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Miranda Kerr Gives Away Her Clothes to Her Friends to 'Keep the Flow'

Miranda Kerr Gives Away Her Clothes to Her Friends to 'Keep the Flow'

Miranda Kerr looks effortless on the cover of Lucky magazine’s June/July 2014 issue, on newsstands June 3.

Here’s what the 31-year-old model had to share with the mag:

On giving away clothing: “I have a philosophy. I give a couple of pieces away for everyone one that I get. I live in New York City and I have a small closet, and it’s also a good way to keep the flow, so my closet is constantly being turned over… It’s much more appealing to me to feel good in something than to wear a piece just because it’s considered cool.”

On motherhood: “Motherhood is the best. It’s rewarding to see a little being develop and grow into an individual. Flynn makes me laugh so much. We have the same sense of humor, which no one else understands. I’ll look at something and laugh, and then he’ll laugh, and it’s so contagious.”

On womanhood: “I grew into my femininity over the last 10 years. I’m influenced by my grandmother. She’s always chic. Even if she’s just at home and cooking in the kitchen, she looks effortlessly put together.”

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Credit: Todd Cole/Lucky
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  • lmao

    for all the try hard fame hoing she does, she still cant get the big US covers. Vogue,Bazaar,W,Vanity Fair. only Self/Lucky/Cosmo…LMAO.

  • Orlando

    Biggest fame w h o r e on the planet, who also sounds like an idiot. Slept with half the guys in Hollywood to try and trade up from Bloom…while she was still married. Too bad Leo didn’t work out the way you wanted, Miranda. To him, you were just another conquest.

  • FitterHappierHealthier

    i bet there will be a ton of (jealous) women posting her saying all the things wrong with (them) Miranda in …3.2.1….

  • What???

    @FitterHappierHealthier: Umm…..You may want to work on improving your English in 3…2…1…

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Miranda Kerrdashian is successful, once again, in proving that she is nothing but a spoiled, over privileged, self important tw@t who gives out, if you read the actual article (right there at the beginning) some EXTREMELY DANGEROUS health advice because she is a fake who received worthless certificate from a for profit, non-accredited diploma mill “school” with courses “taught” by hacks and hopefully this poor interviewer didn’t follow her quack advice about colloidal silver woo or they will surely get very sick. Also, the entire world is tired of her blathering on about her ugly monster b@stard, Melon Head.

  • to

    This cover won’t sell, she’s not famous in the US.

  • @to: She’s known in the U.S. for the wrong things, like being a glorified hooker and hooking up with married men. She’s a total narcissist and is too dumb to realize that Americans don’t warm up to that.

  • t

    All I ever see is her ugly nose.

  • spirit7

    She looks absolutely beautiful !!

  • YAY!!!!


  • to

    @: I didn’t know she was hated. I’m just saying people really don’t know her very well. At least that’s what I have noticed.

  • @5

    And now Elena the Famous W*ore is comme! Every one please bow to her because she knows how is that to be the little bastard by herself! And that’s all comming from her parents! Only Elena is too stupid to understand that!

  • alejandra

    she is perfection

  • Ta

    That’s funny. If she isn’t famous or popular in America, why do I see her Reebok commercial running so often in prime time?
    But no, I guess that you guys must be right. I mean, what would a multi-billion dollar, global brand like Reebok know about marketing?
    Silly me.

  • Ta

    It’s nice to know that you are so interested in everything that Miranda has to say. Did you buy the magazine? Or just hunt down a scanned copy to satisfy your desperate need for all things Miranda?
    Obsession. It’s not just a perfume.

  • loserkardashian

    I give stuff away too. I like to have lots of space around me.

    Good for you Miranda

  • So…

    “We have the same sense of humor, which no one else understands. I’ll look at something and laugh, and then he’ll laugh” What she’s saying is that they are both idiots. Got it.

  • @17

    Are you just call a child an idiot?!? Oh, hi Elena

  • @18

    Kids can’t be idiots? Where do you think idiot adults come from? You were once a child idiot (“Are you just call a child an idiot” makes no sense. Zero. Idiot.) and Flynn is a child idiot as well. He will grow up to be an adult idiot like his mother, who was also a child idiot once. Elena would not have used his name, idiot, she would have called him that cute nickname she has for him. Have I mentioned that you’re an idiot?

  • @19

    It’s so cute when Troll-ena tries to worm her way out of a sockpuppet reveal.
    Just adorable.
    BTW, a child can’t be an idiot. Unless you are low enough to call a special needs child that horrible name. Do you use the term ‘retard’ as well? I bet that you do.
    When out and about, Flynn displays natural curiosity and is very active. He seems to be a normal, healthy three year old.
    Does the fact that he is normal and healthy bother you? Since you are pretending that you aren’t Elena, are you the troll that once wished that Miranda and her yet unborn child would get sick? Since you feel free to use the term ‘idiot’ to describe a child, I’m just wondering how low you will go.

  • @19

    Oops. The word that was deleted was an abbreviated version of that nasty ‘R’ word.
    I’m actually impressed that it was censored. That means that we have come a long way.

  • Effy

    I use to really like her, but over the last year she’s just seemed to narcissistic and contradicting. Also, has she ever thought about giving her clothing to a thrift store where someone who really needs it could get it? I’m sure her famous friends have plenty of clothing.

  • @19

    Have I mentioned that you are mentally r*tarded? And no I hadn’t been child idiot like you are! That’s a big difference! But I know, I know yours brain can’t understand that!

  • @23

    As your fellow hater stated at #4….you may want to work on improving your English.

  • @24

    Why would I? If that’s bothering you, don’t read! A$$hole

  • So…

    Miranda is scr*wing some guy named Charlie Goldsmith. A Goldsmith for a golddigger. How divine! She is so lucky! She is so blessed!!

  • @25

    Haters. Always so classy. *eyeroll*
    And always do hypocritical. Why didn’t you tell #4 to not read that post if it bothered them?
    You idiots make it so easy to mock you.

  • Miranda K.

    @Elena: I OWN YOU……

  • Hayley

    Interesting. First she goes porn and naked and talks about orgasms in the airplane, and when she got burned with the bad publicity, her pr-people are telling her to step up and try to pretend to be a good mom and be flowerpower in the magazines, because if she continues the sl@t image she wanted to do, she would lose her son in the coming custody battle that is about to take place in the near future. All this talk about respect and love is a big fat lie. This are about to get ugly, just wait and see. And this woman is a terrible hypocrite. Using her son for positive attention. “If p0rn doesn’t work, I’ll try to pretend to be a good rolemodel and a lifestyle guru.” All she does is repeat what Orlando has already said. She has no brain of her own.