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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Share Romantic Kiss on 'Black Mass' Set!

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Share Romantic Kiss on 'Black Mass' Set!

Johnny Depp and his fiancee Amber Heard share a passionate kiss on the set of his new film Black Mass on Monday (June 2) in Lynn, Mass.

Later in the day, the 50-year-old actor was spotted filming another violent murder scene for the movie, which is hitting theaters sometime next year.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Johnny Depp

Last week, Amber started shooting scenes for her new film The Adderall Diaries with co-star James Franco in New York City.

FYI: Amber is wearing a Calypso St. Barth maxi dress and Cocobelle‘s “Corsica” sandals.

10+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard showing some PDA on the Black Mass set…

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johnny depp amber heard kiss on black mass set 01
johnny depp amber heard kiss on black mass set 02
johnny depp amber heard kiss on black mass set 03
johnny depp amber heard kiss on black mass set 04
johnny depp amber heard kiss on black mass set 05
johnny depp amber heard kiss on black mass set 06
johnny depp amber heard kiss on black mass set 07
johnny depp amber heard kiss on black mass set 08
johnny depp amber heard kiss on black mass set 09
johnny depp amber heard kiss on black mass set 10
johnny depp amber heard kiss on black mass set 11

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Vmnhphng

    So cute. Wish them the best. I’m waiting for the meltdown of the haters :))))

  • Lana

    So adorable. They’ve been together for years and they are still very much in love like they just started dating.

  • katt

    @Vmnhphng: I’m beyond sick of people who know nothing about them and hate on them for no good reason.

  • love

    Aww they are so cute.How can you deny that they are happy and in love?I’m pretty sure though that the pathetic haters will find something wrong.I am waiting for their meltdown.

  • Taylor

    Never thought Johnny Depp would end up with a D actress.

  • assman

    Depp’s next Flop

  • Me

    So, so cute. On Daily Mail there are pictures later, and she’s bringing to him a coffee, like really taking care of her man =)

  • JDF

    @assman: Hahahahahhahahah, dream the f*ck on. The budget for this movie is $30 million and if it’s good and got good reviews it’ll be a hit but that doesn’t matter because it’s not a commercial movie. He’ll win an Oscar for it. Wait and see you stupid hater.

  • JDF

    @Taylor: She is not D list and since when does the person’s status have to do with anything? Why should he care about her as an actress if he was in love with her? God you people are embarrassingly shallow.

  • Welp

    @assman: Do you really feel better about yourself by assuming that a little prestige movie that is not even finished yet is going to be another flop for him? They are obviously not doing this movie hoping it would be a commercial success.

  • Taylor

    @JDF: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… She IS a D actress, you wanting or not. :)

  • EWWW

    Ewww, I feel sorry for her, he is gross!

  • Am

    @JDF: YOU are embarrassingly shallow for being fan of an actress that never did any relevant movie. But don’t worry, now that she is with Depp her “acting career” will probably get better.

  • Bruno

    @JDF: Don’t you feel embarrassed for being fan of an actress who just have some relevance because is engaged to Johnny Depp?

  • JDF

    @Taylor: Lol no, she is at least C. A D list actress does not play leading roles and and act opposite actors like Gary Oldman and James Franco, etc.

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz @ your pathetic delusion and hatred.

  • JDF

    @Am: @Bruno: Same troll posting with different names?

  • JDF

    @EWWW: The only gross person here is you, you pathetic troll. Stop posting with different names.

    Don’t feel sorry for her because she’s happy and in love and she would kiss him all day long if she could.

  • Vmnhphng

    @katt: me too . The more they open their mouth the more ignorance they show :))

  • JDF

    @Am: @Bruno: Where did I say that I’m a fan of her? Just because I defended her and talked common sense it doesn’t mean I am a fan of her as an actress. I didn’t defend her acting.

    And no, she does have some relevant movies and hits under her belt such as Pineapple Express, Zombieland and North Country.

  • paradis for hell


    Johnny is a legend in hollywood and around the world, no matter if it is a flop, johnny already has enough money

  • Lady

    well, this is how Johnny Depp IN LOVE looks like…that’s why the people acts so shocked, because no one remembered how he really is when he’s in love, because for that we’d have to make a flashback to Winona Ryder times.

  • LOLA

    Another flop movie where Johnny Depp can’t act. Come on Hollywood give us something else than the annual Depp snore fest!

  • li

    3,2,1 waiting for reviews of rats, amber and johnny who lives love

  • paradis for hell


    It is very easy to criticize, I bet that johnny has more money and happiness you

    In addition to all the actors fail
    always have highs and lows is normal

    Mentions some actor that his career is a resounding success, mention to see if there is.

  • Nobody is perfect
  • JDF

    @LOLA: Another crappy comment from the same troll with a different name. *YAWN* *ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ*

    Are you really too dumb to understand that it’s a small-budgeted movie that is not supposed to make money? IT WON’T BE A FLOP as you desperately want it to be and his acting is gonna be amazing in it and he’ll probably win an Oscar for it.

    Johnny will always do every movie/role he wants. If you don’t like it then don’t watch his movies, nobody’s forcing you.

    His acting was great in Transcendence and I hears that he is amazing in Mortdecai and Into The Woods.

  • JDF

    Watch Johnny’s amazing & touching cameo in “Lucky Them”

  • Vmnhphng

    @Lady: I am totally agree with you. He looks truly happy.

  • cute

    Awww she doesn’t even touch him when they kiss they’re so in looove and I’m a delusional stan who thinks they’re in love.

  • Nick

    Even movies with a small budget need to make at least 3 times its production budget back to be successful. But I guess execs are finally getting smart and not throwing to much money on Depp. He lost studios ridiculous amounts of money in recent years.

  • JDF

    @Nick: Yeah and a small budget movie with Johnny Depp will make so much money. Transcendence made $78m so far and The Lone Ranger and Dark Shadows made over $260 million in spite of the bad reviews/press.

    Johnny’s got his own production company and he produces most of his movies now. He decides the budget and whether he wants the movie big or not.

    He’s made small budget movies when his big budget movies where making bank. It doesn’t have to do with how his recent movies did.

    If execs didn’t want to throw “to” much money on anymore then how come they are making a fifth Pirates sequel and a sequel to Alice In Wonderland? These movies require big budgets.

    He made billions for studios that what they lost on some ofs not matter. his movies doe

  • JDF

    @cute: Aww really? Are people supposed to touch each other everytime they kiss? She’s touching him while kissing him here

    She even brought him coffee to the set and yes they are so in love and it shows.

    You are a delusional troll who think they are right when they are totally wrong. Amber & Johnny are in love, deal with it.

  • Moria

    This couple is pathetic.They love the attention.making a scene romantic in a set full of people and paparazzi.They are the couple more untrue after the Kardashian.People who love really need don’t go kissing in public because they don’t need to prove anything to anyone.Another proof that it is a fake hollywood couple

  • deal with it!

    @cute: LOL! and the past week it was because she was all over touching him when they kissed and now it’s because she’s being all cute and leave him to kiss her. the people always find the “but”

  • Nick

    Of course they are fake, no way paps get so close to a shoot.
    They hired a contract photog to take some nice pictures while they are fake kissing. This is just another lame Hollywood PR couple.

  • deal with it!

    @Moria: they were seen in a store on sunday in NYC. There are only two crappy pictures taken by the owner of the store. How is that “a fake” couple didn’t got papped then? and it seems that nobody knew that Johnny was in NYC again in the weekend

  • JDF

    @Moria: @Nick: Stop commenting with different names you f*cking psycho.

  • deal with it!

    @Nick: Even fans were near the set you stupid! they were in a public place:
    And paparazzis have zoom lenses that’s the only difference

  • JDF

    @Moria: @Nick: Oh yeah they are a “pathetic” and fake couple just because they kissing in public! Are all couples that kiss in public fake too?

    They are not kissing to prove anything to lame losers like you, they are kissing becaue they are in love, people who are in love kiss in public and don’t care about anything. They don’t give a crap about what some lame pathetic losers like you think and say on the internet.

  • JDF

    @Moria: @Nick: They were spotted/pictured numerous times by people who are not paparzzi and there was no paparzzi there. PR couple my a$$.

  • JDF

    Do dumb people feel smarter when they accuse every couple in Hollywood to be a PR couple? Johnny and Amber are not even a typical Hollywood couple who call the paps to take pictures of them walking or drinking coffe, etc.

    They are a REAL couple. Period.

  • Nick

    No matter how hard you stump your feet and lament about everybody being wrong and you know so much better. None of this is going to save Johnny’s career being in the gutter.

  • JDF

    @Nick: Hahaahahahahahhaahahhaha, what does his personal life and personal realtionships even have to do with his career? His career is so far from being in the gutter. Lmao.

    He is the fourth richest actor on the planet which means his career as an actor is going great, it doesn’t matter how movies do as long as you are doing high profile projects with amazing people and actors and getting big paychecks.

    His next movie “Into The Woods” is gonna be a commercial and critical smash and the word of mouth from those who saw it is very positive.

    And Mortdecai and Black Mass are going to do well of course.

    Keep telling yourself that his career is “in the gutter” while he’s playing a role that he’s passionate about and is with someone who loves him and care about him.

  • Whatever

    What’s with the hate?? People always judge ! Do you want a pic of them fighting just to satify your inner hate with them? Theyre doing nothing wrong.

    And even johnny’s movies like transcendence and lone ranger didnt go well enough in the box office , so what?? Even the best fall down sometimes! And we easily forgot the good and big movies he had made with only 1 failure.. Get a life please

  • Whatever

    @jdf dont mind those haters theyre just a waste of time , haters a re confuse lovers . Millions of people are amaze with depp and those haters well we can count them in fingers

  • LOL!

    LOL @ Jerry in this picture
    ahahahaha!! i bet Jerry and Malcom are so happy since they have take care of Amber too.

  • hmmm
  • Moria

    Ha ahaahahahah Amber is drugged again. It seems that she is fainting.That’s the only explanation

  • Moria

    @hmmm: Cute butt. He is strangling her?

  • idiots

    I looked at all the other photos of that day and all I can say is that there is absolutely no doubt that they are very much into each other.And to all who say it’s PR sorry but you can’t fake everything and those photos look everything but staged.If they wanted to put on a show they would do it while on public events but guess what they didn’t!It’s not their fault that there are lots of paps at film sets.Does it hurt so much to start admitting some obvious things?