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Henry Cavill & Ben Affleck Surprise Comic-Con to Give First Look of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman!

Henry Cavill & Ben Affleck Surprise Comic-Con to Give First Look of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman!

Henry Cavill makes a surprise appearance at the Warner Bros. Pictures panel and presentation during the 2014 Comic-Con International held at San Diego Convention Center on Saturday (July 26) in San Diego, Calif.

The 31-year-old English actor was joined by his co-stars Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot to promote their highly anticipated film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Henry Cavill

During the panel, a new pic of Gal as Wonder Woman and a teaser scene was unveiled by director Zack Snyder. Check out the pic below!

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henry cavill ben affleck surprise comic con appearance 02
henry cavill ben affleck surprise comic con appearance 03
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henry cavill ben affleck surprise comic con appearance 05

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  • Lk

    Is that Wonder Woman or Xena? Don’t like it.

  • WTH

    Why did they make her look like a Fembot and sexed up cave woman/gladiator..


  • Frenchie


  • Dennie

    No red, white and blue? I love it!

  • K

    Love it!

  • leelee

    I love Xena! Oh wait, that’s supposed to be Wonder Woman?

  • Isa

    It’s a great uniform… for Xena.

  • Sara

    Henry has a serious pants problem. Why cant that dude figure out how to wear pants that fit like a normal person?

  • Me

    I always notice that too! I think it’s because he has big thighs. And crappy taste in clothing.

  • jess

    Ben looks druuuuuuuunk

  • T

    Posers. Just a bunch of wanna-be Avengers.

  • ewwww

    They all look overly botoxed.

  • Snooze

    b-team avengers.

  • Lake

    I knew Zack Synder would make WW look like a hooker. He’s such a perv he can’t help himself.

  • reeven

    Batman taller than Superman?….hagh

  • Ben


    Agreed-they make her look like a fembot. All she needs now is guns in her boobs. Though I’m sure Synder stole that idea because he’s overly obsessed with sex and violence.

  • Him

    Superman looks short, fat and gay.

  • Two two

    Someone give that girl a burger! What a disappointment.

  • mag

    All so pretty but none have any actual acting talent.

  • Hank

    MOS was terrible. Why are they making this movie?

  • Fhjogdd


    Fan boys will see anything super hero related. Snyders movies are terrible and Henry’s a wooden actor.

  • Kate

    Beeee team Avengers

  • Sucking

    Snoooooooooooooze. Wish this movie would go away. I’m sick of it being shoved down our throats every other day.

  • Leah

    A geriatric Batman. Just what everyone was waiting for!

  • Ben

    Compared to the other super hero movies coming out next month .. Have you seen those characters! It is nice t see them show up hope they talked to ET and other Entertainment shows! Those other movies coming-out next month! So make fun of them glad they showed up NO
    she does not look like a hooker! Better than Scarlett johason character in The Avengers! So grow up a full page of negative comments! Wow
    She looks like Megan Fox!

  • Fercat

    She could’ve bulked up a little more.

  • Anna

    I love them.Looking wise they are all perfect for their roles.Actin wise…well Henry already prooved he is perfect and he has a screen presence strong as Superman himself…Affleck and Gadot ,we will have to wait and see but i believe in them.

    And you seriously thing that the costume is sexualized?Girl is wearing boots higher than her knee and a top that does not reveal her breast.This is actually is sjowing LESS than what the WW costume and its variations from the comics were revealing.

    As for whoever,on this board,said that they are ripping off Avengers (a)the avengers only dream to be as iconic as The Justice League (b)almost every Marvel character,with the exception of Spider-Man,is a rip-off of a DC character.

  • jennifer

    She looks great! I love the uniform! I mean the blue red and white it’s okay for the comics and cartoons but not for a movie, i can bet that this movie will be great!

  • Sassypants

    I didn’t really like Henry Cavill as superman looks-wise. I always think of superman as being tall, i’m sure most disagree but I prefer Brandon Routh from Superman Returns, he reminds me so much of Christopher Reeve and I think he could’ve pulled off the darker Superman movies as well.

  • Cate

    After looking t the high-rise version of WW’s costume I like it but I wish they had given her flat boots and a longer skirt but it could be a lot worse!

    Affleck looks horrible in the photos. Bloated and uncomfortable.

  • Bea

    @Cate: He does not. He is over forty, ha bulked up for the role, and is just taking a casual photo. He looks fine.

  • Maria

    I am so going to check her out. Then, Henry. Better keep Affleck in a bat suit/ facemask. I just can’t imagine him as Batman.

  • Bea

    @Cate: He does not. He looks fine.

  • Elana

    So disappointing all of them. The superheroes look tired and like heavy smokers/ drinkers.. As for her she’s really pretty but looks so frail so unlike a Wonder woman

  • Tina

    Did Affleck tap that yet? Guy always hooks up with his leading ladies.

  • Theo

    Poor Henry, he’s the only gay man that has no taste. Unreal, please hire a stylist of have your boyfriend dress you.

  • butterbeere

    Why isn’t Henry Cavill standing closer or at least more natural to Gal Gadot? Is it because he secretly wished it was his GF Gina Carano as WW? LOLzy. Carano can’t act & had to have her voice dubbed for a movie. Gal’s much better than that mmachick!

  • Lovehenry

    @Theo: maybe he has no taste is because he is straight. Anyway all three of them look good together.

  • Living in a box

    Did anyone notice the invisible plane behind WW?

  • dharius

    What utterly vile bastardization of an otherwise iconic character.

    Women apparently can’t be warriors unless they look like porn stars. she looks positively loathsome and really only adding fire to the flames of misogyny and objectifying of women.

    Shame on you Gal Gadot, you truly have very very little regard for women and to the role you STOLE from them.

    I feel sorry for you women. You really don’t have anyone to look up to. Lynda Carter gave girls and women a role model to look up to – but apparently that was too much to ask for of this generation.

  • JustChill’n

    Us girls really only have one decent superhero… Wonder Woman. Thanks for screwing that up Zac Synder! That little girl is so NOT WW. Maybe hawkgirl or something, but so NOT WW. Sigh. Oh well, at least they didn’t make WW a dude by having Gina Carano play her.

  • Shamrock7

    Who returned from the islands and is looking golden? Wow!! Ben looks rested and tan in these photos. Holy Smokes looking good BATMAN!!
    Happy to see the trio together. Hoping this film is a WINNER for all, especially DC. Marvel really has an A game going, and the upcoming film The Age of Ultron looks very interesting. In all honesty, I’m a Iron Man fan, but since Ben has become BATMAN, I will support him first and foremost.
    Tomorrow, the 27th was the first day I discovered Mr. Affleck at the Gigli premiere. My heart and support will follow Benny~


  • BW

    Anna your comment the only that seems to have intelligence. The rest of this people just type for the sake of being noticed, even when they clearly don’t even know how to process any logic behind their statements.

  • marianna

    look this video

    Henry looks like “happy to be here”, Ben “I still don’t believing I’m Batman” and Gal “how sweet are everyone” LOLOLOL

    PD: I still don’t believe on pics, I prefer videos ;-)

  • Angela

    People bringing up the Avengers? Seriously? The Justice League predates the Avengers and the Big 3 (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) are iconic and bigger than all the members of the avengers combined.

  • NO F.

    WHAT? Henry FAT? Ugly? short? Whata joke, poor jealous guys. Henry looks gorgeous, he’s a great superman! People are jealous and mean. If you don’t like, go to bad and cry! Bye =]

  • Julia

    @NO F.:

    exactly! I WISH all men were “fat, ugly and short” like him!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • Sweet Cheeks

    I think her costume looks great. Wonder Woman is an Amazonian warrior princess and her costume reflects the Greek mythology concept. She’s got the Wonder Woman logo on her armor and the W on her belt. She has her Lasso of Truth and cool bracelets for deflecting bullets. I can’t tell if there is any color on her armor. Not too crazy about the boots; maybe if they were below the knee. I’m thinking her costume will change later to a more Americana style, since this is called ‘The Dawn of Justice’. Batman and Superman have been around since the late 1930′s, 25 years before Iron Man and the Hulk. BM and SM are much more noteable characters. It’s going to be a great movie so give it a chance!!

  • jen


    It because you had to be there.They entered the room and people gave them a Standing O.Ben looks perfect for the part.If not Batman ,exactly like Bruce Wayne,if you look at the comics.Gal doesn’t look exactly like Wonder woman but they can make her look like her.So far I’m happy with the cast.

  • Angela

    @Sweet Cheeks: Wonder Woman is an amazon princess.