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Orlando Bloom Punches Justin Bieber During a Fight (Video)

Orlando Bloom Punches Justin Bieber During a Fight (Video)

News broke that Orlando Bloom punched Justin Bieber early Wednesday morning (July 30) in Ibiza, Spain, and now there’s a video of the moment the fight broke out.

Orlando can be seen approaching Justin and throwing what appears to be a punch or a swift hand movement in Justin‘s direction.

There’s also a video of Justin and Orlando appearing to be having words outside of a club after the incident.

Later, Justin posted a photo of Orlando‘s ex Miranda Kerr to his Instagram account to fuel the fire.

Watch the video below, obtained by the Daily Mail.

Orlando Bloom Punches Justin Bieber
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  • alexandrina

    white people…

  • shar

    Damn! I wish Orlando had landed that fist on the lesbian’s face!

  • LiiL

    Nice beat Orlando! Finally somebody did stg , very well :D

  • Nicole

    For Orlando to come out of character and hit someone proves that Justin is a douche.

  • Emilia

    its all MIRANDAS fault… she is the one who cheated on him with bieber… … how low,fame hungry and desperate can you be?!

  • Emilia

    its all MIRANDAS fault… she is the one who cheated on him with bieber… … how low,fame hungry and desperate can you be?!!!

  • corea

    Beiber has some pretty rough bodyguards, so I’m glad nothing bad happened to Orlando. Beiber is really obsessed with Selena Gomez and he was absolutely crazy mad when he saw pictures of her partying with Orlando. So now he’s talking smack about Miranda, who flirted with him at the Victoria’s Secret show. Miranda cheated on Orly a lot, but I don’t think she did Beiber. I think she toyed with him but they never did the deed. So now Beiber, surrounded by his bodyguards is up in Orly’s face talking smack about his ex-wife. It’s a good thing Beiber left and his bodyguards got him out of there without a real fight. I’m team Orlando and I don’t want some thugs messing him up. Orlando was minding his own business and it seems like Beiber came looking for him. What a brat!

  • MG

    That kid needs to get punched square in the face. When will the day come?! At least you tried Bloom!!

  • Anna


  • PuppyLove

    As I said on the other thread, this is how it probably went down:

    Beiber: I did your ex-wife!
    Bloom: So did everybody else.
    Beiber: You would never have made it if you hadn’t been so pretty!
    Bloom: Pot, kettle; kettle, pot.
    Beiber: That Ducati is a piece of junk!

  • Isabel

    Orlando only did what millions have wanted to for so long.

  • Pamela

    Orlando is a real man. I agree with @Nicole. Orlando is pretty laid back.

  • She’s a skank

    Miranda always loves men fighting over her. She slept with half of Hollywood while she was married, so I don’t know why Orlando would bother with this little twit.

  • Gina

    God, I hope it stung like a mother…

  • Justin bloom

    Elves vs fairies= 1:0

  • Karla

    Miranda and Orlando are both fame hungry and desperate that will do anything for attention.

  • Smack

    Meh…he barely even hit him. That guy blocked the punch, such a big fuss over NOTHING really.

  • Karen

    What a little twit Justin is! His immaturity never ceases to amaze me. I wish Orlando would have knocked his a@@ out!!

  • Elena

    So, Orlando Bloom has hit rock bottom and is now attempting to drunkenly punch children. Stay classy, Orlando!!

  • James

    Do you think Orlando is mature?

    He’s 37 years old and Justin is 20!! Orlando could ignore him and If he was offended he should sue him not punch!

  • you

    This is hilarious and they are all losers. Justin, orlando, selena and miranda. LOSERS. Selena excuse is bc she is young but what the hell Miranda wanted to be with Justin. He is like 12 yrs old.

  • Rustin Reeker

    What a loser to be caught up in drama with losers.

  • Anon

    Justin provoked Orlando. He is usually laid back. Justin got in Orlando’s face and that’s not cool. Orlando was standing up for Miranda.

  • P

    @you: EXACTLYY!!

  • abby

    Well im glad someone finally stood up to that little twat.

  • @james

    That’s right James, one way of ignoring the problem…is punching it in the face..espeacially if its a little s.h.i.t like that.

  • Sole

    It’s a bad day when you see a man like Orlando punching a “boy” (this guy is like a boy), But Orlando is a gentleman and Bieber and asshole. I bet whatever happened, Bieber deserved the punch

  • Aisaiko5

    So a 37 year old man-child gets into a fight with a 20 year old man-child over a pair of girls who look 16. Yeah, classy. Both are idiots. Get your sh*t together Bloom. You have children for goodness sake. As for Bieber, grow up or you too will be some pathetic loser having fights in clubs at 40.

    Ugh…no respect for either. Selina and Miranda can do better.

  • plagiarism

    Why are there people defending Justine? Are they stupid?

  • Oh please

    It was because Orlando had been dating SELENA then she went back to Bieber.

    It had NOTHING to do with Miranda at all.

  • @29

    Yes to that question

  • @30

    o_O!…..hmmmm…so Bieber is….better than Bloom……?…interesting

  • http://JustJared Jan`

    Why would Orlando stand up for Miranda…she is a tramp and basically says she is. She doesn’t seem to have boundaries.

  • daniel

    my god FINALLY I wish we had a good video of it and I wish he would have landed this punch
    This Bieber is the most annoying thing in this world
    and the fact he posted this pic on IG shows how childish he is
    someone please beat the crap out of him and video it
    can’t believe someone in this world would actually think he’s hot
    look at this thing he dare to call a mustaches

  • http://JustJared Jan`

    @Nicole: Perhaps he is IN character or he wouldn’t have done it.

  • @34

    Sounds like you are a bit jealous huh….you got a prob in the …finding a girl..department? Zit face maybe? Fug? Miserable?…

  • Effy

    I don’t support violence, but I wish I could personally send Orlando a thank-you note. Bieber has proved so many freaking times that he deserved to get punched in the face.

  • me

    meanwhile Miranda Kerr keeps posting topless pictures of her on instagram. I hope she knows that all that is because of her if i would’ve behaved like a lady none of this would’ve happen. Poor innocent Flynn for having a mother with so little moral values

  • Hahaha

    So Miranda Kerr is a ho? No way!!

  • Me

    Orlando never dated Selena. She wishes, Bieber is a fool and a spoiled brat.

    Have five, @PuppyLove, for the “Ducati!” LOL.

    Team Orlando rocks!

  • dieter

    Justin never did Miranda. 100%.

    I cannot exclude that they drugged Miranda and then he penetrated her and, of course, Miranda is a mother and she cannot deal with all that rape charges while having to take care for her child and earning money

  • Tolkien

    I just cannot believe people are posting in here……..

  • @22

    Couldn’t agree more

  • Peter Griffin

    You know what really grinds my gears? That Orlando Bloom let that bodyguard move his hand away like that. If you’re gonna throw a punch you damn well better go through with the fight.

  • Lola



  • Lola


  • tash

    @Peter Griffin: Do you know how brutal Justins minions are?? Its a good thing Orlando didn’t land the punch. They have been arrested numerous times for excessive force & they have injured people badly for absolutely no reason(just because they were in the way of Justin). These are not bodyguards, they are straight up thugs & actually harass people, instead of people harassing them. They break cameras, steal it & give it to Bieber so he can childishly taunt the paps. Orlando needs to just forget about Justin. Kid has too much power. His fans will defend & justify his actions no matter what he does. They can make anyones life hell. Especially a fellow celeb. Strength & stupidity in numbers!

  • Truth

    @alexandrina: If it had been black people, there’d been a drive by shooting.

    Now please take your obsession with white people elsewhere and get a life you dumb… :-)

  • Nope

    Orlando is so thirsty these days! Not that I’m a fan of Bieber but as stupid as he can be, he’s just a kid at the end of the day.

  • Claudia

    Advice to Orlando: just walk away. Whatever a young, drunk, fairy-boy has to say doesn’t matter. He’s a trainwreck and a douche. He can’t even fight his own fights!!!! His 15 minutes are over and before long, he’ll be completely forgotten. Soon we’ll be saying “remember that kid that sounded and looked like a girl but was really a guy and couldn’t even grow a ‘stache? Whatever happpened to him???” -team Orlando all the way