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Zoe Saldana Curses Out the Media After Pregnancy Reports

Zoe Saldana Curses Out the Media After Pregnancy Reports

Zoe Saldana is making it known that she is not happy with the media speculation over her pregnancy.

Right after reports spread that the 36-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy actress is pregnant with twins, she took to her Twitter account to curse out the media.

First, Zoe posted a quote from the Polish politician Lech Walesa, which said “I believe that any violation of privacy is nothing good.”

Zoe then added her own words, “I would like to thank all the f–king media for invading our privacy.”

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  • Sienna

    Zoe, I think your growing child and belly would be cause for speculation. Pregnancy is something you cannot hide, dear, especially when someone as pin thin as you. Just saying.

  • *puke*

    how classy of her…

  • lol

    hmmmm I wonder who was the “insider” that leaked the info to the press?!?! its like the insider was waiting for her to promote the movie to announce the news.

  • lol

    Relax, it’s not like you were any good at hiding it. I’ve known for weeks.

  • really?!

    I need to roll my eyes at this. If it’s a report not attributed to anything you said, why do you give a sh*t if it’s speculation? If you’re wearing clothes and people notice a bump in your midsection, people are going to talk. it only becomes an invasion of privacy the moment you respond to the speculation, so I can’t really sympathize here. not that it matters anyway. LOL

  • Em

    It really does bother me when millionaire celebs complain about being famous. Being a celebrity, being in movies, making lots of $$, dealing with the paparazzi and the media… this all comes with the territory and is nothing new…

  • guest

    OMG, Zoe.

  • go go

    she s a nasty fk, cant stand her, but she ll use the media to promote her crappy movies

  • klutzy_girl

    Well, I feel bad for her but that also wasn’t a denial.

  • Lisa

    It’s not a big f–king deal, Zoe.

  • Cate

    Well, she basically just confirmed the speculation! Also I like the hypocrisy of ranting about her privacy on her public TWITTER account LMAO!

  • Why?

    LOL at JustJared getting lashed out at! He put “reportedly” in the title, then removed it, and Zoe got him! LOL! Going to write about it in my journal, JustJournal. LOL!

    Are you SURPRISED JustJared got lashed out at?

  • umbrella

    oh girl, tell that next time to their stupid face not via twitter. We dont care

  • allison

    OMG STFU. You are an overpaid actor. Media speculation won’t kill you. Stop being so self absorbed.
    Get some lessons from Kerry Washington. Just ignore the media.

  • Suqweaeddd

    Her publicist is the insider. The publicist is always the “insider” or “source”, so she’s just being a bitch for being a bitch’s sake.

  • snapcracklepop

    Sometimes you’re right.
    But, often LA Publicists go rogue and jump to release private information about their clients because they think it will benefit the client’s fame level, and ultimately line the Publicists own pockets via their percentages. I remember hearing something in LA that celebrity’s start to be mistrustful of their family and friends, when it’s their own team thinking they know what’s best for them.

  • Whatever!!!

    She’s a PUBLIC FIGURE, by CHOICE. She is out promoting her film on a PUBLIC red carpet and her gut is bigger than ever. Get over yourself honey, this is the most press you’ll ever get. In truth, no one in the Midwest could ever state your name so deal with it. It’s not cancer, not a plane crash. It’s a baby.

  • WhiteLatina

    What is this overrated 50 year old burnt match complaining about? She’s the one who chose to be in the media then expose herself with the white guys she chases after because she’s a fool.

  • Heather

    Is she for real?

  • Non-sense

    I’d like to think it is the hormones talking (tweeting), but reading her statement (JJ post) about how she has known (of) her husband for 5 years, and not only a few months before marrying him.:-/ She just doesn’t make sense some(most)times.

  • Lala

    She is so hype for nothing ALL THE TIME

  • Jessie

    She needs to get over herself. This happens all the time and she’s no exception. She a celebrity and I can’t think she’s dumb enough not to know what that means. People will talk about you true or not. Deal with it or get out of the business.

  • Perallie

    Wow. Way to go. The media loves her now. lol She’s acting like a child.

  • Drake

    Wow y’all insentitive. People should announce their pregnancy when they want to not the media. What if she have a miscarriage , what if she having a high risk pregnancy. If you were pregnant would you want your friend to tell everyone or yourself.

  • sweetness

    Why do these famous stars act like they invented pregnancy..and BTW idiot Zoe, you could deny your pregnant via her representative until the day she gives birth..

  • Ortiz

    She has always had a dried out elderly face.

  • Isabel

    By losing her cool, she basically confirms the media’s speculation so it would’ve been smarter for her to keep quiet.

  • mimi

    privacy is not a part of being an actress,
    although she knew it, probably she’s just let it control,
    but pregnancy and having family is one thing that can not be control
    as you control yourself, zoe should realize that once the news is broke
    the public will keep interest not for her acting, but for other things which
    including her children and her family

    its a rare situation when an actress have the capability to keep their family private, which only can be happen 20 years ago with no camera and paps not mention living in LA.

  • Soph

    It’s this kind of attitude that draws attention to private matters! She gave lots of interviews talking about private issues of her love life and now she appears promoting a film wearing a dress that makes it OBVIOUS and would at least give room to understandable speculation. And now she acts really offended? Where’s the line then? Even the twins gossip is harmless. It’s not right, but considering what the media and papparazzi can do/write she had it easy. How about being graceful and less self-centered?

  • guest

    Oh, get over yourself Zoe.

  • guest

    She really needs to get over herself. Cursing, talking sh*t, is so unnecessary.
    SHE chose this life, and publicity comes with the territory. I can’t imagine Halle, Kerry, or any of the other famous actors going off in a cursing rage over something like this.
    I didn’t know she had such a potty mouth..

  • Gina

    Stating the obvious isn’t invading privacy.

  • Alex

    All she does recently (especially in her interviews) is bitching about everything… I guess she doesn’t like to be famous actress (even without much talent) and a crazy rich person (even without doing anything important). How about quitting acting in movies? That would solve her hollywood problems…

  • Mony

    you guys criticizing her are idiots. Just because she’s an actress it doesn’t mean you’re entitled to know everything about her or that the media is entitled to invade her privacy.
    Her work is being an actress, the rest is not of our business.
    You can’t even know why she doesn’t want to talk about the pregnancy.

    You’d probably enjoy the 15 minutes of popularity if the media cared about your boring lives but something tells me if you were her you’d be equally pissed.

  • Alex

    @Mony: You’re an idiot (if you really want a discussion looks like this- calling people names). Everybody that made it in Hollywood know what they are signing for. There’s media scrutiny- deal with this if you’re a public figure. And you’ll be rewarded with great amount of money even if you don’t really deserve this. Actors bitch about media as long as they don’t need them. When they promote a movie or whatever, they don’t seem to have dilemmas about going to press and talking about their private lifes or calling paparazzis for a “spontaneous” session. It’s part of their job and it’s cool as long as they don’t pretend they don’t play this game.

  • Zdeno

    This is such a childish and inmature reaction. I would await something more noble form her.

  • Mira

    So you go out in public with a bump and now you are upset that people
    speculate’ that you are pregnant! Well you shouldn’t have gone to the premiere or you could just grow up!

  • Mony

    she probably is angry for the twins rumor not because she’s hiding the pregnancy. You can’t know, maybe she had a miscarriage, maybe she wanted to surprise her family and they didn’t know she will have twins. Maybe she isn’t even pregnant with twins. Maybe her pregnancy is problematic and she doesn’t want to talk about it yet.

    @Alex I don’t give a damn. I stand by my opinion that you are all idiots for hating on a woman just because she dares to not be thankful when the media is invading her privacy. Being a celebrity doesn’t mean losing basic human rights as people.
    Also, using your reasoning then by posting your comments on the internet you should also know and accept the fact that people will judge you for them the same way you’re judging this woman for a comment she made on her personal twitter account.

  • Zoee

    Well Zoe I don´t understand why is she so upset, what it is the bad impact on her life or personal life that now people know what is obvious because your belly is showing it, let me says this and i am sorry if i sound cruel or shallow, but right now right there in Hollywood there are thousands of women or with lot of talent working hard everyday look for media attention , yes now on day so many people so many new and all at the same time you most thanks Media care about you and cover your stories

  • Lorie

    she’s entitled to her feelings and is doing nothing wrong I don’t get the hate but if it makes people feel better about themselves to insult a pregnant woman for her feelings it doesn’t surprise me. Internet is a way for some people to let out their frustrations one way or another, they have fun this way.

  • Zoee

    @Lorie: Well yes is also true whatyou says, she has the right to get mad, but so dramatic, what kind of negative impact on her life is having now that media says she is pregnant?

  • Sandrine

    Oh, boo hoo! Stop whining, Zoe! If you didn’t want any speculation, then you should’ve stayed home for the duration of your pregnancy. And FYI, it’s not speculation if everyone has already seen your bump. It’s not like you’re doing anything to conceal your tummy. If you don’t want people talking about you, then change your line of work! I never got what people saw in this person. Ugh!

  • Lorie

    like some people have said before me maybe there is a serious reason why she didn’t want to say it yet that we don’t know. We don’t even know why she made that comment we’re just all assuming she means the pregnancy rumor

    To the ones who are saying that she shouldn’t complain: why not? So she is less entitled to have opinions about her private life than you all about her? lol k ^
    With all the money they make using these names, the media can handle one more actor hating on them, I think ^ so who cares?

    the ones saying that she shouldn’t get out if she didn’t want people to know she’s pregnant: you’re such geniuses!

  • Monique

    I fully support the actors that want to protect their kids from the media.
    Not all the actresses sell their lives to the paps and the media why some of you have to put them all in the same box?
    I truly feel bad for actors sometimes they’re just human like us

  • Alex

    @Mony: Ok, first, there are lot of actors who are able to preserve their privacy and even if they cannot always stop it (because that’s the reality in showbusiness they should be used to), they don’t bitch about it. Great example- Kerry Washington.
    Second, I don’t mind you judging my opinion but calling people names is low and doesn’t add anything to discussion.
    Third, basic human rights? She lost her “basic human rights” because people are speculating about her pregnancy? Really? A girl in my office is pregnant, it was showing, she didn’t announce it right away, but the rest of the office talked about it, obviously. Just like: “Wow, it’s great”. I guess she has to call Human Rights Watch now.
    If the paparazzi will stick a camera to a stroller, then it definitely will be too invasive and she will have the right to be angry because her kid is not a public figure. But now she’s overreacting. She knows what fame means. She can always wipe her tears with her millions.
    Last, what diffrence does it make that she posted her comment on her “personal twitter account”? Everybody can see it, everybody can judge it (just like you said).

  • Bianca

    I like Zoe and I enjoy her movies, most importantly, she is entitled to feel and say what ever she pleases. However- if she wanted to keep her pregnancy private and away from media speculation, then she should have taken a page out of Eva Mendez book and kept a low profile for most if not all of her pregnancy. Eva could have already given birth and no one would know. I can be done, but you don’t go off and promote a huge movie like this one with a growing baby bump and think you will not be asked. Deal with it or go hide somewhere…

  • Monique

    “she should have taken a page out of Eva Mendez book and kept a low profile for most if not all of her pregnancy.”
    and not promote her movies e.g., guardians of the galaxy? Do you realize she has to do that by contract?

    some people here are are so basic. So if your famous it means you can have NO privacy?
    This is not the first time celebrities blast the media for saying they’re pregnant
    Beyonce did the same. Adele also sued the paps and SHE WON so, nope just because someone is famous don’t think that they don’t have the right to their privacy. It might be your law that they don’t have it but it’s not the actual one.
    No wonder why the hollywood reporter removed their article.

  • Mony


    ‘I don’t mind you judging my opinion but calling people names is low and doesn’t add anything to discussion.’

    ain’t the pot calling the kettle black.
    you guys make offensive comments on the internet insulting this or that celebrity (in this case Zoe Saldana) telling ‘em to get over it when they express their feelings, yet the moment someone is judging YOUR own stupid comments on the internet and calling YOU out on them your poor feelings get hurt and you cry a river about respect.

  • Mony


    actually, Kerry gives more than one damn about it as well. What you are talking about? She wasn’t happy about the speculations over her pregnancy either and tried to hide her marriage. She actually banned some ppl over twitter for posting paps pictures of her with the baby.
    Celebrities get defensive about their pregnancies and babies and they’re right.
    When you’re in your mid 30s there are higher chances to have complications too, if they don’t want to share the news with us and don’t like the media trying to find detailed informations (like the ‘she’s having twins’ rumor ) why should she be condemned for her frustration?
    You’re the ones making her comment more a big deal than it is.

  • Alex

    @Mony: I see you didn’t even comment on the other issues I brought up, only the one in which I refer to you calling other people idiots because they have different opinion than you. I’ve tried to talk about the topic but the only thing you do is telling me my opinion is stupid. Btw, my feelings aren’t hurt and I certainly don’t cry a river about respect (it was one sentence and it was an answer to your post) because you think differently.