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Kiefer Sutherland's Rep Responds to Freddie Prinze, Jr.'s Claims

Kiefer Sutherland's Rep Responds to Freddie Prinze, Jr.'s Claims

Kiefer Sutherland‘s rep and a Fox official are both speaking out on the claims that Freddie Prinze, Jr. made about the actor.

Kiefer worked with Freddie Prinze, Jr. more than 5 years ago, and this is the first he has heard of Freddie‘s grievances,” a rep for the actor said in a statement. “Kiefer enjoyed working with Freddie and wishes him the best.”

An unnamed Fox official spoke to TMZ about the claims, saying Kiefer was “nothing but professional during the run of the show and is beloved by cast and crew.”

“It’s so out of left field, 5 years later. We wouldn’t have done another 24 if Kiefer were anything like Freddie described,” the Fox exec added.

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  • geez

    Well Prinze might not have been lying. Some Veteran actors pull the “You don’t know nothing” card on younger actors and make their lives miserable on set. Normally, if the main actor is an a$$hole no one speaks of it to the public, it’s just the gossip among the set crew and the other actors involved. No one hardly ever goes public because for an actor it could tarnish your reputation very quickly within the industry.

  • Katy

    Damage control 101.
    I can’t see why Freddie would lie. It must be true.

  • gen

    Well Freddie Prinz IS married to Sarah Michelle Geller….His wife is a snobbish piece of work, and I am sure it has rubbed off on him.

  • Anon

    I saw Kiefer on the Hollywood Reporter round table panel and found him to be arrogant and he definitely thought he was better than the other actors. Haven’t liked him since I saw that.

  • Of Course

    Freddie should be the last one to call anyone difficult to work with, his wife has the market cornered on acting like a b itch to co-workers, and they are on record as never wanting to work with her.
    He is whipped, so back to playing Mr. Mom, for him.

  • Rose

    @Of Course: Where did you hear that one from? Alyson Hannigan? From my understanding Alyson was also really hard to work with and was often described as a b***h by her Buffy co-stars. In fact, most of the Buffy co-stars seem to like SMG these days more then Alyson.

  • Clugs

    Good job on Freddie Prinze Jr. trying to become relevant again. If he had half the acting chops of his father (or Kiefer for that matter) he would be able to let his acting skills do the talking, instead he has to complain about someone he worked with over 5 years ago.

    Ask yourself, if you worked with someone 5 years ago, would you only now start complaining about him/her?

  • Crystal


    Freddie admitted that it was about taking his shoes off. That was his grief.

  • aww

    its been 5 years and now hes gonna come out saying shit? please hes lying cause his career is shit now lol so he needs to put it on someone and try to get fame again

  • pnut166
  • Tzimon

    Freddie Prinze Jr. still acts?

  • Amy

    “We wouldn’t have done another 24 if Kiefer were anything like Freddie described,” the Fox exec added.”

    LMAO. PR is funny. If you’re talented you will get work if if you’re an a**hole because the only thing the execs care about is $$$$$

  • Tressa

    My first instinct was that he was trying really, really hard to be relevant again. I mean who was interviewing Freddie Prinze Jr. In the first place? Did we step into a time machine to 1999 when this no talent looser still had a career? All he is now is Mr. Sarah Michelle Geller. I find it hard to believe that they would have kept making seasons so 24 if he was so horrible to work with? I love 24 and have watched it since the very first episode never once did you hear a bad word spoken about Kiefer and in interviews he’s always seemed kind and generous. The fact that Freddie would immediately go to something as trivial as Kiefer’s height should tell you that he doesn’t have a lot to go on and is just trying to drum up a few pages of press about himself.

  • Angelynn

    This is what you do when you no longer have a career and no one remembers you or your wife…trash someone else. Classless.

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  • Aschrec


    Funny that you should say that most actors don’t speak out about stuff like that so they don’t tarnish their own reputation. Seeing as how Prinze Jr. is kind of a never-has-been, I suspect that he’s only speaking out to get his name in some print, which isn’t much of an admirable quality either.

    Him crying about it literally means nothing. It obviously doesn’t interfere with Sutherland’s work, because he keeps getting real jobs. It’s hilarious to hear this kind of criticism from someone who’s most well known acting jobs (crap ones at that) were over 10 years ago.

  • haz been

    Oh so sorry the return of 24 doesnt include you freddie or your wife… cause her show failed, and yours do to. go start waiting tables, someone has to feed that kid.

  • Amy


    Umm… Have you forgotten he gets drunk and into fights in bars all the time?

  • Gina

    @Tressa: I agree.

  • Idontknow

    When Kathrine Heigl was called out for being difficult, not a single rep from ABC commented on Heigl’s behalf. I think Fox stepping up and speaking on Sutherland’s behalf might be genuine. As the Rep said, it’s been 5 years ago- why are they just now hearing about it? And, who’s to say Freddie wasn’t the difficult one, and projected his animosity towards Sutherland? I wasn’t there, so I don’t know; but where there’s smoke there’s generally fire (like in Heigl’s case-MANY have spoken out against her)- and where there’s untalented hasbeen actors, there’s usually a boy who cried world.

  • Idontknow

    @Idontknow: *cried wolf

  • Mike

    What is hilarious is the people posting on here acting like they know the actors like “I Heard”, Well “He Is”, lol STFU

  • Amy


    But Heigl isn’t talented. People in Hollyweird will only protect you if you have talent.

    For example: Lindsay Lohan vs Robert Downey Jr.

    Both have had substance abuse problems but only RDJ was given multiple opportunities to make a comeback because he is talented.

  • babyfatt

    who care what he has to say who give a f about him dont need him and wont miss him b…. dont come back cause all we need is jack

  • D Plasticmask

    I think that I will choose to believe that Mr Sutherland was professional and nothing like this actor described. He is a generous interview and usually described by other Actors as being energetic and anything BUT bad to work with. (shrug) Besides, I like K. Sutherland and I don’t like this Freddie Prinze Jr actor.

  • Ian

    a little further investigation in the matter discovered that Kiefer said he wanted his shoes off to just see if he had athletics feet to quell the rumor, But Kiefer replied to that it was not true, that he only wanted to show Freddie that he (Kiefer) did not have dandruff that Freddie was telling everyone about. He wanted Freddie close to his head to see the truth. Also why does Kiefer talk that way like he is whispering in a movie theater.. The shadow knows……….

  • Amy
  • Berni

    The media isn’t happy unless it’s stirring up trouble even if they have to make something up to have a story at all.

  • freddyprincess

    It must be so difficult to be a nobody in Hollywood, esp around legends.

  • glen

    Who Freaking cares what Freddie says, really People.

  • Yeah

    Wow! Kiefer’s PR people are working hard!

  • Pam

    Sarah Michelle Gellar is the icon for Buffy fans! The great and beautiful actress! So shut your gob beeeaatch! And don’t piss me off!

  • Say What

    I’m with Freddie on this one, Kiefer is a drunken mess. What else is Fox and his rep going to say, that the story is true. Keifer has not said the story isn’t true to my knowledge, just that this is the first he ever heard him complain and Fox isn’t going to say anything against one of their stars.

  • froyo11

    I dunno, Kiefer has the air of a big softie, but I kind of believe Prince Jr.

    It’s possible that he was staying in character in between takes. Or doesn’t he have a bit of a drinking problem or something?

  • Beth

    The only thing these accusations succeed in doing, is making Freddie look bad. If he had issues with Keifer, he should have dealt with them privately. Making them public is extremely tacky and distasteful. As far as people’s opinions on Freddies wife, that has no bearing in this discussion. As if you even know her. Not sure what the real motive is here, but I suggest these men quit acting like girls and kiss and make up.

  • queeniez71

    I dont even care if its true I love 24 and Kiefer and hope they bring 24 back!!! Boo Freddie Prinze Jr for not only being unprofessional but classless as well!!

  • bill

    my parents are friends with the parents of someone who played a major role for one season (he died in the end) My dad asked him about his experience when he saw him last. Said it was the most amazing experience of his career and he loved working with KS.

    This was not at some hollywood event, it was in middle america at a family thing. No reason for the guy to say anything but the truth.

  • Brian

    Wow I didn’t know Freddie could act. Is that what they call it? He’s horrible! When I know what you did last summer is the highlight of your career you know things are bad

  • Richard Hamel
  • EricJo

    Love the people chiming in saying he’s only saying this stuff to get his name in print. He is at an event and was asked a question. Not everyone is going to get along and I’d rather have someone speaking how they feel instead of the “oh, it was great. Everyone was great.” kind of generic crap that everyone says. You know they don’t always get along. It happens. So what.

  • freya



    Freddie is just sourgraping. He spend quite sometimes in Hollywood and has yet to convince anyone he’s an actor. Maybe he should put his money where his mouth is called “acting School”

  • huh

    interesting that a fox drone had to counter anonymously instead of a fellow cast member

  • Regine Felangy

    Who’s Freddie Prinze, Jr.?

  • N8

    Evidence: Prinze calls guy unprofessional on a set for which he suggests shorter guy stand on a box to reach his hulking 6′. Works WWE since. Sutherland role after role after role since mid-80s. Drinking substantiated, but in Hollywood family not only does his time, but does it in gen-pop not isolation. Seems to me like Prinze is he cheap-shot child while Sutherland has a career that is in its fourth decade of guys who still haven’t said what it took til 2014 and Prinze to say. Even when being unprofessional with drinking he sorta handles it admirably. Evidence doesn’t lie here. Prinze did.

  • Jojo

    Freddie Prinze had a son?

  • Mookie


    Jeez, Tressa, it’s LOSER, not LOOSER. If you are gonna disparage someone, at least spell it right…

  • Gayisha

    I know his momma and she ain’t no good! She bossy and bi tc hy like no one bizness. She live in chat room on AOL alla time and she boss the room around. She think he so great but he can’t get jobs now, no one want him on their show. He finished! His momma can’t visit the grandkids either. She never met them, didn’t know the boy’s name until the news reported it. Sarah won’t let her drunk a s s near the kids. Messed up family.

  • cate crismani

    People people people who gives a F–k except the rumor mongers at TMZ…5 years ago…efff off TMZ

  • cate crismani

    who gives a f—k except the rumor mongers at TMZ and they are the worst…digging stuff up from 5 years ago…who cares…??

  • James

    “We wouldn’t have done another 24 if Kiefer were anything like Freddie described.”

    Please translate to “We wouldn’t have done another 24 if we didn’t think we’d make a lot of money.”