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Leonardo DiCaprio Tries to Keep Low Profile After Raising $25 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio Tries to Keep Low Profile After Raising $25 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio dons a newsboy cap while stepping off his fancy yacht on Friday (July 25) in Nice, France.

The day before, the 39-year-old actor showed off his shirtless body while taking a dip in the blue ocean with his beautiful bikini-clad girlfriend Toni Garrn in Saint Tropez.

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In case you didn’t know, Leo recently raised over $25 million at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation gala, which was attended by Toni, Marion Cotillard, Jared Leto, and Robin Thicke.

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leonardo dicarpio tries to keep low profile 01
leonardo dicarpio tries to keep low profile 02
leonardo dicarpio tries to keep low profile 03
leonardo dicarpio tries to keep low profile 04
leonardo dicarpio tries to keep low profile 05

Photos: Bauer Griffin
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  • Amy

    #first #killingit #wolves

  • http://m me

    I love you Leo, i hope you’ll happy

  • http://m me

    Sorrry you’ll be happy

  • Beeline

    Leo should date Selena Gomez. They would look cute together!

  • Julianne

    @Beeline: selena has no talent, she’s stupid, arrogant and so ugly! Leo is incredible, they are totally opposite!!

  • Elly

    @Beeline: Well, she’s in the right age group but he usually likes his girls to be tall and blonde so no I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

  • Elly

    @Julianne: Yeah as if he only goes out with intelligent women… I’ve never seen him with an equally talented actress or a female writer or whatever. He always goes for the 19 year old blonde models so intelligence and creative talent are clearly not priorities for him

  • Leo n his TRUE LOVE

    I knew we would get a picture of the love birds soon! He just cant stay away it was giving him amnesia staying away from her…now he can sleep!

  • molly

    never gets old ;)

  • Where’s Tbone

    @Leo n his TRUE LOVE: jj title for this thread is ridiculous, how is getting off a boat while wearing what he always do, keeping such a low profile. And where is Tbone hiding ? On the bottom of the boat like he was in st.tropez. or did she already get in the car way before him. I’m so sick of getting pictures later on , showing she was there just not in the same frame. Annoying.

  • also…

    @Leo n his TRUE LOVE: hahaha HIS TRUE LOVE indeed!
    He must have left the yacht to go to a quick visit to Sardinia and then of course Ibiza.

  • Where’s Tbone

    @also…: Is that leo in the front of the ig pic with his arms up.

  • EWWW.


  • EWWW.

    PLEASE let it be bad lighting, or maybe he got somthing stuck in his mustache. It looks like a sore that’s healing. Toni had that in CANNES.

  • So Romantic
  • lolz

    @So Romantic: Conversation seems to be over in the remaining 48 pictures

  • also…

    @So romantic: You are being sarcastic, right?

  • tweet

    Puff Daddy, Di Caprio and Will Smith all been partying out in Ibiza when I was out there last week 😦😦😦 WTF ❗️❗️❗️

  • Blacksharpie

    I don’t think he is with his posse. The boys are in Ibiza and he is in Nice.

  • AS IF
  • Blacksharpie

    @AS IF:
    You’re right! I missed this pic. That’s definitely Vinnie and Lukas must have his guitar.
    Maybe from St Tropez they had to go to Nice and then on to Ibiza?

  • Convo

    Leo: The gala was amazing!
    Toni: Uh-huh
    Leo: 25 million dollars. Can you imagine all the projects my foundation can support with that kind of money?
    Toni: Uh-huh, that’s nice
    Leo: Bono and Robin were amazing performing.
    Toni: Uh-huh
    Leo: It was fun in Miami with all those models.
    Toni: Uh-huh, that’s nice.
    Leo: Is your PR good enough? I’m planning another party…
    Toni: Uh-huh. Can I have more later?
    Leo: Uh-huh. Kevin? Lukas? Vinnie? Where is everyone when I need them?

  • ####

    @So Romantic:


    Leo to toni – let’s just let them take a few more pics to show were “together” and then you go do whatever it is you do and I’ll go smoke my e-cig, get on my phone and wish I was not stuck on this boat with you.

  • ####

    @So Romantic:

    Toni to Leo – un huh ok

  • ####

    @So Romantic:

    End of conversation between Leo and toni

  • ####


    LOL at this point I don’t think Leo even tries anymore! :-)

  • Pose Rocks

    His friends were probably banging the escorts /models on the boat while Leo was “having fun” swimming and talking with his gf.

  • archangelmichael

    @Pose Rocks: oh so she’s his “GIRLFRIEND” now and not an ESCORT CONTRACT.!!! YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME LAUGH. Toni and leo are inlove and are a REAL COUPLE get over it.

  • nandi

    @Pose Rocks:its funny how all his boys can be seen on this pic but we still can’t see toni in the picture…i can’t count the amount of times this happens! Of course he’s in Nice with his boys. Who is he going to talk to for conversation??? C’mon now….

  • also…

    @nandi: toni on the boat , you just don’t see her yet. Somehow they can hide in the back.

  • Pixar

    @nandi: wasn’t he in ibiza? why are they in Nice?
    His life looks like one big PR mess.

  • Walk

    i’m just wondering. Leo always pays for his friends, invites them on vacations etc…..
    What do they do with their lives? Kinda sad. they kind of look like they use him and follow him around.
    And he just doesn’t want to be alone.

  • Walk

    @nandi: pathetic.

  • poor leo

    @Convo: Well at least he tried.

    My advice for Leo is to avoid the deep conversations or his creepy taste in art or people she has never heard as Julian Lennon.

  • also…

    @Pixar: Tthey in IBiza now.

  • Ruhe

    Leo in his white t-shirt…delicioso!

  • WOWS

    @poor leo: leo has very poor taste in art, you can see he doesn’t know what is art. he just wishes he was creative, and that he had talent in that area (fine arts….) but he doesn’t. Leo has no culture. he’s the typical american who accumulates money and spends his life spending it as if he was some kind of emperor; when in reality he’s just some other actor who was lucky enough to be in a big blockbuster.

  • also…

    His friends are hanger ons especially Vinnie.

  • Kachasa

    @Ruhe: why doesn’t he go on vacation in germany? that’s his thing. france and italy are too cool and laid back for him. he should just move to germany with boring cellulite Garrn.

  • also…

    @WOWS: Are you bar ‘s ex boyfriend.?

  • Jack Dawson
  • archangelmichael

    Leo has great taste in WOMEN AND ART.

  • Pose Rocks

    @archangelmichael: The Models/ Escorts

    1 for Vinnie, 1 for kevin and 1 for Richie. None for Lukas since he ‘s busy teardropping with his guitar.

  • @Jack Dawson
  • Kachasa

    @Jack Dawson: yikes, this is sick. if he does like a girl who looks like the young guy he used to be that’s just gross. and i titanic he had the worst haircut (he used to have this nasty bowl cut like some frekin’ mushroom) a huuuuge forehead, big nose and very thin lips. maybe leo is gay……

  • archangelmichael

    Leo hates Germany. He would never move there. He doesn’t even visit yearly.

  • lolz

    Itinerary according to this guest

    St Tropez
    Ibiza airport
    Amnesia Ibiza
    Marina Ibiza

  • Buds

    Leo needs his bros for security – they have all been friends with him for a very long time. He gave them all gold medallions with a “W” on them to signify “Wolf” pack. Lukas lives with Leo in Beverly Hills. I’m not 100% sure, but I think Vinny lives in Leo’s NY place. Vinny claims he’s an ex-cop (he looks like he was a dirty cop) and is always flashing his badge and scaring girls away from Leo because he is jealous and doesn’t want Leo to get married because that would mean the end of the party for him. His friends form a water-tight circle around him because they don’t want anyone to take away their party and lifestyle privileges. Hope Leo doesn’t let them run his Love Life.

  • Kachasa

    @@Jack Dawson: no wonder marlon brando called him a girl! hahahah!

  • WOWS

    @also…: wtf are you talking about? so you’re the one always creating sh!t with everybody, making false accusations and eating and sleeping on leo’s threads?