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Gerard Butler & Nikolaj Coster Waldau Bring Handsome Star Power to YCMA Mother of All Balls!

Gerard Butler & Nikolaj Coster Waldau Bring Handsome Star Power to YCMA Mother of All Balls!

Gerard Butler is handsome in a suit and tie while attending the YMCA Mother of All Balls held at Town Hall on Saturday (May 24) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old Scottish actor was seen posing with The Other Woman‘s Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on the red carpet.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

It was recently announced that Gerard is going to star in the upcoming thriller Den of Thieves after he exited Point Break.

If you weren’t aware, Gerard‘s Point Break role has been filled by Edgar Ramirez, who has starred in Zero Dark Thirty and The Counselor.

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gerard butler nikolaj coster waldau ycma mother of all balls 01
gerard butler nikolaj coster waldau ycma mother of all balls 02
gerard butler nikolaj coster waldau ycma mother of all balls 03
gerard butler nikolaj coster waldau ycma mother of all balls 04
gerard butler nikolaj coster waldau ycma mother of all balls 05
gerard butler nikolaj coster waldau ycma mother of all balls 06
gerard butler nikolaj coster waldau ycma mother of all balls 07
gerard butler nikolaj coster waldau ycma mother of all balls 08

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  • Molly

    Hello Mr Handsome!! Looking gorgeous as usual :))

  • witch

    Ok, he looks handsome but he should remove all those greasy creams that cover his face by washing it with a neutral ph soap and cold water.

  • WOW New Man

    Looking handsome and very grown up. What is happening to GB?!!? Maybe a new woman who made him this way. :)
    Good luck to him with all these new projects.

  • winter

    Nikolaj is smoking hot!

  • Native tanned

    GB almost looking native when so tanned and Nikolaj looking dapper next to him. Is Gerry much older than handsome Nikolaj?
    What is “YMCA mother of all balls”? Sounds a bit xxx LOL

  • Manny

    Crap, is Butler doing his own spray tan now??? Or is he trying to cash in on the Xmen as Agent Orange???

  • Manny

    Totally agree!!! *sigh*

  • Amazing Nikolaj

    Love Nikolaj. He is so handsome and so good looking. Can’t wait to see him in the movie. Who is the man next to him?

  • cupcake

    Looking good Gerry.

  • “Mother’s Ball”

    Is that meant for the two big chested tight up in a dress “Mothers” standing next to these two men? LOL

  • Sorry Gerry

    Love you lots but the beard does nothing for you except make you look old.

  • JS

    @Manny: “Crap, is Butler doing his own spray tan now???”

    You have no evidence of it.

  • nana

    Uhhh Nikolaj, we miss you in Denmark <3 :)

  • saturday’s alright

    Nikolaj was born on July 27, 1970 so he is about 8 1/2 months younger than Gerard.

  • saturday’s alright

    The one big chested woman, in black, is apparently Rachel Ward, wife of Bryan Brown. Ward and Brown founded this event. And Brown is part of the cast of Gods of Egypt.

  • Nice pics

    Nice to see him at a charity function. Nikolaj is gorgeous.

  • Nice pics

    @Manny: Agreed – he looks quite glow-in-the-dark. Not sure if that’s a fake bake, or just too much downtime at the beach.

  • Rose

    The YMCA Mother of All Balls? Oh my god the gay jokes just write themselves…LOL

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
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  • tired of JJ spammers

    @VivienLesageaat VivienLesageaa: Is she running an internet porn site?

  • Teresa54

    Wow!!!! Two very sexy men! Be still my heart!!!!!!

  • June 2014

    Hero of the June cover of THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER actor Gerard Butler admitted The Hollywood Reporter, that his parents are still trying to educate him, and talked about how he was drawn to the spiritual quest, and how that turned out for the job.

    Communicate with Gerard Butler – a real pleasure, that’s why the actor’s reputation of one of the friendliest Hollywood stars. He is willing to talk not only about their new films, but also about his personal life. No secrets, no taboos. Butler was frank and correspondent THR: during an interview spoke about the relationship with their parents and … Fyodor Bondarchuk.

    - Before meeting with you, I looked the second part of “Spartans” …

    - … And did not find me there, huh? (Laughs) By the way, I know one Russian fan of the first part. And do you know who this is? Fyodor Bondarchuk! I met him in Los Angeles, and he praised my work in the “Spartans.” I am indebted also not left. Eve looked “Stalingrad”, and he made a strong impression on me. This I gladly admitted Russian director. We talked excellent!

    - I’ve counted – more than a year, you do not appear on the screen. So long getting ready to shoot in the film “Gods of Egypt?”

    - All far more prosaic. In fact, after the “Fall of Olympus” I paused. But this year I’m doing three films at once.

    - So you are planning to do – when to work and when to rest?

    - Yes, yes, I decided to relax and took a year off. I was happy! Traveling, finishing the script. I wanted to get away from acting, and I did not force yourself – decided to relax. I was drawn to the spiritual quest. I know that such desires arise in times of crisis, and well, when you can step back from it all, look at your life from the outside. It really helped me and I got to work with enthusiasm, even, in my opinion, with more than necessary, as upon himself too much. But this is my usual cycle-speak: “I give up” and refuse to work. But then am working with great zeal. (Laughs.)

    - I know you have decided to move from Los Angeles, did not look so than Hollywood?

    - When I lived here, my energy very quickly dry out, so I decided to move to Malibu, where it is easier to keep creativity. During the trip, prefer to stay in a quiet place. I understand the value of life in metropolitan areas, but in order to get pleasure from the benefits of civilization, it is necessary to take a break and retire.

    - What about his own career – a lot of movies that are proud of?

    - I’ve had enough victories, such as “Phantom of the Opera” have been failures as “Trapped in time.” A “300″ moved me to another dimension, I remember the filming of it, on the one hand, the best thing in my life, and on the other – the hardest. In the future I would like to play in the romantic comedy, drama and thriller.

    - Are you afraid to get stuck in one role?

    - After the “Spartans” I had many offers to act in a shooter, I’m going to do in the “Gods of Egypt.” But then I certainly need to change the record.

    - Cartoon “How to Train Your Dragon 2″ – we must understand one of the ways to do it. Your Stoic such overweight, and you, on the contrary, a slender, smart. Do you recognize yourself in it?

    - Of course! I think it’s cool that Stoic does not look like my twin. When I was still working on the first “Dragon”, the animators created this character, not only taking into account the tone of my voice, I was specially filmed to convey my Stoics plastic. And it makes it easy to associate themselves with him.

    - Your cartoon hero dearly loves his son Hiccup, but he does not listen and constantly gets into dangerous situations. And you could put up with the protests of the child?

    - It’s no secret that I do not have children, but I remember what being a son (laughs), and even now, when he became an adult, my mother and stepfather from time to time come to me and read notation. And you probably thought that the stars in the family in a special position? As!

  • Ducky

    The above translation was from the Russian site below.

  • Embla

    @June 2014:
    A great read. :-)

  • Ducky

    @Embla: Hi Embla, Still looking for a better translation but I think there is enough there to get the point.
    IMO a much deeper and thoughtful man that we don’t always recognize. Moving to Malibu is something I think we knew, but was that a permanent move from Los Feliz? No longer wanting that lifestyle so close to HW? Yes I think very insightful indeed.

  • Ducky

    PRANCER, I saw your post from the older thread #907. I don’t know what picture that would be. Have to do some searching. Was the blonde girl identified at the fashion show? Glad he is enjoying himself. He seems happy and at peace with himself and that’s what counts.
    That was funny that you thought the same thing [pony tail]. Ahh great minds or we’re totally whacko lol.

  • tired of JJ spammers

    So Malibu is a more creative place than LA? Really – would it be the higher concentration of rehab facilities or plastic surgeons or the beach view?

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @June 2014: Thanks for posting this!!

  • Ducky

    @tired of JJ spammers: Does location location have anything to do with creativity? Maybe it does. The water front offers a very peaceful environment and breathing has to be better than LA. Fortunately good rehab facilities can be found anywhere. You only need one.

  • Ducky

    @Can’tGetEnough: Hi CGE. It was a very good interview and he was so willing to give us some insight. We need more like that one and good interviewers as this one is. Good to see you.
    Loved the ywca ball pictures.

  • Socks
  • Monicker stealer


  • oops?

    @Monicker stealer: you are the ever watchful eye of the thread, but JS was defending gerry from the PITAss manny. I think it was our JS

    @Manny: “Crap, is Butler doing his own spray tan now???”

    JS said “You have no evidence of it.”

  • Monicker stealer

    @oops?: Our JS doesn’t post at that time. Her posts always appear around 2.30 – 3.30 am.

  • oops?

    @Monicker stealer: Good point. BTW, thanks for you.

  • Monicker stealer

    @oops?: Your welcome

  • Final Word

    So I asked my former Hollywood (lived there 19 years) gay friend, and he knows tons of hairdressers and club people, and entertainment people. I asked him if Gerard was gay, and he said “NOPE! No WAY! And I would know, because we all talk. There are some that are gay that would shock the hell out of you, but he is NOT one of them.”

    He’s a total skirt chaser. Not that anyone is surprised but the couple of trolls are wrong. Way wrong. He’s straight as a line. Not the least bit bi even.

    Finally, definitive answer.

  • Prancing Pony

    @Ducky: Hi Ducky, how are you going? :)
    The fb photo was taken by a girl from Sth America, Brazil maybe? It was taken at the Opera House, I think before that Gladiator show started (which was in late March?). In the photo there’s a bunch of people standing around (including the ever-present “minder”) and GB is standing between two girls, one tall blond wearing black trousers/jeans and a much shorter girl with dark hair. Both girls are side-on but GB had obviously spotted the girl taking his photo and he’s sort of bending down to look straight into the camera. It was from the same night someone tweeted about seeing him there too with his “small entourage” (being facetious, I think), which was a bit unfair as you could see Elodie Yung in the tweeter’s photo so I suspect a few people from GoE were invited. In all honesty, I can’t see GB taking advantage of an invitation and inviting a cast of thousands. I’ve seen the odd photo when he’s with a group of friends (the usual suspects), but I don’t think I’ve ever seen with an “entourage”.
    Anyway, I’m probably making a mountain out of molehill as it really doesn’t matter in the overall scheme of things. ;)
    IMHO, he is looking great and seems to be really enjoying himself in Sydney. I think it’s wonderful. :)))

  • Sunshine Daydream

    Hello you! Oh my, Mr. Butler is looking rather lovely and happy! I love the beefy arms he’s had lately and his manner appears to be spot on everywhere he goes these days. Good on him! He does make it look so easy to be a celebrity in these photos doesn’t he? His full beard is something to be proud of. I love it personally! It’s late here, but I wanted to say thanks to a couple of gorgeous girls here. Ducky, Prancer, Anastasia B. Thanks for being so loving in your responses to my story. I felt quite vulnerable and unguarded soon after I shared, so thanks for your posts as they were actually quite helpful. Cheers!

  • saoirse

    To JJ Editors: It is the YWCA. YWCA. Not the YCMA, whatever cause that is and I’m sure it’s a noble one, but for this thread and topic, it’s the YWCA!
    To GB fans: WOW! YES! He is smoldering hot in these photos and it’s a double bonus because he’s pictured with (aka) Jaime Lannister and I am ashamed to say that I am actually starting to like him just a little. Oh no!

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Nice meeting you last night thanks for the photo!

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @Ducky: Always nice to see you Ducky! Hope you’re enjoying the holiday weekend.

  • Nikki

    Correction to this article- This incredible ball was for YWCA NSW and it’s hugely valuable mentoring program for young people. It is a completely separate organisation to YMCA.

  • Siiiighhhhh

    Both of those two men are so handsome… wishing I was in Sydney and not Adelaide right about now ;-)

  • Faux pas

    The tickets were $300. Dress code: ball gowns and black tie. Mr. Coster-Waldau committed an embarrassing social blunder. Whether he was a guest or donor he had to be aware through invitation or simply asking what was expected. It cheapens him and the occasion. So much work goes into such a social affair, all done by volunteers, a tie is not to much to ask. .

  • Can’tGetEnough @GerardButler Thankyou for supporting @YWCANSW & coming to the ball. Gr8 to meet such a charming Scotsman in Sydney.

  • JS

    @oops?: Monicker Stealer is correct, it wasn’t me at no 12 although for once, the monicker stealer has said something that I would have.

  • JS

    @Monicker stealer: “Our JS doesn’t post at that time. Her posts always appear around 2.30 – 3.30 am.”

    Thanks for pointing this out, it’s around about 8 a.m. here.