show.

  • Kalina

    OMG What a rip-off. The biggest ringer ever given a fake trophy for her fake win over James!!!!!!! Disgusted!

  • Dante

    That Maks guy looks like the devil in that picture. Lousy show.

  • hmm

    it’s strange that other dancers in the past have been critiqued for un-pointed feet or not straightening their legs, but meryl had both of these issues yet they said nothing. I think she promotes an unhealthy body image. She wasn’t as inspirational as Amy.

  • dance dance dance

    they were all good and watchable

  • Elle Martinson

    She is a professional ice “dancer” and she almost lost a “dance” contest to a woman without feet!!!! Yikes!!! It’s not a win Meryl should be bragging about. If anything, the fact that she almost lost to a person who is physically disadvantaged should cause Meryl embarrassment.

  • great season

    I disagree with hmmm.

    I think she has a fit petite little body and is in excellent physical

    Condition and she has good strength and balance and coordination.

    She has good posture and carriage too. If she is as bad as you say

    Then she wouldn’t have been able to compete effectively in the

    Olympics because it requires a lot of physical energy so you have to

    Eat a well balanced diet in order to achieve success. You should eat

    Your wheaties, the breakfast of champions!. When you dance a lot, and

    I am sure she is used to it, its a natural way to stay fit. And fun. A lot of

    People who were guests on the show lost weight from all the physical

    Exercise practicing their dance routines. People who love to dance can

    Go 2-3+ hours a night all night long at dance clubs (for example, me)

    And not get tired and having to stop except for drinking lots of water

    From getting sweaty. I am not as thin and in the great shape she is in

    But for the periods when i have danced on a regular weekly basis i

    Have to say i think i looked damn good.

    I enjoyed amy’s performances as well and she is in great shape as


  • Dancing with the ***********’s

    Dante, I’m not a fan of Maks either.


    I am glad that Maks and Meryl won, I also want to add that this win FINALLY puts an end to Maks” frustration of his prior seasons competing and YET NOT placing FIRST! :-)

  • Tamara

    @GH: I agree. I don’t know if it’s rigged, but the judges underscored Candace on her freestyle big time and on today’s fusion dance also. I’m thinking that she would probably win over Meryl, if they wouldn’t do that. And of course they wanted to see Meryl and Maks win, it was well knows from the day 1.

  • Tamara

    @msirene: I thought that this competition was about Stars, not about the Pros? He hasn’t won before because he is a very week choreographer. And I won’t even talk about his behaviour… What he is doing is nothing but an abuse towards his partners.

  • Tamara

    @Lulu: Hahaha, oh yeah? Who? Who in the world could be better than Meryl, a professional dancer on ice? :D

  • Roxie

    Best show ever! Everyone was fabulous even though Candace was annoying and deserved to go weeks ago! Keeping her there was a huge mistake. Meryl and Max were so fantastic, they absolutely should have won! Amy was amazing and it was inspiring to watch her! However it was great to see Max finally win one after all these years!

  • Jill

    No one complained in the past when athletes or olympic dancers like Kristie Yamagucchi or Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing won. What’s the big deal? Meryl was fabulous and deserved to win! I only regretted seeing Charlie go before that awful Candace! Now that was a rip off. Guess in the end God had more important issues to deal with then helping her win DWTS!! Seriously she was disgusting! Yay for Max!!

  • Helen

    Loved loved loved DWTS! Best show ever except for miss goody two shoes, Candace. Seriously so glad she didn’t win….. So annoying! Congrats to Max and Meryl for such fabulous perfoamce a week after week! DWTS really got it right this time! Their dancing made the audience fall in love with them through their artistry and chemistry!

  • freya

    I really hate this show I don’t know why it’s a hit, it’s a poor excuse of a dance contest for semi or ex famous people who can’t dance, If I’m going to watch a TRULY dance contest I will watch the one on Fox called “So You Think You Can Dance” contestant are not glamorous or famous BUT AT LEAST THEY CAN DANCE INCLUDING THOSE WHO PRETENDS TO BE.


    Meryl is an Alien Hybrid- note the shape of the face and head, size of the eyes etc.

  • lylian

    I thought Meryl deserved to win. She has been consistently amazing throughout the series.
    I admire Amy and thought what she could achieve, given her physical limitations was amazing. But if judged against Meryl, the Meryl deserved to win.
    Meh about Candace.

  • EB

    Terrible outcome, completely rigged.

  • Rosalyn

    It was the best season ever!!! Meryl and Max deserved to win. They were amazing. It was NOT rigged. Stop complaining and be happy for the two amazing dancers and people who won, they won for a reason. Great job to everyone who was in the finals and I lOVE YOU MERYL AND MAX…. Meryl is my inspiration and I can only hope to be as amazing as her in life!

  • Rosalyn

    Also, for those of you who said that Candace was a better dancer than Meryl maybe you should learn how to dance yourself! When it comes to Amy she is an amazing person and dancer. I was very insired by her story and cried a lot when she danced. She was right up there in competition which tells me that I can do anything I set my mind to. I thank her for that.

  • Vantax

    Horrible show! Horrible outcome! The fix was in for ole Maks.

  • Chandy

    Wow! The ringer won. What a shock. NOT. At least James got the encore. It was so good. I am so done with this show. It was basically set in stone from Day 1 that Maks was going to win. The judges over the top fawning every week, while Charlie was underscored every week was sickening. I hope they enjoy their “win” because all of us know it was rigged from the beginning. Gross!!

  • Rocky


    ITA!!!! They were magic together. Sooo happy for Max!!

  • Rocky


    If it were rigged, then Amy would have won on sympathy vote, although I think she’s AMAZING and we all should be proud of how far she went. She’s a true hero to all those who have gone through similar life lessons. Meryl has been under a Russian coach who doesn’t tolerate bad posture — all Russian skaters go through ballet training, hence her posture. Candance didn’t deserve, in my opinion, to be in finals, Jim should have been. If you look at tape, you will see that dancers and audience were shocked and that some actually booed the decision, but when people like someone and don’t call in, a favorite will leave. Max would never have won if he were paired up with any of the ladies because Meryl, as Len said, matched him step for step. He got a short dancer this time, and it proved a good one. Rigged? NOT!!

  • Chandy

    @Rocky: YOU JUST ADMITTED SHE HAD ALL THAT BALLET TRAINING etc. That’s why she was a gigantic ringer!!!!! RIGGED!!!!!

  • Tamara

    @Rocky: I didn’t say that it was rigged, look at my comment. At least I don’t think it’s rigged when it comes to voting, but when it comes to judges? Oh yeah. I’m just saying that the producers wanted Maks and Meryl to win from day 1. All this pimping, and “Maks has never won” crap. I mean, if I were Maks, I woudn’t be too proud about this win: Meryl was the biggest ringer in the history of a show, she is actually a professional dancer on ice, and the producers did everything in their power to make it happen. And Maks was getting sympathy votes with all this “I have never won”. The reason why he never won was because he is a weak choreographer.

    And don’t start with sympathy votes for Amy. I voted for her and not because I felt sorry for her. No, not at all. I voted for her because she blew me away every single week despite the fact that she has no feet. And the only dance I actually liked from Meryl and Maks was their tango, all the other were just “meh” to me.