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Leonardo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn Help Raise Money at Cannes' amfAR Gala 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn Help Raise Money at Cannes' amfAR Gala 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio is dashing in a tuxedo while attending amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS Gala during the 2014 Cannes Film Festival at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc on Thursday (May 22) in Cap d’Antibes, France.

The 39-year-old actor was joined at a table by his girlfriend Toni Garrn and Marion Cotillard at the event, which raised $38 million.

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During the gala, Leo auctioned off a space trip with him in 2015 for almost $1 million to help raise money for AIDS research.

The day before, Leonardo kept a low profile while stepping off a yacht.

FYI: Toni is wearing Redemption Choppers dress, Gianvitto Rossi shoes, Shambala, and carrying a Lee Savage clutch.

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  • Gmaysie Kartofe

    What a depraved lunatic this pinhead has become. A true cautionary tale that money can’t buy class.

  • disgusting

    Disgusting, him, Cotillard (a famewhore) and the social climber girl.

  • also…

    Toni has no self esteem. They act like all is good, like nothing happened.

  • Oop

    Looks like the bashfest has already started. Will this thread reach 10 pages within the next 5 hours? Stay tuned!

  • Karmic revenge

    He looks sooo fugly and greasy lmfao its too funny

  • Elegant Dinner

    I bet Marion convinced Leo that 911 never happened since their both airheads

  • fame

    Jack Nicholson! Ops, it’s Fat DiCaprio. Fat DiCaprio and one of his escorts. I mean, girlfriend.

  • That head…

    Buttered roll

  • Oh Lawd
  • if…

    she found Leo in bed with some girl Toni would keep smiling. Girlfriend loves the perks and attention. She is an airhead

  • Hold Up

    What is Leo’s drug of choice, cause something ain’t right!

  • monkey naps

    @if…: What about when Toni finds Leo and Lukas in bed together every morning?


    He looks like a bagel that fell onto the carpet and got a hair stuck to it

  • The Great CornHoLeo

    So this S H I T is still on… Anyone want to take a bet as to how much longer the German giraffe will be around?

  • True

    She is with his for the fame and status so she dont bother about his “private” activities outside her service as escort.

  • @14

    @The Great CornHoLeo: How about we bet you’re not on the proper medication?

  • The Great CornHoLeo

    @Gmaysie Kartofe:

    True this. I’m disgusted, looking at his oily, smug, fat face. Look at that p r i c k smiling like he’s sticking the finger to the critics, even though he damn well deserved criticism for being a disrespectful douche, even if it was toward that kraut whom I can’t stand.

  • Uh huh
  • sweaty droplets

    @Hold Up: He’s sweating like Leo in a church!

  • sweaty droplets

    @Uh huh: thats just plain rude, on both leo and marions parts

  • Charity Donation

    Ladies, lend this bundle of lard some blotting papers for ffs

  • Never Forget

    What Does it Matter @ 05/22/2014 at 8:01 pm

    They’re going to get back to New York and pretend like none of this happened anyways.

  • The Great CornHoLeo


    You need to do something about your bi*chiness. Maybe there’s something you can take for that.

  • Blacksharpie

    I have to say I am surprised by this thread.
    Could this be an “I’m sorry” gift from Leo? She is described as his girlfriend.
    I love how JJ handles the table situation “he was joined at his table by TG”.

  • Incomplete outfit?

    Her dress looks like the slip that you wear underneath a nicer dress.

  • Steph

    Wow what is with u guys. So much hate towards people YOU DONT EVEN KNO. get lives

  • What Does it Matter

    @Never Forget: I just want to say what an honor it is that I made your archives!

  • Here’s to cheer

    To 5 long years with Bar 2.0

  • The Great CornHoLeo

    I know some here are hoping that Leo finds his “soul mate” and experiences true love, but does a man who has so little respect for women and treats them so appallingly really deserve to have that? I don’t think so.

  • ####


    And the last thread it was a rumored split! JJ make up your mind!

  • nopichhas

    She was at the table but she wasn’t sitting beside him! Marion got that honor. She however could approach him. and No pictures!! That’s why you don’t see any pictures of them together in the same shot.

  • hahahahahaha

    Playboy millionaire dating with the perfect bimbo doormat.

  • “No drama”

    @The Great CornHoLeo: Thats why Leo should just settle for his fellow douchebro Lukas since guys are more laidback about respect and hygiene. If leo doesn’t want to put the work into a relationship then he deserves nothing (you get what you give)

  • @uh huh

    The only photo of them together and she looks like a complete stranger! Not enough humiliation for a week?

  • “No drama”

    Newcomer posted this in the previous thread:

    This blog only posted the article but it seems other people knew about his behaviour as one of his fans tweeted this earlier:
    Matt Clayton ‏@mcjwserenity 8 h
    @LeoDiCaprio … don’t want to get photographed? DON’T GO TO A PARTY. You should’ve known about the photographer beforehand.
    Matt Clayton ‏@mcjwserenity 8 h
    People don’t need be tools to a photographer hired by the folks hosting the party you went to. Being nice helps.
    Matt Clayton ‏@mcjwserenity 8 h
    I lost my respect for public figures throwing their weight around. It’s one thing to demand paps stop taking photos of you…
    Matt Clayton ‏@mcjwserenity 8 h
    … but another to demand an official photographer at a soiree you’re attending to stop? That’s being a douche.
    Matt Clayton ‏@mcjwserenity 8 h
    @LeoDiCaprio , you just lost a fan’s respect. I’ll avoid every movie of yours from now on. Good riddance.
    Matt Clayton ‏@mcjwserenity 14 min
    I apologize about my earlier rip at DiCaprio, but he’s probably a nightmare to work with. #DontWorkWithAs*holes

  • Poor thing

    Leo with his #1 idiot punching ball. Smiling out of the blue with her eyebrowless face…..
    What a shame. How low can she go.

  • Until the end

    @@uh huh: And many more humiliations to come since he will continue to prove that can get away with it and she isn’t gonna make any drama about it. #killingit

  • nopichhas

    maybe the end is really near if not you can always enjoy the freak show! : )

  • Ultimately

    She is a very proud doormat

  • Well

    She’s still in the picture?
    That doormat has definitely no pride at all.
    @No Drama
    Leo has his gfs Under control, now he wants to control the photographers. Drama Queen!

  • @uh huh

    @Until the end: It’s not even the first time but she just keeps smiling. She couldn’t care less about being laughed at and embarrassed by her boyfriend.

  • Yup

    @nopichhas: Freak show indeed. o_O

  • ####

    @“No drama”:

    Acting like this and losing fans all because he got caught “with his pants down!” (Shakes head)

  • Wow

    They will continue pretending they are a couple.

  • Blacksharpie

    That’s why I think an arrangement of some sort may have been made with JJ to put this story out. It’s not much of a story and there are no pics of them together. I think it could be to give her some more press or to help clean up his image.

  • Zzzzzz

    @Newcomer: Hi Lady! Thanks for all the posts. re Leo’s behavior. I agree with you and often find myself wondering why I am still following a guy who has no respect for women. I became a fan because of his environmental work, but that is now virtually nonexistent. I guess I stay because of the interesting conversations (and it is addicting!), although I am not posting as often. I guess I keep hoping he is going to change – but I’ve almost given up on him :( I will see how it goes in the next two weeks to determine if am going to stick around or take a break and maybe come back when he starts filming again. I’m ot work out – hope to talk to you later.
    Not sure if you are posting here or the last post, so I posted in both!

  • Yo

    She basically would take any crap as long as she can be called his girlfriend and use the publicity.

  • Hmm

    I had said that the Amfar could bring surprise but I’m actually not surprised lol.

  • ####


    I agree. Stories like this being put out there so they can get through Cannes and then who knows what will happen. DM did the same thing. One article she was an ex and then the next his current squeeze. And seriously it’s going to look even worse if she stays with him.