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Justin Bieber Inserts Derogatory Language Into 'One Less Lonely Girl' in Old Leaked Footage (Video)

Justin Bieber Inserts Derogatory Language Into 'One Less Lonely Girl' in Old Leaked Footage (Video)

A new leaked video from Justin Bieber‘s youth has surfaced where he uses a very derogatory word repeatedly, TMZ has learned.

The 20-year-old singer, who was 14 years old at the time of the video, inserts the word into his song “One Less Lonely Girl” several times. He even mentions the Ku Klux Klan in the video.

The new video comes just after leaked footage of Justin emerged where he said a derogatory word in a joke. Justin has since issued an apology for the video and his actions.

Justin Bieber Inserts Derogatory Language Into ‘One Less Lonely Girl’

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58 Responses to “Justin Bieber Inserts Derogatory Language Into 'One Less Lonely Girl' in Old Leaked Footage (Video)”

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  1. 1
    Nametaken Says:

    I mean, everybody says stupid sh*t. If he apologizes I’ll be able to forgive but not forget!

  2. 2
    go go Says:

    Hate this *****

  3. 3
    Ty Says:

    Geez! He’s the worst

  4. 4
    Whatever!!! Says:

    This kid was raised by two classless, uneducated morons. He is a product of his environment. He has grown up into a complete idiot and loser.

  5. 5
    leelee Says:

    He was only a kid and leave him alone and #cutforbieber

  6. 6
    avianna88 Says:

    god seriously leave the guy alone! not a fan of him or his music but come on he was 14 and fooling around with his friends! give him a break! there are worse people on this planet than this kid so why is the media trying to make him look bad on every possible occasion.

  7. 7
    carrie Says:

    at least Justin released the video himself and wants to accept responsibility.

  8. 8
    Xoxo Says:

    He keeps looking uglier by day….hopefully somebody
    Abuses his a hole soon

  9. 9
    amanda Says:

    this kid is about to go down a river of sh!t

  10. 10
    jackie Says:

    @avianna…14 is old enough to know better…there are worse people, but you’re on a celebrity site that only has celebrity news. This kid is a world class uneducated moron who has grown up to be an even bigger moron. There’s no defending this. It’s clearly not a slip of the tongue

  11. 11
    david Says:

    I hope everybody knows that’s his mom laughing in the background.

  12. 12
    david Says:


    incorrect. bieber didn’t release it himself.

  13. 13
    david Says:


    even at age 14 I knew that word was extremely offensive. stop making excuses for him.

  14. 14
    troll Says:

    I don’t want to see the video but I’m guessing he said the “N” word?

  15. 15
    zzz Says:

    Muppet boy turned into a stupid adult.

  16. 16
    lol Says:

    Black people should stop saying the word too

  17. 17
    nina Says:

    @avianna88: wow,wow just wow, you’re defending someone using these terms? Making a joke about the KKK? I don’t know if your parents did a bad job at parenting or the people taking care of you had never tried to educate you but the first thing most people are taught is tolerance, equality and respect, we’re all taught that you should never use certain hurtful terms and if you ask any sane 14 years old, they would probably say the same thing. We all make mistakes but this is not that kind of mistake, this is just him being a horrible person and look at him now, he didn’t change if anything he’s gotten worse so why defend him? I hope he fails because frankly I don’t think people who lack moral or empathy deserve to be successful

  18. 18
    david Says:

    @nina: amen, nina.

  19. 19
    blah Says:

    @avianna88: i kinda agree, this is going too far and im not a fan of the kid. people want to find every flaw in him at this point.

  20. 20
    avianna88 Says:

    @david yeah i am 100 % sure at age 14 you never once said something offensive to anyone. I am not making any excuses for him and he as for sure done some pretty messed up stuff lately. But this was something he said years ago! What’s the point of releasing it now??! It’s just to make him look bad.

  21. 21
    avianna88 Says:

    @nina i don’t see the reason why you mention my parents. Your answer pretty much shows me that the way you were raised was probably a bit sloppy too

  22. 22
    macarena Says:

    @avianna88: @nina: You are hos.
    I dont really care about this kid

  23. 23
    WOW Says:

    Anyone who uses the excuse “he’s just a kid” and “leave him a lone” when he’s 14 NOT 4, you guys are just as ignorant as he is. The fact that you’re probably not 14 yourself and giving him that excuse goes to show that you can be an idiot at any age. 14 year olds say stupid stuff, but that doesn’t give them a pass @avianna88. If that’s the case, 20 year olds, 30 year olds, 40 year olds, 50 year olds say stupid stuff too..what excuse do you give them? One Direction’s Liam just used the age of Zayn and Louis as an excuse for their behavior…are they 14? No. They’re over 18. Kristen Stewart cheated with a married man two years ago and I remember people saying “she’s only 22″. When do people stop making excuses for others based on age? Bieber was and is old enough to know right and wrong. I knew in 2nd grade how bad that word was, I knew at 12 how bad that word was, so at 14…I SURE AS H*LL knew how bad that word was. In fact, at 14 (which I was around the time leaked pictures of celebs were being released, etc.) that when you are in a celebrity position or trying to be (like Bieber was) never have anything incriminating be recorded of you because it ALWAYS surfaces. He knew he was being recorded. It was more than him just being a kid, he had no guidance whatsoever. I don’t blame him entirely, I blame his parents as well, but that doesn’t mean I’ll excuse what he said. There is no excuse for his behavior and I doubt very seriously he’s any different with his language now. Just because a “friend” isn’t recording him now doesn’t mean he doesn’t still use the word. I’m sure if someone had said he made this video before it ever got leaked, no one would have believed he ever said it at 14. Stop being naive. He doesn’t need much to look bad, btw.

  24. 24
    macarena Says:

    @WOW: He’s stupid and an idiot to be 20. I dont know why people pay him attention. I sincerely dont.

  25. 25
    avianna88 Says:

    @macarena thanks for your comment:) you really must be a bright one;) greetings from the ho!

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