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Sandra Bullock & Chris Evans Romance Rumors Are Swirling!

Sandra Bullock & Chris Evans Romance Rumors Are Swirling!

Could Sandra Bullock have landed herself Captain America himself, Chris Evans?

While the stars are not necessarily a couple yet, they are in the “early stages of getting to know each other,” according to E! News.

“They are not in a relationship, but they are definitely hanging out and are in the early getting-to-know-each-other phase,” a source told the outlet. “They haven’t put a title on it, but they really like each other.”

Chris, 32, and Sandra, 49, were spotted earlier this month grabbing dinner with mutual friend Chelsea Handler and they were seen rather chummy at an Oscars party back in March.

“I used to be in love with Sandra Bullock when I was growing up. Sandy B. was my girl,” Chris told Playboy a couple years ago. “I remember seeing Speed when I was in seventh grade and just thinking, ‘That’s her.’”

DO YOU THINK Sandra Bullock and Chris Evans would make a cute couple if the rumors are true?

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  • WTF


  • http://JustJared Jan

    Sure, they’d make a great couple…the heart wants what the heart wants and if they are both thrilled with having each other in their lives, power to them. I’m impressed that neither of them have “age difference” hangups. The world is changing and people are starting to get what’s really important and it’s not age and they really don’t care what other people think.

  • Claire

    C’mon, she’s 50….and he only dated smoking hot chicks in the past (Biel, Ricci, Kelly). He’s a major player not looking to settle down yet. This is not gonna end well, but at least, he’s not f-cking Chelsea Handler.

  • KT

    *threw herself off cliff*

  • CarrieFromBelgium

    Remember when Sandra dated Ryan Gosling at the begining of 2000′s


    He’s gay, Sandra ! Don’t buy it !

  • Two Cents

    Great match for a dude with mommy issues. Love it!

  • I need receipts

    Where are the pictures though? Last time I checked he was shooting Avengers: Age of Ultron in London ’til August. They had dinner ONCE with CH and he left the restaurant alone. I really don’t think they are more than friends.

  • Comical

    Aww I think they would make a nice couple.

  • lol

    Damn, she’s back to her cougar ways! If it didn’t work out with Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds, I doubt it will last longer with Chris Evans.

  • Stella

    Gross. She’s about the same age as his mother.

  • bella

    He must love botoxfaces. But massive upgrade from cankles

  • @10

    @lol: Reynolds, Gosling. She dated a younger McCounaghey too

  • Please

    @Claire: Please…Cankle queen Minka Kelly is lucky to even be in the biz and cannot even compare to Sandra. She’s also still obsessed with Jeter. Biel is hardly smoking hot, and she doesn’t have much of a career, either. Who cares if Sandra’s older? It’s not all about looks Good for them.

  • ace11

    Another cradle robber this Bullock

    Very sad they must stoop to this level

    She must be friends with Demi

  • kelly

    Since Chris recently admitted that he wants kids of his own, I don’t see him knocking up a menoposed Sandra who’s already raising a toddler.
    ~ I call BS until I see some pics…

  • Ha

    Ugh. I don’t see it…. I mean, they wouldn’t look good together. She’d look better with Ryan Reynolds :p …..I used to think Chris Evans was hot, like back in 2007. He lost his sex appeal over the years. He’s not all that anymore, I don’t even know what changed (it’s not about the girls he’s been with or whatever….. he’s just not as hot as he used to be..).. Sandra though! Woah. What a beauty. She looks AH-M-A-Z-I-N-G for someone her age. She and Halle Berry are the best looking women over 45. Can you say BEAUTIFUL<3

  • LMAO

    Great! He’ll have two smother moms now!

  • Nessa

    I mean, if they are just casually hooking up, I think it’s fine… Good for them. However, this age gap is too much for them to have a longterm relationship. I love her, but she is just too old for him. Sorry… JMO. It will never work.

  • Fresh

    Chris is looking a bit waxy and older so they actually look fine together ina superficial sense. All the best to them both; they both seem genuine people.

  • awkward

    ……and she laughed at the George Clooney’s always dating younger women joke at the Golden Globes. Pot, kettle Sandy.

  • Pam

    Too old. Won’t last.

  • Xoxo


  • Grace

    I’m so ashamed of the women on this board if he was 49 and she was 33 no one would have anything to say. I can’t believe tat you’ve swallowed the crap men have been telling you to kill your self-worth so they can leave there wives for women young enough to their daughter and you would accept it. Free yourselves from the brainwashing.

  • Grace

    Nessa – you are kidding right? if the ages were reversed you wouldn’t think anything of it. I can’t believe how women buy the garbage men tell them to keep them in place

  • Stacy

    @Grace: Leo Dicaprio, George Clooney, Bradley Cooper, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise are just as gross and sad.

  • hell no

    Definitely NOT a cute couple. Random as f**k is more like it.
    They should date their own age cause let’s be real it won’t go anywhere once the honeymoon phase wears off.

  • Cara

    She’s not aging that well… He should have dated her 20 years ago… maybe not because, you know, he was just 12.

  • Nessa

    @Grace: I’m terribly sorry I offended you. I don’t think I’m hating on women. It’s a realistic viewpoint to acknowledge that the age gap is too much for them to get serious. He has stated he wants to start a family of his own. She is too old to give him that. He still seems like a boy to me in a lot of ways. She seems way past that… As she should be. It’s just too many years, in the literal sense and the emotional maturity sense. For the record, I would think it was too many years if it were the man were older, too. It is what it is.

  • DBZ

    Random pairing. But it’s probably not true. Also, let’s not forget her ex husband was a Nazi and she’s friends with Chelsea Handler. Anyone associated with her end up on my shit list.

  • jules

    TBH no one should ever date his childhood celeb crush. I always think of Katie Holmes saying she wanted to marry Tom Cruise when she was younger. We all saw how well that turned out. I like them both, but not together.

  • Ella

    Chris Evans is a decent actor and good looking. But his personality sucks. Sandra has the worst taste in men.

  • milla

    @DBZ: + 1 She’s probably racist too.

  • Gina

    Please someone tell me this is a bad joke.. She was already driving by the time he was born.

  • GFW

    Not fair to say no without explanation. Actually, I’ve no idea about any of this, but age is just a number and maturity is not age-related.

  • haha

    @Gina: She’d been nominated for an Emmy before he could vote.

  • she doesn’t fool me

    I don’t see where the problem is. What bugs me is her all innocent fake persona. The girl married a divorced-from-a-pornstar-nazi ffs *gag* and she’s friends with Chelsea Handler. Sure, she “didn’t have a clue” yeah right… Some sweetheart she is.

  • Grace

    Where were all these age related posts when 3 year old George Clooney got engaged to 36 year old Amal and most of the age remarks are coming from females. Don’t claim you want to be a man’s equal anywhere until you stop downing other women with the poison men (including your fathers) have been feeding you that you are a useless piece of nothing after a certain age

  • tyra

    Chris evans is shooting for age of ultron in london.stop spreading stupid rumour

  • Grace

    53 year old Clooney – CORRECTION

  • Grace

    Nessa – you didn’t offend me just surprise me. Did you put up a similar post when 53 yrs George got engaged to 36 yrs old Amal? Or do you believe the crap that men get distinguished and women get old?

  • side eye

    Didn’t they learn anything from Ashton and Demi failed relationship? How awkward will it be when he’ll introduce her to his mother? I’ve always thought she’d end up with Keanu Reeves for some reason.

  • VP

    This story is Bull…. I dont believe it. Maybe they’ll have a tossing in bed but it wont be serious. She just came out of a huge mistake in her life I dont think she’s going to go for another one. Besides she loves her son and she’s not going to expose him to someone that will soon leave their lives.
    Besides She’s not another Demi.

  • tyra

    ugly personality ??? he’s most humble & how much you know about Chris evans to make such statement.

  • Kiara

    Chris evans is too Cute for sandra bullock.

  • Kiara

    Chris evans is too young for sandra bullock he’s like his baby brother !!

  • Nessa

    @Grace: I think Clooney has pretty disgusting dating habits. I actually think he seems shady on all fronts. I don’t comment about him because I don’t really care… I’m not a fan of his at all. I am a Chris Evans fan. Hugely. I actually really like all the Marvel actors, but Chris is my favorite. I think he and Sandra are both wonderful individually. However, as a couple… I just don’t see it. If they are dating (or whatever), I don’t see it lasting. There is a difference between having chemistry and having what it takes to make it work. Again… All of this is just my opinion. In the end, I think they both deserve to be happy. They seem relatively harmless as far as the warped world of Hollywood goes.

  • Renox.

    Someone call sandra is 45!!! she is 66

  • have fun while it lasts…

    It’ll be great until he wants a baby. Like Ashton is now.

  • Loves gossip

    @AWKATE: Aren’t there rumors that Sandra herself is also gay?