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Jessica Alba Puts Her Unbelievable Bikini Body on Display for 'Maxim' September 2014

Jessica Alba Puts Her Unbelievable Bikini Body on Display for 'Maxim' September 2014

Jessica Alba puts her perfect bikini body on display on the cover of Maxim magazine’s September 2014 issue, on newsstands August 12.

Here’s what the 33-year-old Sin City: A Dame to Kill For actress had to share:

On the entertainment industry: “If you put your whole identity behind this business, it’s brutal. It chews you up and spits you out; it spits out a lot of people.”

On dealing with her own personal issues: “I definitely feel like I tackled something and came out the other side. Everything that led up to all of this was worth it. I’m really comfortable in my own skin. And I’m not apologizing for myself.”

Also pictured inside: Jessica going to pick up lunch at a food truck in Los Angeles on Tuesday (July 29).

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FYI: Jessica is wearing a Rails shirt at a food truck. Her bikinis and cover up in the rock pictures are by Marie France Van Damme.

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Credit: Cliff Watts/MAXIM ; Photos: Wenn
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  • Tina

    Oh man, what can I say! I really like Jessica. She’s hot, gorg, has a beautiful family & is a fairly successful businesswoman. Her Hollywood career has been mostly miss than hit. To stay relevant & in the news, she now resorts to stripping for magz & going on bikiniful vacations with her family. Why oh why, Jessica? You’re much better than this. You don’t have to take your clothes off & pose sexily to be the object of every man’s or woman’s desire. Or maybe, just maybe, I’m wrong & her company isn’t doing that well & she needs money & this seems like an easy way to make a few quick bucks. Wonder how her grandparents, especially her grandma, parents & 2 adorable, & may I add impressionable, daughters feel looking at these pix

  • sad

    @Tina: she does these things cause her whole career has been based off her looks. shes more than aware that shes a terrible actress and she can only get hired by Robert Rodriguez which is basically the d-list version of quentin tarantino. she should’ve been “spit out” by hollywood a decade ago and she knows it everyday she calls the paps. doing these men magazines and telling the paps where her and her family is at all the time is how she keeps her relevancy and act like everything is fine and perfect in her d-list world. and i wouldn’t be buying her Honest Company products after i heard what they said in the news about how faulty her products are. shes full of it. this is exactly why i can never respect women like alba who base their careers only on their looks and feel like they should get awarded by everybody for getting their parents genes, it really shows how there’s nothing going on in their brains and how disconnected they are from the real world. these are gonna be the same people that are gonna have a REALLY hard time aging and they will be in absolute denial.

  • Go out and act

    I was going to say something similar. Latley she has not been in any relevant or important movie or even a TV show for several years and now the only way to being in the spotlight are magazine covers and attending attending hollywood parties, fashion shows and charities,. Why she has not acted in the past few years? Her carrer definiltey had been a big miss. I mean if she is an actress and still young go and act!!!!!!!!!! Search for roles or she will spend her whole life now, bieng a magazine cover and just attending parties and parties?


    desperation to still be doing Maxim at this stage in your career

  • redundant

    @SHINE: and to think her colleagues that were in the same young hollywood generation as her have already grown up, improved their acting skills, and have had nominations for award seasons with critically acclaimed films and actresses younger than alba getting oscars already. does she even care about being a better actress and working on her craft? i dont think so at all. anyways maxim along with FHM is bottom of the barrell with mens magazines, clearly shes not relevant enough for top tier mens magazines like esquire or american GQ. its like shes trying to freeze time when she cant and wont. and she really shouldnt blame her lack of success on being hispanic cause i feel she will use that excuse later on in her career when theres talented spanish actors and actresses that can instantly prove her wrong in finding success as a spanish actor in hollywood. and no, she looks more hispanic than white so she really cant get away with playing white parts either. the girl is straight up one dimensional as ever.

  • Jim

    @redundant: hispanics are white you idiot

  • Jamie

    @2 and @3: Couldn’t have said it any better myself. With how many posts there are here on Just Jared about her, considering how irrelevant she is, you know her PR’s working overdrive.

  • really?

    @Jim: hispanics are not only white lmfao. wow YOU are the real village idiot here. talk to zoe saldana and lets see what she has to say about hispanics only being white LOL. hispanics come in all shades – white, tan, brown, black. alba wants to be considered white but she never will be and shes never looked white once in her life LOLOL. the woman can only dream.

  • Nessa

    I think the last time she did maxim was Dark Angel.. But I love Jessica alba one the most beautiful women in hollywood. def. Girl crush. Can’t wait for sin city 2.

  • Arlene

    What a joke. Nobody in Hollywood will work with her. She has been blacklisted. It’s pure Karma as she has treated cast, crew and fans like total and complete garbage.

  • Camden

    Jessica Alb really confuses me. She goes around saying ” I don’t want to be sexualised”, ” I want to be taken seriously as an actress”, “I want to tackle more dramatics roles’ blah blah blah…yet she continues to go around doing photo shoots where she’s in a bikini half the time, OR otherwise she’s in Mommy magazines talking about organic baby food, pure cotton clothing etc…NONE of which is related to acting as a profession.
    I tell you why, because legitimate movie insiders wouldn’t touch her acting ‘cred’ with a 10 ft pole. You will not see Jessica featured in Variety magazine or the likes anytime soon.

  • Jim

    @really?: Yes, hispanics are white you idiot. Hispanic refers to coming from Spain, Portugal or Andorra in Europe. The word you’re looking for is latino (or latina since we’re talking about a girl here), as in, coming from Latin America, where the population generally is Hispanic (white) or a mixture of Hispanic and Native American. As for Jessica Alba, she is actually fully ‘white”, through Danish, French and white Mexican ancestry.

  • stfu

    @Jim: no she is not, you’re in denial about Hispanic culture you tard. Her father is not white Hispanic either hahahaha. He’s much darker than both jessica and her mom, a typical Mexican indian, NOT a typical white Mexican, trust me I’ve seen fair skinned blonde blue eyes Mexicans, THOSE are white Mexicans, her father is nowhere near. And nope, everybody refers to themselves in Latin America as Latinos or Hispanics. People from Spain and Andorra are referred as Spaniards (Andorrans speak Catalan), and people from Portugal never ever refer to themselves as Hispanics, over there dead bodies they would, they classify themselves as white just like brazilians do, that’s why they refer to themselves as portuguese. You are beyond ignorant. You’re not even Hispanic or Latino to know how we use those words in our culture. White Hispanic is looking Anglo with fair skin, her father is dark and she came out very tan, she’s nowhere near fair skinned lmfaoo. You’re in denial that jessica is more brown than white, go away please.

  • jessicaalba

    All these people who get the idea in their head they should be living higher on the hog because they themselves see something when they look in the mirror other than the image of a human being. I’d be mortified if my mother and father were stars, its not something to look up to. Its more like prostituting yourself. Seriously. As for her, she’s so dumb, stuck in her head spinning in circles between looking at her own reflection… oh and starring in crap garbage movies magazines and what else her book how to tell mothers how to be and to their families. She’s so dumb and I’ve seen far better people doing far better things for others and who look far better without much thought. Personally, its sad how obsessed she is with the Los Angeles Hollywood scene and its obvious she’s never spent any time outside of it with just herself because shed be so much wiser than touting about how she eats organic then not then updates about her family like they’re better than most families and they’re certainly not. Just as stupid and naive if not more dumbed down than when she started. But because she wears designer clothes like all the other stars and goes to all the stupid degenerate parties, she feels she’s getting somewhere. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  • jessicaalba

    She acts like. A goddess. Like she has something special but she doesn’t at all. Anyone who is special, knows to stay far, far, far, far away from celebrity and Hollywood and the cities and it all. And they don’t tout the old old old knowledge about eating without chemicals like its anything new and wearing the same clothes as society wants everyone to wear. Nothing special. Just really pathetic. All the movies all the magazines and social media now is what she has made her money on and it has only been against the best interest of society, humanity, culture, the people – everything. And so many people think these people are winners because they’ve been in garbage and have millions and millions and millions of dollars. Oh please. Look into how exactly people got their wealth and once you do that with every person you worship because they have money and prestige, once you see exactly and understand really what it all is, you’ll realize its all destructive. And none of it is good for anyone. You want someone to look to? Look to yourself and don’t be anything like Antoine else. Certainly not any star. Who especially the actors,don’t even know who they are themselves. Know good to your families and your parents. Quit a supporting the garbage. Don’t be like these airheads who want to quit when things get hard. Spend your time on you, making yourself beyond your time. That means wise and bright and so on beyond your years. You can do it if you want to. God bless you.

  • jessicaalba

    Only a true dumb down person would want to look at magazines of just as dumb people than look at their own family and learn about their family history! Pay care and respect your grandparents and great grandparents and all the people in your family to start. There is so much worthwhile good things to do! That is in yours and others best interests. If you notice by taking a look, most stars all have broken families because they’re sok stupid too go after being a star and the movies, a magazine and it all is precisely put out there for you to be unhappy with yourself and your parents and family and everything you have and that you are. And break up and destroy families and turn people against each other. Turn children against their parents and siblings and everything. That’s the agenda. Don’t fall for it.

  • Jamie

    @jessicaalba There are plenty of broken families with regular people too, if not mores. It’s just that they’re not in the public eye, but it’s not limited to celebrities. That’s the stupidest comment anyone’s ever made on here.

  • nessa

    @Tina: where have you been?? She’s been posing in men magazines since Dark Angel. She will always be a sex symbol and, of course she would come out with a maxim shoot right now, because she is basically the lead in a dame to kill for (besides Eva). She does plenty of other female friendly magazine covers all the time. but Because of Sin City they asked her to do the cover.