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Shia LaBeouf's Arrest at 'Cabaret' - Everything You Need to Know

Shia LaBeouf's Arrest at 'Cabaret' - Everything You Need to Know

If you didn’t check your news feed at all on Thursday (June 25), there’s a good chance you haven’t yet heard about Shia LaBeouf‘s arrest at the Broadway show Cabaret… so let us fill you in.

The 28-year-old actor was arrested and escorted out of the theater Studio 54 during the musical’s intermission after he become disorderly during the first act of the show. There was a picture posted on Instagram of him getting led out of the theater. See it here:

News later surfaced that Shia had been smoking cigarettes during the performance and became disorderly among the other patrons. He allegedly was talking loudly throughout the show and even hitting other audience members on the behind. Other audience reports said that he wouldn’t sit down during the performance.

After being escorted out of the theater, Shia was taken to the Midtown North precinct to be questioned by cops. When the NYPD was about to take the handcuffs off the actor, he reportedly told them, “F–k you. I’ll f–k you up.” The cops then decided to not take the handcuffs off so Shia started spitting at them, which led the police to place him in a face mask.

Shia was officially charged with two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of criminal trespassing. It seems he is still being held under arrest.

Just hours before his arrest, Shia was seen hanging out with fans around the Big Apple! He was wearing the same blue t-shirt that he was seen getting arrested in. It seems that he was in good spirits and joked around with the fans. Check out the photos and video:

Stay tuned for the latest on the arrest. We’ll fill you in as it unfolds.

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  • Shelly

    Uncle Spielberg will bail him out. Not to worry.

  • emilia

    what a bullsh*t!!!!! some scunt or what??? — “The cops then decided to not take the handcuffs off ” AND: “the police to place him in a face mask.” HE IS AN ACTOR NOT A CRIMINALIST what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • emilia

    good that FBI didn’t entered into action…

  • assman

    gay slur no problem he is jewish and protected by Hollyweird

  • yamdev

    Publicity stunt for his new film which is soon to be released next week .Just like Jonah Hill did before 22 Jump street

  • Wurry

    Sounds like meth to me.

  • Gosh


  • sharleen

    Shia got arrested! What a surprise!)

  • Darts

    @emilia: he a
    So called the cops homophobic slurs. He’s also had a DUI arrest.

    Actors can be criminals pal and Shia is heading downhill very fast

  • RDH

    What is it with all these Disney actors??? So many of them seem to have problems adjusting to becoming “adults”. Is it the way they are treated as kid actors, or is it just growing up in the current society??
    Shia is an adult, and should be treated as such. However, that also means he needs to treat others with the respect and care they deserve. It is time for these spoiled “kid-adults” to grow up!

  • jon m’shulla

    Shia seems like he has lost it. He is either Schizophrenic or an unknown victim of the MK Ultra program and/or Chabad.

    Or being dosed with Buzz maybe or all three.

  • Flave

    This is sad! I hope this time this guy checks himself into some rehab center and get help, he is on the edge here man! There has to be a Shia fan base out there, if so show the guy some support, he needs love now, obviously this man has no one out there to care for him he needs support. To Shia Fans: go to his twitter and show support…..

  • Cari

    He is displaying Bipolar behavior complicated by
    Drugs and alcohol. It becomes a chemical
    imbalance and this is how they act out. They are
    Uncontrollable, belligerent, and yes seem
    Schizophrenic. I called it at the very beginning
    with Amanda Bynes and I was right. Shia needs
    help or he will end up dead.

  • Beautiful

    Jews run Hollywood Shia is saint he makes them money doesn’t matter that he is a POS like Bay or Spielberg, cash check Jew money everywhere

  • nono

    @Flave: Are you his mother?

  • Lena


    Oh…us folks in the REAL world @Emelia are sooooo sorry to offend you celebrity worship mentality. But, when someone physically threatens a police officer then spits on the police officer, I would say a face mask and a psychological evaluation is not unreasonable. If you recall, Jennifer Lawrence’s stalker merely walked into a police station demanding her mother’s home addtress (isn’t that public record if you own a home???) And was arrested for stalking.

    Thank God, the police did something at least to protect THEMSELVES against a potential BITE from this “actor” who could have AIDS, or Hepatitis, or golly, with Shia, maybe rabies, who knows… Would the cops do that for joe citizen? Protect Joe citizen against crazy celebrity? They protect celebrities from Joe Citizen… I’d like to think they would. I am starting to question justice applied to celebrities and whether starstruck judges are going easier on celebrities and exacting harsher punishments when the perpetrator is nonfamous and the victim is famous. Let’s hope and pray for Equal Justice for all regardless of celebrity status.

    Either way, golly, I think police officers get to work in a “spit free” and “bite free” environment don’t you? Just because they sign up for atrociously and inhumanely low pay to protect and serve, while in some states $$ for their nonexistent raises go to fund refundable film tax credit programs where high paid actors like Shia get FREE taxpayer money to do films, doesn’t mean those police officers must tolerate being spit on or abused by folks under arrest.

  • Jeanne

    I’d be pissed if I had paid good money for a Broadway show (Michelle Williams and Alan Cumming no less) and some jerk-off audience member ruined it.

    That being said, Shia please get help, you need it.

  • kat

    Shia, why, you are such a good actor, dont go down the wrong road, get help.

  • dylanwolf

    Moderated wind your neck in please

  • Resistance

    He is aware….

  • Drats

    Jared left out the part where Shia told a cop at the station house “I am going to ruin your career” and then bragged he would do so because he had millions of dollars and attorneys. He is disgusting.

  • Kryzen

    this guy has become nothing more than a desperate attention seeking doushebag of a joke….you Are Not Famous Anymore, deal with it….

  • hunter33

    He is an addict. Just like Efron. There are so many drug addicts in Hollywood and they keep looking the other side.

  • take time

    Seriously what happened to this guy!??
    Is he having a breakdown or is it a publicity stunt???
    You know he will get off right as he is famous, rich and and a Jewish descendant.
    No problem with that, but if he was African American, they would have had him through the courts and life sentenced already no matter how famous he is or was.

  • what I’m saying

    He needs to get some help, I don’t think he is doing this for publicity. Seems people with certain mental illness have a crisis in their late twenties.

  • someguy

    Jared, since when do you write stuff like this? Especially in this manner? :/

  • jj

    what is wrong with they young hollywood actors? They get a little money and the think the rule the world. They should have put him in jail and scare the sh!t out of this spoiled brat! Since he so called has “millions” in the bank, dude – clean yourself up, you look like a crackhead.