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Jude Law & Rumored Former Flame Alicia Rountree Spend Time Together in NYC!

Jude Law & Rumored Former Flame Alicia Rountree Spend Time Together in NYC!

Jude Law looks across the street before crossing while out and about on Thursday (June 19) in New York City’s Tribeca district.

On the same day, the 41-year-old actor was spotted hailing a cab with his rumored former flame Alicia Rountree in the Big Apple.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jude Law

Earlier in the week, Jude‘s son Rafferty showed off his good looks while walking the runway at the Harvey Nichols presentation of the #BEENTRILL designer collaboration during London Collections: Men.

10+ pictures inside of Jude Law hanging out with Alicia Rountree

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jude law alicia rountree spend time together in nyc 01
jude law alicia rountree spend time together in nyc 02
jude law alicia rountree spend time together in nyc 03
jude law alicia rountree spend time together in nyc 04
jude law alicia rountree spend time together in nyc 05
jude law alicia rountree spend time together in nyc 06
jude law alicia rountree spend time together in nyc 07
jude law alicia rountree spend time together in nyc 08
jude law alicia rountree spend time together in nyc 09
jude law alicia rountree spend time together in nyc 10

Photos: FameFlynet, SplashNewsOnline
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  • dolorescraeg

    can this man get any better looking. he’s absolutely ageless. brilliant actor as well. met him a few times and have to say he is just a lovely person.

  • popart

    Oh, please, dolores! Not again! You always do as if the girl wasn’t there and like if it wasn’t serious… He’s gorgeous cos’ he’s in love, can’t you see???

  • dolorescraeg

    if it’s serious it’s ok with me. whatever makes him happy.

  • @popart

    as usual you try to make it something its not
    he doesn’t look in love to me


  • @popart

    who are you that you know who dolores is?

  • Ahum!

    Just for your information: those pics were taken yesterday while they were arriving for the wonderful ( and amazing! go to see it!!!)Branagh’s Macbeth. When they saw the paps, they immediatly put a distance between them and I don’t know if they’re “in love”, but as I was sitting just behind them during the play, I can tell you they’re surely not only friends!

  • Blues

    I follow her on Instagram because I’m a huge fan and since yesterday, it’s pretty quiet. I think they must be really busy

  • @popart/ahum!/blues

    how convenient
    you just show up to tell us YOU were there
    i think they are only friends and you are jealous by nature and try to stir the pot because you are jealous by nature
    your worldview doesn’t square with reality
    its interesting that you will never be able to participate in the gene pool in any meaningful way

  • Ahum!

    If I were as jealous as you say, I my wife would kill me right now (yes, I’m a man) and (again) for your information: I’m not gay.
    I came here because when I saw them yesterday, I was curious to know who this pretty girl was. In the other hand, yes, you’re right, I really like Mister Law’s films, I think he’s a great actor and last night, I would have loved to see him talking with Branagh! They were so f** genius in Sleuth, what a beautiful direction and acting.
    Now, believe what you want, I don’t care, I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but I have nothing to do with those two persons you’re talking about.
    Have a nice day!

  • holiday

    I don’t know a woman who can resist him anyway LOL!!

  • dolorescraeg

    ahum..thanks for the heads up about them seeing Macbeth…I understand the play and branaugh are terrific. and yes sleuth directed by branaugh and starring jude was a master class in acting.when we tried to get tickets to macbeth we were told that were over $600.00. is that possible.

  • sheryl

    Gorgeous Jude!

  • margot

    The hair is fake because he is bald, wig or a hair transplant?

  • Tyla

    @margot: Transplant. He started losing his hair, but for the last little while, it’s been back.


    Pics following around a faggo out of the airport in NYC. Seriously, what kind of troll marketing site is this.

  • ISA

    Honestly I will never understand why some people are so nasty and insulting towards others that they don’t even know… It’s really sad

  • shambolic

    He hasn’t had a transplant. Do you not have eyes to see that? He combs it just right after it grows. Who cares? He’s sexy as all get out.

  • handsome

    i think he has good hair. he’s still an attractive and handsome man to me. when he is old, he will still be hot and handsome.

  • dolorescraeg@

    I agree with isa people who don’t even know jude take great pleasure in being nasty. they must have lousy lives and just feel better about themselves ridiculing others. that’s jude’s hair. if you go back ten years he has a high hairline. he cuts it off for films and now he’s growing it back. and yes like fine wine this man ages beautifully.

  • Blues

    She’s coming to London so maybe we will have new pics of them both very soon!

  • Erica

    Jude is fed up with starlets and models/actresses wannabes. He has been dating a non celebrity, a loving and beautiful girl. She comes over at weekends and she is always very nice to all his neighbours. They go out in mornings to jog and when he is buzy, she just grabs a book and reads in the park. I’m happy for him! He’s a very nice guy

  • Blues

    Yeah, sure Erica! Too funny !

  • Erica

    What’s the matter blues? Are you jealous??? HAHAHAHA!!!
    Keep it real

  • Blues

    No, I just think you’re funny with your lies… Ciao!

  • Erica

    LOL! What ever makes you feel less sh*ty blues :D

  • The Xanax shop

    this internet business is creepy. there’s been lots of tweeters saying he is dating an unnown girl indeed and that they meet on weekends. to be a celebrity on the 21 century must be hell!!!

  • groove

    He was at Le Savoy, yesterday evening, with Alicia Rountree.

  • summertime

    I was at a gig last night in Camden and he was with her and some friends. Very handsome!

  • Benoit

    Le Puy à Vins, the best wine bar in Puy Notre Dame. Dont miss it if you are in Loire. Saw Mr Law there a few days back with a pretty girl but not as pretty as this one

  • Liesy

    So maybe that`s where he has been hiding for so long!!

  • groove

    He was at his parent’s house in Angers with his son Rudy. After, he spent some time in Paris( two days ago). And if you want to know everything, he did eat at Le Puy à Vins but he was with his son, not with a woman.

  • @groove

    and we should believe you know all these details because… or you are a bug on Jude’s backpack … or you are Jude him self LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • groove

    If you go on Twitter today, you will see he’s still in Angers (there is a photo of him at La Gare d’Angers).I just follow the tweets about him, nothing more. Now, if you don’t want to believe me, that’s your right, I don’t take it bad.

  • you know who you are

    macbeth to ravenwolfe and all of your family
    drop dead bitch

  • @groove

    Tell us more please

  • groove

    For the person who asked me: like I said before, I only follow the tweets about him, you just have to do the same, it’s easy.

  • zip

    There’s nothing going on between those two
    They are just friends

  • Don Cooper

    Wow!!, What a bunch of trolls!!!, You have to see it to believe it!
    All of you need to get some really hard from a real man!
    I ended up here trying to find out who’s the beautiful babe mr Law as been tapping all summer and surprise surprise… It’s not this one, It turns out she might not be a celeb which is a good thing, but you frustrated unfuc*able women are not okay with that.
    He has been spending the summer in France, Loire state in a very good company.. Yesterday in Baule. To comments #27 and #28 BIG LIARS PANTS ON FIRE!!!
    Get a life people, time is precious

  • @Don Cooper

    Twitter seems to be your friend but sorry to tell you this: your informations are not more reliable too. Yes, he’s in France, with his two kids, at his parent’s house in Angers but the rest…. You’re lying!! I live not far away and, it’s strange, but I never saw him in “good company”, but with his kids, yes. At the theater, shopping, beach, restaurant. Mmm…. Wonder who is the real troll here

  • Don

    I can’t believe it!!! I got an answer! My wife is still laughing and here it is!,
    A reply!!! I’m touring through France on my honeymoon you poor sad thing!
    Where do you live exactly? We could meet up for coffee and some anecdotes.

  • @Don

    Who would like to meet you after reading your posts, are you crazy? I’m going to be honnestt with you: I’m living in Angers and I’m back to my parent’s house for the holidays, that’s why I said you lied. Now, sorry, but I don’t really have the desire to know you. Beautiful honeymoon to you and your wife, I hope you’re enjoying our country

  • Don C

    LMAO!!! This is the most hilarious trolls’ board I ever came across with! We are really enjoying our selfs. Thank you jude law!
    So you thought my envitation was for reall?? Havent you heard of sarcasm before? Do you have a brain at all? Jeanny, my wife, is telling me to leave you alone, that maybe you’re a mental patient whom occupational therapy is to follow what people twitt about jude, and that you might kill your self if you find out he has a real life of what you will never be part of…
    Well, I wouldn’t like that to happen, so peace! Our paid wifi is running out anyway.
    Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, what ever is your situation, I hope you get better and find a real boyfriend that shows you what to love and to be loved means so you won’t have to fill your void stalking moviestars. I mean it, I’m not trying to be nasty, I promisse

  • @Don C

    I’m a man and I have a girlfriend thank you. I was spontaneous, honnest, if you don’t like it, sorry and if you think it’s madness, what are you doing here? Get a life yourself, I think you’re the one who needs it the more.

  • @Donc C

    And to be clear… I never said he didn’t have a girlfriend! I said: I never saw him with someone in particulary, I’ve always seen him with his kids, friends, parents. Now, I don’t know him personally, I just talked few times with him, that’s all. But be sure you won’t see me again round here, I’m going back to my “asile de fous”, as you said it well.

  • http://verysexy,sexy!! sharyllee

    Sure miss Jude! hide from us??