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Tom Cruise is All Prepped to Hit Three Cities in One Day for Edge of Tomorrow's Promo Event!

Tom Cruise is All Prepped to Hit Three Cities in One Day for Edge of Tomorrow's Promo Event!

Tom Cruise poses for pictures in front of the gorgeous scenery at the Edge Of Tomorrow photo call held at Terrazza Civita on Tuesday (May 27) in Rome, Italy.

The 51-year-old actor’s film, which has received great reviews so far, will be released on May 29 in Italy and June 6 in the US.

“Three cities. One day. #EdgeofTomorrow” Tom tweeted earlier in the day. Tom and his cast mates are prepped to promote their film in three totally different cities, London, Paris, and New York City, all in one day! Get ready to see a ton of pics of the cast during their huge promo tour tomorrow.

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tom cruise getting prepped for three cities in one day 01
tom cruise getting prepped for three cities in one day 02
tom cruise getting prepped for three cities in one day 03
tom cruise getting prepped for three cities in one day 04
tom cruise getting prepped for three cities in one day 05
tom cruise getting prepped for three cities in one day 06

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  • sam

    he looked great, cant wait for this film!

  • wow

    have you seen the reviews for this? It’s out of this world. Rotten Tomatos has it at over 90 percent already.
    Can’t wait to see it!!!!!!!!
    Love Emily- heard she rocks in this !

  • Carmen

    Vincent the kid is back!

  • EDDIE134

    Tom, great actor and great movies

  • 444

    Maverick is back!

  • Wad3

    he is handsome man

  • mcqUeen

    He reminds me of steve mcqueen

  • vinessa

    Hes way better looking than johnny depp

  • shaw

    hes so sexy!

  • Mighty Max

    edge is getting great reviews, your boring

  • topgun1


  • HELLO2

    Edge of tomorrow will be the best action film of the year, mark my
    words, mark my words!!!!!!

  • i93

    Edge of tomorrow is gonna be better than cap america 2


    why do you feel the need to spam all his threads???
    it’s clear its a Stan doing it.
    Tom is great on his own he doesn’t need anyone to spam his threads.

  • what!

    who the who what!

  • Free at last

    Tom looks great!

  • Lydia

    Sad that some moron is spamming all the threads about Cruise. The spammer looks like an idiot and it lessens Cruise and what he’s promoting as well. I’ve seen the film at a preview and it’s actually quite decent. Cruise is good in it, but stuff like this just weirds people out and makes people think its some cult nutcase doing the spamming cause he’s been told to. The freak who does this isn’t doing Cruise or the movie any favors.

    Seriously….TC has the looniest, craziest, most fanatic nutcases for fans. They’re actually scary and it makes Cruise look so bad. Cut the spamming, stop acting like major freaks and let the movie speak for itself.

  • q25

    wheres EMILY


    All stars have crazy stans not just Cruise.
    Britney? Jolie? you name it. They all got the weird ones.


    @Lydia: What about the people who constantly bash Cruise? Calling him names they get a free pass?


    @STOP SPAMMING: Brad pitts threads get over 300 comments right, no spamming there!


    tom cruise tom cruise

  • Screen One

    92% on Rotten Tomatoes

  • mcqUeen

    Cruise is the icon of icons

  • remember da truth

    Is he getting moobs? :-)
    Agreed, he’s a better actor than he shows in these action films. Would like to see him do something worthy of his talent, and not his desperate attempts to stay young. Aging action stars trying to relive their glory days from 15 years before are pathetic.
    Tom has the talent for it — Magnolia, Rain Man, Born on the Fourth of July, Jerry Maguire, The Firm, A Few Good Men, The Color of Money, even his comic chops in Tropic Thunder (he was by far the best part of that movie!!) prove he is capable of the promise he’s shown since Risky Business and Taps when he was still essentially a kid.
    More would respect him again if he went back to movies like that.

  • Pauline

    Hey why won’t links post today?
    Been trying to post tcforever site to show the reviews and press on this .
    So glad it’s doing so well. Both he and EB deserve this.
    They are doing 3 premiers in 1 day this week.
    Check out tomcruiseforever if you want to see the latest press since I can’t post a link here today for some reason.

  • Fresh

    @remember da truth:
    But I think those movies you mention would probably go straight to DVD today. I think as much as he might enjoy pleasing the critics, TC is more concerned with the box office.
    I’m glad he gets the point on not promoting HO$ in public because that would seriously shut down his career in 2 secs. This movie looks incredible and I cannot wait! I like Emily Blunt. I think the Jack Reacher films are a poor choice, however. They’re really very low-brow. He could move into political/techno thrillers rather than pure SF.

  • Antonella

    On his list from IMDB there is next in line the usual MI5, Next Jack Reacher and then Top Gun. He is committed to the franchise of JR and MI which if hits I guess ok but I agree I think he can do better. He looks good for a 50ish man but this is the first time we are starting to see he is really aging. That is not bad just a reality of life. I liked Oblivion and I don’t do sci fi at all. I didn’t like Minority report for example.
    Next on the list with those there is a 4th called Van Helsing.
    What is that about? I hope it’s different then the usual.


    Edge of TOmmorrow best movie of SUmmer

  • Go Tommy

    Everyone knows Tom is gay but it is immaterial. He makes very entertaining movies, you always get good value for your money and rarely (if ever) walk away disappointed.

  • Keira

    There is a good Sci-Fi following who’d like to see something other than the YA/Dystopia and Superhero Franchises.

    Sci-Fi that has the Tech, Time travel/loop, and alien connection.

    Tom Cruise and less than a handful of other actors can get those made and still bring a profit from world-wide sales.

    Other than Tom Cruise who could make an ‘Oblivion’, ‘MI’, or EoT and still make bank?