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Kristen Stewart Talks 'Sils Maria' & Her Experience with Having a Personal Assistant

Kristen Stewart Talks 'Sils Maria' & Her Experience with Having a Personal Assistant

Kristen Stewart goes through her bag as she makes her way through the security gate at LAX airport on Tuesday (May 27) in Los Angeles.

That same day, the 24-year-old actress dropped her directorial debut with Sage + The Saints‘ music video for “Take Me to the South”!

“The reason this movie was made was not to make a statement about how superficial media can be, but it was a lot of fun for me to be the one to say it,” Kristen recently told the WSJ about her new movie The Clouds of Sils Maria. “Obviously, I’ve had more experience with the media, so it makes it funnier.”

She continued, “I don’t a have a personal assistant right now, but I have had one in the past and I definitely understand the dynamic. The difference is that I never had such a co-dependent relationship.”

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  • lore

    she looks so good! can’t wait for american ultra

  • Niagirl

    Of course pap pics. Looking good an hope your not papped where your going.

  • Usu

    She looks like crap.

  • Jim


  • Eloana

    Arrasou kristen seu clipe e você esta show e que Deus continue iluminando e abençoando sempre!!!!!

  • ace11

    Hopefully she can find a new guy who can appreciate her

  • ???


    DIdn’t she dump her boyfriend to be with Robert Pattison while they were filming Twilight…and didn’t she cheat on Pattinson with the director of the movie she was shooting…
    Her boyfriends seemed to have appreciated was she who took them for granted.

  • luly

    ella se ve tan hermosa natural

  • Duh

    @???: Well she has a girlfriend now. She talks about codepenacy but she seems like the type of girl who loves what she’s with and gets obsessed with whatever she’s doing at each stage of her life. I like her a lot, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve noticed that…she does Welcome to the Rileys and she gets kinda grungy and wears stuff she wore in the movie, she does Twilight…she dates Rob, she does The Runaways and she would almost stay in character as Joan all the time, she does Snow White and she hooks up with the director and started acting more grown up and carrying a purse, wearing blazers, ect when she was with Charlize all the time…it’s like she fed off her energy and kind of acted like her…she does Camp X-Ray and starts wearing dog tags all the time, dressing even more like a guy with those MERCENARIES trucker hats, then she does Sils Maria where she’s a lesbian and she starts dating a girl. Like I said, I’m actually a fan of her work but that doesn’t mean I have blinders on. IDK if she’s a method actor or what, but it’s like she sucks herself into a world when she does each project and doesn’t get out until she gets her next project. She stayed with Rob until Twilight was over. I mean, am I the only one who notices how she holds onto her roles like that and makes that fiction almost her reality? Think about it.

  • Alfie

    @Duh: a very keen observation,Duh, i must say.
    i have noticed that also…

  • Duh

    @Alfie: Yeah. I mean, I know I’m going to get sh_t for saying that from all of her fans, but I’m not going to say she’s perfect or pretend not to notice things when she makes it so obvious. I don’t believe that being a fan of someone’s work means you have to think everything they say and do is right. I’m not saying what she does is wrong, I just know that some fans think every single thing she does is perfect. I feel like she’s codependent and sometimes can’t separate her work life from her real life.

  • Dee

    @Duh: lol. dayum.

  • MC

    @Duh: Dude. Now that you mention it…

  • Kate

    Did they cut Alicia out of the pictures? Where are the pics of them together that I’ve heard about. Happy they got to have a romantic weekend together!

  • Amy

    She is a lesbian and has finally accepted it and has a GF. Think it is time all us fans accept it as well.

  • Chris

    @Amy: good for her. Proud of her. Her sex life is personal. None of other people’s business. If she wants to talk about it or show it, that’s her choice.

  • Agreed

    @Amy: I think she swings both ways and is finally embracing that side of her right now. Only time will tell, but it’s no one’s business but hers.

  • hm

    @Duh: daaaang you are so freakin right!!! Now I see it too!!

  • talia

    @Duh:its not codependency,she has said many times that she likes to keep things from her films as a reminder of the experience she had filming. They are basically keepsakes, nothing unusual about that.

  • talia

    @Duh: FYI she ain’t a lesbian in sils maria and she is not dating a girl. That said,it doesn’t matter if she is or not.

  • Meghan

    @talia: Whether she’s a lesbian in COSM or not (have you seen the movie to shoot down that claim?), she taps in the possibility of a relationship with a woman. Keeping material things as keepsakes is one thing, but keeping the mentality is not. No one is putting her down… it’s an observation to how she publicly acts and looks. Don’t get so defensive.

  • Meghan

    @Duh: I definitely see it too. I don’t know if she has a difficult time getting out of character or what, but she definitely brings those worlds into her own. I’m not exactly sure that’s healthy for an actor, but I’m not an actor.

  • talia

    @Meghan:i’m not being defensive just sharing my opinion and observation. kristen has always dressed the way she dresses now all you have to do is see pics from before twilight to see that she has always dressed very laid back and casual.

    As for COSM, no i have not seen it but have read the majority of the reviews and interviews with cast and none mention anything about a lesbian relationship.

  • Meghan

    @talia: You should watch the trailer. I’m a fan of Kristen and have followed her career since well before Twilight and the original post was from a fan as well. I know what she dresses like. But it’s more than just dressing, it’s behavior, etc. and maybe you overlooked it at the time, but she has somewhat adapted the life/style of many of her film roles in recent years…and maybe always. Like I said, it’s not a put down, it’s just her thing.

  • Meghan

    @talia: One of the most obvious times was when she came from filming The Runaways to Comic Con and she litterally walked with her hand hanging like Joan does in real life in videos, during the pictures she stood like Joan (it wasn’t her usual Kristen posture/style) even though it was still slouchy and “idgaf”-ish. In her interviews with Ashley and Rob she was even sitting like Joan… and her mannerisms…I can’t explain it…but she stayed in character. I noticed it the first time then, but she does it a lot. Kristen has always been very casual or “grungy” about her style, but it’s like a style switch flipped when she did Camp X-Ray ..she started acting more masculine since portraying a solider, and she took on that trucker hat thing…wearing the dog tags even after filming was done, her posture in potraits with the cast at Sundance. It’s like she can’t flip the switch until her next movie, which she did slightly with Still Alice. She keeps things yes, but I believe she even had fake tats for COSM and actually kept a huge permanent mark on her arm. That’s more than just keeping Bella’s ring or Mallory’s pop bottle bracelet.

  • Smo

    @Meghan: cause she has no personality. she’s trying to copy the characters she’s trying to play. that means she’s ignorant about her own self.

  • SUSL


  • AJ

    Why does she *STRICTLY* have to be a lesbian though?? Why cant she be bisexual??? I mean MANY MANY actresses and actors in Hollywood are.

  • Meghan

    @AJ: You’re right, she probably is bi.

  • DanaJ


    that’s because she’s an actor. Actors are not like regular people. They do the things you’ve described a lot. )

  • Original

    I think actors are regular people, they need an audience to show off (to) at times. is there possibility an app for autographs or some kinda scanner.

  • Cersie

    I actually think she’s the next Angelina Jolie….
    She’ll be big!!!


    Kristen Stewart is very beautiful,she is very sexy! and great artist.

  • Johnd696

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