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Eva Mendes Pregnant, Expecting Baby with Ryan Gosling!

Eva Mendes Pregnant, Expecting Baby with Ryan Gosling!

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are reportedly expecting their first child together, a friend of the actress confirms to People.

Rumors that the 40-year-old actress and 33-year-old actor are expecting surfaced earlier today, and a source apparently confirmed to some outlets that Eva is seven months along in her pregnancy!

Eva and Ryan have been together since 2011 and have been notoriously very private about their romance.

Eva was last seen out and about in March of this year.

Stay tuned to as we wait for an official confirmation.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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  • Love The Shoes

    “why do people care about these 2?

    Says she/he who made sure they were the first one in line to post. You DO realize you don’t sound so smart about right now…….right?

  • hilarious

    Knocking up a 40 year old chick? hahaha what a poor wuss. i don’t envy him.

  • olive

    lmao people are gonna get so mad in the comments! I don’t understand why people don’t get married, establish a real couple relationship years before having a baby. I guess I’m old-fashioned.
    But congrats to them, a baby is a good thing in Hollywood when you don’t have a career and she will get back her curves. And for Ryan…well the hype is kinda over, the critics hated his movie, he needs to come back with something otherwise he’ll just be a dad at home.

  • Love The Shoes

    ” I’m happy for them that they got to keep this to themselves for at least most of her pregnancy. Looks like they had enough people in their circle of friends / co-workers that could keep a secret…until now.”

    That’s what I love too. They could teach classes on being a celeb couple keeping a pregnancy hidden lol. They almost made it to the finish line didn’t they? They got closer than most and I wish for them a beautiful boo in about 8-10 weeks.

  • Hollyweird

    You wack jobs are seriously going crazy over her age!? She’s 40 and healthy if you want to complain about a 40 year old lady having kids and trapping the baby daddy go look up Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Have fun!

  • Love The Shoes


    “@summer I’m 43 and pregnant naturally now. I had first child at 37 second one at 40 and I’m due in September. I had no help from any doctors.”

    Its so beyond sad how much other women put down each other. It’s also sad how limited in knowledge about the female body and reproductive system. Both my grandmothers gave both after 40 and my dad’s mother didn’t START having babies at all until she was in her mid-late 30′s and then proceeded to have four in succession…..14-16 months apart!

    Lisa Bonet had two kids a year about when she was 38 and then again at 39 respectively!

  • yuck

    @Elizabeth: Let’s hope your kids don’t have down very disgusting of you to put your kids at such risk for all kinds of disorders. May God help them.

  • go away

    @LMAOOOO: misogynistic B^TCH

  • Jessa

    @lolz: This is ridiculous. Plenty of women have babies 36, 40 and beyond. Trust me, It depends on one’s reproductive health and I am sure that Eva is healthy and can more than afford great gynologicial care. This “trap” stuff is nonsense. This is 2014 not the 50′s..women do not need to trap a man with pregancy in order to keep him around. Why can’t people just be happy. Sometimes I think women are their own worst enemies and have to snipe at other women in order to make themselves feel better. Be supportive and positive.

  • madeleine

    @yuck: you are a disgusting idiot

  • y

    @yuck: what do you know.?you dont know shiit.
    Statistics isnt the medicine every single person is unique,you moron.

  • guest

    @Love The Shoes: #8

    But if you are adamant about not having kids like Eva was, you would do something about it by using birth control, or better yet getting yourself fixed (tubes tied).
    You can compare her to Angelina because Angelina said this because she wanted to ADOPT all of kids, Angie never said she did not want kinds, she said, she wanted to adopt her kids so as to provide a home for kids who are already in the world. BUT when she met Brad she changed her mind.
    On the other hand, Eva is still with the man she said she did not want kids with, or kids period.

  • Sexythang


    Ever seen I DIdn’t Know I was Pregnant?


    Don’t believe that.

  • Sexythang


    Seniors are 65 and over.

    All of you are disgusting jealous idiots. He obviously chose her, not any of you. Maybe he got tired of snipey mouthy younger girls that are all so damn mean and nasty. Four years is enough time to decide if you really want to be with someone.

    If anything, I don’t get his appeal. He’s a bland faced Ryan, can’t even tell him apart from Reynolds barely.

  • Diamanti


    It turns out you don’t have thoughts of your own. Stop repeating everything you hear. Everyone has a different path in life & you shouldn’t spread your misinformation because you never know where life might lead you.

    Congrats to Eva and Ryan!

    Ryan is a lucky guy because Eva is one of the most beautiful and classy women around.

  • ii

    cool! congrats

  • N

    why is that every time a woman gets pregnant she purposely “trapped” the baby daddy??? that’s some real sexist bs

  • Chris

    Why is she having a baby with this loser!

  • Dick

    @N: Because it’s been happening in Hollywood for a lot of people. Don’t you read up? She’s been trying to get him to marry her forever, and this is the way to do it. Wait for the engagement announcement coming soon to a theatre near you!

  • Lil swimmers

    Go Gosling sperm!

  • Bitter much?

    Wow most of you are so mean that its just plain disgusting. Calling people names and stuff. Offending the couple just because they’re getting a baby. All this jealousy and envy. They will welcome a baby soon, thats the most precious thing a couple can share, planned or not. And you all are just so nasty. How bitter can women be??? I wish the couple and the baby the best and I hope the baby will never meet so bitter, nasty and mean people like most of you are.

  • Liverwurst

    @Bitter much?:
    Amen! Sheesh… Mean people are so unattractive. I wished them the very best.

  • Sosie

    I agree that this would have been exciting if Rachel was the mother ;) They were an undeniably perfect couple. But a reconciliation with those two was such a long shot after this many years. I can’t stand reading the comments about 40 year olds being selfish to have babies. I developed a serious and rare medical condition during my first pregnancy in my late 20′s!!! You don’t have to be 40 to have issues and celebrities seem to be having healthy babies at that age left and right. If you can get pregnant naturally at 40 then you’re not too old. IMO.

  • lily

    I had elder parents and I do not complain. They were great parents.
    .Sometimes younger people die of illnesses or in accidents, or even worse, sometimes thee young folks have no idea of how to raise a child, and screw him/her in the process, too many indulgent parents and too many semi abandoned kids around, raising themselves with the help of the internet and cellphones.

  • @dick

    After all these years she gets to “trap” him with a pregnancy?
    She could have gotten pregnant naturally or they could have had medical help we do not know, but it is ridiculous to say that she did the trapping as if he did not have a hand (cough, cough) in the process.
    If he did not want children, he could have used protection as in HE.

  • Love The Shoes


    “But if you are adamant about not having kids like Eva was, you would do something about it by using birth control, or better yet getting yourself fixed (tubes tied).
    You can compare her to Angelina because Angelina said this because she wanted to ADOPT all of kids, Angie never said she did not want kinds, she said, she wanted to adopt her kids so as to provide a home for kids who are already in the world. BUT when she met Brad she changed her mind.
    On the other hand, Eva is still with the man she said she did not want kids with, or kids period.”

    But who are you to decide that she or any woman OR man can’t change their minds about ANYTHING?! You sound ridiculously unfamiliar with the human race! We CHANGE our minds; our plans for our direction in life sometimes causes a different route and that shouldn’t even have to be explained. Just like Angelina met Brad and she decided to bear children as well as adopt, Eva has obviously exercised her right…………….HER RIGHT… change her mind. Women, females, girls are breaking my heart with their ugliness and negativity about this. This is massively disappointing.

  • Best



    Reading the nice positive comments gives me hope in humanity.

  • Jane

    This child is going to have a very strange upbringing when his/her parents don’t ever want to be seen together in public.

  • Iris

    So she flat out lied on Ellen.

  • Isa
  • jemimas witness

    @Love The Shoes: What i want to know is why this couple is even being compared to those blood suckers Brad and Angie! I won’t go into the topic of why Angie decided to have and adopt kids. This couple is different from them there’s no comparison stop bringing up thos soul sellers already! Just be happy a new life is being brought into this world and there that’s it!

  • Emerald


    My mother conceived naturally at the age of 42. Thousands of women conceive naturally at the age of 40 and older. I suggest you do some research.

  • Emerald

    @yuck 07/09/2014 at 6:56 pm

    I’m glad to see you’re not letting your education get in the way of your ignorance.

  • Sarah

    lolz @ 07/09/2014 at 6:17 pm

    My mother had her first son at 35, twin boys at 37, and and me at 45. My eldest brother is now an Emergency surgeon specializing in micro surgery. He spends his time reattaching limbs. My second brother is an aeronautical engineer with the US Navy. He has the rank of Lt. Commander. My third brother is working on his PhD in microbiology. And I, the youngest have a Masters in Education. Any other ill informed and idiotic comments you’d like to make?

  • AngelicaE

    If true, it´s going to be a lovely looking baby!!!!

  • Haters step aside

    Green eyed monster is running throughout this thread. I can’t believe the amount of bitterness and jealousy being spewed about a couple you don’t even know. Clearly, their keeping the pregnancy a secret was for the safety of Eva and her child. To assume that he doesn’t want her or the child is ridiculous. He could date whoever he wants and it’s clear he wants Eva. Deal with it.
    Congratulations, to the beautiful and lucky couple. I’m certain their baby will be beautiful, too.

  • Michelle porto (Brazil)

    she’s smart knocked him for him not dating Rachel McAdams
    she caught him now. will get pregnant again after this child smart …

  • Ciera

    I don’t think this is true..
    Well this has been swirling for 2 years at least…
    She will have the largest infant ever….
    I just saw a picture of her in May-June… Perfectly normal…
    And plus Ryan was just in a Fathers Day scandal…
    There is not an inch of truth in magazine…
    They are playing off of there obvious relationship issues and the Fathers Day thing….. Uhhhhhhhh….. 😤

  • Mel

    another kid who´ll grow up without a dad…

  • Sage

    This is actually SAD news in my opinion. Neither of them seem to want kids right now and their careers are completely bombing. I’m sure it was an unplanned pregnancy and now they’re stuck with each other. I’m pretty sure she’s manipulated the hell out of him and now he’s trapped.

  • glitterbomb

    @Sage: “stuck with each other” since when does having kids keep a couple together . im seriously wondering what time decade some of you have stepped out of. its 2014 idiots.
    and women can and do have healthy babies after 40. most of you sound like you’re 12. “she trapped him” he’s a grown man in his 30s. he knew what he was doing.

  • bap

    Very happy for Eva and Ryan!

  • Lovergirl

    Does Ryan even like her? I hope he is not having a baby just because he may be bored with life. This was a random hook up. Wasn’t she linked to his co-star Bradley Cooper not long ago?

  • Shamu

    I see some Goslin/Adams fangurls losing their shit. Don’t take it out on Eva. It’s not like Goslin doesn’t know what will happen if you do it without protection. Maybe this was a mutual decision, ay?

  • Bob

    EVA looks like an aging Cuban man in full drag. Ryan can do so much better than this. She got pregnant to trap him.

  • Jordan

    Seethe fat white girls!!!! Mmm your tears and jealousy is delicious.

  • ryanislousylay

    i here he’s a pathetic selfish lover…Eva can do so much better than this over-rated bad actor.
    and now she’s trapped for ever with this man’s baby.

  • Emerald


    It is time for you to leave the Dark Ages and enter the 21st century. In case you failed your basic biology, it takes two in order to make a baby. There is such a thing as a condom and has been for hundreds of years.

  • ace11

    Nice trap job by Eva

    Really desperate maneuver to hold on to him


  • Cammie


    I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t find her good looking…Her nose and that Jawline…I don’t get the hype