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Katie Holmes Intensely Examines a Bottle of Tanning Moisturizer

Katie Holmes Intensely Examines a Bottle of Tanning Moisturizer

Katie Holmes stops by a local pharmacy to pick up some essentials on Monday (June 2) in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress was seen intensely looking over a bottle of Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. Perhaps she wants to give herself a bit of a tan look this summer?

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The brand new trailer for Katie‘s upcoming movie The Giver was released this week. Make sure to check out the clip and then go see the film in theaters on August 15!

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katie holmes intensly examines a bottle of tanning moisturizer 01
katie holmes intensly examines a bottle of tanning moisturizer 02
katie holmes intensly examines a bottle of tanning moisturizer 03
katie holmes intensly examines a bottle of tanning moisturizer 04
katie holmes intensly examines a bottle of tanning moisturizer 05

Photos: Sophie Fritz
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  • things that make you go hmmm

    These were on the Daily Mail a couple days ago and almost every one there thought this was some sort of set up.
    It’s way too close for a pap to be in the store.
    Even with long lenses if far away they don’t get that perfect a shot.
    Not only the commenters thought so but the Mail seemed to take a dig at it by the title of the article they wrote.

  • GiGi

    It probably was a paid product placement. Plenty of celebs do them. No big deal.

  • things that make you go hmmm

    Could be.
    She usually doesn’t fix her hair this much to go to the drug store either as we can see from most of her recent pap pictures.
    That is another reason to suggest it might have been planned.
    Her daily attire is messy hair pulled back and little to no make up.

  • Tyla

    Is this staged? Seems like it is. It’s almost like she said, “Hey, come take photos of me looking intense at the store! Casting directors will see it, and maybe I’ll finally get another part in a movie, because of how good I am at being intense!”

  • tatata

    @things that make you go hmmm: They new Marketing way??

  • Marco

    is this a scene from a movie?

  • Nathan

    She’s beautiful. Love you Katie.

  • Della

    What a stupid article! Who cares?

  • Whatever!!!

    @things that make you go hmmm: FAKE – PAID FOR – PHONY SET UP. How desperate is Katie Holmes for this? May she should have taken the alimony from Cruise!!

  • Friends sent this!

    Duh and who is just above her on Just Jared her ex of course Tom Cruise! How exes are put together, where is Suri, glad that Tom haa nothing to do with Scientology any more a d he has a regular life ..fulof fun and laughs! PS how did the paps get so close tip her!

  • Cate

    These pics are so obviously staged to promote the product. This is the kind of tacky staged photo ops Disney and CW ‘stars’ do. Why is she so desperate? I thought she got plenty of money in the divorce

  • wstprt

    @#10 – Tom Cruise is still a big supporter of Scientology; I don’t know where you got your information that he has nothing to do with Scientology anymore.

  • jon m’shulla

    It won’t cover up your chancre sores honey.

  • Selita Gomez

    Being Married to the Scientology freak Cruise pretty much destroyed her career,

  • annie

    Just because someone is looking at a certain product,and that’s how you look when you are reading the contents. she’s not smiling or posing, just looking. you don’t know where she’s come from or what she was doing, or where she’s going.

    as much as I like Katie, I wouldn’t go and buy Bobbi Brown, just because she was the face of it. My cousin was a make up artist over at Fox Sudios( sydney) and they used the brand, years ago.
    Sorry to say this, but I often think that some of you must be quite unattractive looking, because only that sort of person tries to put another more attractive than themselves down. That’s the way it goes, you know that don’t you?.
    just remember who is prettier, wealthier, and much more talented, when you post your nonsense!

  • Flick

    this is creepy that they are following her around a pharmacy.

  • To Annie

    No Annie this is not how most folks would hold the bottle looking at it. Jergens has put on a massive campaign for this stuff. When you grab a bottle off the shelf you generally do so from the middle and you hold it from the middle, not the bottom to read the ingredients. She is holding it from the bottom and the entire front of the label is visible to the camera. She also usually has a body guard with her that stops people fom taking pictures of her in restaurants and stores. So I think this is a paid photo/product placement.

  • annie

    Maybe you are right, really , but neither you or I know whether it it is or isn’t., staged , have seen the paps take pics of her from outside, lots of times. They videod Katie in a childs dress shop, where Suri was talking to a doll. Suri was not aware of it, if she was , we would have known. It’s happened lots of times.

  • Roberta

    She is such a terrible actress that she can’t even pretend to read the product. Obviously fake. No way a paparazzi would be able to take that picture of her inside a store.

  • ANNE

    @Friends sent this!:
    Tom is no longer in the life of Suri. A trip to Disney in 2012, was the farewell of them. Katie was a master at playing divorce. Tom inside, it will take to overcome the shock of full custody. I’m sure if they were together in good times, there would be pictures. TC is all about image. Father of the year.

    This woman is beautiful anyway. I still prefer it to natural without much embellishment. June 29 is 02 years of divorce, have a new love Katie. This to be true and real.
    You are young, beautiful and talented. Deserve to be happy.

    CF98, you agree with me?

  • wow

    How sad that she’s staging pap pics to promote moisturizer! She’s not even A list enough to get paid to show off a phone or a watch or something like that. She’s pimping moisturizer. LOL.

  • Groundhog Day

    I clearly remember posting I this a week ago. Maybe they’re advertising (or mocking) for Cruise’s new movie with Emily Blunt.

  • Meg

    @annie: always felt she was pretty, but she has this very sloppy demeanor that I find annoying.

  • Meg

    @annie: The dead give away is: her hair isn’t stringy and she is wearing makeup. Although that is the norm, we all know Katie better. @annie: always felt she was pretty, but she has this very sloppy demeanor that I find annoying.

  • The Woman In Gold

    Helen Mirren & Tatiana Maslany are going to show why people say Katie is a weak actress.

    Tatiana Maslany has soooo much range that she will make Katie’s acting look like a student in a HS play.

    Helen Mirren, like Meryl Streep, can’t help being a large presence in any movie she does.

    Can’t wait for ‘The Giver’ nor ‘The Woman in Gold’ to confirm what most people already know – - – - Katie Holmes is a weak actress – - – - no range & weak screen presence.

  • annie

    Have not seen stringy hair, windblown hair yes, anyway have a good weekend everybody!

  • Child Support

    Oh yeah, good point. I didn’t even notice the perfect position of the hands. I was too busy noticing how close they were for inside a shore.

    When someone gets child support do they have to prove the money goes to the child and some how itemize how it is spent?
    Katie gets around 33,000 a month and 12-13 goes to rent if I recall correctly.
    The other 20 is suppose to go to Suri’s needs. 240,000 a year. Not sure if bodyguard and nanny are paid out of that 240,000. I think private school is paid by Tom so that is not part of it.So in these cases celebrity or not, is it accounted for? How does that work?

  • Camden

    WTF? Is this really a paparazzi shot? I mean how far are the cameras? Is she not aware? This looks totally staged. Don’t be surprised if you see Katie Holmes in a Jergens ad soon. I guess Bobby Brown doesn’t pay enough.

  • No Brainer

    Look at the picture of her with JJ “KH joins Woman in Gold…” No doubt she is primped here. I just find it annoying that she doesn’t appear this way more often. …presentable In other pictures she looks like she has a iron deficiency or something. Wasn’t she with Helen Mirren in The Gift??

  • sari

    @Child Support: You don’t have to prove where the money goes unless the provider wants a decrease and goes to court or the recipient wants an increase and goes to court. Or it is possible that in the divorce decree that the providing parent wants an accounting.

  • Nathan

    @No Brainer:

    No “the gift” Katie worked with Cate Blanchett. Helen Mirren and Katie were in “teaching mrs tingle.” Katie got to worked with great respected A-list actors right from the start of her acting career.

  • No Brainer

    @Nathan: I guess the saying, “To whom much is given, much is expected” is not understated on this blog. (From Spider-Man)

  • Bad Move Katie

    I know she needs work but I hope she isn’t going to work with Lena Dunham. She is just gross and crass and ……and…just all kinds of icky.
    Hopefully just another baseless rumor.

  • lackadaisical style

    @Bad Move Katie:

    Both have a ‘lackadaisical’ style – lazy taste in clothes, hair and overall appearance.

    I can see the connection – they fit.

    Either way, working with Lena will better than working with with Tatiana Maslany – Katie will stick out like a sore thumb. Definitely out of her league.

  • DTBH

    @lackadaisical style: people talk like she can not develop. Whatever happened to acting coach? This America! If u listen to successful people tell their stories. It is along the lines of, ” I never gave up even when people told me I should”.

  • Maranatha House

    I’ve found that ‘Urban Rituelle’ has a good product for sunburn. Honey and frangipani type moisturizer relieves straight away and heals twice as quick.

  • Yawn

    What’d they do; put superglue on her soles? She’s been staring at that same bottle for a week now. I am sure the directions etc. aren’t that confusing.

  • Meg

    Something is wrong here. JJ has no pics? What’s up?

  • sari

    @Meg: I think there have been at least three maybe five sets of pics of Katie since this group. Suri has been in most of them so therefore if JJ can’t get a “lone” pic of Katie he is not posting. Certainly cuts down on the Stefani-Rossdale, Garner-Affleck and Suri daily bombardments doesn’t it?

  • NG

    So glad that Katie is in London filming and staying out of the paparazzi path. And Suri too. Hope they are having a great summer. In August her movie The Giver will be released and then she’ll be promoting that. Perfect timing before Suri returns to school in the fall.

  • NG

    For those of us that followed TomKat when they were together and then saw Suri as a baby, then grow up right before the public eye, you have got to admit Suri has come a looooong way in the 2 years (June 2012) since TomKat split up. I think she is one of the very few children of celebrities that has so many pictures and videos on the Internet since she was born. I can’t think of another celebrity that put their kid right out there year after year for the papparrazi to photograph. And there might not be another because the laws for children are changing. Today we still see Suri in random pictures but definitely a lot less than let’s say 2007-2009 which I think was the heyday of TomKat and Suri. Suri is growing up.